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Letter introducing new employee to clients

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Letter introducing new employee to clients
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Sample Letter To Clients About Employee Leaving. Once you're happy with your introduction letter for a new employee email, don't forget to ask for a.

An informational interview is not just a tool jobseekers can use to make in-roads with key contacts; it’s also a valuable outreach tactic for hiring leaders and recruiters.

1. It informs employees that you’ve made a new hire and gives them some simple insight into who this person is, what they’ll be doing, and how they fit into the great organization.

2. It helps the new hire feel less anxious and overwhelmed, and it’s part of a larger attempt to make them feel at home, confident about their decision to join the team, and reassured that they’re appreciated.

This second objective is critical, and it should be just one tactic in a larger ongoing strategy to immerse a new hire in your company culture and help them gain the confidence they need to do their best work.

In this light, you’ll want to align your letter’s tone and style with your own organizational culture. For example, if you’re a small establishment that considers employees part of the family, you may want to introduce your new hire over a big lunch before you send out a more detailed letter.

Once you do get ready to put pen to paper, be sure to include these basics in your letter:

• New hire’s full name

• New hire’s contact info

• New hire’s official job Title • New hire’s department or team – and who they’ll be reporting to

• New hire’s basic responsibilities

• Optional: any information about the new hire’s past experience, education, interests, hobbies, etc.

For more guidance, use the sample below to better prepare to write your own document.

Want to use this letter?     Use sample

Introduction Letter for a New Employee Sample

Dear Colleagues,

Please join me in warmly and officially welcoming James Taylor to the Altitude team as our newest all-star Customer Representative!

James will report directly to Ellen Johnson as part of the Customer Success department, where he’ll work alongside June and Delilah to deliver the superior and effective customer service that has come to define our brand.

We’re incredibly excited to add James and his outstanding communication skills and formidable past experience to this already high-performing group. Prior to accepting the position, James was a member of the Amazon Customer Success team and, before that, the Ultra Customer Success team.

Those of you who are former Vikings may also want to ask James about his alma mater, Diablo Valley College, where he graduated with a concentration in communication studies.

We’re confident that James will be a fantastic addition to Altitude, and we urge each and every one of you to personally introduce yourself to him in the coming days. You can find James in Building A on Floor 5, and he can be reached at 415-415-4154 ext. 120 or via email at [email protected]

Thanks again!


Johnny Walker

Your letter, like the above introduction letter for a new employee sample, should adopt the kind of warm and welcoming tone that both makes the new hire feel immediately accepted and indicates to other employees that they should accept him as part of the team.

Additionally, as the introduction letter for a new employee sample did, you’ll want to bring the letter to a close with a clear call-to-action that encourages team members to make their own personal introductions to the new hire. You may even want to consider attaching a headshot of the new hire’s choosing with the letter so that they’re easily identifiable – this can also allow some of the newbie’s personality to shine through.

Finally, and most importantly, make sure the new hire gives the letter their two thumbs up before it gets sent out. After all, there’s nothing worse than misrepresenting someone’s past experience and starting the relationship off on the wrong foot.

Then, once you have sent your document, keep moving forward with a larger more comprehensive plan to make your onboarding experience the best and most welcoming it can be!

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Sample Letter to Introduce New Employee to Clients

letter introducing new employee to clients

August 12, 2006

Mr. Brent Collinson
Senior Buyer
Office­Tech Furnishings Inc.
4830 Kimbark Ave.
Chicago, IL 60635

Dear Mr. Collinson:

The purpose of this letter is to briefly introduce myself as Dynatek's new Sales Representative, 
Business Accounts. I very recently joined the company and am taking over your account from Jack 
Winters who has moved on to other challenges in this industry.

I have just completed Dynatek's management orientation program and am now keen to meet face­to­
face with all of my key customers.

Accordingly, as a first step in my customer familiarization process, I would like to meet with you 
personally, for about an hour or so, to discuss Office­Tech's needs and concerns. At the same time I 
would also like to take that opportunity to briefly review Dynatek's latest offering of products and 

To set up a meeting for this at your convenience, I propose to call your office by the end of this week. It 
is my hope that we will be able to arrange to meet at your offices before the end of the month.

As your new Dynatek Business Account Representative I believe that my paramount concern is how 
both Dynatek Inc. and I can better serve Office­Tech Furnishings Inc.

I look forward to meeting with you and learning more about your company in the near future.


