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Thank you for staying at your house
July 19, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 5 comments

Saunter Paradise Hotel, Kimbissa: "Dear Sir / Madam, Thank you for staying with us " | Check out answers, plus Thank you for staying with us and for your kind review and recommendation. More questions about this property. 1 Answer.

Sample Letter #1


I couldn't have asked for a more enjoyable time than I had at your dinner party. The decorations were marvelous, the food superb, and the company fabulous. You have an ideal home and family. I don't think we'll ever forget John's funny stories after dinner.

We are fortunate to have such wonderful, thoughtful friends. We're very spontaneous, so don't hesitate to call or drop by when you feel like getting together.

Sample Letter #2


Our sincere thanks for having us in your home when we attended the Doe conference last week. It gave us a chance to catch up on the news and get acquainted with your family. We especially enjoyed our evening conversations over bedtime tea. I hope we didn't impose too much on your busy schedule. Please remember that you are always welcome to stay at our place when your travels bring you to Kansas. Thanks again for your warm hospitality.

Sample Letter #3


I can't tell you how much I appreciated your kindness in letting me stay at your home when I was in Springfield. It was a delight to see a loving family interact and enjoy each other's company. It showed me how a family can be close in spite of everyday pressures. You and John have created a great home atmosphere.

I would really like for all of you to come on vacation to our house near the seashore next July. I have plenty of room, and Jane would like to meet you all. I've told her a lot about you. If July is not a good time, how about August?

Sample Letter #4


I want you to know how much I appreciated your inviting me out for the evening when I was in Springfield on Monday. I enjoyed the dinner and conversation, and it was a great pleasure to meet your husband.

Thank you for your kind hospitality.

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Guide to Write This Letter ❯

You can write a message template to send to your Airbnb guests to Also you can create things like a welcome letter, house directions, and so on. . Thank you so much for choosing to stay at our place while in {city_name}.

Thank you letter for staying at someones house?

thank you for staying at your house

Staying with a host family can be such a great experience, it’s hard to know how to thank your hosts properly.

THE BEST MEMORIES of my recent trip to Ecuador come from the family in Quito that graciously opened their home to me.

After nearly two months of traveling, home-cooked meals and real beds with clean sheets were just what I needed. Plus, my host-family had lived in Quito for decades and were eager to share their city with me.

I had a deeper travel experience from watching how they lived, and I learned a lot about the city that you won’t find in guidebooks.

Staying with a host family can be such a great experience, it’s hard to know how to thank your hosts properly.

When you thank someone for letting you stay with them, make it more than a gesture. Staying in someone’s home while traveling can give you an intimate glimpse into how others live. Let them know how much it meant to you.

1. Earn Your Keep

Doing a few chores around the house or offering to do some of the cooking will always be appreciated.

Play to your strengths. If you’re a bit of a handyman, offer to fix their leaking faucet. If you’re tech-savvy, have a look at their aging computer.

Don’t make it too obvious, or your host will probably feel bad that their guest is doing housework. Be casual about it, don’t let them think of it as payment – and don’t break anything!

2. Quid Pro Quo

Even if they never do make it to your neck of the woods, they will probably enjoy exchanging an occasional email.

Return the favor by inviting your hosts to stay with you the next time they visit your part of the world. Make sure you leave them contact information that will still be good in a few years.

Then, if they do show up on your doorstep, do everything you can to make them feel as welcome as possible. Even if they never do make it to your neck of the woods, they will probably enjoy exchanging an occasional email.

If you enjoy playing the host, and want to make it into a regular thing, visit CouchSurfing. Sign up and start building your own network of international friends.

3. Share Your Memories

Most traveler’s carry a camera. Take a few group pictures with your hosts. When you develop those photos back home, make sure you send a few copies to your host family.

With most of us using digital cameras, the easiest (and cheapest) way to share photos is by e-mailing the files. However, mailing prints will probably be more appreciated.

