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Sample goodbye mail
November 09, 2018 Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

Discover ideas about Farewell Email To Coworkers. [ Goodbye Letter Coworker Letters Say Workers And Sample Farewell ] - Best Free Home Design Idea &.

When you have decided to leave a company, it is a good idea to say goodbye to your co-workers and colleagues. Sending an email to each co-worker is a convenient, great way to send your farewell. It is also an effective means to stay connected; you want to keep your colleagues in your professional network, even after you switch jobs. 

Read below for tips on how to say goodbye to your colleagues. You can also use the sample goodbye email below as a template from which to develop your own email to co-workers.

How to Say Goodbye at Work

You have found a new job, and you're ready to give two weeks’ notice to your current employer. What's the best way to say goodbye?

Tips for Sending a Goodbye Letter

Tell Your Boss First
If you have decided to leave your job, make sure it is official before you start saying goodbye to co-workers. Tell your boss, making sure any necessary paperwork is signed, and then say your goodbyes.

Use Email
Saying goodbye to co-workers via email is typically best. You do not need to send official business letters. Email allows you to say goodbye as soon as possible, eliminating days spent responding to individual “rumor mill” queries about whether you are leaving.

Send Individual Emails 
Send individual emails, rather than group messages, so that your goodbye message to each colleague is personal and gracious. For each email, add something personal, such as a memory of a positive experience you shared, or a project you worked on successfully. Only send goodbyes to people you worked with — there is no need to say goodbye to everyone in the company, especially if it is a large business.

Keep It Brief 
You might want to share what you will be doing next in your career, in addition to mentioning some memories you share with that particular co-worker. However, keep the message brief. Do not go into details about why you are leaving the job; depending upon their personalities, different people might interpret your reasons as a slur upon the company or those you have worked with.

Include Contact Information 
Include any personal contact information, such as your new email address or phone number so that people can keep in touch. You might also consider connecting with your co-workers on LinkedIn as a way of remaining connected if you haven’t already.

Look at Samples 
Review sample letters and templates for examples of how to say goodbye. These can help you format your own letter. However, remember to personalize any sample letters to fit your own circumstances.

Edit, Edit, Edit. 
Be sure to edit each email thoroughly, looking for any typos. Each letter is personal, but it is also a professional business letter.

Sample Goodbye Email Message #1 (Text Version)

Subject: Sandra Jones Update

Dear Mike,

You may already have heard the news, but I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I am leaving my position here at ABC Company.

I have enjoyed my tenure here, and I appreciate having had the opportunity to work with you. I have loved working on group projects with you and thoroughly enjoyed having lunch with you in the break room. Thank you for the support, guidance, and encouragement you have provided me during my time at ABC.

I would appreciate any continued advice you could provide as I start the next phase of my career.

Please keep in touch. I can be reached at my personal email address (sandrajones@gmail2.com) or via my cell phone - 555-121-2222.

Thanks again for your friendship and support.

Best regards,


Email: sandrajones@gmail2.com
Cell: 555-121-2222
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/sandradjones

Sample Goodbye Email Message #2 (Text Version)

Subject: News From Jason

Dear Anthony,

I’m writing to let you know that I’ll no longer be working for United Terrace after next week. I’ve been offered a position at another company that gives me the opportunity to advance my career.

I’ve enjoyed working with you during these past five years. We did some great work and had some terrific outcomes. You’ve been both a wonderful friend and colleague. 

Please keep in touch. My email is myname@myemail.com and my cell number is 555-555-5555. I’ll be sure to drop by your office before my last day to say goodbye.



More Goodbye Letter Samples

Check out further samples of goodbye letter examples that illustrate how to say farewell to co-workers, clients, and business contacts and let them know that you have accepted a new job, are retiring, or are resigning. There are also letter examples you can send to colleagues, clients, and customers to congratulate them and wish them well as they move on to a new opportunity. 

The first step is to let your boss and your Human Resources Department know that you're resigning before sharing the news with your co-workers.

How to write a goodbye letter or email (with examples). I appreciate your time and efforts. I will miss you and hope you will keep in touch with.

Goodbye Letter Sample

sample goodbye mail

Generally goodbyes is time to part ways or change the routes, a goodbye letter is written when you do not want to keep a relationship or you do not want to continue a job. In both cases the letter should be written in different style. In first place you are terminating a relationship or a bond that is your personal choice and the letter should be informal. You can write an informal goodbye note according to the relation and kind of problems you have gone through, this is a personal letter. In other case, when you are leaving a job and writing a goodbye letter, that is a formal letter and should be written in a professional way.

