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Recommendation letter linkedin
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When someone views your LinkedIn profile, they will see an online version of your Here's advice on how to get LinkedIn recommendations, who to ask for . Here Are Some Sample Letters and Email Messages Asking for a Reference.

To make the best LinkedIn recommendations work, you have to understand and accept the fact that not only products and services need marketing but people too. When someone applies for a job they become the product that needs to be sold to the buyer, who is the hiring manager in this case. Even if you are not a marketer or a salesperson and you have genuinely nothing to do with sales, at times you get into a situation when you need sales skills. LinkedIn recommendations are the perfect example.

LinkedIn Recommendations are mini sales pitches that help to sell someone. Of course, we are not talking about human trafficking, but the job market. Therefore, you must write a recommendation that expresses the recommendee’s features and the benefits to the hiring manager.

Let’s see a perfect LinkedIn recommendation sample

“I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Peter. I had the pleasure of working with Peter for three years at the Big Corp, collaborating on several project teams. Peter’s ability to handle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic increase in the productivity level of our company. No matter how tense a meeting, Peter made sure everyone left with a smile. As a team member or a leader, Peter earns my highest recommendation.”

You might be curious, how we made the LinkedIn recommendation sample above, so here is a step-by-step guide, that helps you write just as good recommendations – as you saw in the sample – in less than 5 minutes:

Step 1: Get the attention of the reader

First, you need to get the attention of the reader with a strong opening line. Most of the movies – except the artistic ones – start with an exciting scene, stunning the viewers, to show them that it’s worth to stay because more of that is coming. You have to do the same in your LinkedIn recommendation; you have to start with a sentence that summarizes the whole recommendation and get’s the attention of the reader. See these three samples:

”I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Peter.”

”Few people have the opportunity to work with someone ‘Ridiculously efficient’ like Sandra.”

”‘Genuine expert’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Andrew.”

After reading this initial line, people have to continue reading because they are curious what is behind that opening statement. These opening statements of your LinkedIn recommendation also doesn’t say that the recommendee was the best or favorite employee, coworker or boss of yours, because you obviously can’t use ultimate superlatives in all of your recommendations. Choosing the right phrase to highlight the person’s main characteristics or strength is the key here.

Step 2: State your authority in recommending

The readers will be curious how you know the person, what is your relation? LinkedIn will show the details next to the recommendation, and it’s easy to find this information but still, you need to summarize your relationship quickly. This gives a hint why are you qualified to give this recommendation. here are three samples for you:

Maria expertly filled the role of production manager for my company’s social marketing team for just over two years.

I had the pleasure of working with Laura for three years at the Big Corp, collaborating on several project teams.

I hired Nick as a freelance Ruby developer in 2014 after seeing his online portfolio, and he’s completed numerous flawless projects for me since then.

As you can see, you don’t have to go into details. State the year or duration, the position or role and most importantly that it was a positive working relationship. Please note the positive expressions like “expertly filled”, “pleasure to work with” and “flawless projects” which backs up the opening statement, just as you saw in the sample recommendation above.

Step 3: Describe unique values and strengths

Here comes the main part of your LinkedIn recommendation, when you describe what is unique in this person. Think about what are their strengths, what makes them stand out? If there is nothing that makes them special or unique and they don’t stand out, then think about what they do better than anything else? Not everyone is good in everything, but everyone is good at something. Highlight that in the recommendation or ask the person if there is something that would be beneficial for him or her if it was mentioned in the recommendation. Yes, communication can help, when it comes to writing a good recommendation. See our three sample senteces:

”Patrick’s ability to handle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic increase in the productivity level of our company.”

”I was impressed by John’s ability to deal with even the toughest clients – effortlessly. That skill often takes years to develop among consulting professionals, but it seemed to come perfectly naturally to him.”

”I was always in awe of Veronica’s ability to command a room and get people on board with ideas – even people who were initially on completely different pages.”

Many LinkedIn recommendations miss this part and which makes them vague and meaningless. This sentence in the middle of your recommendation is the main value proposition that we’ve built up strategically, starting from the opening line. As you can see, this part demonstrates the person’s strength in a single sentence using an example. After reading these samples, you should be able to phrase similar sentences based on your personal experience with the recommendee.

