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Im sorry letters for your girlfriend
September 20, 2018 Anniversary Wishes 4 comments

Take time now to write a letter to the person you have hurt. . I'm sorry for the resentment I feel toward my X Daughter in laws family for not encourageing Her to.

Even in the strongest relationships, quarrels and disagreements happen from time to time. Sometimes, under the influence of emotions and resentment, people say rude words to each other. Such words can seriously spoil their relations and even break somebody’s heat. But you must know that quarrel is quite a normal and even regular part of our life. It can even be useful, and it may help to refresh your passion. In case of an argument, psychologists advise not to give in to panic but put your thoughts together, analyze what is going on, cool your mind and then choose the best ways to apologize to your beloved and at last reconcile. There are many ways to return to your dear woman or man after the quarrel. We analyzed the texts of apologies, studied human’s psychology, and selected for you the best apology messages ever to save your relationship.

Best apology message to girlfriend

If you want to show to your girlfriend that you are a responsible man, take the initiative and ask her first to forgive you. We will help you to make up the text of an apology SMS.

  • I want to see you so much! I want to hug you and look into your beautiful eyes! Forget all quarrels and offenses, and let us stay together forever!!!
  • A quarrel makes people think about their feelings. It makes them understand how hard life is without their beloved ones. I feel so sad without you. I wish I never quarreled with you, my love.
  • Forgive me for being so rude. Sorry for the pain I’ve caused to you. If you can, forgive me.
  • Before you leave and never return, think one more time. It is better to forgive everything and be happy than lose your happiness…
  • Forgive me, my love, for writing to you, but I repeat again and again that I love you and miss you!
  • I will do anything you want. Come back to me as soon as you can! Come back, please! I'm begging! We will lose our love and regret it...
  • Forgive me for all the troubles I have caused... Frankly speaking, I kiss your photo every day before I go to bed. I wish I could have a second chance.
  • My bae, before you take offense, think one more time. It is better to smile and forgive than slam the door in front of happiness!!!
  • Let's learn from our mistakes. Trust me, please; I will never make this mistake again!
  • My heart is heavy; I am silently looking out of the empty window now. Excuse me for the stupid words and actions, please do not be mad at me!
  • The heart does not want to believe that you are far away from me now. My pain cannot be measured. I hope you will forgive me!
  • I want to stand before you on my knees. I want to apologize. Today I realized that without your love and forgiveness, it makes no sense for me to go on living.
  • After our quarrel, I hate myself again. Let's meet and talk like grown-up people not to lose each other!
  • Our stupid pride can kill our great love. Only kindness and tenderness can reconcile us again. So let’s be kind and tender to each other.
  • Honey, aren’t you tired of being offended? Let's try again from the very beginning!
  • Darling, I'm sorry for having treated you like that. Forgive me for causing you pain. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry; I want to live in peace with you!
  • I want so much to hug you, to forget about abuse and resentment. I want you to excuse me, a poor fool guy. Let’s live without quarrels for many years!
  • For God's sake, I'm sorry! (a very emotional and expressive phrase).

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Best apology message to husband

If you are an intelligent woman, who can acknowledge your fault, be the first to write sorry SMS to your husband.

  • I am asking you so kind, generous, beloved and merciful for forgiveness. You and only you can certainly forgive me and make me happy. Believe me, please, I regret the misunderstanding that we have had.
  • Darling, please, forgive me. I'm very sorry for having doubts about your honesty. After all, you are hotter than fire for me and sweeter than honey, and this is my problem. So when I see other girls curl around you, I become jealous. But now I promise, I will try to control my jealousy. I am eager to see your smiley face. I am eager to appear again in your hands it is my favorite place on the Earth.
  • I know that I did a wrong thing. But I pray for your forgiveness. Sorry me if you can! I apologize for my behavior. I swear that I did not behave like that on purpose; my hormonal changes and mood swings are to blame for everything. But I promise that I will fight it because I do not want to lose you.
  • Take me back into your arms. Look into my eyes and hug me. I want to feel it so much. I miss you, honey.
  • Sorry, darling! I am eager to put my head on your strong shoulder. I'm sorry, and I want you to hug me again.
  • I look ugly when crying and howling in pain. Now my fate is in your hands. Please, forgive me and make me look beautiful again!

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Best apology message to boyfriend

Your boyfriend does not have to be the first to apologize all the time. Try to calm down and surprise him with writing a forgiveness message and you will surely reconcile.

  • Forgive me, my love! I know that because of my character, I am not the girl you deserve. But I promise you that I will never give up trying to become the best girl for you.
  • Since we started dating, you did everything that I asked you to do. As a last service, please excuse me, so that now I could also begin to carry out your requests.
  • I apologize for my angry messages and words. What else could I do? I have the most handsome boyfriend who other ladies would like to take away. If you love me, then please forgive me and help me to get over my jealousy.
  • It really annoys me when beautiful girls flirt with you. Since I am your girl, I can not keep calm. But I promise that the next time I will try not to lose my temper, and I will behave with restraint. I will learn to trust you. I am begging you to forgive me. Just give me a chance, and you will see.

