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Sorry letter for being late at work

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Sorry letter for being late at work
September 01, 2018 Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

Do you need to apologize for being late to work? Writing an apology letter to a manager is not an uncommon occurrence. In this guide we will show you how to .

Contrary to what some people may think about punctuality and attendance in the modern workplace, the situation has improved. Although the Great Recession had many downsides, a CareerBuilder survey shows that this economic event caused many more worried workers to report to work on time than in 2008 and 2009. CareerBuilder conducted the survey over the final two months of 2010 and published results online in February 2011. The article adds a bit of humor by including some of the "most outrageous tardiness excuses" heard by hiring managers. However, when employees craft apologies, they should do so with the utmost seriousness and respect.

Defer to the Employee Handbook

Many companies, even small businesses, provide new hires with an employee handbook during orientation. Before formulating an apology, workers should defer to the instructions in this policy manual that explain the procedures for addressing tardiness and absenteeism. Many managers ask employees to call the business the moment they become aware that a tardy or absence is unavoidable. In some office places, employees might compose an email and send it off to a supervisor or department manager. Keisha-Ann G. Gray wrote an article, titled "Put it in Writing," for the Human Resource Executive Online website in 2011. She emphasizes the importance of employers using written policies to avoid legal issues down the road with employees. Archived emails or saved voice mails about apologizing for being tardy provides the employer and employee with an accurate record in the event disciplinary action or termination.

Be Honest

Workers should tell the truth when formulating an apology about being late to the job. This seems obvious, especially in small businesses in which employees and managers might have a close personal and professional relationship. Workplace consultant B.J. Gallagher was featured in an article on CareerBuilder/MSN Careers about lying at work in October 2009. He states that repeatedly lying and using the same excuse, such as an alarm clock did not go off, can damage a relationship and rapport that has built up over time between the worker and the manager. When you create your verbal or written apology, tell the truth, even if the details are personal -- but just be professional about it.

Make Up for Potential Losses

Employees might preemptively suggest to managers how they can make up for potential losses to the business because of lack of punctuality. According to the encyclopedia entry for absenteeism on the Inc.com website, small businesses are particularly susceptible to losses from when employees do not show up to work. Citing the SOHO Guide, the article states that companies lose productivity from having one less worker as well as having to pay overtime to employees who are willing to report to work during an on a day off or stay past a scheduled shift. Workers might offer in the apology to stay past quitting time to make up for the minutes or hours that were missed at the beginning of a shift or switch off days with another employee who sacrificed his day off. Other options might include taking work home in the evening or coming into the office on the weekend. The manager might appreciate your thought and concern for the business.

Explain Your Corrective Actions

The onus is on the employee to avoid being late in the future. Managers may issue a warning or other disciplinary notice about attendance infractions, but this is a formal business process. Danielle LaPorte authored an article that appeared on Monster.com Excelle website about the seven steps to the perfect apology. Her sixth suggestion encourages committing to preventing the problem in the future. In your apology, state what you are capable of doing to prevent being late again. For example, if an unexpected traffic accident caused your tardiness, state in your apology that you will try to leave for work 30 minutes earlier than normal to avoid congestion.

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Apology Letter To Boss: A sample template for apologizing and saying sorry for poor performance, misconduct, insubordination, being late or not showing up. We spend most of our time at work and being human, we will inevitably make a.

Sample Letter of Apology for Misconduct at Work

sorry letter for being late at work

Terry Lau 
123 Main Street 
Anytown, CA 12345 

September 1, 2018

Jenna Winters 
Manager Acme 
123 Business Rd. 
Business City, NY 54321

Dear Ms. Winters,

I am extremely sorry for my late arrival at the important sales meeting with The Star Agency last week. My tardiness almost lost us a valuable client.

I understand that, as a sales team, we need to always present ourselves as professional and reliable, and timeliness is a large part of that professionalism. I, therefore, let down the entire sales team with my behavior.

I am currently taking steps to ensure that I am never late again for a client meeting (or any other work-related event). I was delayed due to my car breaking down, so I am getting my car serviced. From now on, I will also be sure to leave for meetings even earlier than I already do, so even in the case of an emergency, I will still be able to arrive on time.

Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to reassure you and the rest of the company that I greatly value my position on the sales team, and that I will not let the team down again. Thank you so much for your understanding.


Terry Lau (signature hard copy letter)

Terry Lau

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Apology Letter for Being Late

sorry letter for being late at work

Let’s say that you’ve made a mistake that has caused negative effects within the workplace and you wish to apologize for it. The best way to go about that is by creating and sending an apology letter that points out what you did and how sorry you are for it. This article will teach you how to properly create one specifically for work-related incidents.

7 Steps for Creating a Work Apology Letter

Step 1: Place information on the intended recipient.

When making any kind of apology letter, it is important that you start with information on who and where you’re supposed to send it to. This means that you are going to have to put in the recipient’s complete name, his/her job position title, the names of both the company and the department, and the company’s complete address.

Step 2: Place the date.

Make sure that you include the date in which the letter was sent. Make sure that when you do this, you include the month, day, and year so that the recipient will know the exact date. This will come in very handy in the event that you have to prove when you sent the letter.

Step 3: Greet the Recipient Properly

You must always start the letter with a proper greeting. Be sure to address the recipient appropriately by writing down “Mr.” or “Ms.” followed by his/her last name. Remember that you want to start the letter by being both polite and respectful. Also, keep that tone constant all the way until the very end.

