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Reply letter to complaint
May 07, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 1 comment

A reply complaint letter is written in a professional setting when some issues or misunderstandings crop up. So here are some templates in PDF.

Regardless of how well your restaurant is run, there may come a time when you encounter customer complaint letters about the quality of your food or the kind of service you provide. While it may feel like a personal attack, it’s important to take the emotion out of it and respond to the customer calmly so you provide courteous and professional service and salvage your customer relationship. Respond to your customer complaint letter right away to show your clientele that you value their opinions.

Write Your Restaurant Complaint Letter Response Immediately

Timing is critical when dealing with complaint letters. If you receive a customer service complaint letter or foreign object in food complaint letter, it’s important to send your response to the customer right away so he knows you’re taking the matter seriously.

If you receive a negative review online on sites such as Google, Yelp or TripAdvisor, take the same approach and post your response as quickly as possible so your customer knows you’re paying attention to the issue. With public posts, this also shows other customers how professionally you deal with complaints.

Apologize to the Customer

Your first step in your restaurant complaint letter response should be to acknowledge the problem and apologizefor your mistake. As the old customer service adage goes, the customer is always right. Even if you feel your food quality or service wasn’t poor, it’s important to let the customer feel heard.

Apologize for her negative experience. For example, you could say, “I profusely apologize for the poor service you received at my coffee shop last Thursday. I am taking the matter seriously and will be discussing this issue with each employee in person.”

Don’t Be Defensive

Avoid using your response letter as a way to get defensive about your restaurant. Don’t attack the customer for his choices or his experience. This is unprofessional and builds distrust and animosity. If you’re trying to keep a customer, this approach will not be successful.

For example, don’t say something like, “You shouldn’t have finished the sandwich if you didn’t like the first few bites. We would have made you a new one if you hadn’t eaten the whole meal.”

Learn the Facts

Do your best to investigate the situation. If the customer is complaining about her food, be sure to confirm exactly what she ordered by asking her and looking through receipts if possible. If the customer is complaining about service, check the schedule or time cards to make sure you know which employees were working at that time. It’s always best to have all the pertinent facts in case the issue is escalated into a legal one.

Right the Wrong

Offer a solution for the customer based on the complaint. This shows customers that you take their complaints seriously and want to preserve your relationship with them. When dealing with food poisoning complaints, rely on your food poisoning contingency plan and check your ingredients to ensure it won’t happen again. Offer your customer a free or discounted meal the next time he visits or refund his meal depending on his complaint.

Sample Restaurant Complaint Letter Response

I’m terribly sorry to hear you had a negative experience at our bistro on Wednesday and received an apple pie that didn’t meet your expectations. We strive to provide only the best-quality food to our valuable customers.

Your feedback is vital to our success, and we will be using this as a learning experience to improve our dessert menu. I’ve already spoken to our chefs about this, and we’ll be adjusting the recipe.

To make up for your negative experience, I’d like to offer you two free desserts the next time you visit. Please see the gift card enclosed. I hope we’ll see you again soon.

Jane Aaron
Owner, Jane’s Bistro

Keeping customers happy is critical to the success of any business. Prompt response to complaints can help you retain customers who are.

Restaurant Complaint Letter Response

reply letter to complaint

1. Complaint Letter Regarding Damaged Goods


Dear Sirs,

Sub: Our order III

Of the plain glasses we ordered, 275 doz. were delivered to us yesterday, but we regret very much to say that 4 doz. were totally broken while another 2 doz. were cracked.

External packing being perfect, it appears that this has happened due to rough handling in transit.

We have kept aside these six doz. of glasses and should you need them to support your claim with the carriers, we shall be only too glad to send the same to you. In the meanwhile we request you to please issue necessary credit in our favour.

Thank you,

Yours faithfully,

Reply to Above


Dear Sirs,

We thank you for your letter of (Date).

We are sorry to learn that you have received certain goods in damaged condition. We are enclosing our credit not for the same.

In spite of the fact that we are taking great care in packing the glasses, of late a few cases of damage have been reported to us. This, apart from inconvenience to our
customers, has put us to a considerable loss.

We have now referred the matter to one of the top packaging consultants of our country and we hope to make necessary improvement in the same in another few days.

We regret once again for the inconvenience caused and assure you that this will not be repeated. The glasses you have may be destroyed.

Yours faithfully,

2. Complaint Letter Regarding Defective Goods


Your Name
Company Name


The Manager
Company Name

Dear (Name),

Last week we received a consignment of Venetian Blinds and Curtain Rails against our Order No. __________ of (Date). We paid the bill vide our Cheque No. ___________ dated __________, a photocopy of which is enclosed. But we are really sorry that many of these Venetian Blinds are defective, and not giving satisfactory service.

There are many complaints from our customers and I am enclosing one of these complaints. As the complaint mentions, the blinds are stained, smudged and cannot be raised and lowered with the desired smoothness. They make unpleasant sound in the process. Besides the written complaints, we are also receiving a number of telephonic complaints. This is really unfortunate and regrettable.