Step 4: Personal and emotional touch

So far we stated, explained and demonstrated the strength of this person, but when it’s about hiring someone, it’s not only about the skills, knowledge and expertise. Personality is just as important as professional skills. Hiring managers want to make sure to have a good fit for the team, who is great to work with! here are three samples:

And we still miss him on the office bowling league!

Oh, and she made sure our weekly staff meetings were never without donuts and coffee. Talk about motivating a team!

No matter how tense a meeting, Peter made sure everyone left with a smile.

When it comes to mentioning someone’s personality, and social skills make sure to be politically correct and concentrate on the insights, which are globally acceptable and important. Company values and cultures vary. Therefore some activities that might be standard at your company might not be preferred at another one, such as being a fearless warrior in Nerf gun battles.

Step 5: Close it with a strong end statement

As we discussed, your LinkedIn recommendation is a mini sales pitch that helps to sell a person on the job market. It’s time for the call to action, which points the decision maker to the right direction. Summarize and close with a simple one-line recommendation. Check out these three samples closing lines:

”Any employee would be lucky to have Jennifer as a manager.”

”Thomas would be an asset to any company.”

”As a team member or a leader, Andrew earns my highest recommendation.”

It’s a wrap! You have everything already, just put the five parts together and you got the perfect LinkedIn recommendation as seen in the sample. As promised, this process doesn’t take longer than 5 minutes. You can write each of the sentences in less than one minute and have the result in less than 5 minutes, which will be just as perfect as our LinkedIn recommendation sample that we started this article with:

“I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Peter. I had the pleasure of working with Peter for three years at the Big Corp, collaborating on several project teams. Peter’s ability to handle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic increase in the productivity level of our company. No matter how tense a meeting, Peter made sure everyone left with a smile. As a team member or a leader, Peter earns my highest recommendation.”

But if you want to spend even less time on writing a recommendation or you have to write many of them, try our free recommendation generator that helps you make as many LinkedIn recommendations as you want within seconds.

You may receive a recommendation request, or you can take the opportunity on your own to write a recommendation for your 1st-degree.

Your job search just got easier

recommendation letter linkedin

You base most of your decisions on recommendations. From choosing a restaurant for dinner to purchasing something on Amazon or selecting a destination for your next vacation, you consider recommendations from a lot of people before making the final decision.

Similarly, almost every recruiter considers recommendations when it comes to hiring a certain individual. Employers always rely on recommendations from someone you have previously worked with. He is usually the person who vouches for your skills, professionalism, character, expertise and talent.

LinkedIn is the biggest online hiring platform without any doubt. And – one of the most important and exciting sections of LinkedIn is Recommendations.

It is the area where you can leave a recommendation for anyone such as your colleagues, friends, subordinates, customers and even employers. It is the area where you actually write in detail why you are recommending someone.

Beware, it has nothing to do with Endorsement sections where you can only select stagnant skills suggested by LinkedIn.

Posting a recommendation on LinkedIn can really strengthen the profile of the recipient. If written in an engaging manner by a real person, it can help him get the job he is after.

Michael Surkan beautifully elaborates how you can make someone’s day by writing a brilliant LinkedIn recommendation in his video. Do check him out as well.

Writing a LinkedIn recommendation is an art. If you are writing a recommendation for someone, following tips will definitely help you write a killer one.


Before we actually talk about how to write an exceptional LinkedIn recommendation, let us discuss a few more advantages it can offer to the beneficiary.

Recommendations are Public Display of Acknowledgment

Everyone can read recommendations on LinkedIn, making them a public display of acknowledgement. The recommendation reveals plenty of things about both the recipient and the writer.

Unlike traditional hand written endorsements, LinkedIn recommendations are a public proof of your skill and professionalism.

Even the reputation of a person who writes a recommendation is on the line because it also appears in his own profile.

For instance, you can greatly tarnish your reputation if the person you have recommended turns out to be a bad employee.

They Create a Word of Mouth for You Visually

LinkedIn is such an outstanding hiring platform for a reason, especially the recommendations section. If someone recommends you, even people outside your network can read stories of your brilliance.

As a matter of fact, the Level 1 connections of recommender (your Level 2) get a notification on their home page the moment he recommends you. Isn’t it really great?

It is basically Your Job Recommendation

What is the purpose of a recommendation on LinkedIn? It is surely not about which pizza to eat and where. It is about your skills, abilities and professionalism.

Recruiters give a lot of weightage to these traits because they always want to hire best of the bests.

