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How to thank for recommendation

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How to thank for recommendation
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How should you thank a rec-letter writer? I considered taking them all out to dinner but that is beyond my budget. I'd prefer not to get them.

While we're not etiquette experts like Emily Post, we are alum who frequently write Letters of Recommendation for girls going through sorority recruitment. Based on that experience, here are a few tips to keep in mind when it’s time to show your appreciation for the women on the receiving end of your sorority packets.


Your cover letter is your first opportunity to tell the alumna writing your Rec Letter just how much her time means to you. If you’re modeling your cover letter off of our free download, you can include a handwritten note of thanks at the bottom of your typed (generic) letter. We also recommend including your university’s deadline for receiving recruitment materials!


We'll admit it. We have received a Recruitment Information Packet (or two) well in advance, and have still almost missed the deadline for forwarding the packet on to the appropriate sorority house along with a carefully-crafted Rec Letter. This is by no means intentional—we just get busy! And because many of the alumnae writing your Rec Letters will be juggling a busy schedule too, we recommend strategically sending a thank you card to each woman’s home address two weeks in advance of your university’s deadline. If she has already mailed your packet, she’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness. If she hasn’t, she’ll be reminded to do so…as quickly as possible!


Along with her Recruitment Information Packet, one of Crystal's sweet clients sent her a $5 gift card to Starbucks as a way of saying thanks! This is one of those above-and-beyond gestures that is by no means mandatory, but will definitely be appreciated. If you happen to know that one of the alumna on your list is extra busy, but still agreed to write you a Rec Letter, this is a great way to acknowledge the time she’s investing on your behalf. 


Thank you letter to someone for writing you a recommendation. Thank You letters to mentors. Guide, letter example, grammar checker, + letter samples.

Tips and Samples to Thank a Professor for Writing a Recommendation Letter

how to thank for recommendation

Once you’ve received a letter of recommendation to accompany your college application, you may think your job is done. Think again – you need to make sure to write a thank you letter or note to the person who helped you get this far. Follow a few simple tips to properly thank those who showed their support.

Why You Need to Write a Thank You Letter

A thank you letter is a must when someone, such as your teacher or principal, has written a letter of recommendation for you. College applications aren't complete without this type of endorsement, and it takes time and care to compose one. In fact, teachers, administrators and coaches are often asked to write quite a few letters for college applications, so you want to be sure to show appreciation for the time they dedicated to you.

Thank You Letter for a Recommendation

The letter you write doesn’t need to be particularly long, but it should cover a few important points. First, thank your teacher for her time and effort. Let her know you’re aware her time is valuable. Secondly, thank her for the sentiments she shared in her letter – after all, what she wrote helped you lock in your selected college. Finally, let her know where you'll be attending school and what your future holds. If you know what you’ll be majoring in, add that as well – your teacher will likely be interested in learning about your plans.

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Thank You Letter for a Recommendation Example

Compose a thank you letter along these lines:

Dear Mrs. Smith,

Thank you for taking the time to write the letter of recommendation for my college application. I know how busy you are and appreciate your help so much. Your assessment of my skills and abilities perfectly completed my submission. I’m excited to share I’ll be attending Anytown University in the fall and plan to major in business. I appreciate the positive impact you've had on my life. Thank you again!


Jane Brown

Final Thoughts

While it may be tempting to send an email, be sure to send your thank you letter in the mail or deliver it in person, as it adds a more personal touch. Handwrite your letter in an appealing thank you card or type a letter on printed stationery to enhance its appeal. Remember to not let too much time pass before sending the card – the sooner your teacher receives the letter, the better.

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How to Write a Thank You Note for a Recommendation Letter

how to thank for recommendation

How should I thank my teachers?


A Card

Cards are a simple and inexpensive way to tell a teacher that you appreciate what they have done for you and your future. A handmade card is the most thoughtful and shows a teacher that you took the time to think of them and make them something special.


Note that a Hallmark card or a generic thank-you card from the store does not show the teacher that you put any thought or care into the thank you. There is nothing heartfelt or personal about a generic card.


Thus, if you choose to buy a card, make sure you write a sincere message to your teacher. Don’t use clichés like “you mean the world to me” or “words cannot describe how much your letter meant to me.” Try to make the message personal and thoughtful so that the teacher knows how much you care.


A great place to start when thinking about what to write is to recall a specific and fond memory you had with the teacher. Perhaps you two bonded in class over a book you both liked or perhaps there was one lecture in her class that you thoroughly enjoyed and still remember. Adding those fond memories to your message will make your card more thoughtful and personal.


A Gift

Getting a teacher a gift is a lot trickier than getting them a card. First of all, it is important to note that it is by no means necessary. However, if you decide to give a gift, make sure that it would be an appropriate gift to offer a teacher and wouldn’t put them in the uncomfortable position of having to refuse.


