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Sample statement of interest for a job

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Sample statement of interest for a job
February 22, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

If you want to get a job at your dream company, but currently there is no right open vacancy, then use this letter of interest examples to get your.

A Letter Of Intent is precisely that: a letter stating your intentions or professional interest. These are addressed to whoever is making or granting the offer you are interested in applying for, even before they’ve made the offer. This occurs at various points in your career life, from expressing interest in an internal job opening to wishing to apply to a graduate program.

If you’re at a loss for words when drafting such a letter, we provide here a collection of letters to guide you. You can download these samples as free Doc/Docx or PDF documents, so if you are really stumped, these can serve as modifiable templates.

Free Letter of Interest Sample

Simple Letter of Interest Template


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Formal Letter of Interest Template


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Professional Letter of Interest Template


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Letter of Interest for Job within Current Company


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Letter of Interest for Job Sample

Letter of Interest for Internship Sample

Letter of Interest for Project Participation Sample

Simple Letter of Interest Sample

When to Write Letters of Interest

You might be more familiar with the letter interest as a “cover letter.” This is the letter you send along with your resume when applying for a job, stating how you found out about the opening and why you would be a good fit.

Letters of interest are like cover letters, except they can be sent even when the company is not actively hiring, and when they haven’t specified a certain job opening to apply for.

This practice is common enough to warrant whole Business Letter Of Intent Template lists. That said, letters of intent are also used in areas outside the job market:

  • In real estate. A letter of intent to purchase, for example, is where the prospective buyer is informing the seller of their willingness to enter into a business transaction. This is the step of first contact and always comes before any official acceptance and contract signing.
  • In college admissions. Unlike the non-mandatory letters of intent in the job market and in real estate, many elite universities actually require these letters and call them “personal statements,” “statement of interest,” or “statement of purpose.”

These are important first-impression kinds of letters, so make sure you do your research and find a good Free Letter of Intent Template to help you out.

Letter of Interest Sample for Internal Job Posting

Letter of Interest for Graduate School Sample

Letter of Interest Example

Letter of Interest for MBA Admission

Letter of Interest for QESP

More Useful Letter Templates

To give you a basic grounding in all sorts of practical letters of interest, these templates cover letters for interest in

  • a job promotion within your company (professional and tactful way to broach the subject with your supervisor);
  • an internal job posting;
  • a job application (with or without a preceding job offer from the establishment);
  • an internship opportunity;
  • a graduate school program;
  • project participation; as well as
  • generic letters that can be adapted for your use.

Template.net offers whole lists on these and other letter samples.

If you’re looking into buying at the slightly bewildering world of real estate, you might be interested in finding a good Real Estate Letter Of Intent Template to do the job.

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When you write a statement of interest for a job, you should emphasize attributes that let For example, “My thirteen years in retail have provided me with the.


sample statement of interest for a job

A letter of interest is meant to communicate your key skills, qualifications and experiences to a hiring manager when the company has not posted the specific job you are looking for. While a cover letter should communicate your qualities as they are relevant to a specific position, a letter of interest should be more general and focus on the reasons why you’re seeking employment at the company.

In this guide, we’ll discuss when it’s appropriate and how to write a letter of interest, tips to improve your chances of being successful with examples and templates at the end.

Create a Resume on Indeed


What is a letter of interest?

A letter of interest, sometimes referred to as a prospecting letter or letter of inquiry, is an exploratory document sent to organizations who do not publicly state they are hiring for a specific role. These positions are generally available across areas like HR, accounting or sales. If you are looking for more specialized positions, you might send a letter of interest in case recruiters have an opening in the near future or have another position that fits your qualifications instead.

Because different titles often belong to different roles depending on the company, a letter of interest can help recruiters bridge the gap between your skills and their hiring needs. If you are able to connect with a hiring manager or recruiter for an informational interview first, they might direct you to include their name in your letter of interest for better chances.

How to write a letter of interest

While each letter of interest should be unique and written specifically for the organization you’re interested in, there are a few key elements you should include in your next letter:

  • Your name
  • Your contact information
  • Date
  • Employer name
  • Employer contact information
  • Greeting
  • Introduction paragraph
  • Two to three body paragraphs
  • Closing paragraph
  • Signature

Your name, contact information and information about the employer should be formatted just like a professional business letter. Let’s discuss what information you should include in your body paragraphs.