Therefore, receiving a wonderful recommendation which explains your actual achievements, work ethics and professionalism is definitely going to be an asset whenever you search for a new job.

They come from People of Different Levels of Experience and Influence

You can get a diverse range of LinkedIn recommendations depending upon your connections and the type of people you have worked with.

Ask your employer or a client; he will definitely leave a positive recommendation on your profile if he is thoroughly satisfied with your performance. It is up to you to compel him to write an immersive recommendation. It is your own responsibility to create right connections if you want to receive recommendations which are actually helpful in your job hunt.

Want to learn more about how to give and receive recommendations on LinkedIn, watch this.

They help Your LinkedIn Profile Standout

Well, this is obvious. As a matter of fact, very few of the profiles on LinkedIn have recommendations at the bottom.

Unfortunately, recommendations are the rarest thing on LinkedIn. You will be able to get your profile standout both among potential employers and your colleagues if you manage to get some decent recommendations.

After all, standing out is a real struggle when you are competing with almost 500 million registered users from around the world.

Recommendations are Easily Manageable

Very few people actually know that they can easily manage their LinkedIn recommendations. You can select certain recommendations and make them feature more prominently.

On the other hand, you can also delete recommendations which you deem inappropriate or totally worthless. For instance, recommendations received from an unknown person is not as valuable as the one received from your previous colleagues or employers.

You can always appreciate the gesture but that is it. Remember that recommendations are only worthwhile when they come from the right people.

You can connect with more Professionals

Most probably, you will only receive a recommendation if you have requested for it. Unsolicited recommendations are yet not very common on LinkedIn.

When you request for a recommendation, you actually remind the recommender that both of you have worked together and why he value you and the service you rendered. It also helps you get more connections and expand your network.

Watch the following video and learn how to ask for recommendations on LinkedIn.


Writing a killer LinkedIn recommendation can be a cumbersome task, much more than you originally anticipated.

What you can write to help the recipient standout?

What are the words which can melt the hearts of flinty recruiters?

How you can make your recommendation interesting yet authentic to read?

Should you keep your recommendation concise or write down every trait the recommendee have?

If you are still at sixes and seven when it comes to writing a LinkedIn recommendation, don’t worry. Following lines explain each and every tip you can implement to write some of the best recommendations on LinkedIn.

The Start should be Exciting

Just like any piece of writing, the first line or paragraph of recommendation should catch the imaginations of readers. It should prompt them to continue reading. It is your only chance to impress.

Your recommendation is worthless if no one reads beyond the first line. Ideally, the first line should explain why your recommendee is such an amazing person to work with.

“A ridiculously efficient person and a unique talent are the words which flash in my mind when I think about Jennifer.”

Provide the Context of Your Recommendation

One of the most important parts of any recommendation is its context. You should clearly mention for whom you are writing a recommendation such as your employee, colleague, manager or a teammate etc.

It is also imperative to include how long you worked together, what was the nature of your cooperation?

Also add some details of the project. You also need to briefly explain how the recommendee helped you achieve the set objectives. All these things will present you as a qualified person to give a recommendation as well.

“I hired Jack as freelancer web developer from a prominent freelancing site back in 2013. Since then we have been working together without having any problem. He has completed more than 10 projects of different sizes for me. His work is always brilliant and flawless.”

Highlight some of the best Traits of the Recipient

Wasting your precious words on the obvious is not a good practice at all. It is highly likely that you will only recommend a talented, organized, professional and competent person. Therefore, there is no need of mentioning these things in the recommendation.

Don’t just beat about the bush. Instead write about his or her unique traits which you think no one else in your network possesses. Include certain things (one or two) which you think he does better than anyone else.

Focus your recommendation on recipient’s standout qualities. It is also a good practice to reach out to the recipient and take his or her input.

For instance, if someone is applying for a managerial role but worked as an assistant executive under your command, he will likely prefer you to write about his managerial skills he honed while managing new recruits rather than his organizational skills.

“Steve has a wonderful ability to command people under one roof. He is adept in making people think and get some of the best ideas out of them. I was always in awe of his outstanding managerial skills. Not for one second of time I had any concern that he is not the right man for the job. He was indeed the right man for the job.”

What Impact he had on Your Organization or Business?

As mentioned above, you also need to write what the recommendee did different than others.

What was his impact on your organization or business?

Also write about why he is better than other colleagues, customers or employers.