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Best "accept my apology" message to wife

  • If you did something wrong and your wife does not even want to see you write an apology message to her. We will help you with the ideas for this message.
  • I fully admit my fault, and I want to do everything to correct my mistake. I love you! And the last time you are suffering because of me.
  • I will never forget you, and now I apologize for the evil things I have done to you. I want to light up your smile again. I do not want our story to end with a stupid misunderstanding. Therefore, I am ready to compensate my apologies not only with words but also with a shower of my kisses.
  • I love you too much to lose. Life is like a book, where every day is a new page, completely different from another. Each of us has pages that we would like to throw away, but it is prohibited! Instead, we can take the pen and start writing a new chapter if you forgive me.
  • I know that when you hurt the person you love the most, you can hardly find words that can correct this awful mistake. That is why I am not going to apologize directly for words, but I want to apologize for the actions I have performed. Give me a chance to correct my actions, and you will never regret it. You are my wife and my life. I love you, darling.
  • Please don't hate me, but understand me!!! Now I realize that my behavior was stupid and unworthy of your good attitude towards me. Despite this, I managed to offend you, and I am deeply sorry. I had no intention of hurting you. But it seems that circumstances intended to make you experience this wave of my rudeness. Please excuse me for hurting you with my thoughtless actions.
  • I know that I insulted you when I talked to you in this vulgar manner. But I will do everything just to return your smile on your face. I beg you, just sit down with me, look at me, and listen to my apologies. It seems to me, as soon as you see my eyes you will forgive me.
  • I apologize to you. I feel bad because you are sad. I feel guilty for the pain I caused to you. I hurt you with my actions. And you hurt me with your failure to forgive me. Please, let us start from the very beginning. I am happy to have the most beautiful and the kindest woman as my wife. I do not want to lose you, darling.

Romantic sorry messages

We will show you several how to apologize to someone you hurt deeply. To be romantic, you have to explain your feelings, be completely sincere and write about something beautiful.

  • If you can't forgive me, at least give me the last dance with you. Then you can feel the pain of my heart and the agony of my soul.
  • I want to apologize for what I have done. And to assure you that for me you are the only one! I want only you. I am sure that you have never deceived and will not deceive me. Maybe I don’t deserve you, but please, my love, forgive me.
  • I do not expect that the situation will immediately become normal. I do not even assume that you will smile to me the way you did before our quarrel. But until that happens, I will go on apologizing to my lovely girlfriend every day, every minute, sending flowers to you.
  • Accept my apology seems brutally honest and direct in its expression. Please excuse me and stop being angry. I miss you the real one. I miss everything in you, your beautiful mind and bright soul. I beg you to excuse me, and I promise that from now I will no longer consider you as a kind of my property. I have understood my mistake.
  • I cried while I still had tears. Then I sobbed until my head began to ache. And then I screamed until my voice was gone. It was heartbroken because you turned away from me and we stopped talking. I am very guilty. Please accept my apologies.
  • It seems you have decided to part with me. Yes, I know that you have the right to do this after those humiliations and insults that you have experienced because of my actions. But please let me make a romantic evening for you. Give me one more chance. Let me in your heart again, and I will show how desperately I love you. Appealing for mercy, please forgive me.

Building up a broken relationship again is not easy, but don't give up. Write a letter or SMS or try to speak personally to your beloved. Open your heart to him or her, showing sincere regret. We hope that the texts mentioned in our article will help you to reconcile.

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Saying I'm sorry in a letter takes more than just writing “I'm sorry”; it takes a little more tact and sincerity than that. First, you have to own up to.

Apology Letter Girlfriend

im sorry letters for your girlfriend

Show me a letter to a girlfriend apologizing her for the wrong you have done to her and asking her to forgive you?

There are a lot of ways to write a letter to your girl and also it depends on what you have done in how you convey your apology within the letter. Either way, you can use this as an example for your letter:

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Dearest Babe,

Good day to you. Thanks for sparing some time to read this letter of mine. I just thought writing this letter could at least ease the anger that I've caused you lately.

Babe, I know and I'm aware of the things that I have done to you, that my actions were too childish and I didn't really mean it Babe promise. (Discuss the things you have done to her if, why and tell her that it won't happen again). I am so sorry about those things Babe. I really love you a lot and you mean everything to me so I am truly sorry Babe, please forgive me because I don't want to lose you. You will only be my first and the last girl that I would love here in this world, and the one I want to grow old with.

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Sincerely yours,

Your name

How to write an apology letter to my girlfriend saying sorry I was not there for you?

These are the feelings that your girlfriend might have when you were not there for her:

  1. 1

  2. 2

  3. 3

  4. 4

  5. 5

  6. 6

  7. 7

These are the things that you need to make sure are covered in your apology letter to your girlfriend for not being there:

  • Tell her that you understand how important the situation was and that you wished you could be there for her. It may also help to say that, although you were not physically there at that time, you were still emotionally and mentally with her all the way. She will probably like this because it showed how committed and dedicated you are to the relationship.
  • Emphasize that she remains a priority, but you were just really caught up in a situation which was beyond your control. Indicate that if you had a choice, you would have decided to be with her instead. It is important for your girlfriend to understand that you did not abandon her at that moment for shallow reasons, nor was it your voluntary decision.
  • Show her that you understand the situation by letting her know how aware you are of it and the corresponding details. Your girlfriend will become angry if you give any indication that you don't even remember what was going on. Show her that you did listen to her when you talked about this. Attention and genuine concern melt even the toughest hearts.
  • Thank her for wanting you to be there at that time and let her know that you also wanted to be there. Identify if there is any lingering pain related to the situation and be that friend to her right now.