Either print and mail them yourself, or upload the files to a website that will send the prints. I have used Winkflash, but there are many others.

4. Bring A Gift From Home

Gifts from your own hometown always go over well. Pack some small, nonbreakable gifts before leaving home. Find something that they are not likely to have where they live. On your last day with your host, give them something to remember you by.

Little flag pins or key-chains will work, but the best choice is something more personal. If you have a creative hobby, then give them a sample. Woodworkers, crafters, and other artists have many options.

5. Do Some Research

If you’re going to buy a gift locally, find out what items are considered appropriate in the culture you’re visiting. A certain color of flower may look great to you, but giving it out of the proper cultural context can be an insult to locals.

If you are going to buy a gift locally, find out what items are considered appropriate in the culture you’re visiting.

Some seemingly harmless gift items may be associated with funerals and death. Often guidebooks can give you advice on local taboos. Better yet, ask around the neighborhood market for ideas.

There might be other local customs regarding gifts. Make the effort to know these ahead of time. For example, if you know that in some cultures it’s polite to initially refuse a gift, you won’t be worried when your host turns down your gift the customary number of times.

Research helps here, but don’t worry so much about offending someone that you freeze up and become overly formal. As a foreign guest, you won’t be expected to know every little detail about local etiquette.

6. Treat Your Hosts

Take the family to a movie. Take them to a museum. Ask them which local restaurant is their favorite, and then make reservations.

Even though they may have constant access to the sights in their city, they probably don’t take advantage of them as often as they would like.

Something as simple as going to the bar where your host is a regular gives them a chance to show you off a little to their friends. Remember, you are just as exotic to the local as they are to you.

7. Don’t Overdo It

Expensive gifts and shameless gushing will only make your host uncomfortable. They are not expecting money or jewelry, and will turn them down.

Friendship, interesting conversation and the satisfaction of being a good host are what they really want, so keep smiling and always say thank you!

What are some ideas you’ve used to say thanks? Share in the comments!

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Airbnb Message Template Examples

thank you for staying at your house

The secret to success as an Airbnb host is nailing communication with guests. Responding to guests and ensuring they are happy could be the difference between a 4 or 5 star review. Therefore you must get this right, which is where the saved Airbnb message template comes in!

Using an Airbnb message template is a real lifesaver. It will free up your time for more important things and make you a better host. In this article I will show you how to use saved messages on Airbnb. In addition, I’ll provide you with 13 Airbnb message templates that you can use for your guests.

Messaging guests is one of the most time consuming parts of being an Airbnb host. But I have a step by step process for you to follow that will ensure you get 5 star reviews.

But first, let me introduce you to saved messages on Airbnb. This is where you can upload the Airbnb template ideas that I’m about to show you below.

Introducing Airbnb Saved Messages

First, let me introduce you to Airbnb saved messages, a great new tool. You can write a message template to send to your Airbnb guests to re-use over and over. These saved responses will save you tons of time in each day.

You can save your own custom check in and check out messages, for example. Also you can create things like a welcome letter, house directions, and so on. If you scroll down you can see a list of my examples.

The best bit is you can save an unlimited number of templates!

Below I will show you how to create saved message on Airbnb. You may also enjoy this discussion on the topic.

How to create Saved Messages on Airbnb

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How to created Saved Messages on Airbnb

  1. Go to Messages folder

    First, go to your messages folder and click on a guest to message. You will see a link for Use a Saved Message at the bottom of the box.

  2. Create a Saved Message

    Second, click on the the Save A New Message button down the bottom. If you have previously saved messages, it will appear below them.

    This is also the same screen that you select your saved messages from. You can also select messages to edit from this menu as well. You can select from any Airbnb message template that is available.

  3. Write a new message to save

    Lastly, write your new message. Select a title (eg. Check In Message) and write a description. This saved Airbnb message template will only be visible to you.

