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Sample letter of sponsorship request for annual dinner

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Sample letter of sponsorship request for annual dinner
October 10, 2018 Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

You can download in PDF format or as a sample sponsorship word file. Send out a letter to a company requesting for sponsorship for a fundraising event by.

Sample Sponsorship Request Letter

Writing a letter requesting sponsorship can be a much easier task if you refer to a sample letter for sponsorship request. In this article we give you tips on how to write such a letter and an example of the same...
If you work for a non-governmental organization, or you are working with a team that is organizing an event for which you need to raise funds, you will need to look out for sponsorship. In such a case while you will have to constantly make trips to corporate houses and call them up for leads, it is also a good idea to send out sponsorship request letters. Letter writing makes the request seem more professional and a written document will ensure that misunderstandings are kept to a minimum. In this article we help you draft a letter requesting sponsorship using as a guideline a sample letter.

How to Write a Sponsorship Request Letter

While writing a sponsorship request letter, there are a number of things that you need to keep in mind. The most important thing that needs to be paid attention to is the sponsorship request letter format. It is extremely important that the sponsorship letter format is without any errors. The template for such a letter will be made more clear to you once you take a look at the sample letter given in the section below. It is essential that the letter starts off with an introduction to who you are and why you are writing the letter for sponsorship. Give the reason for which you have sent out this letter to the addressee. Depending on who you are writing the letter for (an organization or yourself), make proper introductions. It is important to mention how sponsoring the event will be beneficial to the company you have sent out the letter to. In the sponsorship letter it is also important that you give a specific plan which can they take advantage of. Give details of what is the expected count of guests and people attending. If you have big names who have agreed to come for the event, then it could help you raise sponsorship easily. Most companies receive sponsorship letters on a frequent basis. Therefore while sending out these letters to prospective sponsors, do your research and ensure that the company has some sort of relevance to the event. If not, then maybe personal contacts can help you get sponsorship for the event. Even in such a scenario it is important to send out a sponsorship request letter. Sponsorship letters examples will give you an idea as to how important it is to be extremely polite and courteous while writing a letter for sponsorship. It is important that the letter sounds professional with a friendly tone to it. You also need to be exact about what you are asking for and what you can provide the sponsor with, in return. It may be a good idea to draft a sponsorship commitment form that can be sent out with the letter which the addressee can fill out. After you have received the sponsorship, it is important that you keep providing your sponsor with regular updates about how the event is shaping up.

Sample Sponsorship Request Letter

A sponsorship request letter sample serves as a guideline to how a request letter for sponsorship should be drafted. After you have made a rough draft of the letter according to a proper sponsorship request letter template, type the letter out. This is important as the letter needs to look professional. Handwritten letters can be oft disregarded due to illegibility and a lack of neatness. Read it before sending out to check for any grammatical or spelling errors. Take a look at the sponsorship letter sample given below to understand how such a letter should be written.

Ashley Karr
Green Roots
Surrey Road
California - 434245

Date: 20th August 2010

ABC Waste Solutions
26 Main Street
California -434264

To whomsoever it may concern,

Green Roots, which is an organization dedicated to the cause of the environment, is in the planning stages of its annual Save the Earth gala. As in the past the success of our event has largely been due to the contributions of our sponsors who have gone out of their way to lend financial support to this event. Every year the money we raise has been donated to the cause of increasing awareness about global warming and the threats the environment faces today. This year we plan on donating all funds to setting up a secondary recycling plant in Devon to make our city more eco-friendly.

We hope that as in the past, this year too you would support the gala by joining hands with us as a sponsor for the event. As a sponsor, your organization is sure to receive exposure from media campaigns and all promotions for the event. You will also gain exposure from the audience attending the event. As a company dedicated to cause of green solutions, you are definitely an ideal partner for us in this venture.

We have several different packages for sponsorship and these are detailed in the sponsorship commitment form enclosed with this letter. You can choose how you would want to participate in the event and how you would like to help make the community we live in a greener place.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. In case you have any queries you can contact us at the numbers given on the form enclosed. Thank you for being our partner in the past and hopefully you will continue to support us in this endeavor.