Despite of the fact that which type of goodbye letter you are writing, formal or informal, it should not be quick, this way is considered unethical. Some important points should be considered while writing a goodbye letter, first of all consider your audience or your reader. It means to whom you are writing this letter, it will suggest and help you a better way, how to write your letter. You should decide before hand that what you want to write and what should be the mood of your letter. If you are writing a formal goodbye note to your colleagues or coworkers, keep your tone friendly yet professional. If it is for friends or informal and you are not writing a permanent goodbye note, keep the optimistic and light.

You should mention some good points or things as reference, for the time you passed together, at the time of goodbye, its better to mention some good memories or good times you had together. Point out that how worthy was the time with the recipient (s), and also that you had some good time in shape of pleasant memories, do mention your contact details, with a note that you want to stay in touch. Here you can find a sample of goodbye letter for your guidance, with this template that will help you out to create your own goodbye letter.

Download Sample Goodbye Letters Here

Goodbye Letter Example

Goodbye Letter To Fellows

Goodbye Letter To Co-worker

Official Goodbye Letter

Farewell/Goodbye Letter

Goodbye Letter To Colleagues

Goodbye Letter Sample

Employee Goodbye Letter

Goodbye Letter To Class Fellows

Goodbye Letter Format

Goodbye Letter To Someone Special

Goodbye Letter To Loved Ones


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Write a Farewell Letter to Management, Co-workers or Clients

sample goodbye mail

Leaving your job is not as simple as packing your things in a box and instantly move out of the company’s doors. As a professional employee, there are certain decorums that you must observe even in your resignation. Considering the bond you and your coworkers made within the four walls in your company, it would be rude to abandon with no sign at all. To avoid any negative impression, read through this article to learn more about goodbye letter emails for your colleagues.

It is not really easy to say goodbye to your coworker’s face to face, that is why the best way to do it is through writing a goodbye email for them. It becomes easier when you put your whole emotions through writing. Check out our examples here and find an email cover letter that suitable in your situation.

Goodbye Email to Manager

Goodbye Email for Leaving Job

Why Do You Need to Write a Goodbye Email to Coworkers?

Whether you like it or not, separation is an inevitable part of people’s lives. It simply means that each human relationship in this world always has a beginning and an ending. Similarly, this applies to your workplace as well. Whether you feel bad or good about your resignation, here are some of the reasons why a sending a goodbye email is a great idea.

1. It lightens your baggage.

Your resignation could be tailed with various emotions and most likely, you have these words in your head that you want to be expressed before you completely move out of the company. Bearing these the whole time could be fussy baggage for you. By writing a resignation letter, you can completely and precisely state the things you wanted to say. No matter if you simply want to thank them or you want to convey a dramatic yet realistic letter, a farewell email is a convenient and easy option.

Likewise, an email of farewell for your coworkers frees your negative social past, too. Assuming that you are that someone who had an untasteful history with one or more of your workmates, and you simply want to inform them that you already have forgiven them, a goodbye email is a good method to mention those kinds of stuff as well.

2. It works best for shy and reserved people.

Emails allow you to express what you feel even without seeing the recipient face-to-face. Thus, this method of saying goodbye is a great choice for people with a shy personality or those that are secretive with their feelings. If you can’t simply tell your colleagues about your resignation then at least notify them using emails.

3. It is strategically tactful.

Let’s say that you are more driven by your rationality, saying a simple goodbye to your coworkers will never be a loss. As you go out of the company, treat your ex-coworkers as significant contacts of yours. Don’t forget that some of these people become your friends as well and could potentially help you in the future. For example, if you still don’t have a secured next job to land on, these people may know someone who is hiring and refer you.

4. It helps you leave critical instructions.

This is highly relatable for those who are in management-related occupations. Goodbye emails are also an effective tool for you to notify your coworkers about the important directives regarding your job or workplace. You can also place some guidelines that would support your previous workmates, especially if they are not that independent enough yet.

5. It unchains you from the separation stress.

Especially when you have already been in your job for a very long time, you probably made a strong bond with your colleagues. Because of this, it could be very hard for you to move on to your next chapter. By sending a farewell letter email, you can properly explain and inform them about your resignation. Furthermore, if your coworkers really care, most probably you’ll get a response as well. Thus, you can free yourself from being anxious about your separation.

