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Late reporting letter
April 21, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 4 comments

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Dear Ms. Harvey,

I need to start this letter immediately with an apology for being late to the presentation at Claude & Rivers Associates on Monday. As I explained at the time my car broke down on the highway and I had to wait for my wife to pick me up. I was then able to take her car while she waited for the tow.

Of course that does not alleviate the discomforting position I left you in. You were left keeping the clients entertained for close to 45 minutes before I finally arrived with all the presentation materials. While we still managed to wow the client the entire presentation probably would have been a lot more effective if we had kept our timetable.

While I promise to make sure this never happens again I do have some thoughts on setting up protocols for making sure this incident does not repeat itself. I would like to set up a quick meet with you so we can discuss the details. In the meantime know that I appreciate your patience and understanding.


Claudia Simmons

They said they had Letters to report this Estate, but they did not as I remember name any body, tho I did hear from my Lord Drogheda and Sir Francis Brewster, .

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late reporting letter

We have all been late in our lives, whether it be for work, to our best friend’s birthday party, or to pick up our kids from school. Being late is just a part of life, and in some cases, it’s totally unavoidable. For this reason today we are going to look at 10 ways of apologising for being late, in English!

First though, let’s take a look at a few tips to keep in mind when apologising for being late.

Apologise sincerely

Nobody likes being late, and nobody likes waiting for someone else to arrive either. For that reason it is extremely important to be sincere about your apology if and when you are late. Be sure to look the person in the eye and put yourself in their shoes momentarily. They will appreciate you very being sincere and you will come across as a sincere person.

Don’t make excuses

It is better to tell the honest truth as to why you are late, than to make up unbelievable excuses, which may make your employer, friend or partner distrust you even more. If you went out the night before and woke up late, be honest about it and reassure the person that it will not happen again.

Stick to your promise

If you have been late for some reason or another, it is  crucial that you do not let it happen again. By repeatedly being late you may lose your job or lose trust in your friends or partners. Stick to your promise and try as hard as possible not to let it happen again.

Here are 10 creative ways of apologising for being late:

I’m so sorry that I’m late, my alarm didn’t go off.

I’m terribly sorry for being late, but I missed the first train this morning.

My sincerest apology for not making it to the meeting on time.

I deeply apologise for my behaviour yesterday at the party.

I am sorry for keeping you waiting for such a long time.

Please forgive me for being so late, I had a long meeting after work.

I must apologise for arriving late, but I forgot what time the party started.

I apologise wholeheartedly for not being on time.

Please accept my apology for being late, my car wouldn’t start.

I’m really sorry for being late, I lost my car keys this morning.


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Reporting Absences & Lateness

late reporting letter

Your PAYE bill might be wrong if you made a mistake in your FPS or EPS. You might have to correct:

  • pay or deductions
  • payment dates
  • start or leaving dates for your employee
  • employee information
  • reports sent in advance
  • National Insurance category letters
  • amounts in your Employer Payment Summary (EPS)
  • the Apprenticeship Levy you owe (starting from April 2017) if you, or employers you’re connected to, have an annual pay bill of more than £3 million

You’ll only be charged a penalty for a mistake if you did not take reasonable care or did it deliberately.

If you’ve reported the wrong pay or deductions

To correct a mistake made in the current tax year, update the year-to-date figures in your next regular Full Payment Submission (FPS).

If you reported the wrong pay or deductions in the tax year 2018 to 2019 you can correct this by submitting an Earlier Year Update (EYU) or a further FPS with the correct year to date figures.

For previous tax years, send an EYU showing the difference between what you originally reported and the correct figure. You can only use an EYU for tax years when you were reporting online in real time.

If your payroll software cannot send an EYU, you can use HMRC’s Basic PAYE Tools.

The rules are different if you find a mistake in your final FPS of the year.