Yours sincerely,
Ashley Karr
Manager - Communications
Green Roots

Hopefully this sample has helped you understand how you need to draft a letter to a prospective sponsor. While you can send out a letter by post or in the form of an email, always check up on whether or not the person concerned has received the letter. This is very important. A sponsorship request letter should always be written in a tone that is polite and gracious.

We hope that you will join us as a sponsor for a very special and important event: the All proceeds from the gala will fund research into the deadliest form of.

Letter for Sponsorship of an Event

sample letter of sponsorship request for annual dinner

Hi everyone,

I have drafted a request sponsorship letter for my company annual dinner this year and would like you to seek your opinion for my sponsorship letter.

Appreciate if can help to make this letter more presentable.

Thank you very much!!


Person’s name

Company name and address

Request for Sponsorship – "Company Name" Annual Dinner 2011

Dear XXX,

Thank you for all the support rendered to us. In this year of gradual economic recovery, we appreciate greatly to have trusted business partners like you helping us out tremendously.

We believe this Year is coming to a good ending. It is time again for our recreation team to plan and organise the Company Annual Dinner in mid December 2011. Similar to previous years, we would like to invite your non-obligatory voluntary sponsorship to help us make our annual dinner a more memorable and eventful one. The sponsorship received will be used as prizes for our staff lucky draw segment.

Your form of sponsorship should preferably be gift vouchers or items. Please do not feel obliged to accommodate to our request should it not be appropriate. Our good relation stays strong even in the absence of a sponsorship. We shall only accept contributions that are deemed appropriate for your organisation to offer.

Once again, let me represent our company to extend our most heartfelt appreciation in advance, as we look forward to receive any of your generous contributions. We would prefer for your sponsorship to reach us before "date", so that we have enough time to arrange the prizes.

Should you have any queries in this matter, please contact XXX at DID: XXX, or XXX at DID: XXX for further assistance.

Thank you very much.

Best Regards,


Commitee of Recretion Club of XXX

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Sample Sponsorship Request Letter

sample letter of sponsorship request for annual dinner

When asking for a donation, a gift-in-kind, or services from a corporation, it is best to use a letter.

Companies prefer a letter, spelling out exactly what you need, rather than a more formal proposal such as you would provide to a foundation.

Some corporations do have online application forms so check to see if this is the case. A call to the corporate office that handles corporate giving will do to get this information or a visit to the business website.

Below is a fictional sample letter to a corporation requesting a gift-in-kind, based on a format recommended by Beverly A. Browning, author of Grant Writing for Dummies (Buy from Amazon).

Notice that, even though this request is a letter, it is very specific. It describes the work of the organization in detail and spells out exactly what it needs from this company. The more specific you can be, the easier it is for the company to say yes.

Besides the details of your request, include a story that will touch even a corporation. In this letter, the postscript contains that story.

Sample Letter

The Gravitas Neighborhood Senior Center
90123 S. Lindenwood Lane
Monsoon, IA 14399-5678
Phone: 485-312-4890
Fax: 485-312-4892
Email: GSC@monsoon.ci.ia.gov
Website: www.gravitassrcenter.org

Ms. Lauren M. Funder
Senior Vice President and Corporate Giving Officer
Cooper Restaurant Equipment Corporation
10903 Birdseye Terrace
Monsoon, IA 28281-7777

Two hundred of the 425 people over the age of 65 who use our senior center are considered to be living below the state poverty level. Most of those receive their morning and noon meals through our meals program on site.

In the past two years, the number of older adults living below the poverty level in Butler County, District 9, has risen 10 percent annually. Many of those have found their way to our Senior Center and to our daily meals program, where we serve nearly 300 breakfasts and lunches daily for a sliding fee based on income.

The neighborhoods surrounding our senior center contain primarily lower middle-class families, the working poor, and older people living on modest fixed incomes in their small homes, senior apartments, or with their adult children. The Senior Center is the only possible safe environment for most, outside their homes, and they come nearly daily for companionship, recreation, and warm meals.

Located in Monsoon, Iowa, The Gravitas Senior Center was founded in 1985 by the Butler County Council on Aging, which serves a large senior population throughout the county's 75 square miles.

The Gravitas Neighborhood Senior Center's mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment to support the social, physical, and health needs of the neighborhood's older adults.