For instance, if you are writing recommendation for a subordinate, explain in detail how he performed the task assigned to him.

What were his contributions to the organization?

Did organization benefited from his services or not?

“Robert was always willing to go out of the way to reach with potential customers and promote our products. He was responsible for creating countless collaborating opportunities with some of the top brands in the industry during his 5 years stay in our organization. He also gives due importance to continuous professional development and is eager to learn new marketing techniques. It is because of him that we became a forerunner in using social media ads for product promotions and company launches.”

Also Describe the Recipient as a Person

Your recommendation should not be all about recipient’s professional achievements. It will be incomplete and ineffective if you do not describe him as a person as well.

You need to briefly explain what kind of person he is.

Was it a nightmare or pleasure working with him? What are some of his most important personal traits you have continuously observed? Take a look at the following example.

“Mathew is such a humble person. Despite being a sales agent, he is always patient and ready to listen what you have to say. He doesn’t try to just close deals to get his paycheck. He takes such meetings as an opportunity to create new and long lasting connections. You will definitely find him a friendly and unpretentious person who is willing to help you instead of just grinding his own axe.”

Keep in Mind the Recipient’s Goals 

It is also important to keep recipients goal in mind. Is he looking for a new job or try to find new clients?

Employers or potential clients give so much importance to a person’s employment status while making a hiring decision.

Furthermore, keep your recommendation professional and short.

Don’t write anything negative if you don’t have anything else to say. You should not use LinkedIn, in any case, to give vent to your negative feelings about a person. There are other platforms such as Yelp to accomplish this rather nasty task.

Make a Powerful Ending

Just like any book, novel, movie or drama, any LinkedIn recommendation should have a powerful ending.

Ending which can leave the reader in awe of the recipient’s skills, abilities and qualities. The last part of your recommendation should have a strong call to action which can actually help him or her get a job.

A strong call to action also lets the user determine whether he or she can be an asset for their organization or not.

“I am highly pleased with the job Karen did for us. She totally transformed our shambolic home into something really spectacular. Today, we are really proud of our home all because of Karen. Obviously and happily, I strongly recommend her and her team to everyone looking for a fascinating home renovation.”


If a person gets a stellar recommendation from you, he will most likely return the favor as well.

Giving wonderful recommendations to others is another brilliant method to enhance your own profile, enhancing your own online credibility and expanding your network.

There ought to be persons you can confidently write positive things about. Therefore, start writing LinkedIn recommendations today if you want to maximize the advantages of this hugely popular online hiring platform.

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Your 5-Minute Guide To Writing An Amazing LinkedIn Recommendation

recommendation letter linkedin

LinkedIn has reached as one of the top social networks in order to connect with the world. Most personnel use LinkedIn for their career path development by stating the qualifications he or she possess and to seek for opportunities. This gives a push with a proper recommendation. So we are going to teach you of how to write a mind blowing recommendation if your closest colleagues or employees ask for a LinkedIn recommendation.

But writing a proper recommendation takes necessary skill and time in order to come out with what we truly think of the person and would that be the one he might be expecting!

This article will help you to understand with step by steps in regard to say what u really want to say.


How to Write a Recommendation (Or Request A Recommendation:

Step 1: Click the “More…” button on the LinkedIn profile.
Step 2: Choose “Request a Recommendation” or “Recommend.”

LinkedIn recommendations are straightforward to write, but many people miss the chance to really take full advantage of their value.


Great recommendations do two things really well:

1.) GIVE CONTEXT: They quickly show if reviewer knows the subject.
2.) EXPLAIN VALUE: They highlight why the subject is valuable.


LinkedIn Recommendation examples:


…for a marketer:

“I’ve worked with [NAME] on several marketing projects and I’d highly recommend [NAME] to anyone looking for a full-stack digital marketer. [NAME] handled all stages of my sales funnels – more importantly, [NAME] knows how to pull all those stages together.”


…for a copywriter:

“[NAME]’s my go-to copywriter. Whenever I run Facebook ads, I make sure [NAME]’s the person who writes all the copy. [NAME]’s great because [NAME] also guides the graphic design team with example images to match the copy.”


….for an SEO specialist:

“My Shopify store’s traffic plummeted overnight and I had no idea why or what to do about it. An ecom friend of mine immediately recommended [NAME], so I reached out. By the end of the week, [NAME] had come in, diagnosed the problem, and set a clear strategy to fix the issue. By the end of the month, I’d regained 50% of the lost traffic and I expect to be in even better shape by the end of the year.”