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Convey that you mean what you are writing, your apology letter will probably be wholeheartedly accepted if it is sincere. Your girlfriend will easily detect if you are just saying nice words to console her. Also, make sure that your actions and whatever was written in the letter are actually aligned.

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To write an apology letter, you must be sincere and honest in telling how much you are sorry to your girlfriend that you are not there for her. Here is a sample of writing an apology letter:

Dear Leah (or you can use the nickname of your girlfriend to make it sweet like Love, Baby, Sweetie or Honey),

I am truly sorry for not being there for you, I was really disappointed, and down that, I didn't get to be there for you. I'm sorry if I'm not a perfect boyfriend, there are reasons why I couldn't be there (then state your valid reasons). It was not my intention to hurt you. Since I did not go there to be with you, I'm worried and feel bad because maybe I have hurt your feelings and I don't want that to happen. Sorry for all the trouble and I will promise that from now on, I will be there for you. I love you and take good care of yourself, Leah.

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See more questions like this: Hi, I'm not sure what to do. I cannot type. Jodi my girlfriend who can't keep a job has problems interacting with others (including me), refuses to accept this and let me help. I told her some of this and some things her so called friend said about her, n

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See more questions like this: Want to write a letter but don't want to bring up the bad feelings?

Sir I want to write a letter to my friend who is a girl stating my apology?

Actually, there is a huge misconception about she and I. So I just want to clear her all doubts and issues and so simply I want to go away from her as she does not want me in her life and saying her sorry

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You can use this format for your apology:

Dear Megan,

I would like to say sorry for all the things I might have said and done that offended you in any way. You see, there has been a huge misunderstanding. I simply want to clear all your doubts and if you have other issues with me, please let me know. If you don't want me in your life, I will try to live with that but I want to know that I am really sorry for what I did to hurt you. I hope you forgive me.

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See more questions like this: Writing an apology letter to a female friend

Best apology to girlfriend that will make her smile?

This depends on the gravity of what you fought about. Here is what you should do:

  • Let her the situation simmer down for a few days, but make sure that you say sorry before you "disappear" for a while
  • After a few days, buy something sentimental to her or cook for her.
  • A few roses, a nice dinner and the classic radio station playing in the background convey the meaning I am sorry as well.
  • Tell her the things that you will do to prevent fighting over the same thing again.

REMEMBER: Prepare for the worst but hope for the best.

Be sincere in your apology to her and make sure that you are putting the fault on yourself, rather than placing the blame on her for the mistake you have made. Also, ensure that you make the promise of not making the mistake again.

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The above questions are from the following wiki...

Get your girlfriend to forgive

Read More: Click here to read the full article...

More questions and answers

How to make your girlfriend love you more?

Today and forever please forgive me

You can't make anyone do anything. Do nice things for your girlfriend. Be there when she needs you. Be supportive, complimentary, and understanding. If she doesn't love you and you're doing all those things, talk to her about why you're feeling unappreciated. If you still can't come to an understanding, the two of you may be wrong for each other.

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My girlfriend is angry with me, she says I am useless and can never change. Have tried all my possible best to make her realize that I am sorry, but she takes me 4 granted and even insults me please help me?

I want my girl to forgive me because I love her so much

Have you truly tried to make the changes she has asked of you? Are the changes even realistic to you? Ask her to write down goals for you and sincerely let her know if you will be able to reach those goals or not. Deal breakers of no financial security can devastate a relationship beyond repair, however, something like leaving the toilet seat up in the bathroom is a fixable issue.

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Best excuses to use when your girlfriend asks if you're OK?

You do not need to make an excuse. Instead, you can tell her honestly that you are OK on your own and that you want some space to deal with the things you are worried about on your own. Then you can go on to explain to your girlfriend that sometimes, men really need to be alone to deal with things by themselves. If you are honest and you let her understand the situation better, there is less tendency for her to keep on bugging you by asking if you are OK.

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If you do not want her to know that you are having a bad day or not in a good mood you can simply tell her that you are doing OK. If she asks how your day is then you can just say that your day is fine.

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As if we do not love each other. we rarely talk about love and all of us are quite busy, and I told her it's over yet my heart feels for her, how can I get her back?

She is too busy and has little time for me, but my heart feels for her, I told her it's over because she does not have time for me even to see me or even call me from academic work or we talk about love

Was this helpful? Yes | No| I need help

Sometimes it all comes down to bad timing for a relationship. Make plans with her during your next academic break. Take things slow, and when the timing is right and if you both have feelings for each other then everything will work out just fine.

Was this helpful? Yes | No| I need help

How can I make up with her, after she forgave me for not calling her. I repeated again I went to sleep early, then she wanted to talk to me?

