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How to write an email to cancel a service

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How to write an email to cancel a service
September 06, 2018 Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

Writing a good support email depends on getting the basic email etiquette The customer is using your product/service and cares enough about it to write to.

When you are sending emails day in and day out, it’s only natural for some emails to miss the mark. Maybe you sent the wrong link to someone or addressed someone by the wrong name. These are issues that can be easily fixed with a simple check-list. After all, writing a good email depends, a lot, on getting the basics right. Let’s look at the 6 main checks you need to do before you hit ‘send’ on a support email.

1. Address the customer by their name

It’s a good practice to call a customer by their name. If you do not know their name, a friendly “Hi there” will do. But do start your reply with a semi-formal greeting, no matter how burning the issue is. It sets the tone that you are calm enough to handle the issue no matter how the customer is feeling.

2. Thank the customer

The customer is using your product/service and cares enough about it to write to you. So, whether it’s a complaint or a how-to question, they have taken an interest in your company and that should be met with gratitude.

  • You can thank them for bringing the issue to your notice.
  • You could thank them for using your product.
  • You can thank them for giving you a great feature idea.

A simple thanks will make them feel valued and help them understand that their thoughts are welcome. But say it only if you mean it.

3. Answer all the questions the customer asked

No matter how great your email is, the primary goal of the customer is to stop talking to you. That is, they want to get an answer and move on. So the main customer service skill is to always value your customer’s time and give them clear answers to all their questions in one go. If you need more time to answer some of their questions, then go ahead and say it. Don’t make the customer feel like you did not read their full email.

4. Address the underlying emotion of the email

Some customers are calm and composed when they write to you. But some are frustrated and angry customers. It’s natural because what might seem like a simple problem to you is actively preventing them from getting what they want.

So if they sound anxious or sad or angry or frustrated, go ahead and address it, and reassure them that you are doing everything you can so they don’t feel that way. If there is nothing you can do to help, you can still address it and tell them that you are sorry that they feel that way. Ask them if there is anything you can do to help. A simple acknowledgment will show them that you care.

5. Try out the solution before suggesting it to customers

This check is mainly applicable to tech support questions. Before telling them to refresh the screen or try from a different browser, try it on your side. Maybe the solution was given to you by some experts on the team, but you don’t want to find out from your customers when it’s not working.

6. Check for grammar, broken links, correct code and attachment

Blunders pull you down. It’s hard to look like an expert problem solver when you overlook the little things. So make sure you check spelling errors. You can use tools like Grammarly for this purpose or even Microsoft Word. For things more than spelling, if you are not confident about the grammar, just show it to your closest grammar-nazi colleague and get their input. Similarly, if you are sending a link or a code, make sure they are working. And always check to see if you have attached the document you promised to attach.

There you have it, the 6 checks you need to do to make sure that your support email to customer is good.

Example scenario: A customer is asking for a new feature that can be built

Example scenario: A customer is asking for a feature that is not on your roadmap

Example scenario: A customer is asking for a feature that is not on your roadmap

Are there any other checks we have missed out? Let us know in the comment section.

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How to Write a Compelling Customer Support Email Hello,I just signed up yesterday for a paid account with your service, and I found out.

6 Simple Tips to Write a Good Support Email (with email templates)

how to write an email to cancel a service

How to Write a Polite Yet Professional Cancellation Letter

Thinking about how to write a cancellation letter? Not finding the right words? Then read on.
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
Cancellation letters, as their name suggests, are written to convey that you are canceling something that was supposed to take place. It could be about canceling a rental agreement, an appointment, a meeting or any other legal contract. Or it could be for canceling a subscription, an account, a reservation or an order placed - all require a letter of cancellation. Cancellation is like the ending of a contract. And to convey it to the concerned parties, you require to draft a letter of cancellation.
Tips on Writing a Cancellation Letter
What is a Letter of Cancellation?
Before we look at how to write a cancellation letter, let's understand the concept of cancellation. Now, your letter of cancellation might be intended at canceling a subscription; it may seem trivial but the procedure for canceling does require a letter conveying the same. A letter may have to be written with the purpose of canceling an already announced engagement. Though the subject in both the cases is cancellation, the two need to be dealt with in different ways. Thus you will see that the way a cancellation letter is drafted depends on what is to be canceled. A cancellation should be conveyed in the written form. Verbal communication is not the right way to do it. Here are the dos and don'ts for writing a letter of cancellation.
While Canceling a Purchase Order or a Subscription
In case of canceling your subscription or canceling an order placed, mention the stipulated period within which you want the cancellation procedure to be completed. You can choose to mention the reason for cancellation in case the ordered product or service does not meet your expectations. In case you had placed the order looking at an advertisement of the product, and if you have found that it does not meet the claims made in advertisements, you can mention this in the letter of cancellation. You can give other reasons (if any) for the cancellation if you wish to.
Order Cancellation Letter
Supplier Name and Address