How to Write a Goodbye Email to Your Coworkers?

If saying goodbye to your colleagues face-to-face challenges you, utilize the opportunity that the internet has given to you. You may consider sending them goodbye emails for your convenience and ease. If the idea of email composition still confuses you, here are some steps you can follow to smoothly write your own.

1. Begin with an intriguing but soothing line.

If you want an interesting goodbye email, it would be a great idea to start with something that would intrigue the minds of your coworkers in your email’s introduction. However, don’t put it in the point where your readers would panic or feel anxious about your resignation. By doing this, you’re making your letter appear interesting and worth reading.

Some of the lines you may utilize include:

  • Here’s to all social abuse I escaped
  • I bid you adieu
  • A Tender Goodbye

2. State how sad you are in leaving your coworkers.

Mention that it is also a difficult decision for you to leave your team. Remember, you also had a good time within your working days and bonds are made. Consequently, by stating that resigning was not easy will give them the natural idea that you treat your companionship sincerely.

3. Make a punch line for someone. 

Your goodbye email should not be all about sadness; thus, lighten the mood of your readers. You can pinpoint someone with a joke or a punch line that your readers would buy. In this way, you can show that you value the workmates you mentioned. So if you feel humorous, it is truly alright to make fun of someone but don’t take it to the point where it already sounds offensive. As a friend, you might already be aware of what’s a good or bad joke, right?

4. Mention how long you have worked there.

In order for your reader visualize your words, it is a great factor to include something quantifiable like time. By stating how long you have been in the company, it would seem like you really count each of those days as valuable moments of your existence

5. Tell your joy in your journey.

Since it would sound cheesy for most of the people to hear it from you in person, frankly tell them that you have enjoyed working in the company. It’s pretty certain that not all of your days in the office are filled with doomed labor. Hence, mention at least a significant project that really moved you or a specific event of your working journey where you felt happy.

6. Leave your contact information.

Leaving your job does not always refer to cutting the bond between you and your colleagues. If you still want to let your coworkers have access to you, it would be very advisable to state any contact information about you. In this way, it would be a lot easier for your colleagues to reach you. You can also put a call-to-action in this portion.

Goodbye Email Format

Professional Goodbye to Coworkers

Email to Leaving Co-worker Example

Emotional Goodbye Email to Colleagues

Important Things When Writing a Goodbye Email

Here are the important things to consider in writing a professional email to your coworkers.

1. Before writing a goodbye email, think of the following.

  • When to send the goodbye email. The best would probably your last day in the company. The day that you do not have to come back for some papers to sign. You may also see client email examples & samples
  • Making it personal. Do you have a list of people that helped you or touch you in some ways? Write them out to give it a personal touch.
  • Provide some contact details. Leave your phone number or putting your email address in the content will allow people to respond to yourself in email and reach you through your phone number.
  • Use social media sites. If you happen to forget writing a goodbye email, then your choice is by using social media sites.

2. Follow the tips and steps stated above so you will know to yourself on how to create a very simple yet effective goodbye email to your coworkers. You may also like payment email examples & samples

3. Or you can use our goodbye emails examples in this article so you can create your own formal email and use it as your reference. All of these examples are available for download.

Simple Goodbye Email Letters

Employee Farewell Message in Email

Goodbye Email Letter from Library Director

Plain Goodbye Letter in Email Format

Goodbye Email Message from Manager


File Format

Size: 12 KB



File Format

Size: 14 KB



File Format

Size: 13 KB



File Format

Size: 17 KB



File Format

Size: 15 KB


“Friends and colleagues,. After two very educational years, the time has come for me to leave Goldman Sachs. Beginning in August, I will be moving on to my.

10+ Goodbye Emails to Coworkers Examples & Samples in Word

sample goodbye mail

Since the last post on Saying Goodbye to coworkers, there have been quite a few requests on providing some sample goodbye letters to co-workers and manager. So here is a compilation of some recommended ones, and one ‘on the lighter side’ – the ‘one’ that has traveled around the world through Emails.