Correct a pension death benefit or flexibility payment

If you’re a pension administrator who needs to correct a flexibility payment or death benefit payment, you must:

  • select the ‘pension flexibility payment’ or ‘pension death benefit payment’ indicator
  • update the ‘pensions drawdown taxable payment’ or ’pensions drawdown non-taxable payment’ fields (or both) with the difference between what you originally reported and the correct figures

If your employee has stopped working for you

Include them in your next FPS and correct their year-to-date figures. Include their original ‘Date of leaving’ and put the same or a later ‘Payment date’ than the one shown on their final FPS.

Correct the payment date in your FPS

You should use the date you paid your employees in your FPS.

Send an additional FPS with the correct payment date if you’ve sent one with the wrong payment date. Write ‘H - correction to earlier submission’ in the ‘Late reporting reason’ field.

Send your corrected FPS by the 19th of the tax month after you sent your original FPS. HMRC will apply the correction to the right month.

Correct an employee’s start or leaving date

Update your payroll records with the correct date if you put the wrong start or leaving date for an employee in your FPS.

Do not report the amendment in your next FPS as this may create a duplicate record for the employee.

Correct your employee’s personal information

Correct your next FPS if you’ve made a mistake with your employee’s personal details.

Do not report updates to more than one of your employee’s personal details (for example their name, date of birth or gender) in the same FPS. Your payroll records may be duplicated if you do, and your PAYE bill might be wrong.

If your employee’s details (for example their address or surname) change:

Correct FPS reports sent in advance

If you’ve sent FPS reports in advance that need to be corrected (for example because an employee leaves), you should:

  • send another FPS for the tax month the correction relates to, making sure you fill in all relevant fields and revising the year-to-date figures if needed

  • correct any other FPS reports you sent in advance that are affected by the change

Correct an employee’s National Insurance category letter

How you do this depends on why the category letter changed, and in which tax year.

You’ve used the wrong category letter in the current tax year

Report the mistake in your next FPS.

  1. Add the category letter you’ve used incorrectly.

  2. Put ‘0’ in all National Insurance fields for this category letter except ‘Employee’s NICs this payment’, and enter the amount you have repaid or recovered here, for example put -£300 if you’re repaying an employee’s overpayment of £300.

  3. Add the correct category letter, and enter the correct year-to-date National Insurance for this category letter.

  4. Put ‘0’ in all National Insurance fields for the incorrect category letter for the rest of the tax year - you do not need to do this if the category should never have been used.

Some software allows you to correct this by adjusting net pay. You’ll still need to keep a record of the change.

Your employee’s category letter changed during the tax year

In your next FPS:

  1. Continue to report year-to-date information for the old category.

  2. Put ‘0’ in all ‘In this pay period’ fields for this category, and use the ‘Employee’s NICs this payment’ field to adjust any underpayment or overpayment of National Insurance.

  3. Add the correct category letter, and enter the correct year-to-date National Insurance for this category letter.

If the mistake was in a previous tax year

Send an EYU with:

  • negative amounts in all the National Insurance year-to-date fields in the incorrect category letter, to reduce the employee’s National Insurance to zero

  • the correct category letter and correct year-to-date National Insurance

If you’re correcting a mistake in the 2018 to 2019 tax year, you may be able to send an FPS instead - use your payroll software to check. Send it with the correct category letter and correct year-to-date National Insurance.

If the mistake caused an overpayment or underpayment

You must correct your employee’s National Insurance deductions if they paid too little or too much because they were on the wrong category letter.

Correct an EPS

To correct a mistake in the current tax year, send an EPS with the correct year-to-date figures.

For previous tax years, send an EPS with the correct year-to-date figures for the tax year where you made the mistake.

Print entire guide

Warning Letter for Late Coming - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Warning.

The Charity Commission for Northern Ireland

late reporting letter

Sample Letter Reporting Your Industrial Accident and Work-Related Injuries to Your Employer


Learn What to Include in Your Work-Related Accident Report Form to Protect Your Right to Workers Compensation Benefits


The path to receiving workers compensation benefits starts almost as soon as you are injured on the job or diagnosed with an occupational disease.