Airbnb Message Template Ideas

5 Step Process
When it comes to effective communication, there are 5 areas you want to focus on. You would do well to save these five Airbnb template messages to start with. I call this my 5 Step Process.

Step 1: Booking Message

Making contact with your guest immediately after their booking is wise, here’s why. It will give the impression that you are a proactive and caring host right from the get go.

As a matter of fact, it may be the most important message you send. This is the first communication you’ll have with a guest, so it’s the perfect chance to make a good impression. It’s also a good idea to make it personal, which helps create a good vibe.

To illustrate, start by thanking them for booking your place and that you cant wait to host them. Next, let them know you will send the full check in details the day before their arrival. Finally, let them know you’re only too happy to answer any questions they may have.

Furthermore, if they message why they are in town, this is a good chance to be personal. Maybe your guest is in town for a special event? So why not offer them advice on directions to get there? Or mention some restaurants nearby, etc. Guests like this.

In summary, keep your welcome letter short and sweet. Use my welcome Airbnb message template below as a guide.

Airbnb welcome letter template:

Hi {guest_name],

Thank you for choosing to book our apartment. I’m really looking forward to hosting you on your stay in {town_name}.

I will send all the check in information on the morning of your arrival including directions. I’ll also send WiFi details and so on.

In the meantime if you have any questions or need any recommendations, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Step 2: Reminder Message

The reminder message is optional, but I strongly recommend hosts employ it. This Airbnb message template is designed remind your guests of their upcoming stay.

It’s a chance to reemphasise that you’re looking forward to them coming to stay. Also, you can remind them that you’ll send the check in details the day prior to their stay. Often guests get antsy about the check in info, so this will put their mind to rest.

There’s honestly not much else to say here. It’s just a chance to portray that you’re a good communicator to your guest. This is very important, as communication is a crucial Airbnb review factor.

Reminder message example:

Hi {guest_name},

Just checking in with you ahead of your stay in 4 days. I trust you’re looking forward to your visit.

This is just a reminder that check in time is anytime after {check_in_time}. I will forward all check in instructions the day before.

Again, let me know if you have any questions.


Step 3: Check In Message

The check in message is important to get right. Sure, the check in info is on your listing, but it’s my experience that guests often miss this. So go into detail on your Airbnb check in message template.

Start by providing details on how to enter your property. Next, provide your address and instructions on where to park. Finally, don’t forget to write your WiFi details. Guests seem to ALWAYS miss this on your listing!

Now, I know every property will have different entry instructions, so I’ll keep this template vague. The majority of Airbnb hosts use a lockbox, so let’s go with that for this example.

Oh, another nifty little trick I like doing is mentioning you want your guest to have a 5 star experience. This is a subliminal way of putting 5 stars into their mind during their stay.

Airbnb Check In Message template:

Good morning {guest_name},

Your {city_name} trip is here!

For check in anytime after {check_in_time} today, we have a lockbox by the door with a key inside. Just enter code {lockbox_code} and you’re all set. Then at checkout just pop the key back in.

The address is {property_address} and we have an undercover area where you can park your car free of charge. There is also plenty of off street parking available.

Free WiFi is also provided during your stay:

Username: {username}
Password: {password}

If there is anything else you need, like recommendations or directions or anything for the house, just let me know. I am only too happy to help and want you to have a 5 star experience.


I like to keep my message template short and sweet on Airbnb, get straight to the point. But it can also be a good idea to include your rules in your check in message. Or even some further instructions.

It’s a good idea to provide an Airbnb house manual template for your guests. But the problem is sometimes guests will not even read it. Therefore, including some rules in your check in message is a sure way to get them across.

Be careful though, don’t go too over the top with rules. No one likes a bossy host! Check out my article on Airbnb house rules for some inspiration on this topic. Use the below template as a quick guide.

Airbnb House Rules Template example:

As a SuperHost, my aim is to ensure that you have as comfortable a stay as you possibly can. I want you and your guests to create lasting memories during your stay in our apartment.

