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Love you my angel

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Love you my angel
July 30, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 5 comments

My Angel My sweet beautiful angel. Sent to me from above. I am so grateful to have found you, and I give you all my love. You must have come from heaven.

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I Love You Quotes for My Wife and My Angel

Today I will be writing this special article on I love you quotes for my wife in order to help you show her how much she means to you. Understand that your wife is a wonderful part of your life because she is your companion and a blessed heart that will always be in your support in as much that there is still love existing between you.
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Kindly enjoy this newly written one:

I Love You Quotes for My Wife from My Heart

1. You are the most beautiful wife on earth, a wonderful love that brought happiness into my world. I love you, my dear love.

2. I wish the love of my lifelong life to spend the most beautiful moments in this life with me. I love you to the core.

3. You are the jewel that my heart has chosen and will like to end with. I love you beyond ordinary imagination.

4. You took your time to show me the best of love and never for one day did you ever betray or hurt me. I love you.

5. Let your heart understand that I am deeply in love with you and will like to spend the rest of my life with you.

6. You are the flower that grows in my heart, the endless passion that my eyes have ever seen. I just want to say I love you.

7. I love you my sweetheart and this is the reason why I can’t stop adoring you until the end of time.

8. As soon as your love comes to my heart, everything changed and past pains were washed away.
9. I love everything about you beginning from the smile that emanates from your face to the sweetest voice ever heard.

10. You are my honey and I love you in such a manner that even my mind cannot understand and my mind cannot figure out.

I Love You Quotes for My Wife and True Angel

11. This is my wish—to always be where you are, in order to let you understand that I love you with all my heart.

12. Wishing you the most beautiful things in this world. I love you and want to die with you to escape the pain of mourning you.

13. Even if it warrants that I should wait till eternity for your love, I want to take that risk. I want to love you until we exhaust our youthful age.

14. I wish I have known you for so long but so unfortunate that it took me many years to meet someone as special as you are.

15. You are my beloved wife, the mother of my kids, the one I cherish with all my heart. Now and forever, I will love you.

16. I will always stand close to where you are because every single day I see you my heart beats with passion and compassion.

17. I wish you the most beautiful things that the heart can think and wants to be yours forever my darling angel.

18. You are my heartbeat and that’s why I cannot live without you. I love you more than you can ever imagine.

19. Never do I want to let you go even in the slightest minute. I just want to be where you are all the time.

20. The special kind of love I have for you cannot be found anywhere else in the heart of the men out there. I love you.

I Love You Quotes for My Wife and Treasure of My Heart

21. The mother of my kids, the one I want to spend the rest of my life with I just wish you could read the content of my heart for you.

22. I wish you could just come and feel the impact of the sensation of your beautiful smile in my heart. I love you.

23. Let the angel of love understand that I love you more than he does. I cherish you beyond the realm of passion.

24. You are an ocean of passion in my life and since the day I set my eyes on you everything has changed.

25. I will always be where you are smiling at you because you are just like the most beautiful treasure ever seen.

26. Truly, the beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, I love you my darling love the one I will never live to forget.

27. Been with you is the most beautiful thing that has ever occurred in my life; I will forever want to be yours.

28. I wish I can write out the level of love I have for you in my heart but it seems impossible because it is too high.

29. Maybe the love I have for you has this special reason why it keeps growing in every minute. I love you, my dear angel.

30. You are simply the best woman that has ever come into my world. I will always love you until eternity.

I Love You Quotes for My Wife to Please Her Heart

31. Thank you for your sympathy on me; I wish you the loveliest day ever because you are my dream comes true.

32. Since the day I set my eyes on you, something special touched my heart and it is the passion of love the emanated from your heart.

33. You are my chocolate and I am ready to enjoy every moment with you. I love you from the nooks of my beloved heart.

34. My heart shed tears of love and my soul bleeds passion for you. I will always miss you, my dear angel.

35. Indeed you are a gift that will never cease to amaze me. I am so lucky and wonder why God gave someone like me you.

36. I miss your smile, your play and the giggles that turn my heart on like a burning fire. I will always love you, my sweetheart.

37. Since the day I set my eyes on you, everything has changed; my past pain vanished and new moment entered my world.

38. You are such an amazing wife, the most beautiful mother in the entire universe. I just want you to know that I love you.

39. I want you to know and accept that truly I can’t do without you. I wish you could just check my heart and see the passion for you.

40. The love I have for you can turn the whole world into honey and make the entire ocean become milk for you alone.

I Love You Quotes for My Wife and Beloved Angel

41. For you alone are the apple of my eyes and the jewel of my life, I love you, cherish and adore you more than ever.

42. You belong to me because you are my one in a million ladies the one that always put a smile on my face.

43. I wish you could just transform yourself into my heart so that I can always breathe with you close to me.

44. Baby, come close to me and make, me the jewel of your heart so we can always enjoy every moment together.

45. I wish I could just find a way to dwell in your heart forever. I mean I wish I can physically make your heart a home.

46. You are too sweet and for that reason, I must be the luckiest guy ever. Just want to say I love you.

47. You are my ruby, my soul and everything that bring joy to my heart. I will always love you until the end of time.

48. You won’t understand how much you mean to me, but just remember that I adore you more than you can think.

49. My heart is addicted to your feelings. I can no longer think straight because nothing come in or out anymore but your thoughts on my mind.

50. Even in a second, I can’t just take my heart away from you. I love you beyond the sky and want to be yours for the rest of my life.

I Love You Quotes for My Wife to Make Her Happy

51. I want to see you smile every day. Baby, believe me when I said I could not sleep because you were not by my side.

52. I have come to realize that everything I need in life is from God since the day I met you. Indeed, you are the change I have been searching for.