Under most state workers compensation systems, you must report the work accident and injury to your employer within a specified time limit. If you wait too long to notify your employer, then you give up your right to wage loss payments and medical benefits – even if you file a workers comp claim within the applicable statute of limitations. A missed deadline lowers the settlement value of your case.


Reporting your work accident within the time limit set forth in the Workers Compensation Act is not the only notice requirement. Your first report of accident must also include several details about the accident and injuries.


As a workers compensation lawyer for injured employees and their families, nothing frustrates me more than seeing an employer and its insurance carrier avoid liability because an unrepresented employee was unaware of the notice requirement or forgot to include every detail needed. That’s why I wrote this article. To help injured workers understand the reporting requirements after a work accident – and to satisfy those requirements.


Below is a sample workplace accident report letter you can complete and give to your employer to satisfy the notice requirements under Virginia workers compensation. Though this letter may satisfy the workers comp notice requirements in your state, make sure you consult with a local attorney before relying on it.


If you have any questions, or are looking for a top-rated workers comp attorney, call me at 804-251-1620 or 757-810-5614. I’ve helped hundreds of injured workers navigate all aspects of the workers comp claims process. And I want to help you get the benefits you deserve and negotiate a top-dollar workers compensation settlement.


Letter Reporting Your Work Accident and Injuries to the Employer – Sample Accident Report Form


Name of Supervisor
Employer Name


Dear (Name of Supervisor) :


Please accept this letter as written notice that on (date) at (time) I was involved in a work accident. I was hurt when I (give details about what happened. For example, whether you were hurt in a fall from a height, slip and fall accident or motor vehicle accident while on the clock, or were injured due to overexertion or something else).


Immediately after the accident, I spoke with (name of person with whom you spoke) and reported what happened. I also (tell what actions you took post-accident, such as obtaining medical treatment). I am in the process of having my injuries evaluated. Based on my treatment regimen thus far, it is my understanding that I suffered the following injuries: (list the body parts injured, not just the specific injury or diagnosis. It is better to be general and broad in describing the injuries, so that you get more diagnoses covered).


My medical provider has (put me on light duty/restricted me from all work). I have received the following restrictions (list restrictions) from (doctor’s name). Please tell me if you can accommodate my restrictions. If so, I ask for a written letter detailing my new job duties post-accident.


My follow-up appointment is on (date). I would, however, appreciate it if you would provide a panel of physicians with whom I may treat.


Due to uncertainties regarding my recovery and the type of treatment I may require in the future, it will be necessary for me to file a workers’ compensation claim. Please let me know who our workers compensation insurance carrier is and the best way for me to file a claim with the carrier. I would also appreciate it if you sent me a copy of any reports or forms you have already completed because of this workplace accident.


Thanks for your assistance. If you need any information from me or wish to speak with me regarding the accident, my injuries, and my restrictions, contact me at your convenience. I look forward to working with you through this time.




(Your name)


Keep at least two copies of this accident report letter. You will want to keep a copy for your records. And your attorney will want a copy in case the employer and its insurance carrier defend the claim on the basis that you failed to give timely notice of the accident or occupational illness.


Contact An Experienced Workers Comp Attorney Who Can Help You Notify Your Employer of Your Injuries and Win Your Case


At best the workers comp claims process is long and frustrating. At worst the Workers Compensation Commission may deny your claim because you failed to satisfy all the procedural requirements of the Act. This will leave you without income replacement necessary to pay your bills and medical care necessary to recover. Don’t let this happen to you.


From writing a letter reporting your work injury to getting the appropriate medical treatment and disability payments authorized to representing you at trial before a judge, I’m ready to help. Call 804-251-1620 or 757-810-5614 for a free consultation. Countless issues and disputes can arise when trying to get – and keep – Virginia workers compensation benefits. Hiring an experienced attorney can help you win these disputes – or avoid them entirely so that you receive wage loss checks, permanent partial disability benefits, and medical treatment without interruption.

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Punctuality is an essential part of professional conduct. When you are late, you can set off a domino effect that causes a slowdown of your entire team or.

late reporting letter
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