But to do so, I would really appreciate if you could follow the below house rules. I know, I know, rules are boring… But these rules ensure we can provide future guests with a great experience.

Help yourself to anything in the kitchen. We supply tea and coffee, as well as cooking utensils should you wish to cook. My only request is that you wash all dishes and utensils prior to leaving.

The property has an air conditioner and heater located in the living room. Please ensure you switch off prior to check out.

As neighbours surround our property, we would appreciate if you could keep noise down after 9pm if possible.

There is a laundry and dryer available for you to use, with washing powder in the top cupboard.


Step 4: Check Up Message

One of the keys to my success is what I call the check up message. First of all, you don’t want to be bothering your guests too much during their stay. I have found that sending a check up message has a huge success rate.

I have an Airbnb message template setup for this message which I always send, without fail. The best time to send this is the morning after their first night, just before lunch.

Don’t go into too much detail. Just ask how their first night was and how they are finding everything. Find out if everything is meeting their expectations.

Another good idea is to ask if there is anything else they need. It’s common for guests to withhold information, only to let you know in the review they weren’t happy with something.

By asking the guest if there is anything they need, they’ll be more likely to leave you a better Airbnb review.

Check up message example

Good morning {guest_name},

I hope you had a great nights sleep last night and settled in ok. I’m just checking up to see if everything is up to your expectations so far.

If there is anything you need, or anyway I can make your stay more comfortable, please let me know.


Step 5: Check Out Message

The check out message will likely be your last correspondence with a guest. There are three key goals I want to achieve with my check out message that are very important.

First, it is a final chance to resolve any potential issues your guest had during their stay. Often a guest will not speak up about issues, so be sure to let them know the importance. Let them know their feedback is important so you can offer future guests a better service.

Flagging any issues in the check out message could be the difference between a 5 star review and a 4 (or even lower) star review. It is THAT important!

Get Yourself 5 Stars
The Check Out Message is where you can get yourself a 5 star review. Get this message right and things will be on the up for you.

Secondly, you can ask your guest to leave you a review. I like to mention that I hoped they had a 5 star experience. Put the number five in their minds.

Finally, it’s also a good chance to remind your guest of the check out time. Guests being late to check out is the bane of an Airbnb hosts existence. If you nail your check out Airbnb message template, 5 star reviews will come rolling in. It’s one of the best ways I know of to obtain good reviews.

Airbnb check out message template:

Hi {guest_name}

Thank you so much for choosing to stay at our place while in {city_name}. We hope you had a great time here and enjoyed your stay.

We would love it if you could take 2 minutes this afternoon to leave us a quick review. Of course we will leave you one in return.

A 5 star rating is very important to us and goes a long way to helping our family business. So if you had any issues during your stay please let us know before leaving your review as we value your feedback. It helps us grow as hosts.

Thanks again and safe travels.


And there you have it. A five step process that will increase your chances of getting 5 star reviews. Communication is key! So be sure to save these Airbnb message templates to your saved messages.

Bonus Airbnb Template Message Ideas

Often when dealing with guest you’ll start to notice similar questions popping up. That’s why it’s a good idea to have a message template setup for different questions on your Airbnb.

I have tons of default responses saved for when a guest asks a question. It’s saves you having to write similar responses over and over and allows you to respond quicker. Below are some of my best ones should you need some inspiration. Feel free to tinker them to your needs.

Bonus Templates
Below are some sample templates to use for your Airbnb messages. Feel free to use, or edit, as you wish. Also be sure to consider my new eBook for tons more samples.

Things to do Template

Without doubt, the question I am asked most is guests asking for things to do. Rather than answer it from scratch each time, I have an Airbnb message template saved.

It’s usually a vague question such as “can you recommend things to do in your city”. So it’s up to you to guess what may be of interest to them, without knowing their interests.