She complained that I don't communicate with her, even though I do, never the less I asked for forgiveness which she did forgive me later on in the evening I was not feeling well so I wrote her a text to say I will call you later, after waking up I am taking a nap. then she becomes upset and says it is over, I should be happy with the one I give attention to.

Was this helpful? Yes | No| I need help

She most likely read that text stating that you would call her later as another way to avoid further communication with her. She was expressing that you and she were not speaking enough and then you apologize yet the same day brush her off again. Though you may have been feeling ill and tired she took your text as another brush off. The real message to all of this is that she was communicating to you that she feels lonely even though she is in a relationship with you. Loneliness in a relationship can happen when a woman or man is not getting the attention they need from their partner. Send her a formal invitation inviting her to a full day of surprises and plan an entire day and evening with activities for the both of you to participate in as a couple.

Was this helpful? Yes | No| I need help

Can you advise me please on this situation?

She says that she is bored of me but I really love her

Do something out of routine for her that you have never done before yet you know she will appreciate. Offer to do more things with her of her choosing. Perhaps take a course like cooking together or have an every other Saturday picnic where all year long you visit a different hiking trail or park together and have a picnic.

Was this helpful? Yes | No| I need help

How do I effectively say sorry?

OK., so my girl is delicate but I got carried away when I wanted to get some facts straight. I was too much with my words in a text that she now thinks she is not the right one for me. I think she is, but I just wanted us to clear out gray areas for the future. Now since she is delicate I really have to apologize and make her realize she is the right one for me. I have tried: I called and we talked, I texted, but she is reluctant. So I made an appointment in two hours time. I also wrote a card to say sorry and a letter and I'll give it to her when we meet. I think it was caused by: I was blunt when I expressed myself and she is delicate, so she crumbled

Was this helpful? Yes | No| I need help

Sounds like you removed some security she thought that she had with you. Your gray issues may have been her black and white issues so you need to revisit how to make her feel secure with you again. Explain to her that you were trying to address future issues because you want to be with her for the rest of your lives on Earth. Using statements like that will start the path to security for her again.

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Sorry Letter to My Girlfriend

im sorry letters for your girlfriend

Are you looking to tell him or her how sorry you are? We have composed the best 50 cute apology messages to a lover and we have added sweet romantic apology images to make your saying sorry as romantic as it could get.

These apology messages to a lover are perfect messages to make him or her know that you truly felt remorseful over the misunderstanding that took place between you and you are ready to move the relationship forward.

We have also added romantic sorry images to make your apology complete. These apology images can be sent via WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, and to make it more romantic, use these forgive me pictures as your desktop wallpapers.

Cute Apology Messages to a Lover with Sorry Images

Cute Apology Messages to a Lover with Sorry Images

1. I thought our relationship was not going to have any form of diseases because it was already vaccinated. Until virus called misunderstanding affect it, but from now henceforth I will use the right precaution so that this won’t occur again, am so sorry the love of my life for hurting you this much.

2. Do not be angry with me because with tongue and teeth fighting is the mouth that will suffer, but I know you will just be angry for a little while. For I know that I have hurt you so much, please forgive me and let take our love to the next level.

Cuty apology message sorry pictures

3. Take your time and get the anger off your chest, I will wait for as long as you will be mine. I adore you so much, am so sorry for hurting you.

4. Don’t be too angry because when you get angry you will not look good, you know I always want you to look good the love of my life. please forgive me my angel.

5. I know I have inflected a very big wound in your heart, but I want you to cure it with the love that existed between us. I am really sorry for causing pain in you. – Cute Apology Messages to a Lover

Beautiful Apology Letter to Girlfriend

Lovely Apology sorry images emoji to Make Her smile

6. My heart has been so bleeding since the day we had this misunderstanding, please mend the heart by forgiving me. I love you.

7. I am so sorry for being jealous, its just that I was afraid of losing you, I just realised that it was just mere coincidence. You meant the world to me. Please forgive me, my angel.

Single word sorry pictures HD – Romantic Sorry Images

8. With a heavy heart I am saying I want you to find a place in your heart to forgive me and forget the past and let us think of a brighter future and a healthy love await us.

9. I apologize to you unconditionally, my love you are the apple of my heart, the sunshine in my life, I cherish you a lot please forgive me sweetie.

10. I know in this past few days, I have shown the other part of me which I left behind ever since we met, please my love don’t look at it this way. I want you to know that your love is what has kept me going and its still does, am so sorry my love. – Apology letter to Girlfriend

Romantic Sorry Letter for Girlfriend to Make Her Happy


Teddy bear sorry quotes images wallpapers dowwnload


11. When one is angry, it always end up in regret, I have hurt you I know, I have realised now that life without you is incomplete, I am deeply sorry for making your face wrinkle because of me.

12. I have just lost your trust by making us go through the worst days of our life, I should’ve believed in you, but now I know that I have wronged you so much. Please forgive me.

Plain romantic i’m sorry photos – Apology Photos

13. I am so selfish that have only made myself happy without knowing that I have hurt you this much, please forgive me, I am so angry with myself right now. I love you so much.