…for a doctor:

“[NAME]’s more than just my doctor, [NAME]’s part of the family. When my 3-year-old had a 104-degree fever that wouldn’t break, [NAME] made a house call at 3 am and took care of everything. What a relief!”


…for a photographer:

“[NAME] is the first professional photographer I’ve worked with – wow! What a difference! [NAME] delivered the best headshots we’ve ever had and made everyone feel super comfortable. Highly recommend!”


…for a CRO specialist:

“I built my ecom store myself, and I knew my site was a bit of a mess. I’d never worked with a developer before, so I was nervous about hiring [NAME] (he’s not cheap!). But from the first consult, I knew [NAME] was worth every penny – [NAME] cleaned up and optimized my store, and I’m pleasantly shocked by the difference. I wish I’d found [NAME] sooner!”


…for a sales rep:

“Looking for a sales rep? Look no further than [NAME]. [NAME] worked for me for a little over 5 years and achieved sales numbers that speak for themselves – [NAME] rewrote our record books several times. [NAME]’s a natural, but also has processes for everything.”


…for a restaurant manager:

“[NAME] was the voice of sanity at our restaurant for the last few years. [NAME]’s everything I’d look for in a restaurant manager – calm under pressure, the right balance of firm and friendly, and a real natural with customers.”


…for an architect:

“My wife and I couldn’t agree on designs for the dream house we’re planning to build. A friend suggested we go speak to [NAME], and I wish we’d done so sooner! [NAME]’s more than just a great architect – [NAME] really listened to our different ideas and pulled everything together in a way that made us both happy.”


…for an intern:

“[NAME] came to us as one of several summer interns and made a great impression on every team the interns trained with. We rarely extend job offers to interns in their junior year of college, but [NAME]’s that special.”


…for a web developer:

“I worked with [NAME] on a website project – [NAME] handled the copywriting and I took care of the graphic design. As a designer, it was really great to work with a writer who understood UX basics and could get technical with our client. [NAME]’s a great partner, knows how to collaborate, and I’d recommend [NAME] to anyone looking for a copy specialist!”


How to ask for a LinkedIn recommendation:


…from a client

“Hi [NAME],
It was great working with you on [PROJECT]!
Now that we’re done, I’d appreciate a brief testimonial highlighting a couple of our wins. Positive client reviews are great for my business, especially if they’re focused and specific.
I hope we find the right opportunity to work together again in the future!


…from a friend

“Hey [NAME] – I’m looking for recommendations. You’re one of the few friends of mine who actually understands what I do and has seen my work (I’m thinking about [PROJECT], specifically), so I’d really appreciate a positive review!
(If you’d like one too, just let me know!)


…from a former boss

“Hi [NAME],
I’m reaching out to ask for a recommendation.
You know my work better than pretty much anyone I know, and I’d really appreciate a brief rec reflecting our time together (maybe focusing on [PROJECT]?).


…from a current boss

“Hi [NAME],
Would you be up to writing me a recommendation for my LinkedIn profile? We just wrapped up [PROJECT] and I’m really happy with what we achieved. I’d love to turn that into some positive words while the results are still fresh!


…from someone you’ve worked with

Hi [NAME],
It was great working with you on [PROJECT]! Would you like to exchange recommendations?
Not sure about you, but most of my testimonials are from clients and ex-bosses. I’d love to add some positive peer reviews to that list!
Let me know if you’d be up for the exchange!



Step 1: Begin with a “Standout Line”:

The will to read a passage starts with a proper start. So attract the audience with a special line which will show them how valuable the person is. Don’t just stick with “He’s the Best” or such common ones, because it’ll make the audience bored.

“All in one Package” is the phrase that came to mine when it comes to Jason.



Step 2: State how you know him/her:

Once done with the Standout Line, explain how you know him/she. It maybe you worked with or for how long you were working and all. Which gives an idea that you’re close to the person to be recommended.

“I’ve had the great privilege to be working with Jason for more than 3 years at Stock company, and have partnered with him on many projects.”



Step 3: state his/her specialty out of others:

Try to give away a good comparison of him or her with the rest so as the readers would starting to see he or she is special. In writing a recommendation make the reader think that the person referring to is of many qualities such as talented, hardworking, team working, smart and etc.