53. Your pretty face keeps occurring to me and now I cannot even stop thinking about you for the slightest second.

54. If I am to write the meaning of my love on a paper, it will burn off the poor material into ashes. I love you.

55. I have this burning desire to love you until the end of time. I want to upload the burning passion up to your heart.

56. You are my symbolic pearl of love and passion. I don’t actually know if you realize how much you mean to me.

57. You are this special joy in my heart; from the beginning to the end of love I will always tie my heart to yours.

58. I could not imagine that we finally got married. I love you my beautiful wife, blessed mother.

59. Day and night your love is always on my mind. I want you to understand the fact that I can’t sleep without you.

60. I can’t sleep without thinking about the best woman in my life. Your patience is indeed a great miracle.

I Love You Quotes for My Wife from the Depth of My Heart

61. Dear lovely wife, do you know that you are a damsel? Yes, that’s exactly what you are the love of my life.

62. Maybe it was unfortunate that we didn’t meet twenty years ago but still you wiped away my past pain.

63. I am so lucky to have found a wonderful lady like you in this life; thank you for everything. I miss you.

64. Let the ocean of love flood your heart from the release of the compassion for you. I love you so much.

65. Believe me that the kind of love I have for you makes me shed the tears of love and completeness.

66. You are that missing rib that I have been searching for. That love of my life from the heaven council.

67. I have this feeling in me since the day I met you and it is the truth that you will always be the best wife in the world.

68. God has blessed me with an angel that has respect for religion and humanity. I love you so much.

69. I trust you and I will always do because you are this special person that my heart cannot stop to love.

70. I will always love you because you are now my second nature so close to my heart more than the thought of money.

I Love You Quotes for My Wife, My Dearest

71. Some people say women are evil but still, I can see a planet good piety in the woman of my life. I love you dearly.

72. You are my damsel, my pinnacle of love among women and the last woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.

73. I love you, cherish you and want to be yours forever. I will be the one you love and the character you have searching for.

74. My life is now beautiful because I finally found someone as special as you are. I love you beyond the sky.

75. You are simply the most beautiful woman in this world and my prayer is for us to last forever.

76. I could not withstand the power of your smile the first day I set my eyes on you but now I have come to realize that you are so special.

77. Maybe I was made to be the luckiest guy ever in history because you are the most wonderful love I have ever seen.

78. I wish you are here with me to keep me warm, my dearest love ever, the mother of my kids. I love you.

79. You are the most beautiful person that has ever come into my life; my dear love the one I cherish with all my heart.

80. Perhaps you don’t know how much you mean to me but simply the best you are my beloved angel that puts smile on my face.

I Love You Quotes for My Wife and the Love of My Life

81. You are the love of my life, my endless passion that I cherish with all my heart. Wishing you all the best in life.

82. I thought I could just go away and yet be strong until I realize that I can’t live without you by my side.

83. I used to think that I would be happy without you but now I have come to realize that you are my happiness.

84. You are the jewel that I love to smell in every second of my life; I love you my darling ruby of love.

85. I will always be happy that I met someone as special as you are in my life. Thank you for everything my dear woman.

86. You are my woman, my happiness, my beloved angel the one I cherish with all my heart. Wishing you a sweet day ahead.

87. You are the most wonderful pearl that my eyes have seen ever and will see until death. I love you.

88. I don’t want you to be alone even for the slightest of seconds. I love your life, you and everything concerning you.

89. My dear love, you are my wife, sister, friend and the mother of my kids and this is the reason why I love you.

90. I wish you understand how much your love has touched my heart. I wish you the best now and forever.

I found my way out of the darkness. After all this time. Now I see your smiling face. Loking back at mine. I was always told. That love can be blind.

Mr. Capone-E - My Angel Lyrics

love you my angel

I always dreamed about true love and thought I would never find it. I had all but given up when it happened. It was love at first kiss. There she was right there in front of me the whole time.

This is a poem about my love for my Angel and what she means to me. Someone whom I thought did not exist. My real life true love! My soul mate! My everything, my all!

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Thank You So Much My Angel True Love - Poem by Michael P. McParland

love you my angel

My Angel
by Chris
You are my angel,
my reason for it all,
you fill my life with hope,
and for you i stand tall,

i think about you always,
i miss you all the time,
and just to be near you,
theres no mountain i wouldn't climb,

i want to hold you close,
your hugs are a bliss,
and i really cant wait,
to feel your soft kiss,

sometimes i get jealous,
CZ i just cant see,
why a perfect Lil angel,
would choose someone like me,

you'll always be perfect,
in every single way,
I'm gonna love waking up to you,
every single day,

you are a blessing,
sent straight from above,
you're so special to me,
and i wanna show you my love...

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Lyrics for My Angel by Loyiso. I'm in love, waking up and seeing your face How you feel when you touch me in your sleep O.

I Love You Quotes for My Wife and My Angel

love you my angel

Tres – Angel lyrics

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Is it wrong
To feel the way I do
Will I go on,
With this feeling that I have


Couldn't be sure
If you'll open up your heart for me
If baby I would say...


That I love you my angel,
(For) You're the one who makes me dream,
Fills my heart with everything
So I need you my angel,
Will I ever hold your hand,
And whisper what I truly feel for you

How can I start to tell you,
This feeling makes me weak
Will I keep this love forever,
Ignore my love for you

Repeat Refrain, Chorus


How can I say
When will I start
I'm afraid
I'm afraid (I'm afraid)
Oh, how can I say
I'm scared of losing you

Repeat Chorus 2x


Lyrics taken from /lyrics/t/tres/angel.html

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Lyrics to song "Love You My Angel" by Pyare Mohan: Tu jaha bhi jaayegi - 2 Tere pichhe pichhe main aaunga I love you my angel tujhe kabhi na main.

love you my angel
Written by Domi
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