Over 100 volunteers and four full-time staff assist in the Center's daily programs and activities throughout the year. The Center offers several outstanding programs such as:

  • Young Forever: An exercise program with subgroups of differing physical abilities. The groups include dance classes, chair yoga, an outdoor walking program, using a 1/2 mile track on the Center's grounds, and water aerobics, in the Center's indoor pool. 
  • Games for Brains: A program of games for varied interests and abilities encompassing computer games, trivia, and puzzles to chess, checkers, and other board games. Several reading groups are included in this program as well as the Brain Olympics program delivered by faculty and students from the University of Iowa.
  • Lecture Me Now: A series of presentations by experts in longevity and aging, as well as entertainment ranging from films and staged performances by the Community Theater of Monsoon, to visits by groups of school children who sing, dance, and perform.
  • Meals for Life: Serving a hot breakfast and a hot lunch that follow federal standards for age appropriate nutrition. In any given week, we provide approximately 800 meals.

According to the May 2015 issue of the American Journal of Gerontology, older adults are 89 percent more likely to be physically and mentally active if they have a safe and attractive place to get together, and if they receive at least one nutritious meal daily.

The seniors in our community would not have these advantages were it not for the work of the Gravitas Community Senior Center. Many, who live at or below the poverty level, would never receive a nutritious meal, much less two in one day.

In fact, many of the neighborhood's elders would find themselves isolated and without safe opportunities to exercise, to socialize, or to invigorate their brains if it were not for our facility.

The Center is open six days per week from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m. It feeds, provides social opportunities and exercise of mind and body to the otherwise underserved senior population of our neighborhood.

The warmth and laughter within the Center's walls attest to the pleasure and health provided by the Senior Center to our community.

Unfortunately, our meals program has dilapidated and outdated appliances. As the Center's Executive Director, I am writing to you to request a gift in kind of a commercial stove and refrigerator manufactured by your company.

Not only is your business located in Monsoon, Iowa, not far from our Senior Center in the Gravitas neighborhood, but your commercial kitchen equipment is also known for its durability and functionality. I know because I've done extensive research on kitchen equipment, and your company's products stand out.

I have been particularly impressed by your Model 68B2 commercial stove and oven, as well by your 98 cubic foot, model 583J refrigerator. Both of these appliances would work well for our center considering the number of meals we prepare and the people we serve.

If your company chooses to help our Center, you will contribute more than just equipment. You will be a key partner in providing a healthy life for more than 400 older adults each week.

The result of your help and our services means that our seniors, many of whom are poor, can live engaged, alert, and physically active lives as long as possible. These elders should never be considered excess baggage but valued members of our community as long as they live.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this proposal, and please do not hesitate to contact me at 485-312-4890 with any questions about this request. We are badly in need of new kitchen equipment and hope to begin the new year with it in place.

Hoping for your partnership,

Janice Head, M.A.
Executive Director
Gravitas Neighborhood Senior Center

Enclosures: annual report, program brochure, and letter from the City of Monsoon

P.S. As I was writing this letter to you, I received a call from the family of a senior woman, desperate to find a safe place where their mother, recently arrived from New York, could find other people her age to meet in her new community.

I was able to assure them that their mother would find a welcoming community right here at the Center, as well as many programs that would keep her healthy, active, and alert. I could hear the relief in their voices as they made an appointment to bring their mother to the Center on Monday morning for introductions and a tour.

The letter basically convinces the reader to sponsor something for an event or cause. The letter is the most decent way of asking someone to sponsor and hence.

45+ Sponsorship Letter Templates – Word, PDF,Google Docs

sample letter of sponsorship request for annual dinner

  1. 1

    Write a good intro. In the opening paragraph of the letter, you should immediately introduce yourself or your company and your cause – specifically. Don't beat around the bush. People need to be hooked right out of the gate.
    • Don't assume people know who you are or what your organization does. Explain those things, clearly. Begin with a description of the company (if it's a corporate letter) or yourself (if it's for personal sponsorship). For example, such-and-such firm is a nonprofit organization committed to rehabilitation... etc.
    • Highlighting a few accomplishments right away will make it clear why it's not a risk to give you sponsorship. Make it very clear how the money will be specifically used.
    • In the second paragraph or first, you need to make the direct request for sponsorship and explain why you are seeking it.
  2. 2