1. Start with an introduction

Introduction paragraph: In your first paragraph, you should quickly introduce yourself and explain why you are writing. Here, you should discuss the reasons why you are excited at the prospect of working for the company and why you admire its goals, products, marketing or other relevant quality.

2. Include recent skills you’ve developed

First body paragraph: Much like a cover letter, your first body paragraph should include specific soft and hard skills you gained from your most recent professional endeavor as well as any key accomplishments. Include numbers to measure your impact when possible.

3. Describe your employment background

Second body paragraph: Use the second paragraph to explain key skills and accomplishments from another professional experience. If possible, select an important project or story about when you reached an important milestone, reached a large goal for your organization or made some other impact.

4. Explain why this job is the right fit

Closing paragraph: Use the last paragraph to tie your most relevant skills and values back to the company and why you want to work there. Express excitement about possible next steps and gratitude for their time and consideration.

Letter of interest tips

Writing a letter of interest can seem like sending a note into a black hole. Here are a few tips to increase your chances of hearing back from employers.

Research the company

Having a deep understanding of the company, their goals and their values can help your letter seem more relevant to the audience. By reading their mission statement, recent press releases and other company news, you can tie your own core values into your reasons for expressing interest in the company.


Finding connections that work at the company you’re sending a letter of interest to can help you get additional tips on making your letter stand out. If possible, ask your connections for an informational interview to learn more about the company and their role there.

Learn the audience’s name

Including the name of your reader in the greeting can quickly make your letter stand out. Doing online research or asking around your network can help you learn about hiring stakeholders that might be responsible for vetting letters of interest. It is even better if you have the chance to connect with them over email, networking event or an informational interview. If you’re unsure, it is acceptable to address them as “Dear Sir or Madam,”

Include versatile skills

Unlike a cover letter where you can use keywords from a job description to emphasize relevant skills, a letter of interest should serve as a more general record of your most impressive accomplishments. While you should focus on your specialties, skills and

Letter of interest example

Here is a letter of interest example for a marketing candidate based on the tips and format above. This is not meant to be an exact template, but rather a general source of inspiration as you create your own letter:

Cody Fredrickson
(123) 456-7891
[email protected]

May 1, 2018

Crane & Jenkins
555 Cherry Lane

Dear Sir or Madam,

Crane & Jenkins has a reputation in the community for creating innovative marketing campaigns based in a foundation of strategic market research. As a marketing manager with more than five years’ experience at leading agencies, I’ve cultivated a talent for developing creative and successful marketing strategies. I’m excited about combining my skills and my desire to serve the community with Crane & Jenkins’ extensive nonprofit client portfolio.

During my previous role at Cloud Clearwater, I developed three of the agency’s top-producing advertising campaigns. My work included a rebranding campaign that generated a 57% increase in response rates, an email win-back strategy that netted more than $1 million in renewed accounts, and a CLIO-nominated mobile retargeting campaign for the company’s biggest client. I was commended by my manager for demonstrating strong skills in developing high-value client relationships, inspiring innovative creativity, and finding new ways to grow revenue in key target verticals.

As someone who has led more than 20 major digital marketing campaigns in the last two years, I understand the need to stay on top of the latest trends and remain adaptable in the rapidly changing digital marketing environment. I am strongly committed to continuing to refine my skills, and my passion for technology has kept me on the cutting edge of mobile marketing strategies.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I have long admired Crane & Jenkin’s dedication to making a difference both for their clients and ultimately for the underserved in the world. As these are values I carry into my own work, I am eager to have the opportunity to join your team. I believe my digital marketing skills will bring a competitive advantage to Crane & Jenkins, and I’m excited to meet with you and discuss how we can best work together.


Cody Fredrickson

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How to Write a Statement of Interest for Professional Job Application

sample statement of interest for a job

A good statement of interest can be the difference between raking in the big bucks at a new job and scrounging along paycheck-to-paycheck at your old job. The purpose of such a letter is to highlight pieces of your experience that make you the absolute best candidate for the job. When you write a statement of interest for a job, you should emphasize attributes that let would-be employers know you are not only a great applicant, but also a perfect fit for their company.