Some Important Tips before you say Goodbye to work:

  • When to send the goodbye Email?
    Once you are done with wrapping up all your tasks. Preferably, on the last day at work or the day before. Once this Email goes out, quite possibly many of your colleagues would be coming over to say a personal adieu and you might also want some time to chat with them. Make sure you are done with all your tasks at hand before sending out the mass email.
  • Make it personal.
    Add a few lines on how someone (refer to names of those who you wish to endorse) had helped you during your tenure in the organization and graciously thank all, even though there could be some you would not want to. And take the “personal” to another level, if you have time before you have to pack your belongings and leave the office, go and meet your co-workers before you leave, some of them might find it awkward (and some times a strange guilt trancends those who witness a layoff) and they might not have the courage to come say bye to you. Give your adieu a personal touch. You may even add a few stories of your (good) experience with the team, the company or the culture.. a subtle humor would work as well.
  • Make it easy for your colleagues to contact you.
    Always add your personal contact numbers and/ email address to stay in touch here after.
  • CC yourself on the goodbye letter (on your personal Email ID so those who want to respond back find it easier to do so) and more so for your personal records.
  • Strengthen your network.
    If you have already not done so, invite your co-workers and those you would want to stay in touch to LinkedIn.

Sample Emails Letters from Employees Bidding Adieu to Colleagues


Hello All,
I want to bid farewell to you all and inform you that I am leaving my position at []. Tomorrow is my last day at work.
I have enjoyed working for this company and I appreciate having had this wonderful opportunity to work with you all.
During these last two years you all have provided me support and through your encouragement and guidance I have been able to excel at the projects offered to me. With many of you, I have shared a unique camaraderie which I hope will continue in the years to come even though I shall not be here with the company. I now look forward to this new position that brings forth new challenges and adds more diverse experience to my career.

I do wish you and the company every success in all its future endeavors.

You can be in touch with me by

Email – [email protected]

Or call me at (123 456 7890)

Also, I would like to add you to my LinkedIn profile, if you would as well, please do accept the invitation. I shall be sending you requests to join my LinkedIn network soon.

With best regards,

[ ]

Dear All,
After a year of exciting and memorable stint with [ ], I am bidding adieu next week to this company to pursue other career opportunities. As I move on, I would like to take a moment to remember and cherish our times together. It’s been great interacting and knowing each one of you. Even though I will miss you all here I am looking forward to this new challenge and to start a new phase of my career.

This is not a goodbye, only “hasta luego” or “see you later”.

Do stay in touch.

My personal contacts are:
Email ([email protected])
Contact phone number (123 456 7890).

Please do drop in a note with your personal contacts to my mail id.
Good luck and wish you all the best in your endeavors!

Best regards,
[ ]

Sample Farewell Email from Employee to Manager


Hi John,

As I informed you in our meeting last week, my last working day at ABC is next Friday, Sept. 29th. I want to take a few minutes today to convey my thoughts in being part of your team for the last 2 years.

I have been extremely satisfied with my work at ABC, working under your guidance has been a learning and an enjoyable experience. I thank you for your support and encouragement during these two years.

However, I feel that it is time for me to move on to new opportunities. This decision was not an easy one and it took a lot of consideration. I think this decision is in the best interests towards fulfilling my career goals. I want to do my best in completing my existing responsibilities and then ensuring a smooth transition.

Also, I would like to thank you again, Amy, Andrew, and all others for the help and guidance during all these years of my employment, and would like to extend my best wishes to the entire group.

My personal contacts are:
Email ([email protected])
Contact phone number (123 456 7890).
Please feel free to contact me even later on in case you need help with the transition of my responsibilties to another employee.

[ ]

A Manager’s Goodbye Email to his/her Team


Dear Team,
As I informed you all in the last meeting, I am moving on to a new challenging position in another company next week. My last working day is Friday, January 25th.
Today I want to take the opportunity to thank you all for being a great team to work with all these years.
It has been an amazing working with you all these last three years and I will miss your enthusiasm, perseverance, and the ‘never say die’ spirit and of course the talent that you brought to our group. I thank you for all your support throughout and hope you continue to extend your cooperation to the current leadership teams and the succeeding manager. I wish you all, my fellow partners and everyone in the larger XYZ family, all the very best.

Do not hesitate to contact me at: [email protected].

With best wishes,
[ ]

A Creative Effort

Chethak from India is the fearless hero who planned his escape from the cubicle in a creative style. I guess many colleagues would remember this creative example for long. Thanks to Chethak for this contribution. (Click the image below to view larger).

On the Lighter Side

This is a classic one – though not recommended in any way (this email has made its way through the email chain letters all across the world).
It is always recommended to depart on good terms and not get in the name calling or accusations when writing your farewell email. But some people have an amazing knack to coat a venomous email in slick sugar which eventually brings smiles to all and becomes a classic. Enjoy… but do not copy and paste for your own farewell email!

