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She warms my heart

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She warms my heart
September 09, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

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All weekend long the local meteorologists predicted that we were going to get rain on Sunday night and Monday morning. And I was FIRED UP about the rain because I do love a good thunderstorm. I made big plans to spend most of the day on Monday cleaning out Caroline’s closet while I listened to the rain and stayed warm and dry inside.

But the rain never happened.

No rain.

Because we are in the middle of a drought. And as P likes to remind me on an almost daily basis, we essentially live on the edge of a desert. Not to be confused with living on the edge of a dessert like I originally typed. Truth be told, I think it would be nice to live on the edge of a dessert, preferably something chocolate and served with a side of ice cream.

However, it did get cold. The temperature dropped about twenty or so degrees late Sunday afternoon.

(I hope you are enthralled by this weather report for a city that the majority of you don’t live in. I know this kind of useful information is why you stop by here every day.)

(Also, am I the only one who thinks it’s a little sad that I made big plans to clean out a closet? And maybe even put it on my calendar?)

So I proceeded with my plan to clean out Caroline’s closet. Mainly because it was about to be overrun by an army of half-naked Barbies, a My Little Pony sleeping bag and about sixty-two different backpacks and suitcases. Not to mention that her winter clothes and summer clothes were still mingling together which has caused a lot of “WHY CAN’T I WEAR MY BLUE SWEATER PONCHO EVEN THOUGH IT’S 101 DEGREES OUTSIDE?” And then that leads me straight into the “I AM GOING TO PUT UP ALL THESE CLOTHES AND YOU CAN JUST CHOOSE FROM THREE SHIRTS AND TWO PAIRS OF SHORTS”.

I started with her bookshelves because she has outgrown many of her books in the last year. I saved the ones that have sentimental value, but felt like we could live with Dinosaur Danger and Princesses are Pretty and definitely Ernie Uses the Potty. Especially because I’ve always felt Ernie Uses the Potty is weird because how have he and Bert lived together all these years if Ernie has had struggles with basic toilet training?

After I had a pile of books to give away, I moved on to the stuffed animals. Over the years I’ve learned that the best strategy is to eliminate six or seven of them at a time. I’ve tried to be more ambitious than that, but always end up getting busted. It’s like a prison break, if too many men try to go at once you’re bound to get caught. Not that I’ve ever been a part of a prison break, but I have seen Shawshank Redemption at least nine times.

So I used a poster to cover the hole in the wall that I used to help the stuffed animals escape.

Actually I loaded them into a large trash bag and then sorted through Caroline’s clothes. I put the winter clothes up on a shelf WAY out of sight and then did an inventory of her summer clothes. From the looks of things, her Old Navy and Gap t-shirts spent all winter huddling in the bottom drawer for warmth, got carried away and procreated all winter long. I don’t understand where all the t-shirts have come from.

Finally, I had several bags of things to give away or donate or throw out. And since this isn’t my first clean out rodeo, I immediately carried all the bags out to the stay wag and drove around town dropping them off at their various destinations. You’d think I’d be embarrassed to go out in public wearing my rattiest pair of yoga pants, a Frankie Say Relax t-shirt and an old gray warm-up jacket. And I was. But I did it anyway.

When I picked up Caroline from school, I mentioned that I’d cleaned out her closet and, OH HERE’S A NOVEL IDEA, why don’t we try to keep it clean and hang up the forty-six different shirts you try on and then discard every morning? She surveyed her closet, complimented my handiwork and was none the wiser that Big White Bear has gone on to a better place. If a better place is the local Goodwill store.

We spent the rest of the afternoon watching Black Beauty on T.V. and then asked P to build us a fire because the temps had plummeted to 56 degrees. And with a windchill of at least 52.

Let the record show that we had a fire in our fireplace on May 2, 2011.

And that Caroline even felt the need to put on a stocking cap to ward of the chill.

Let the record also show that we are all native Texans.

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The little girl Alicia suffered from severe migraines – until her mother Isabelle decided to take out sugar from her diet. This is what happened.

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she warms my heart

There’s nothing that could warm Ms. S&C’s heart more than to receive these texts and emails over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Text from DD: “…I have cinnamon infused simple syrup chilling in the fridge for the cinn. apple punch you suggested. Can’t wait to try it :)”

Text from Brother S&C: “We made your spiced autumn punch!”

Ms. S&C is particularly pleased that these two took her up on her Thanksgiving drink recommendations. Now, she wants to know how they turned out, and who you served them to?  

Email from KS: “Frozen ice cubes with mint and cranberries. Aren’t they pretty? Wish we could share a cocktail… Two weeks… xoxo.”

KS, PLEASE tell me what you used these flavored ice cubes for? They are so pretty and make me so happy.

Text from KG: “That’s an empty martini glass that previously contained THE best cosmo I’ve ever had…at Farmers and Fishers.”

KG, Ms. S&C tried one (or several) of those very same cosmos at that Style in the City party she hosted at the beginning of the summer. And yes, it was the best one she’s ever had.

Family, friends, readers: keep the messages coming, okay? Ms. S&C wants to know what you are eating, drinking and wearing!

posted by Ms. S&C

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She warms my heart

she warms my heart

Sometimes when you least expect it, you find out that, just maybe, all the effort you put into your job is worth it. This message (below), from a past student brought tears to my eyes. If only more people took the time to share positive thoughts with others. I have never been a classroom teacher with only one group of 25 - 30 students in my care. I’ve always been a specialist teacher, so depending on the year and the school, I have taught between 200 - 500 students per week. That’s a lot of messy lessons and a lot of excited faces. It is so satisfying to find out you made an impact (on at least one of those students).

P.S. Greene-ware is the name of our Annual Student Art Exhibition

Hello Mrs Lynch,

I’m not too sure you’d remember me, I was an art student of yours 6 years ago at MBC. This being my senior year is a grand time and we have been challenged to find the person who has made the greatest contribution to our life, and thank them. I still remember learning to draw trees using the V method and carving patterns into lino. Greene-ware was the most encouraging time of year for me and was the milestone that has brought me to where I am today. Your careful eye and beautifully encouraging spirit planted a seed that has grown into a lifelong passion. I’m working on my senior portfolio and am applying for Architectural design next year. Art is the most valued asset in my life and it is a direct result of your nurturing spirit assisting me from year 1. I cannot thank you enough for the blessing you have been in my life. Since my years at MBC, I’ve regarded you so highly to my friends and teachers and always remember my primary years in the art room for inspiration. Thank you again, I hope you are living the wonderful life you deserve.

Lots of love Gaia :—)

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Warms my heart

she warms my heart

The Light on Your Face Warms My Heart, first book by the young illustrator Anoushka Matus, works like a visual column on media inundation: soap opera events in the big world, within your own four walls, in your head.

The Light on Your Face Warms My Heart is a compilation of drawings, commentary, and text fragments. Anoushka Matus places humor, sensuality, and sorrow in short stories about love, sex, friendship, stars, and starlets. Kelly Osbourne, Cameron Diaz, or Justin Timberlake, impressions from a fashion show in Milan or a simple pair of sneakers. Everyday life between dream and reality, what should be and what you want to be, appearance and being. The Light on your Face … is like one of the sketchbooks that the artist always has with her. Sitting in front of the television in the evening, she draws what she feels. She draws riding the tram, in bed with her boyfriend, on the telephone with her family. She even draws while cycling along the busy Langstrasse in Zurich, but then to be on the safe side, only in her head.

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: This warms my heart

Warms your head, warms my heart. Published on February 19, I was not aware of who she was at the time, but she captivated me. Her list of.

she warms my heart
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