Your statement of interest needs a bold opening to grab your readers’ attention and get them interested in reading the rest of the letter. According to professor of technical communication Paul V. Anderson, honesty is the best way to simultaneously express some individuality and engage your readers with “your story.” Anderson suggests opening with a simple statement that identifies the job you’re seeking and explains why your skills and experience make you perfect for that job. For example, “My thirteen years in retail have provided me with the management and customer-care experience necessary to work as your next assistant manager.”


Detailing your on-the-job and educational experience is crucial to arguing your case for employment to prospective readers. Because your statement of interest will complement your resume or curriculum vitae, you should expand on or highlight specific experiences you believe will provide an excellent argument for your employability. For example, if during the course of a certain job you were required to solve myriad problems that were not obvious given the job’s description, you might write: “While working as a lifeguard every summer, I learned valuable lessons in maintaining collegiality and camaraderie among my fellow lifeguards.”


Anderson recognizes the statement of interest as an opportunity for job-seekers to do a little bit of bragging about themselves. He suggests that in this letter, you should explain why the various awards you’ve received over your career are important to you, and how they demonstrate your employability. For example, something as simple as a participation ribbon might show dedication and commitment to an activity about which you were initially skeptical. You might write, “Even though I was terrified of heights, I committed myself to my skydiving lessons. In the end, I was able to overcome my fear through dedication and grit, and I am proud to say I have a letter proving I did indeed jump out of a plane that was 5,000 feet in the air!”


Your ability to explain to potential employers how your experiences and skills will translate to their company is perhaps the most important part and should appear in the final paragraph or two of your letter. This shows your ability to identify the needs the company is searching for beyond the limited text they provide in the job description. You might reuse some of the language they use in a job flier or a corporate website. For example, if they use words like “synergy,” “cohesion,” and “teamwork,” you might include a final statement or two along the lines of, “Throughout my five years of programming experience, I’ve learned to work well with both small and large teams to build coherent and fully-integrable programs that have been vital to our company’s success.”



  • Technical Communication: A Reader-Centered Approach (7th edition); Paul V. Anderson

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Review sample letters of interest, inquiry letters, referral letters, and writing You can use a letter of interest to see if the company has any job.

How to Write a Successful Statement of Purpose with this Format

sample statement of interest for a job

Cover Letters/Letters of Interest

Cover letters or letters of interest are the letters that accompany a job application, either in response to a job listing or inquiring about the possibility of unadvertised work.  They provide a bridge between your resume and the specific employer.  Don’t overlook the importance of this valuable part of the job application.

General considerations

CDO counselors are always happy to review drafts of your letters. 

When applying to jobs through Symplicity, you are not required to upload a cover letter unless the employer requests one.  However, you may want to submit one if there is key information that may be crucial to their hiring decision (e.g., your geographic tie to their community) that is not already reflected in your resume.

Formatting tips

Cover letters and letters of interest almost always follow the same substantive structure:

  • Paragraph 1:  Explain who you are and why you are writing.
  • Paragraph 2:  Connect your skills and interests to the employer.  Draw from your resume, but do not regurgitate all of the information.  Be selective and concise.  Use brief, concrete examples.  Illustrate why you will be valuable to them.  Highlight your work experience, law school activities, volunteer experience, etc.
  • Paragraph 3:  Conclude.  Identify any attachments to your letter, if not already done.  Indicate what the next step will be.  For example, let them know when you plan to be in their area, or if you will follow up or be available for an interview.  Thank them for their consideration of your application or request.

See the basic format with annotations.

  • Keep the letter to one page, if at all possible.
  • Keep your writing simple.  Avoid run-on sentences and passive voice.
  • Avoid clichés, flowery adjectives, and colloquialisms.
  • Show a real interest in the employer.  Don’t just recycle their website.

Sample letters

Contacting an employer by email

Do not simply cut and paste your cover letter into the body of an email when contacting a prospective employer.  Instead, use a shorter, more direct message (see sample email).  Make sure to attach your resume and any other application documents in PDF format to avoid any formatting changes between computer programs.

Public interest cover letters

See the Public Interest Career Guide for excellent cover letter examples for public interest opportunities.

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If you want to get a job at your dream company, but currently there is no right open vacancy, then use this letter of interest examples to get your.

sample statement of interest for a job
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