Step 4: Explain the Purpose of the Letter

The body must start with a statement that points out the exact reason for the letter. Here is where you will need to point out exactly what it is that you are apologizing for. You will want to include any important details such as dates, names of places and/or people, the time it took place, etc.

Step 5: Give a proper apology.

Next is for you to start apologizing for whatever it is that you did. When doing this, remember that you have to keep the tone respectful and professional at all times. Mention anyone that was affected by what you have done and make sure that you extend your apologies to them as well.

Step 6: Point out what you are willing to do to atone for your mistakes.

If you know that what you have done will lead to consequences, then you can create a statement which tells that recipient that you are willing to accept whatever form of punishment is fitting for the situation. Should you already know what the consequence is, just say that you are ready to receive it.

Step 7: Close the letter.

You’ll want to close the letter by apologizing one last time and by thanking the recipient for going through your apology letter. Lastly, you will have to place your complete name, your job position title, the name of the company you work for and your signature at the very bottom. Your signature is especially important as it’s what can be used to confirm the person responsible for the letter’s creation.

6+ Work Apology Letter Templates

1. Apology Letter for Tardiness at Work Template


File Format

Size: A4, US


It is always important that employees are on time for work. If certain circumstances have forced you to continuously arrive late for work, then you will need to apologize to your employer and specify the reasons for your tardiness. Download this template now and you’ll have a way to prepare an apology letter specifically meant for this situation.

2. Apology Letter for Mistake at Work to Boss Template


File Format

  • Google Docs
  • MS Word
  • Pages

Size: A4, US


When you have done something wrong and that it affects everyone, including your own boss, then the first thing that you need to do is to apologize to your superiors. By downloading this template, you can create an apology that points out what it is that you have done, the name of your boss you’re sending it to, and what you are willing to do in order to atone for your mistake.

3. Apology Letter for Mistake in Work Template


File Format

Size: A4, US


It’s possible that your employee may receive an incident report that points out the negative effects in the workplace caused by the mistakes you’ve made. In the hopes of avoiding backlash, you can send your employer an apology letter for whatever it is that you did. Download this template now so that you can create one when you need to.

4. Apology Letter for Late Coming to Work Template


File Format

Size: A4, US


As an employee, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are able to come into work on time. If you have had trouble doing so due to certain circumstances, you’ll want to apologize to your boss while explaining the reasons for your tardiness. Download this template now to create a letter that can help you with that.

5. Free Apology Letter For Being Late At Work Template


File Format

  • Google Docs
  • MS Word
  • Pages

Size: A4, US


If you are looking for a free template that allows you to make a letter that allows you to apologize for continuously being late for work, then this is the one for you. Know that you will need to use either Google Docs, Microsoft Word or Apple Pages if you want to be able to open and edit the template.

6. Apology Letter for Being Late in Submission Template


File Format

Size: A4, US


There may come a time when you have been given a deadline as to when you should submit certain requirements, only for you to fail in doing so. Should that ever happen, then you will need to make sure that you apologize in a professional manner. Download this template now so that you can make an apology letter for whenever you fail to submit anything on time.

7. Apology Letter for Work-Related Interview Template

If you are the interviewer and you canceled or failed to show up for an employee interview, then you will want to apologize to the other party immediately. What you can do in this situation is to download this letter template. Having it gives you the means to create an apology letter that you can send whenever you managed to miss an important work-related interview.

We tend to get late most of the times and sometimes we miss out on important schedules or events. Thus samples of apology letter for being late helps you to.

Sorry for the Late Reply: How to Apologize for a Delayed Response

sorry letter for being late at work

Being late to your job is traditionally considered as an irresponsible act. At least once in every employee's career, every employee will have to deal with writing an apology letter to a boss. In this article, we will show you how to write the right apology letter.

What does it mean to be late?

Such letters can be personal and official. Letters about being late in most cases refer to official letters. It consists of a description of an event, the cause of being late. Sometimes such letter can serve as an annex to the official documentation. It all depends on the conditions of the company in which you work.

Apology letter for being late is a document in which the employee acknowledges the fact of being late and indicates the reason for this incident. You should give it to the secretary, or directly to the boss.

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You are late if you are absent less then three hours, if more it is considered as absenteeism. One documented absenteeism is enough to dismiss an employee.

How to write an apology letter?

There is no single rule on how to write such a letter. But such letter must necessarily include two main parts:

Actual - which contains the reason for writing a letter (in this case - being late). It also indicates the date of incident and the time that the employee missed.

Explanatory - in which the employee gives arguments that can justify or at least explain what happened. You can explain the situation briefly or in detail.

Top 5 reasons for being late

  • Traffic jams;
  • Alarm did not work;
  • Breakdown of car / bus / trolley;

Apology letter sample and structure

The law does not stipulate a clear structure of content but, nevertheless, there are unspoken rules for writing an explanatory or apology letter about being late for a job.

There should be a "header" with the full name of the employee and the boss. The title there should be specific (about being late). Also, there should be the date of the letter and the signature of the employee.

If the employee has a document confirming the reason for being late, it must necessarily be attached to the letter.

Such apology letter to a boss for misbehavior can be in a very different format, it can be even apology message. Everything depends on the rules of your organization or the relationships with your boss.

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I write this letter to express my apology for being tardy these past two to give extra care for him until early morning before leaving for work.

sorry letter for being late at work
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