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Police complaint letter sample

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Police complaint letter sample
August 22, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 2 comments

Sample Complaint letter or application to police for loss of documents/ certificates . Use this police complaint letter format for lost share certificate, lost wallet, lost.

To: [email protected]

From: [email protected]

Subject: Police complaint letter.

Respected Mr./Mrs./Ms.__________(name of the receiver)

I am writing this letter to complain about the theft that happened last night at my house. It was around 3:00 am that I heard some noise and suspected theft. As soon as I shouted, I heard the footsteps of people running hurridly out of the house. My brother and I went to the room where we heard the noises from. As soon as we switched on the lights, we found our cupboards open and stuff lying here and there.

We do not know how many were there exactly, but we suspect more than two according to the noises we heard. They stole a lot of things from our house, and the list of its value is mentioned below:

Jewelry worth Rs. 2,00,000

Cash worth Rs, 45,000

Mobile Phone ( iPhone 6) worth Rs. 40,000

Titan’s wrist watches worth Rs. 6,000

Kindly look into this matter and find the thieves.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully,

__________(name of the sender).

police force can refuse to investigate a complaint made more than 12 months after the incident. HOW DO I COMPLAIN? You can make a complaint in writing.

Basics of a Police Complaint

police complaint letter sample


Jane Willis,

H/8, Jackson Heights,



Police Department,


Dear Sir,

I, Jane Willis, am writing this letter in sheer desperation. I have my residency in Jackson Heights apartment. This apartment is in the neighborhood of the Royal College. The goons from this college have become a nuisance for every passing girl. The incidents of eve teasing have been apparent for more than a week.

Besides this, the shops adjacent to the college are also fed up of the menace which the hoodlums from this college are causing. This letter is drafted as a written complaint against these college students. The negligence which the misbehavior from these people received initially has encouraged them to reach this level. I, Jane Willis, hereby, put this plea in front of the entire police department via this letter, to get rid of this behavior as soon as possible. We have full faith in the judiciary and the execution of the law from the police department.

Yours truly,

Jane Willis.

Download Police Complaint Letter

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Praise and complain

police complaint letter sample

Complaint Letter to Police: A police station is a place which is entitled to maintain the law and order for the particular prevailing region among the people of the region. If anything unlawful happens in that particular region, then it becomes the duty and the responsibility of the police officers of the police station to take the required action against it. 

How to Write a Complaint Letter to the Police Department

Writing the complaint to the police department may be a confusing and struggling task to the people who are writing it for the very first time. We understand this scenario very well and thus we are providing you the sample of this complaint. We urge you to have a look of the format of the letter and the set of words as well.

It will provide you with a basic understanding of writing the letter so that you can easily start your own letter for whatever you want to complain about in the letter. Try to use the simple and the formal format which can convey the complaining matter in a clear manner.

Download PDF

This is why we all write the complaint letter to the police station addressing our various legal concerns so that the concerns can be settled by the authority. The police officers who operate the police officers have the legal power to listen to any criminal concern, or any other such concern which is illegal or the unlawful in the eyes of law. 

So, if you are dealing with any such illegal or unlawful issue then you can report it to the police station of your region by using the complaint. Here in this article, we are basically going to talk about the several kinds of complaint letters to address the complaint to the police station, so that you can make the most of them.

Sample of Complaint Letter to Police with Examples

Few Sample of Complain letter provided below:

1. Complaint Letter to Police for Theft

Theft is an illegal act and thus is strongly punishable and being the illegal act it is looked after the police of the region. If a certain kind of theft has taken place or has been conducted at your place, then you need to report this incident to the police as soon as possible so the required action can be taken.

You will be required to write the complaint against the theft to the police station since without the complaint the police can’t take any legal action in this regard. You can use the below-mentioned template in this regard to writing the complaint. 

Download PDF

2. Complaint Letter format to Police Station

We have already discussed that it is important to write a complaint to the police in order to enable the police officers to take any action in this regard. Here you would be needing a proper format in this regard in which you can write this complaint.

The format of the complaint matters since this is what delivers the whole concern of the complaint in the clear and easy manner. If you are looking for the ideal format for the complaint then you can get it from here.

Download PDF

3. How to Write a harassment complaint letter to Police Commissioner

Harassment is a very heinous act which may cause very severe mental torture to the other person and thus we all need to report this activity to the authorities so that the required action can be taken against it.