Subject: Cancellation of order order id for item name

Dear Supplier name,

On date of order, I had placed an order for item ordered with your company. The product was delivered to me on date. I have found that the product is faulty. details of the fault I wish to cancel the order and request you to refund the amount paid (amount). I would appreciate if you could complete the procedure in 10 days. Please notify me about having accepted my request for cancellation.

your name, date and signature
While Canceling an Appointment or Meeting
There are instances when you are caught up in something because of which you are unable to make it to a meeting already scheduled or an appointment you had fixed. Now if you wish to cancel it, you need to write a cancellation letter for the same. In such a situation, you should express apology in your letter and your reason behind the cancellation. Be precise and ensure that you don't sound rude. Canceling an appointment or a meeting may appear as though you are disregarding someone else's time, it might disturb the other person's schedule. So state the reason, appear genuine, and be polite.
Appointment Cancellation Letter
Your/Your Company's Name and Address

Receiver's Name and Address

Dear Receiver's name,

Due to a medical emergency in my family, I will have to cancel my appointment with you. We were going to meet in your office on date and time. But I will not be able to make it this time. I would like to reschedule the appointment next week. Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

your name, date and signature
While Canceling an Account
Is the letter for cancellation of a bank or credit card account any different? Not much but a little yes, because money transactions may be involved in an account cancellation procedure. If you want to cancel your account, request the concerned authorities to carry out the procedure within the notice period, tell them that they should no longer continue any activity with the account. Remember to transfer your funds from the account to some other active account. In case the cancellation procedure needs you to pay a certain fee, keep that much balance in the account to be canceled. Discontinue the ongoing transactions involving that account.
Account Cancellation Letter
Your Name and Address

Customer Service Bank or Company Name and Address

Subject: Request to close my account account number and details

Dear Executive's name,

This is to inform you that I wish to close my account with your company. I request you to make the cancellation effective within a notice period of 15 days. Please send me a written confirmation that my account has been closed. I would like to thank you in advance for considering my request.

your name, date and signature
Writing a cancellation letter has a dual benefit. One, it makes the communication more formal. Two, it helps you maintain a record of the communication between you and the concerned party. It serves as a written proof of your communication about the cancellation. The communication can be called complete only when the opposite party responds with a confirmation or acceptance in some form. Do not forget to ask the opposite party for a written confirmation of the cancellation.
Before closing the article, I would like to mention a few other important points you should remember while writing a cancellation letter.
  • Use a readable font.
  • End the letter by thanking the concerned authorities for considering your cancellation request.
  • If you are writing the letter on your company/organization's behalf, print it on the company letterhead.
  • Remember to sign the letter.
State your/your company's details on top, address it to the concerned company officials/individual(s) with their details following yours and end it with your name, date and signature.
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how to write an email to cancel a service

(imported from the old boards)

1. Always address the customer by their title. It’s “Dear Mr. Smith”, NOT “Dear Frank” or (worse) “Dear Buyer”. ALWAYS use their Title. ALWAYS. Mr or Ms or Dr. It’s presumptuous to use “Dear Frank” in a business letter, unless it’s someone you know. You have no idea of the age of your buyer, and many many will resent a first name addressing. You cannot go wrong by using Dear Mr or Ms or Dr So-and-So. It sets the right tone from the start, and makes you look professional.

2. Always begin with "Thank you for your recent purchase of , we appreciate your business." They are giving you money, show them you appreciate it!