14. Please why don’t you over your happiness in an attempt to make me happy, I just realize that my happiness lies in yours. I am honestly sorry my love.

15. I believe in love and fate they both work together, which is why I know you will accept my apology. Forgive me queen of my heart. – Romantic Sorry Letter for Girlfriend

Apology Letter to Boyfriend After Fight

Sorry Please Forgive Me HD Wallpaper for Him

16. I took your smile, laughter, good times we shared together, your weakness, and your pure heart that loved me unconditionally for granted. I honestly regret it right now, and I am saying am sorry for making you go through a lot just for me.

17. I am sorry that I forgot our day, the day we became one. In my heart I always had it but I almost forgot to say and to make it a day, I am apologizing for not making it real.

Beautiful sorry images with lovely quotes – Sorry Quotes with Tears

18. Every day I spend with you will always be like the first day I fall in love with you, now that you are angry with me my day is always like not complete. Please forgive me and let us continue the way we were before, sorry I am indeed.

19. I am so sorry for giving you that attitude earlier today, I know what I did was bad and un call for but I promise that it won’t happen again. Please let unite again the love of my life.

20. If your love was a drug I will use it so that you won’t leave, if your love was my eternal I will love you for eternal. I am sorry I can’t do without you, my angel. –  Apology Letter to Boyfriend After Fight

Apology Letter to Girlfriend for Hurting Her

Please forgive me images with quotes

21. Please forgive me I don’t know what to do, please forgive me I can’t stop loving you, don’t deny me the word I say is through. Please forgive me I need you like I do.

22. I am not saying am sorry because I have wronged you but I am saying sorry because our relationship is more important than my ego. I adore you so much.

Romantic am sorry notes wallpaper – Lovely Sorry Notes Images

23. I am so sorry I the only thing you will see on my DP all on the wall of my Facebook, twitter, Whatsapp and others. Until you forgive me I won’t delete it.

24. Heartbreak, regret are the two things that drive me crazy, I am sorry for letting things get out of hand. I promise never to let you down. I love you do much my queen please forgive me.

25. I didn’t just believe all this happen, but one thing you should know that I love you with all of my heart that I can’t not hurt you intentionally. I cherish you a lot. forgive me. – Apology Letter to Girlfriend for Hurting Her

Cute Apology Text Message to My Love

I’m Sorry stickers u wallpapers free download

26. I can’t believe I actually created distance between us when all I ever wanted is for us to always be together. Please accept my apology, my heartthrob.

27. I know I am not perfect, but you should forgive me because am your second half. Please let go of the misunderstanding and let us unite again. Am sorry my queen.

Funny I am Sorry HD images with Sad Smily Face Wallpaper

28. Just like I love you, the value always remains the same as am sorry, I will say it even if it takes the whole day for you to accept my apology. I am so sorry the apple of my eyes.

29. I know I have hurt you big time but I want you to think of the quality time we shared together as one. I still love it you know, please I am so sorry for giving you a headache.

30. I want you always remember that we are one, that our heart is united for real, that I always want to be with you. I love you so much, I am sorry my love.

Beautiful Sorry Messages for Wife

Lovely I am sorry pictures with quotes – Love Messages

31. I can’t even think right my mind is not here, I have been down since I know that I have hurt you please find a place in your heart to forgive me for my heart won’t know peace if you don’t forgive me. my angel.

32. Happiness lies with your happiness, I have committed a crime by hurting your heart. please release me and forgive me because with you, my happiness lies. I love you.

I am Sorry on palm free HD Wallpaper

33. Am sorry is an underestimate, but the fact is that I don’t even know what to say to you but my love I appreciate you now even more and more. Forgive me my queen.

34. Let by gone be by gone, and let continue with our love story, please don’t let our enemies laugh at us that they have make us distance. Please accept my apology.

35. I thought I will be better alone, I never know I was making the fastest mistake of the century. I Have hurt you my love please forgive me.

Apology Letter to Husband for Hurting Him

Forgive me images with flowers wallpaper

36. My heart refused to believe that we are apart, now I realise how painful it is to make you feel so bad, I took your love for granted, but now I believe you. I love you please forgive me.

37. Being my love I know you have the right to be angry, but don’t for that I too am affected. I want to pamper you now and always for you are my baby. Forgive me.

38. I promise to make it right this time that I won’t hurt you again, I will make sure to make you always happy and protected. Am sorry the love of my life.

I Am really Sorry HD pictures for him

39. You make me feel happy, when I look around I can’t see you or reach make my heart heavy and unhealthy. I love you a lot please forgive me.

40. Is not that I don’t care or love you, but I don’t know what came over me. I cherish what we have and what we have shared together. Please forgive me and forget. My sweetheart.

Apology Letter to Boyfriend/Girlfriend for Being Rude

Never hurt your feelings sorry images

41. Being sorry is the first the first step of repentance, I want you to have it in mind that my love for you is real and has no limit. Please forgive me with all your heart, my love.

42. I accept the blame that I hurt you immensely, I have made the other part of me suffer for no reason, please I am apologising to you to please forgive and forget all that had happened.