“Jason’s ability to proceed with multiple projects was a drastic difference from the rest team mates.”



Step 4: Don’t forget to add some personality:

If we want to hire someone for a particular job we all love to hear what he or she possess and about the personality. Like how you felt working with him such so, to make the audience understand that he/she is not only great with work related but so as with qualities.

“No matter how hardworking she was, she always wore a smile on her face.”


“And the tournament misses him so bad.”



Step 5: Summarize him/her with strong recommendation:

State your ending with strong line so as to think the reader had quite of a good hear of his or hers abilities and qualities. There’s no need to end with a short statement, make it big and worthy.

End it with line so that the reader would get a proper positive thumbs up with the person referring to in the recommendation.

“Jason would be the key to success in your organization!”


“He’ll make your competitors run away.”



Step 6: Put it all together:

Now we just need to take everything we wrote above and smash it all together. Our LinkedIN recommendation would look something like this:

“All in one Package” is the phrase that came to mine when it comes to Jason. I’ve had the great privilege to be working with Jason for more than 3 years at Stock company, and have partnered with him on many projects.

Jason’s ability to proceed with multiple projects was a drastic difference from the rest team mates. No matter how hardworking she was, she always wore a smile on her face.  

Jason would be the key to success in your organization!


Just follow the steps above, and you can write a fantastic LinkedIN recommendation within 5 minutes!

More writing guides:

Discover 10 highly impactful LinkedIn recommendation examples you can model in How to Write a LinkedIn Recommendation to Get Yourself Recommended.

Best LinkedIn Recommendation Samples

recommendation letter linkedin

What Are LinkedIn Recommendations?

A recommendation on LinkedIn is a statement written by a member of the site that commends or recognises the work of one of their connections.

They are different from LinkedIn endorsements, where members simply click on the skills their connections have listed – recommendations require some time and thought.

LinkedIn members can request recommendations from their first-degree connections. They might do this if they are looking for a new role or trying to drum up more work for their own business.

Requests for recommendations may come from current or former colleagues, co-workers, managers or people who have provided a service to you.


  1. How Recommendations on LinkedIn Work
  2. How to Structure Your Recommendation
  3. LinkedIn Recommendation Examples
  4. How to Upload Your Recommendation on LinkedIn
  5. Final Thoughts
  6. Further Reading

How Recommendations on LinkedIn Work

As well as responding to requests for LinkedIn recommendations, members can actively seek out connections to recommend. Writing recommendations for your connections helps to strengthen your network and can boost your own profile credibility.

However, they can also be tricky to get right. LinkedIn recommendations are public – not only are they published on the profile of the person you are writing about, but they also appear on your own profile.

This means that anyone visiting your page can see what you have written about your boss, employee or client, so recommendations can say as much about the writer as they do about the subject.

It’s also worth remembering that if you write a great recommendation, you are more likely to receive valuable recommendations in return.There is also the added pressure that the person you are recommending may be relying on you to land their dream job or secure an important client.

So, there’s a lot to think about when structuring a LinkedIn recommendation. Read on for our tips on how to give a recommendation on LinkedIn that will be effective and well received.

How to Structure Your Recommendation

The best LinkedIn recommendations are genuine and personal, give specific information about the person you are recommending, and tell a story about their skills or attributes.

They should also be as helpful as possible for your connection. So, before writing a recommendation, consider asking the recipient what their goals are and if there is anything they would like you to focus on.

The advice below will help you to structure a recommendation that ticks all the right boxes:

1. Start with a Hook

Open your recommendation with a powerful line that will grab the reader’s attention and show immediately how highly you regard this person. Avoid generic phrases such as “Amanda is a great team member”. Instead be specific about what makes that person stand out.

For example:

“Amanda is one of those rare people who combines her determination and ambition with the good humour and strong people skills needed to bring a whole team together.”

2. Provide Context

Next, you need to explain how you know the person you are recommending and describe your working relationship. Where and when did you work together and for how long? Who was senior or did you work alongside one another?

Giving the context of your relationship shows the reader why you are qualified to provide a recommendation.

For example:

“I met Jack when we were both sales representatives at Merchandise Inc. and we worked closely together for three years, often collaborating on pitches.”


“I worked in the same team as Samantha for five years and last year supervised her work as the editor for a bestselling textbook.”

3. Describe One or Two Stand-Out Traits

If you’re providing a recommendation for someone, it should go without saying that you think highly of their professional abilities. However, you don’t need to list every single skill they possess.