If you face or witness an act of harassment with you or with any other person then it becomes your social responsibility to make the complaint to the police station as soon as possible against this act.

If you are struggling to have the proper set of words in this regard then here we are attaching the sample letter which will guide in writing this complaint. 

Download PDF

4. Mobile Lost Complaint Letter to Police

Theft is a theft no matter whatever kind of theft it may be and it needs to be reported to the police department authority’s in order to get the required action for it. A mobile lost may be either the theft or a person might lose its mobile by ways such as when the person forgets his/her mobile at a particular place.

Both of these incidents can be reported so that the police can conduct the search operations and the mobile can be found within the due time. Here below is the template which you can use to lodge the complaint about the mobile lost or the mobile theft as the case may be.

Download PDF

5. RC Book Lost Complaint Letter to Police

RC stands for the registration copy and it is the very significant document in the context of any vehicle’s registration. This document proves the ownership of the vehicle in a legal manner, and thus if the RC is lost then it may cause some serious issues to the owner of the vehicle. This is why keeping the RC in the safe hands must be the first priority of the owner. 

Well, if you have lost the RC due to whatever reason then the next very important step is to lodge the complaint of it with the police department so that the legal action can be taken for it. You can see the sample of the RC lost complaint in this section which will help you in writing this letter easily.

Download PDF

6. Passport Lost Complaint Letter to Police

Passport is the significant document which is mandatory for any person who wants to travel from the one country to the other. This document proves the nationality of the person which is very much relevant when the person is outside his/her own country.

If the person loses out passport then it may bring some serious sufferings to the person and the person must immediately lodge the complaint to the police station for it. If you are looking for the appropriate template for this purpose then you can get it from here.

Download PDF

7. Sample Complaint Letter to Police Inspector

A police inspector is a person who is in charge to maintain the law and order within the particular region. If any unlawful or the illegal activities take place in that region then it should be reported to the police station, so that the police inspector can take the due action for it.

If you are confused about how you should be addressing any issue to the police inspector then the below-mentioned sample letter will assist you in this regard.

Download PDF

8. Complaint Letter to Police for Threatening

A threatening is an incident when a person threats the other for life or causing any kind of material damages to the other person. This is purely an illegal nature of the incident and thus is punishable in the eyes of law, but the incident must be reported to the police station so that the further action can be taken against it. 

9. Complaint Letter to the Police Station About the Theft

No matter wherever you are living there is the police department which covers your residential region and if you receive any kind of threatening from any person, then you can report it to the other police station. Here you can have a look of the sample template which can be used in this regard by you.

Download PDF

From, Jane Willis, H/8, Jackson Heights, Edinburgh. To, Police Department, Edinburgh. Dear Sir, I, Jane Willis, am writing this letter.

Assignment Point - Solution for Best Assignment Paper

police complaint letter sample

Dear ___________,

I would like to lodge a complaint against one of your officers, Mr. John Green. I understand that police officers are often the victims of spurious complaints, but I have evidence to back up my claim that I was treated inappropriately. Officer Green needs to be reprimanded, and I am prepared to go to the media if you cannot satisfactorily resolve this issue.

I encountered Officer Green at the corner of Main and Elm Street in Anytown on December 1st. I was riding a skateboard down the sidewalk and he was walking. Even though I politely gave him a very wide berth, he still stopped me and demanded that I stop riding my skateboard. I informed him that skateboarding on the sidewalk is not illegal in Anytown, and he claimed that it didn't matter whether or not it was legal. I continued to skateboard, as I have read the relevant laws on this issue, after which he pushed me off my skateboard and threatened to arrest me.

While my claim alone might not convince you that Officer Green indeed acted in the way I describe, the included DVD recorded by one of my friends with his phone may convince you otherwise. While I was not severely injured, I do believe that Officer Green�s conduct was inappropriate. For my own safety and the public good, I would like to hear what steps are being taken to address Officer Green�s misconduct. There is no need to make a public scandal of this event, but unless Officer Green is appropriately disciplined, I will turn this video of a police officer brutally pushing a young man off a skateboard over to the local news stations and post it online. Accountability in the police force is key to healthy law enforcement.

Please call me at 555-555-5555 to discuss how Officer Green is to be reprimanded. Thank you very much for your time.


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police complaint letter sample
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