Jim O'Malley
Senior Sales Representative

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letter introducing new employee to clients

Sample Letter #1


Many of you have already met John Doe, the latest addition to our staff. John received a B.A. from Springfield College, interned with the Library of Congress, and most recently held the position of assistant photo archivist at the Springfield Historical Society.

John begins with us officially as an associate researcher on August 14, but we were pleased to have him join us briefly during last month's retreat where he presented an impressive overview of his work with the Springfield Collection. Thank you for the gracious welcome each of you extended to him then. We're pleased to have him permanently as a member of our team.

Sample Letter #2


John Doe, our newest associate, will begin work with Doe Corporation on Monday, May 31. Initially, John will work part-time as our administrative assistant, usually from noon until 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. He will be available in the entry area. He will handle visitors, answer all phone calls, and generally make life more pleasant for us.

As additional help becomes available, John will be able to fill in wherever help is needed. It will make his job easier if everyone would let him know where you are and what your schedule is. Please help John feel at home and use his skills whenever appropriate.

Sample Letter #3


I hope each of you will extend a warm welcome to John Doe, who will be coming on board in June to solve the problems with our latest software, so we can handle the incoming calls more efficiently.

John has several years of software troubleshooting experience and understands our needs. We are confident he will be a welcome addition to our technical support group.

Sample Letter #4


I am pleased to announce that Jane Doe has been promoted to Vice President of Doe Corporation. Jane is now responsible for overseeing our company's developing and marketing divisions. At the Springfield site, Jane provided great leadership, as evidenced by the level of integration of Doe products into the local market. Beyond this accomplishment, Jane has helped to drive the business applications strategy as our products gain national recognition.

Jane's focus is customer oriented. She is passionate about delivering unsurpassed customer aid and has led her group to provide excellent support to large accounts. We are fortunate to have Jane leading the Doe team. Please join me in congratulating her on her new, well-deserved position.

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This sample new employee introduction letter welcomes your new staff member. . introduction,new hire email template employee introduction to clients letter.

7 Creative Ways to Make Memorable New Employee Announcements

letter introducing new employee to clients

A new employee announcement is a critical step in the onboarding process that serves two purposes: First, this announcement will help your new hire feel welcomed to the organization. Second, a new hire announcement will ensure the rest of the team or company is informed about the new hire’s arrival. This announcement can help other employees understand how they’ll be working with the new hire and gives them an easy opportunity to reach out and say hello.
Here are a few tips to help you craft a new employee announcement that covers the essentials.

What should you include in a new employee announcement?

This email should cover a few key pieces of information, including:

  • Full name
  • Start date
  • Job role
  • Department
  • Direct supervisor
  • Key responsibilities
  • Academic background
  • Professional background
  • Fun facts (such as a special talent, unique hobby or another tidbit of information that can inspire conversations)

Consider sending your new hire a brief questionnaire before their start date to help you fill out new employee announcement. It can also be helpful to include a recent headshot, so other employees recognize the new hire around the office.

Who should receive the announcement?

Some companies send new employee announcements to the entire organization. However, if your company is especially large, you may opt to send the message only to those in the new hire’s business unit or department. Ideally, anyone who will be interacting with the new employee on a regular basis should be introduced via the new hire email.
You may also consider posting the announcement on bulletin boards, and welcoming new hires during all-hands meetings to make sure no one misses the memo.

Example of a new employee announcement

Your “welcome new employee” email should be short, friendly and informative, and should reflect your brand’s tone.
Here is an example:

Hi everyone,
Please join me in welcoming our newest team member: Chris Smith!
Chris will be joining us Monday as a senior account executive for the Southeast region, reporting to Sales Manager Jane Johnson, and helping expand relationships on several of our most important accounts.
Chris earned his MBA from the University of Georgia in 2009 and has more than eight years of experience in the technology sector. Chris comes to us from ABC Company where he worked as a senior AE and helped double his region’s cybersecurity sales year over year.
Chris is a volunteer with the Humane Society and an avid runner who completed his first marathon last fall. When he’s not working, saving animals or training for his next race, you can find him at the dog park with his two black labs.
We’re excited to see him apply his industry experience and first-class education to help grow our business in the Midwest region and reach our revenue goal for 2018!
Chris is sitting on the east side of the fourth floor, so be sure to drop by and say hello!

A well-crafted new employee announcement will help establish credibility for your new hire and help other employees understand how their new teammate will contribute to the company’s success. By sending this email during the new hire’s first week, you can facilitate conversation between the new hire and their teammates, and ensure they feel valued from the beginning.

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letter introducing new employee to clients
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