We feel there is something wrong somewhere in these blinds. We want that you immediately send us a replacement consignment and take away the venation blinds still left with us out of this lot.

Yours faithfully,

(Your Name)

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2 Sample Complaint Letters with Reply Regarding Damaged and Defective Goods

reply letter to complaint

Complaint reply letter samples and examples

Replies to letters of complaint Sample reply letter 1 WELLS & SONS 29 SUMMER STREET BOSTON, MASS. August 12, 1922. Mrs. Samuel Sloane, Chelsea, Mass. Dear Madam: We have your letter of August 8th in regard to the damaged perambulator. We are very sorry indeed that it was damaged, evidently through improper crating, so that there does not seem to be any redress against the railway. We shall be glad to make a reasonable allowance to cover the cost of repairs, or if you do not think the perambulator can be repaired, you may return it to us at our expense and we will give your account credit for it. We will send you a new one in exchange if you desire. Very truly yours, Wells & Sons. Sample reply letter 2 WELLS & SONS 29 SUMMER STREET BOSTON, MASS. May 11, 1923. Mrs. Julia Furniss, 29 Oak Street, Somerville, Mass. Dear Madam: We have received your note of May 8th in regard to the bathroom scales on your bill of May 1st. We do not send these scales already assembled as there is considerable danger of breakage, but we shall send a man out to you on Wednesday the twelfth to set them up for you. The missing height More Free Templates & Sample Letters at sample-letters.co.uk

bar will be sent to you. Very truly yours, Wells & Sons. Sample reply letter 3 THE STERLING SILVER CO. 2800 FIFTH AVE. NEW YORK December 17, 1923. Mrs. Daniel Everett, 290 Washington Square, New York. Dear Madam: We regret that it will be impossible to have your tea spoons marked as we promised. Marking orders were placed in such quantities before yours was received that the work cannot be executed before December 28th. We are, therefore, holding the set for your further instructions and hope that this will not cause any disappointment. Very truly yours, The Sterling Silver Co. Sample reply letter 4 REX TYPEWRITER CO. 20 SO. MICHIGAN AVE. CHICAGO, ILL. November 6, 1922. Mr. John Harris, Wayside, Ill. Dear Sir: We are in receipt of the damaged No. 806 typewriter which you returned, and have forwarded a new typewriter which was charged to your account. Please mail us a freight bill properly noted, showing that the typewriter which you returned was received in a damaged condition, so that the cost of repairs can be collected from the transportation company and the proper credit placed to your account. More Free Templates & Sample Letters at sample-letters.co.uk

Very truly yours, Rex Typewriter Co. Sample reply letter 5 WELLS & SONS 29 SUMMER STREET BOSTON, MASS. September 25, 1922. Mr. Louis Wright, Quincy, Mass. Dear Sir: Our warehouse headquarters have just informed us in reply to our telegram, that your order No. 263 of September 6th was shipped on September 14th by express direct. We regret the delay, and hope the goods have already reached you. Very truly yours, Wells & Sons. Sample reply letter 6 WELLS & SONS 29 SUMMER STREET BOSTON, MASS. June 7, 1923. Mrs. Ralph Curtis, 5928 Commonwealth Ave., Boston, Mass. Dear Madam: We are sorry to learn from your letter of June 5th that you found two buttons missing from your suit. We have no more buttons like the one you enclosed and cannot get any, as the suit is an import. But if you will let us know the number of buttons in the entire set, we will send you a complete set of buttons as nearly like the sample as possible. I hope this will be a satisfactory solution. Very truly yours, Wells & Sons.

More Free Templates & Sample Letters at sample-letters.co.uk

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Last week, we showed you how to write letters of complaint to organisations or authorities. This week, we will focus on how to reply to a.

Respond to a Complaint

reply letter to complaint

Dear ___________,

As the manager of the Anytown Grill, I would like to sincerely apologize for the negative experience you had at our restaurant. Having read your letter, I am appalled by the treatment you experienced. This does not reflect the high standards we hold here at the Anytown Grill.

In your letter, you stated that the server splashed coffee on your food but refused to replace it. This, of course, is unacceptable. You also say that she handled your food roughly and dropped mashed potatoes on your lap. Finally, you mentioned that the server directly solicited a tip from you, which you did not provide.

Unfortunately, your description of this server did not include a name. All of our servers wear nametags, although you claim that yours was not wearing hers. Your description of this waitress as a young woman with brown hair and brown eyes does not provide us with enough information to identify her. We have, however, addressed the staff to ensure that all employees wear nametags from now on and our reputation for good service is maintained.

On behalf of everyone at the Anytown Grill, I would like to extend to you this $20 gift card to make up for your experience at our facility. We hope to see you in our restaurant again soon so we can show you what service really means to us.


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Keeping customers happy is critical to the success of any business. Prompt response to complaints can help you retain customers who are.

reply letter to complaint
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