Choose one or two areas where they excel and focus on those. Illustrate how their contribution helped the team or company to grow, or the impact they have had on you or your organisation.

You might think about a particular challenge that they overcame or significant results that they achieved.

For example:

“We hired Karen to redesign our website and were blown away by her creative flair and attention to detail. She listened closely to all our requirements and took the time to make sure she understood our brand and goals. The website she created far exceeded our expectations – in both style and functionality – and we have had an overwhelmingly positive response from our customers.”

This is where it is particularly helpful to understand what goals the person you are recommending has for the future. If they are applying for a management role, for example, they might want you to highlight areas where they showed strong leadership.

4. Add Some Personality

The reader wants to know what this person would really be like to work with, so provide some insight into their character too. Explain how working with them made you feel, or describe any soft skills that you have observed.

For example:

“Bob was great at keeping the team motivated – we all knew we could go to him with any problems or questions during the day. And he always had a packet of biscuits ready for those afternoon slumps!”

5. End with a Call to Action

Round off your statement with a brief but solid recommendation and a nudge for the reader to act.

For example:

“Jane’s organisational skills were pivotal to the smooth running of our office. I’m sure she will be just as highly valued wherever she moves on to next.”

Keep the whole thing short and succinct – recommendations on LinkedIn are limited to 3,000 characters but there is no need to use every one of those. About two or three paragraphs should be plenty.

And be professional. LinkedIn recommendations are not the place for negative or silly reviews, so if you feel that you can’t sincerely recommend someone then politely decline.

LinkedIn Recommendation Examples

Below are a couple of examples which show you how to pull together a LinkedIn recommendation. The result will be a recommendation that reflects as well on you as it does on the person you’re recommending.

Example One

“I feel very fortunate to have worked for Sam, a manager who cares as much about his employees’ professional growth as he does about meeting targets.

Sam was my boss for two years when I was working as a recruitment consultant for Jobs Ltd. Sam is very charming and persuasive but always honest and sincere and I saw how his ability to attract new clients – and retain existing ones – was crucial to the rapid growth of the company during his time there.

At the same time, Sam made sure that every member of the team felt valued and was given the opportunity to progress within the company. He made time for regular one-to-one mentoring sessions with each of us, and I always came away from mine feeling more motivated and energized. In short, it was always a pleasure to work for Sam and I wholeheartedly recommend him as a manager.”

Example Two

“Sarah has transformed how we manage our business accounts and I don’t know how we survived without her!

She has provided accountancy services for our small business on a freelance basis for the past five years. These include producing annual accounts, managing payroll and looking after VAT returns. Sarah is superbly efficient and has helped us to introduce a variety of systems to streamline how we organise our accounts. As a result, the whole business has become more productive.

Rather than dreading dealing with accounts, I now look forward to my meetings with Sarah. She is always cheerful and has a talent for making money and tax matters seem so much more accessible. I would not hesitate in recommending Sarah to any other small business in need of accountancy services.”

How to Upload Your Recommendation on LinkedIn

Write out your LinkedIn recommendation in Microsoft Word and make sure you proofread it thoroughly. Remember, your recipient will also have the chance to review the recommendation and request any edits before it appears on their profile.

When you are happy with your recommendation, copy it from your Word document and follow the steps below to upload it on LinkedIn:

  1. Go to the profile page of the person you are recommending.

  2. Click on the ‘More’ button. This is next to the ‘Message’ button in the top section of their profile. In the drop-down menu click on ‘Recommend’.

  3. In the box that appears, choose your ‘Relationship’ with the recipient and their ‘Position at the time’. Then click on ‘Next’.

  4. A message field will appear – paste your LinkedIn recommendation in here. Have one final read through before clicking ‘Send’. The recipient will then need to accept your recommendation before it appears on their profile.

Final Thoughts

As a summary, keep in mind these tips when you plan to write a recommendation for someone else on Linkedin:

  • Make your recommendation personalandspecific to the person you are recommending.

  • Consider their goals – how might they wish to use your recommendation?

  • Focus on one or two of their unique skillsorattributes.

  • Give some insight into their personality and what they are like to work with.

  • Start with a strong hook and end with a call to action.

  • Keep it brief – a couple of paragraphs should be enough.

  • Stay professional – LinkedIn recommendations should be positive, and this is not the place to air grievances.

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