Simple am sorry photos for her

43. Sorry is all I have to say, please forgive me I have hurt you and I wish you could find a place and throw the past away and let us continue to fight for the future with joy, laughter and love full of excitement.

44. I betray your trust and made life difficult for us, but now I have come to realise that having you in my life is all that matters to me. Baby please forgive me.

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45. I promise that I will never do it again, all I want to see you smile and be happy, I love you so much that I can’t stay one day without hearing your voice. Please am so sorry.

46. To err is human and to forgive is divine, I know I have offended you and I wish to apologise Please forgive me my queen.

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47. Ever since I broke your heart mine has been bleeding, I may have lost your trust but I want to gain everything back. I know that love is powerful and I want to say I am so sorry for hurting you.

48. Love is magical that how I feel, my love please let synchronise again and be one as we use to. I love you my damsel. Forgive me.

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49. I know that I don’t look good whenever am angry so also you too, but I want to end that by saying am so sorry for making your face look that way it won’t happen again. Please accept my apology.

50. My sweetheart, the only one that makes me feel good, the one that admires everything I do, the one that gives me joy and happiness. Please don’t take this joy from me, please accept my apology. I’m sorry.

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1. I am so sorry, my dear; you should have been so upset with me knowing I will not want hurt you intentionally, please forgive me.

2. I am on my knees, saying sorry, I did not mean to hurt you, I can’t explain, just give me the chance to do so, you mean a lot to me that I can’t offend you. Am so sorry girl.

3. You need to take it easy and understand what I really meant, don’t be so flea out, let talk about it, and am sorry to make you sad, forgive me.

4. I have made a mistake, and I accept my fault, you are my love, don’t t your back on me please; I need you in my life, am sorry it will not happen again.

5. I am sorry for what happened, I promise I will not repeat it again, you are irreplaceable, and I can’t do without you so come back to me.

6. I wish I could change the clock. I am sorry my queen, and you should please find a place in your heart to forgive me, my life depends on you.

7. I know I have wrong you, but I did not mean it, my dear, I will apologize because I accept my fault. So please forgive me and let’s move on, you are my only love.

8. It’s another day, a bright day and a new day, hope you forget the past, my sweetheart, life is beautiful with you, and I don’t want to lose you, have a rethink and pardon my love. I am sorry.

9. I will not hurt you ever again in my life. Please forgive me; you are the reason I exist, forgive and love me; things will not go wrong again.

10. I wish you could see through my heart. I am not happy, too; I need us to be together and be happy. I am sorry for what happened; please, I know you have a gentle heart like a baby, so please forgive me. I love you so much.

11. I will do all it takes to see you happy. I will not be arrogant any more, am not proud of myself now, so please my dearest forgive me. It will not happen again. I crossed my heart.

12. I want to beg you for the pain I have put you, the worries I have made you go through, you really do not deserve it, I am on my knee, please forgive me.

13. I like to see you smile and you know that, please smile for me, forget the past and let’s face our future because the future has a lot for us. You are my joy. I am sorry for everything.

14. I bet you it will not happen again, you should, believe me, I will not do it again, and I promise my love to forgive me, please.

15. You are the woman that gives me joy and the only woman I have met in my life, we are human, and we are not perfect, you know the position you are in my heart so please take your place back into my heart. I am sorry.

16. I love you and will love you forever; nothing can change my mind about you. You are the beauty of my heart. I will not do anything to wrong you anymore.

17. Special people like you are in a special place in my heart, I have realized all my wrongdoings, and will not hastate to apologize to you, am sorry please forgive me.

18. You are so dear to me, am so sorry for what happen and assure you it will not repeat itself again, you are my sweetie, and I can’t afford to let my sweetie angry, am sorry forgive.

19. I am sorry and will put all that has fallen apart together again. You should put your mind at rest I will make it up to the fullest, please forgive me.

20. You are the best and am glad you are mature enough to understand. You just feel good noting will cause problem anymore; I will be the right man in your life. I am sorry.

21. I love you my pretty angel, and I will do anything you want me to, be nice again to me, I blame myself for the mistake. Am a sorry dear.

22. What I have done is bad, and I know, use the best part of your heart to forgive me, let not ponder over the issue, I really feel bad and am sorry for hurting you.

23. I will love you now and forever, not minding my mistake. I will make it up to you. Please forgive my fault.

24. I am sorry to the woman that gives me joy, and you are very dear to me, I was joking and did not mean to annoy you, sorry for that, I will not say such thing again — smile for me, my love.

25. What would I have done without you, please do not go, stay with me; I will not make you sad ever again, please. I am sorry.

26. I hope you will find a place in your heart to forgive me. You are my jewel, all I did was a big mistake, kindly consider the fact that we are humans and beyond mistake. Am indeed so sorry.

27. I will not want to hurt you, but it happens not in my control, so please forgive me. I will make it up and am promising you forever love and affection, I am so proud of you, so please don’t let me down.

28. My love does me this last favour and accepts my apology. You will not feel this way again I promise, I love to see you happy always so don’t be sad, it will not happen again. I am sorry.