Keep in mind the tips shared before onSaying Goodbye to Work – The Right Way

Dear Co-Workers and Managers,

As many of you probably know, today is my last day. But before I leave, I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know what a great and distinct pleasure it has been to type “Today is my last day.”

For nearly as long as I’ve worked here, I’ve hoped that I might one day leave this company. And now that this dream has become a reality, please know that I could not have reached this goal without your unending lack of support. Words cannot express my gratitude for the words of gratitude you did not express.

I would especially like to thank all of my managers both past and present but with the exception of the wonderful Mr. ABC: in an age where miscommunication is all too common, you consistently impressed and inspired me with the sheer magnitude of your misinformation, ignorance and intolerance for true talent. It takes a strong man to admit his mistake – it takes a stronger man to attribute his mistake to me.

Over the past seven years, you have taught me more than I could ever ask for and, in most cases, ever did ask for. I have been fortunate enough to work with some absolutely interchangeable supervisors on a wide variety of seemingly identical projects – an invaluable lesson in overcoming daily tedium in overcoming daily tedium in overcoming daily tedium.

And to most of my peers: even though we barely acknowledged each other within these office walls, I hope that in the future, should we pass on the street, you will regard me the same way as I regard you: sans eye contact.

But to those few souls with whom I’ve actually interacted, here are my personalized notes of farewell:

To [ ], I will not miss hearing you cry over absolutely nothing while laying blame on me and my coworkers. Your racial comments about [ ] were truly offensive and I hope that one day you might gain the strength to apologize to him.

To [ ] whom is long gone, I hope you find a manager that treats you as poorly as you have treated us. I worked harder for you then any manager in my career and I regret every ounce of it. Watching you take credit for my work was truly demoralizing.

To [ ], you should learn how to keep your mouth shut sweet heart. Bad mouthing the innocent is a negative thing, especially when you’re talking about someone who knows your disgusting secrets.

To [ ], well, I wish you had more of a back bone. You threw me to the wolves with that witch B and I learned all too much from it. I still can’t believe that after following your instructions, I ended up getting written up, wow. Thanks for the experience buddy, lesson learned.

[ ], I’m happy that you were let go in the same manner that you have handed down to my dedicated coworkers. Hearing you on the phone last year brag about how great bonuses were going to be for you fellas in upper management because all of the lay offs made me nearly vomit. I never expected to see management benefit financially from the suffering of scores of people but then again, with this company’s rooted history in the slave trade it only makes sense.

To all of the executives of this company, [ ] and such. Despite working through countless managers that practiced unethical behavior, racism, sexism, jealousy and cronyism, I have benefited tremendously by working here and I truly thank you for that. There was once a time where hard work was rewarded and acknowledged, it’s a pity that all of our positive output now falls on deaf ears and passes blind eyes. My advice for you is to place yourself closer to the pulse of this company and enjoy the effort and dedication of us “faceless little people” more. There are many great people that are being over worked and mistreated but yet are still loyal not to those who abuse them but to the greater mission of providing excellent customer support. Find them and embrace them as they will help battle the cancerous plague that is ravishing the moral of this company.

So, in parting, if I could pass on any word of advice to the lower salary recipient (“because it’s good for the company”) in India or Tampa who will soon be filling my position, it would be to cherish this experience because a job opportunity like this comes along only once in a lifetime.

Meaning: if I had to work here again in this lifetime, I would sooner kill myself.

To those who I have held a great relationship with, I will miss being your co-worker and will cherish our history together.

Please don’t bother responding as at this very moment I am most likely in my car doing 85 with the windows down.


Your demands were high and your patience short, but I take great solace knowing that my work was, as stated on my annual review, “meets expectation.” That is the type of praise that sends a man home happy after a 10 hour day, smiling his way through half a bottle of meets-expectation-scotch with a meets-expectation-cigar. Thanks [ ]!


And then, there are some:

A video that went viral, Shifrin quits her job from a Taiwanese company that produces news videos with a video showing the reasons for her quitting: (oh well, decide for yourself if at all this is worth it, would you?)

Here are some other tips that might help you in planning on the next steps on your job search.

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Sample Goodbye Letter to colleagues.

You know you should send a goodbye email to your coworkers, but a batch of readymade email templates to help you master the farewell letter.

sample goodbye mail
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