3. Address the issue succinctly. If it’s a problem (whether you caused it or not), show sympathy. “I’m so sorry for the delay in the arrival of your package, I know how hard it is to wait for something you are looking forward to receiving”. Explain, don’t blame. Putting off the blame on USPS is tempting but pointless. No, you don’t control USPS but that doesn’t mean this isn’t your problem. If your customer has a problem, it’s YOUR problem, regardless of how the problem happened. You can explain timelines, etc. but don’t say the ol’ “Hey once USPS has it is not my problem”. WRONG–it IS your problem, if it’s your customers problem.

4. Provide as much information as possible. “Your package was shipped via Media Mail on date xxx from zip code YYY. The latest scan shows it at ZZZ. Media Mail can take 10-14 business days. 14 business days from the shipment date will be QQQ.” Don’t make them do the work of figuring out when 14 business days is, give them as much information as you can.

5. Always give them options or solutions. “If the package hasn’t arrived by date QQQ, you can do (A, B or C, whatever they are)”. or “I’m so sorry to hear your package was damaged in transit. You can do A or B or C.” ALWAYS OFFER OPTIONS. Provide links to the options. Never assume they know where the AtoZ link is, or where they can check DC status. Give them the link. Give them the info.

6. Thank them again at the end. “Thank you for your business and your patience.”

7. Use Sincerely at the end, then your name, and your business name. A proper closure is just as important as a proper salutation.

This is not rocket science. You don’t need to be overly verbose and def. not overly emotional. I am consistently amazed how many sellers can’t seem to master these basics. “A gentle word turneth away wrath”. Truer words were never spoken. Good customer service is PART OF YOUR JOB HERE.

Even bad news can be delivered this way:

"Dear Mr. Buyer,

Thank you for your purchase of The Book. I am so sorry that you discovered that you did not purchase the volume you desired. You may return The Book in a padded envelope via Media Mail to:

our business
city etc

As soon as we receive The Book in as-shipped condition, we will be more than happy to refund your purchase price.

Thank you again for your business.


Your Amazon Seller"

Note that this email does not say I’m paying them to send the book back, nor am I refunding their original shipping. But it’s still polite and sympathetic and offers a solution. I don’t care if you FEEL polite or sympathetic. But WRITE polite and sympathetic. Trust me, it will only help you. Never take the “sorry, not my problem” attitude.

No one is suggesting you be a doormat and lay down for no reason. But a few well thought out and well chosen words can serve you well. Even bad news goes down easier with a spoonful of sugar. “Do unto others”. Treat them as you would like to be treated.

(Can you tell I just had a customer vent to me about his lousy treatment in email from another Amazon seller?)

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Here are useful tips that will help you to quickly write a Cancellation Letter. A cancellation letter is basically a form of communication to inform a service provider, and PDF); 4 Sample Cancellation Letter Sample, Email and Example/ Format.

A Brief Guide to a Better Email

how to write an email to cancel a service

Roger Stark,
Hudson University,
Georgia, USA

Date: 27th March 2017

Mr Tim Paltrow,
123, New York,

Subject: Regarding the cancellation of cable subscription

Dear Mr Paltrow,

I, Roger Stark, who is an active subscriber at Netflix Inc. would like to discontinue from all of its services by the end 0f this month, i.e., 27th April 2017. The sole reason for this particular discontinuation is that the charges that I have to bear are too high for the inferior quality of cable connection. Also, most of the time the channels do not stream in an HD quality which makes it difficult for me to continue with the ongoing services.

Henceforth, I have decided that I would no longer require the services provided by Netflix Inc. I am, as a result of this, enclosing a demand draft worth Rupees 6000 with this letter to remove all my pending payments.

I request you to send me a letter of acknowledgement and also the receipt for the cancellation of my subscription. If there are any further notifications, I can be contacted via email at [email protected] or can be even reached on my mobile 8960654681.

Thank you for your patience. I hope to hear from you soon.


Roger Stark

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Why You Need a Cancellation Clause In Your Contracts

Learn how to write support emails that your customers will love. You'll want to cancel it and get that refund headed to them all at once. Ticket. Hi! I forgot to cancel my . Bad. Hello,. I'm sorry for the inconveniences with our phone service.

how to write an email to cancel a service
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