29. You are the first to show me what love really means, so I can’t let all that go in vain, I need you to explore love, and you are the best person to make life a wonderful place for me. Please forgive me, am sorry.

30. I need you, you or am a dead man. We should not let this relationship that has been strongly built over the years fall just like that. You are my everything, please forgive me, am so sorry.

31. Let swim in the ocean of love and dance in the pot of honey just like the way it used to be. I am sorry, love me again.

32. I am sorry love. You have a magical eye. When I look into your eyes, I see the fire of love. I don’t want to stop seeing the fire in your eyes. Please forgive me.

33. It takes two to tangle, and you cannot leave me, we are meant to be together forever, I love you so much and very sorry.

34. My heart is beating and falling sick because I did not talk to you today, please forgive if I really offend you, I did not mean to hurt you. I am so sorry.

35. Let’s forget the past, you know I cannot do without you, am promising it will not happen again. I will be the man you want, sorry for hurting you.

36. Let’s be the way we use to be. I love it with you. Step forward is all we need not backwards, am sorry forgive me my dearest wife.

37. Your wish is my command; anything you want is okay, provided it will make you happy, I love you, let be the way we used to be. I am sorry.

38. I won’t have said such a thing, if I know it will make you feel sad, I am sorry my love, find a place in the gentle heart to forgive me.

39. I am so sorry. You don’t have to leave me. I will not stop at anything until I see you back into my heart and happy again, accept my apology dear.

40. You seem so angry about what I have said. Hope is not offending you with my words if so smile then because am not going to spoil your mood, sorry sweetie.

41. Am happy to have you in my life, why then do you want to go and make me sad, stay I will only be happy with you. Your love is precious and so special to me. am sorry for every thing

42. What I have done was not to my fault, but you need to listen to my own side of the story, I want to explain, please give me another chance to be the perfect man.

43. Forgive me if I offend you dearly, I will never hurt your feelings again. I am so sorry.

44. I deserve to be punished for what I did, but I need you to accept my apology, let’s move on and forget the past, I miss you and am a sorry sweetie.

45. Baby I have so much attached to your love that I can’t do without you, am bored since you left, am sorry, save me from boredom girl.

46. Let’s continue the way we were before dear, I will never break your heart again, and am sorry darling forgive and forget.

47. You seem so angry with me. You are my priceless gold. I will not repeat such a thing anymore. Forgive me.

48. I promise never to hurt you again my dearest wife, accept my apology; I will never for any reason break up with you, we are bound together forever.

49. What happens was not my fault; it was out of annoyance, am so sorry my dearest angel, the love of my life.

50. I know that what I did was wrong. I have accepted my fault, and am on my knee, please have a special place in your heart to accept me back into your heart. I am sorry.

51. You have all the right to blame me, I have accepted my blame, do forgive me let’s move on and enjoy what life has for us in the future.

52. I am so sorry to the queen of the house. You are everything in my life, so don’t let me down, have mercy and forgive me.

53. You bring light into my life, and I so much cherish all the time spent with you, please forgive me and let continue to swim in the ocean of love and romance. I am sorry, so please smile.

54. You mean the world to me, without you life is incomplete, I need you to be happy and successful, so accept my apology, I love you.

55. You will not have to face what you felt again. I will be a changed person, never to hurt your feelings anymore, I promise. Am a sorry dear.

56. I have realized my mistake, and it hurt me even more, so am so sorry for hurting your beautiful heart, please

57. I will trust you, I know you are capable of taking care of yourself, my dear I will never doubt you again, please accept it from, I love you so much. Sorry for everything.

58. I will love you the way you want and even more but pleases just say you are no more angry with me again, and let’s move on. You are the dearest person. In my life, accept my apology.

59. You make me feel the way I love, you have opened my eyes to see the beauty of life, and I will not stop loving you till the end of time so forgive me, it will be fine I promise.

60. I love you so dearly, my heart is safe in your arms, don’t let this whole loving and happy relation fall like that, we have come a long way, dear, think of those loving and happy moment together, you are all I think of, please forgive me for the wrong I caused you, I do not mean it. Am so sorry love.


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I am sorry that these “I am sorry paragraphs” probably won't be enough for you to forgive me, but you are worth the try.

Apology Letters For Hurting Someone You Love

im sorry letters for your girlfriend

Uh oh, we bet you did something pretty bad that you have to scour the internet for tips on how to say sorry to your girlfriend. If she’s not having it in person, the next best thing is a sincere letter that tells her exactly how you feel.

Saying I’m sorry in a letter takes more than just writing “I’m sorry”; it takes a little more tact and sincerity than that. First, you have to own up to your mistakes. Next, you have to tell her what to do from now on. And lastly, you have to tell her why she should even consider accepting your apology.

If you’re wracked your brain for the right way to say sorry and still can’t come up with anything, then maybe these letters below will help you come up with the right thing to say to get you back into your girlfriend’s good graces.

My God, sometimes when I get struck by your beauty I completely forget why I do the things I do to upset you. You’re like an angel on earth who has stuck around with me for so long that I can’t even begin to fathom why I’d do anything to hurt you. You’re my whole life, my one true love. I’m so sorry for what I did. I promise never to do it again. Come rain or shine, you can count on me to make it right by you every single day until you find it in you to forgive me. I love you so much and I can’t bear to lose you.