    Outline the benefits. In order to give you sponsorship, a company or person needs to be convinced they will benefit from doing so. So in the middle paragraphs of the letter, clearly communicate the benefits – not to you, but to them.
    • If the sponsors will get good publicity out of the sponsorship, for example, explain how. Be very specific: Will the event be televised? How many people will be attending? Will there be VIPS? If other prominent companies or their competitors are sponsoring your event, you might want to mention that.
    • Give the sponsors options. They will like the fact they have different choices to match their individual needs or budgets.
  3. 3

    Convince with supporting evidence. This means including a few numbers – audience size, for example, or demographics of those they will reach.
    • Also don't forget to thread in an element of emotional appeal - a personal story of someone who will be helped, for example, if said briefly (in a sentence or two) can be very moving.
    • Explain how you will give the sponsors recognition for their sponsorship. Perhaps they can have free booth space at your event in exchange for sponsorship. [7]
    • Provide the essential details of the sponsorship deal that they will need to make their decision. Don't forget to include contact information. You might want to also include a self-addressed, stamped envelope to make it easier for them to respond. Don't forget to include the date you need a response by.
    • Ask the sponsors how they prefer to be recognized. For example, how do they want their name to appear and do they want to be recognized? Offer possibilities but never assume. Ask.
  4. 4

    Communicate background about the event. You should provide some concrete details in the letter to back up your organization or event.
    • For example, if you're writing a letter for a charity, you should explain the background of the charity, such as when it was founded, who runs it, who it serves, and any awards or accomplishments it's received.
    • Show don't tell. Don't just tell us the group or event are good or worthy. Convince us through showing details – evidence that backs up why or how the event or group are good or worthy. Evidence is more persuasive than superlatives, generally.
  5. 5

    Follow up personally. Just sending off a letter to a company is not the most personal way to develop a connection. Although a sponsorship letter is a good idea, follow up in a more personal manner.
    • You could call or stop by if you don't get a response in 10 days. Remember though that many CEOS especially will be very busy and could be annoyed. So you might want to schedule an appointment or call first.
    • Make sure that you convey excitement about your project. Avoid anything negative. You don't want to sound like you're begging or trying to put a guilt trip on them about donating..
    • If the answer is “maybe,” don't feel bad about following up. Just don't do it immediately or too much or you might become annoying.
    • Never be presumptuous. Don't assume they will give you a meeting or sponsorship. Simply thank them for their consideration. [8]
    • Don't forget to send a thank you note if you get a sponsorship.
  6. 6

    Proofread. You can sabotage your chances for sponsorship if you don't proofread your letter. Letters riddled with spelling or grammar errors don't seem professional. And why would someone want their name attached to an unprofessional event?
    • Check punctuation. Many people don't know how to use commas or apostrophes properly. The little things matter here.
    • Print out a copy of your letter, set it down, and read the hard copy in a few hours. Sometimes the eye gets so wedded to online content that it can be easier to miss typos if you're reading it online.
    • Make sure you send it with proper postage in a professional business looking envelope.
  7. 7

    Here is an example:

Your Letterhead (if applicable)


Address: _________ _________________ _________________

Dear Mr. / Ms. / Mrs. _______

Recently, I was invited to compete in Miss USA State Preliminary Competition. While at the State Preliminary Pageant, I will have the opportunity to be chosen as the state's representative to the Miss USA National Pageants.

I would be grateful if you helped in sponsoring me in Miss Colorado USA for my chance to win. More than 20-50 women will be competing with me. This event will be televised regionally with an anticipated audience of 2 to 300,000 and all my sponsors will be named in the pageant and on future productions website.

The amount a sponsor may contribute is flexible. You could assist me through one of the options listed below.

$____ – Your name, description, and logo

$____ – Your name and description

$____ – Your name and logo

$____ – Your name

If you are interested in sponsoring me, please get back to me at ___________________. Thank you very much for your time.


Signed Name

Typed Name

Sep 6, How to Write a Letter Requesting Sponsorship. If you're hoping to get someone to sponsor your event or something else you're doing, you.

sample letter of sponsorship request for annual dinner
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