A good idea is to go into detail as guests appreciate this. They’ll think you are writing all this text for them, without realising it’s a template. As a result, this builds a rapport and can lead to a good review. This is what Airbnb is all about.

Another good idea is to inform your guest that you have a house manual with a full list of things to do. You can learn all about creating an Airbnb house manual template in my article.

Below you’ll find an example with some sample ideas. Tailor-make it to suit your city.

Things to do example:

Hi {guest_name},

Sure, there are plenty of things to do when visiting {city_name}. I actually have a house manual detailing the best things which you can read on arrival.

But here are some good ideas to consider. The biggest attraction in town is {attraction_name} which is a short 5 minute walk from the apartment.

I also recommend checking out {attraction_name} and {attraction_name} while in town.

If you like the outdoors, there are some lovely hikes around {park_name}. Also the main street has plenty of shops and restaurants to keep you entertained for hours.

Many people come to town to watch {local_sports_team} and the stadium is only a 10-minute drive away.

Is there anything in particular that you would like to see while in {city_name}? I would be happy to point you in the right direction.


Restaurant Suggestions Template

Another frequently asked question is for restaurant recommendations. I will get this question at least once a week without fail. So having this message template saves me a lot of time on Airbnb.

First, it’s a good idea to start by listing different cuisines in your town. This way you’ll give them plenty of options to choose from and likely avoid a follow up question. Be sure to include vegetarian or vegan options.

Second, sign off by asking them if they have any more questions that you’ll be happy to help. It’s unlikely they’ll ask further questions if you give them plenty of options.

Lastly, be sure to mention your house manual. Let them know you have a full list of recommendations. This will encourage them to read your manual on arrival.

Restaurant suggestions example:

Hi {guest_name},

There are some wonderful restaurants in town to suit all tastes. I have a full list of my favouites in my house manual when you arrive. But here are a few to look up:

– Spanish restaurant
– Mexican restaurant
– Japanese restaurant
– Steakhouse
– Sports bar
– Pub meal
– Restaurant with kids playground
– Vegetarian restaurant

If you have further questions, I would be happy to point you in the right direction.


WiFi Details Template

For some unknown reason, guests always seem to miss your WiFi details. You can display them on your listing, check in message or house manual. Yet, somehow they still seem to miss it.

It’s inevitable you’ll get the message asking “what are your WiFi details”. Therefore it’s a great idea to save an Airbnb message template for when this question raises it’s head.

This one is short and sweet, there’s not much more to say here.

Hi {guest_name}

You can access the WiFi by entering the username and password below. It is free for use during your entire stay.

Username: Bnbduck
Password: Password123

WiFi Troubleshooting Template

It’s also inevitable that a guest will have issues logging into your WiFi network. For this reason, I have a saved response template ready to go for when the question pops up.

There could be any number of reasons they are unable to login, but it’s usually something simple. For example, let them know your password is case sensitive.

Another good idea is to have them reset the modem, as this seems to fix things for some reason.

Again, keep it simple. Save an Airbnb message template that looks like the one below.

Hi {guest_name},

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with the WiFi. It should be working fine, so i’ll run you through some quick troubleshooting.

First, the password is case sensitive, so ensure you don’t have caps lock turned on, etc.

Second, try resetting the modem. You can locate the modem in {modem_location}. Hold in the reset button for 5 seconds and release.

If this doesn’t work, please let me know.


Finding the Address Template

Saving a message template with directions to your house is a wise idea, as it’s a common Airbnb question. Particularly if your property is tricky to find.

Sometimes a guest will miss your check in message, or fail to read your listing properly. As a result, you’ll call on this template to save the day and answer within seconds.

This is a template I use often, which is why I am including it in this list. I’ll keep this one vague as each property will be very different from another.

Airbnb message template example:

Hi {guest_name},

The address of the property is {address}. It is the big white house on the right with the number 123 on the fence.