I know that saying sorry is easy. People say it all the time without giving weight to what they’re saying. But what I intend to do is not just to say sorry, but to also take responsibility for what I did. I’m so sorry for what I did to you. But I’ll do anything I can to make it up to you. I might not be able to undo the damage that I’ve done, but I can do good things that might hopefully overshadow my mistakes. Just please, give me one more chance to make this right.

I’m sorry about everything that happened between us. For the past couple of months, things weren’t going the way we had planned. I’m sorry that I thought it was the best I could do. I’ve had time to think it over, and I know that it’s easier to just let things go between us. But I’m not that kind of person. I want to fight for us, even if it means apologizing every single day. But this isn’t just on me – this battle has to be fought and won by both of us. So how about we set aside our differences and try to start over?

I’ve made many mistakes in this relationship, some I know of and some I’m completely unaware of. I’ve said things that hurt you deeply. I’ve done things that I absolutely regret. I’m not a perfect person, and I don’t try to be. But I do try to be the perfect person for you because I love you. I love you with every fiber of my being. And thought I have made many mistakes in my life, loving you is not one of them. So please, take my apology, give us another chance, and I’ll show you how I can make things better for us.

There’s nothing but unbearable pain in knowing that you’re angry at me. And I can feel that it’s the type of anger that might tip you over the edge enough to leave me. And I can’t have that. I can’t live the rest of my life knowing that I’ve met the most incredible woman in the world and I let her go because of my own stupidity. I know I can be careless and distant. I know that these things have made you feel like I don’t love you. But I do love you. I want you to know that. I’m sorry that I can’t show it to you any better but what I feel for you is something so new and strange to me that I sometimes can’t handle it. I’m sorry I haven’t been giving you the care and attention you deserve. I promise I’ll do better.

I’m sorry for not being who you want me to be. I’ve wanted to be with you for so long that I’ve tried to become the person that you want, even if it’s not really who I am. I know it’s a lie, and I know that’s not fair to you. But please understand that I do this out of love for you. But now that you know who I really am, and that I’m nothing like the man you want me to be, all I can offer you is an apology. I’m sorry for loving you so much that I was willing to lie to you. I’m sorry for wasting your time. I’m sorry that I’m not someone you can love. And most of all, I’m sorry that I even tried.

I’m sorry for pushing you away each time I needed you. I’m sorry I would ignore you when you call or when you message me. I’m sorry for leaving when I knew how much you wanted to fight for us. I’m sorry for being distant when I know that I’m only doing it to help you forget me. But most of all, I’m sorry for giving up. I’m sorry for caving in and doing what’s easy. I’m sorry I didn’t do what’s right for us. I’m so sorry, but I just want us to have another chance.

I’m sorry. I should have loved you better when I could. I should have held you for longer than I did. I should have made only the promises I could keep. I should have told you that I want you to stay because I love you. I should have said something when you turned to walk away. I should have reached out to you instead of watching you disappear into the night. I’m sorry that all these regrets come crashing in when I know that you’re well on your way to trying to get over us. But if this apology reaches you before you do, please look back at all the good times we had together and tell me that you want all of it back.

If I could take back the words I said when I was angry, I would. If I could erase the memory of every single time I made you feel awful, I would. If I could make you forget about every argument, every fight, every time I disappointed you, believe me I would. But I can’t do anything of that because I’m just a man. What I can do is admit to my mistakes and tell you how deeply sorry I am for what I did. You didn’t deserve any of that, and I want to do everything that I can to make you realize that.

I would say I’m sorry but I know I owe you so much more than that. I could write it in a letter, send it to your house, and there’s still that chance that you’d throw it away without reading it. I could say it to you in person, but the mere sight of me might cause you to run away. I’m sorry that these are the responses I elicit from you because of how much of an idiot I’ve been. But please, if you happen to stumble upon this or you read enough of this letter before you decide to delete it from your phone, remember that I know I’ve made a huge mistake. I’m sorry for everything. Please come back.

You were always that ray of sunshine in my life. When I’m feeling down and glum, you always know the right words to say to me. So whenever I do something that takes the light out of your eyes, it takes the brightness out of my life too. I’m sorry for what I did to make you feel bad. I never mean to hurt you, even though you might think I do. The truth is, I’m sometimes careless with my words and actions that I fail to consider how they’d made you feel. I know that now, and I hope you can give me another chance.

Apologizing doesn’t mean you’re right and I’m wrong. It just means that I value our relationship more than my ego. I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make you forgive me. I may not be able to take back what I said and did, but I can say and do things that would make you so happy that you might be willing to forget all the dumb mistakes I’ve made. This relationship means everything to me. It’s our future. And I’m not going to let that go just because I’m not man enough to say sorry.


It’s never too late to say sorry! So go on and pick out the letter that fits your situation the best and sent it to your girlfriend ASAP!

Romantic Apology Letter of Forgiveness to Girlfriend After Fight; Trending Today I'm so sorry, please find it in your kind heart to forgive me.

im sorry letters for your girlfriend
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