Some schools have policies against getting teachers gifts, and some teachers simply don’t feel comfortable accepting gifts from students. Thus, it is important to check beforehand and make sure it is acceptable to get your teacher a gift before you actually buy one.


If you know it’s okay to give a gift and you want to, make sure that the gift is heartfelt. You don’t have to get your teacher anything extravagant like a large gift basket or a $100 massage voucher. In fact, you should avoid being too flashy with your gift. It is not appropriate for the situation, and many teachers may not be comfortable accepting such an expensive gift from a student.


The goal for a teacher gift is to be small but personal. Think about the teacher — what are their interests, passions, hobbies, or obsessions? Perhaps Shakespeare is your teacher’s literary hero, or your teacher loves to put beach decorations around their classroom.


Knowing these little nuances about your teacher will help you get them a simple, personal gift. For example, you could get your Shakespeare-loving teacher a mug with a King Lear quote on it. You could get your beach-obsessed teacher a nice beach-themed magnet or poster for their classroom.


If you can’t think of anything that the teacher would personally like, you can opt to give them a memento of the college that you will be attending. This can be anything from the college banner, a mug with the university logo on it, or even a university sweatshirt. Any gift that is related to the university you are attending will remind the teacher that they helped you get there, which many teachers will appreciate.


Talk to Them

Regardless of whether you give a card or a gift, you should thank your teacher in person. It is extremely rewarding for educators to see that they are making a difference in a student’s life and that students appreciate their hard work. Go up to your teacher and thank them sincerely, and be sure to let them know how excited you are about the opportunity they’ve helped you get.


Also, if you choose to thank your teachers before you have gotten your results back, do not stop contact there. Always let them know the results of your application. Teachers want to see their students succeed.


If you have any questions regarding letters of recommendation or any other part of a college application, check out CV’s College Application Guidance Program, where you can work with an application advisor matched specifically to you and receive the guidance you need to succeed in the admissions process.


First, you’ll be paired with your own personal admissions specialist, who is backed by several other team members and the full force of the CollegeVine Database, which includes insights, trends, and advice garnered from the thousands of clients we’ve worked with in the past.


Then, your Admissions Specialist will walk you through your school list selection, branding discussion, application guidance and management, essay assistance, interview prep, as well as provide unlimited opportunities to ask questions.


Your trusted consultant will ensure that you get the proper guidance on choosing the best school and submit everything accurately and on time. You’ll be stress-free and happily headed to the right college.

If yes, then consider writing a thank you letter. Thank you letter for recommendation is written to express your gratefulness towards a person who has given his.

How to write a thank-you note

how to thank for recommendation

There are two ways to write a thank-you note.  One is to get it over with, to say the basics, keep it short, and send a quick email (capitalization optional).  Those notes sound like this.

Dear Mr. Gerard:

Thank you very much for writing my letters of recommendation for
college.  I know that you were very busy at the time and I appreciated
your help. I hope you have a good summer, and thank you again for your assistance.


Rebeca Callahan

Sending a thank-you note like that means you’ve accomplished one thing–you’ve made sure nobody can accuse you of not sending a thank-you note.

Don’t get me wrong.  Sending any kind of thank-you note is better than sending nothing at all.  But if someone deserves to be thanked, don’t they deserve to be thanked well?

Put some effort into your thank-you note.  Show the person that you recognize the fact they did a favor for you, that you sincerely appreciate the effort made on your behalf.  Write it on stationary (not over email).  Use capitals and punctuation (seriously, use capitals and punctuation).

There’s no formula for what to say; the key is to just be sincere and take the time to give a proper thanks.

It makes a difference.

Dear Mr. Gerard:

Now that the college admissions process is officially over, I wanted to thank you again for taking the time to write my letters of recommendation.  I can only imagine how many letters you must have written for students this fall (I know that most of my friends planned on asking you to write their letters, too), but I really do appreciate the time and effort that you took for me.

I also wanted to tell you that I’ve decided on Hamilton College and I’m planning to major in history.  I’m not sure I ever would have considered studying history in college if I hadn’t taken your class, but after I did that oral report on the Hamilton-Burr duel in front of the entire class without passing out, I’m sure I’m ready for whatever college history throws my way.

You’re a good teacher, Mr. Gerard, and I always looked forward to going to your class every day.  My younger sister, Jenna, is a freshman this year, and I’ve told her to do whatever it takes to get into your class.  She’s a much better public speaker than I am, by the way, so she won’t be prone to fainting when it’s time to do oral reports.

I’m so excited to go to college, and I’m sure I would not have had as many options as I did were it not for your help.  Thank you again for everything you’ve done for me, and have a wonderful summer.

All my best,

Rebecca Callahan

Hamilton College, Class of 2014

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how to thank for recommendation
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