You’ll find an undercover area to the side of the house where you can park for free. Additionally, there is free on street parking out the front of the property.

Should you have any questions, please call me on {phone_number} or message me any time on the Airbnb App.


Do you accept pets template

From time to time you’ll get a question asking if you accept pets. Even if you state in your listing you don’t accept pets, the question will still come in.

I don’t accept pets, but that I still get asked often. Usually a guest will say my dog is quiet and doesn’t make a mess, is it ok? This is why I have a saved message template setup in my Airbnb.

Above all, you need to provide a good reason why you don’t accept pets. I like to say that some guests are allergic to pet hair, so that is the reason why we don’t accept pets.

This reasoning makes total sense and every guest will accept it. Use the below example for your template.

Pets example:

Hi {guest_name},

Unfortunately we do not accepts pets in our property.

I am an animal lover myself and absolutely adore pets, especially dogs. But sadly some guests are allergic to animal hair and it can have disastrous consequences.

So I have made the decision not to accept pets in my Airbnb. I hope you can understand.


Price reduction templates

If you have been hosting on Airbnb for a while, you will surely have had a guest ask for a discount. As this is a common question, I have created a template to call on.

Usually they will say something like “I am staying for x days, what sort of discount can you give?”.

The answer is up to the discretion of the host. Some hosts are happy to offer discounts, some aren’t. By default, Airbnb allow you to offer automatic price reductions for weekly or monthly stays. I explain this in detail in my article on how does Airbnb price breakdown work.

I like to let the guest know we offer weekly and monthly discounts and that it’s calculated automatically. My template appears as below, but you may wish to alter it to your liking.

Editing your length of stay discounts is an easy process. First go to your listing profile and then click on the Pricing menu. Scroll down and there will be an option to edit weekly or monthly discounts. Now it’s just a matter of selecting the % discount you want to offer. Lastly, you can also select a last minute % discount for bookings under 1 night.

Price discount example:

Hi {guest_name},

Thanks for reaching out to me. We do indeed offer a price reduction.

There is a 5% weekly discount and a 10% monthly discount. We apply these discounts automatically when you select the dates on our booking calendar.

Unfortunately we do not offer any price reductions for stays less than a week.


Ask for a Review template

It’s crucial to obtain Airbnb reviews from your guests. For some strange reason, Airbnb leave it up to hosts to chase up reviews. And whats worse is that it is a key ranking factor to becoming a SuperHost. Not getting reviews could even be a reason why your listing is not showing on Airbnb.

As a result, I have setup my own Airbnb message template for chasing up reviews from guests. I’ll always ask politely for a guest to leave a review in my check out message. However, sometimes they will forget. Therefore I will send them a reminder and kindly nudge them to leave one.

This is a template I like to keep short, sweet and simple. This is a guest who has checked out and no longer has any ties towards you. So asking them the wrong way could possibly lead to some irritation. Keep it very polite and let them know the importance.

Ask for review sample:

Hi {guest_name},

I trust this message finds you well. Thanks once again for booking our Airbnb, you were a wonderful guest and hope you enjoyed your stay.

Can I please ask you a big favour? When you have time, could you please leave a quick review for us on Airbnb.

Reviews are the lifeblood of an Airbnb host’s success, so I would be very grateful.


Well there you go, there’s some sample Airbnb message template examples to get you on your way.

Hopefully now you can see how helpful saved responses are and how much time they can save you. You should also be aware of how important communication with your guests is. Using Airbnb message templates really streamline the whole process for you.

Remember the 5 Step Process – respond immediately after a booking. Next is the lead up message prior to a guest coming to stay. Finally are the check in, check up and check out messages. Get this right and you should have 5 star reviews flowing in.

If you’re after some more templates, be sure to check out my resource page for a wide range of selections.

Want More?

Like what you see on this page? Be sure to consider our new eBook with 30 Airbnb Message Template ideas

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