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Thank you for the update i appreciate it

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Thank you for the update i appreciate it
September 11, 2018 Anniversary Wishes 5 comments

I want to thank you for the opportunity to earn your business, and I look forward to I appreciate your prompt response to our request for extra security during the.

We all want to feel appreciated, and your customers are no different. In fact, according to research conducted by the Peppers & Rogers Group, up to 60% of customers will stop dealing with a business that they feel is indifferent to them.

So how can you make your customers feel appreciated? Believe it or not, a simple customer “thank you” email can go a long way in creating a positive customer experience and brand perception.

In this article, we’ll go over the five key factors that contribute to a successful “thank you” email.

5 tips for writing a customer “thank you” email

1. Know the purpose of the email

You should never write a “thank you” email without clearly knowing its goal. Not having a clear purpose in mind will lead to unclear messaging and a generic sounding email, which is the last thing you want.

The purpose of your thank you email can range from:

  • Thanking someone for being a long time customer.
  • Thanking them for getting started with your product or service.
  • Thanking them for a referral.
  • Thanking them for giving feedback.
  • Thanking them for their patience during the troubleshooting of an issue.

And the list goes on.

Different situations require different ways of showing appreciation, which is why you can’t start writing an email until you’ve solidified its purpose.

2.  Humanize the message

A great “thank you” email has to sound like it actually came from a human being. We all receive blast emails from brands, and your customer service email has to stand out amidst all of that.

Here are some ways to humanize your customer “thank you” emails:

  • Send the email from a representative of the company:Use the email address of a person in the company rather than the generic and all too common “No reply” address.
  • Express emotions in the email:Showing emotions in your email is the easiest way to prove to customers that they are in fact hearing from a real person. Make sure your emotions align with the customer’s experience. For example, if the customer just reached a major milestone with your business, tell them how happy you are for their growth. On the other hand, if a customer is annoyed with your brand due to a recent issue that needed to be resolved, acknowledge their patience during a frustrating time.
  • Keep the email informal: In your “thank you” email feel free to use emojis, if appropriate for the audience. and if your customer uses slang, you can use it too. It’s even okay to include a joke or two to lighten up the mood.
  • Don’t try to sell your products or services: There’s no faster way to come across as insincere than pitching your business. These emails are all about appreciating the customer.

Below are two examples of customer “thank you” emails that kick butt at providing a human touch. 

[Source: Reallygoodemails.com]

[Source: Reallygoodemails.com]

3. Personalize the “thank you” email

Your “thank you” email will be even more effective if you think in terms of the individual and not a group.  You have to ask yourself: “How can I make this more relevant to each of my customers on a personal level?”

There’s a reason personalized emails have higher engagement rates. People want to feel like your message was meant for them.

Thankfully with today’s technology personalization at scale is easier than ever before.

Here are a few ways to personalize your customer “thank you” emails:

  • Include the customer’s first name in your greeting.
  • Send your customer a relevant gift to show your appreciation.For example, you could send a discount for the plan they’re on or office stationery with your company’s branding.
  • Get specific about what you’re thanking them for.If they gave a review, include details about the review and how their individual contribution helped. 
  • Send emails on dates relevant to the customer. For example, you can send them a “thank you” email on their birthday or on the anniversary of when they became a customer. 

4. Thank them again

After you’ve passed along the desired message, thank the customer again at the end of the email. It’s a great way to show that you value their time and input.

A simple “Thank you again for your [support, feedback, patronage, etc.]” is more than enough.

5. Give customers an opportunity to respond 

In your emails, you should always give the customer a chance to continue to the conversation.

Let them know that your support is only an email away. This prevents the email from being one-sided and it’s also a great chance to engage with your customers and gather their feedback.

Here’s an example of a “thank you” email from one of our customer support reps. Notice how he ends the email with an opportunity for the customer to continue the conversation if needed.

Showing gratitude is one of the easiest ways to improve customer satisfaction. A great “thank you” email is personal, clear, and expresses gratitude toward the customer. 

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The best thank you quotes to use in thank-you cards, letters, and email messages to show your appreciation and gratitude, with tips for what to.

Thank Someone For a Reply or Response

thank you for the update i appreciate it

It’s important to show thanks when someone does something for you, or gives you something. But what we say depends on the person and situation. Here’s how to say thank you in different situations.

Common ways to say thank you

Thanks / Thank you
A: “Can I get you another coffee?”
B: “Thanks” / “Thank you!”

A: “You look great in that dress!”
B: “Thanks!”

Thanks / Thank you you very much!
A: “I booked your table for dinner.”
B: “Thank you very much!”

Thanks a lot!
A: “I saved you the last chocolate!”
B: “Thanks a lot!”

Be careful with the intonation of “Thanks a lot”. If you speak with a lower voice, “thanks a lot” can sound like you’re not happy at all and the “thanks” sounds sarcastic. Here’s an example.

A: “Sorry, but we didn’t save you any chocolate.”
B: “Oh, thanks a lot.”

Ta (British English, pronounced /tar/)
A: “Here’s your tea.”
B: “Ta!”

Ta very much
A: “I ordered you a cheese sandwich. Hope that’s OK.”
B: “Ta very much!”

Thanks ever so much (British English)
A: “I got you the paper you wanted.”
B: “Thanks ever so much!”

Note: “Thanks ever so much” is considered non-standard English, but you’ll hear it a lot in the UK.

Cheers! (British English, used both in speaking and in emails)
“Cheers!” (when someone holds the door open for you, for example)

More formal ways to say thank you

Thank you so much
“Thank you so much for coming to the meeting tonight.” (spoken to a group of people)

“That’s really kind of you. Thank you so much!”

Much obliged (Often used when we’re expecting a particular “service” as part of normal behaviour)
(Shop assistant) “I’ve put your refund back on to your credit card.”
(You) “Much obliged!”

I appreciate it
“Thank you for your help. I greatly appreciate it.”

Thank you for your kind words
A: “You’re one of the best teachers I’ve had!”
B: “Thank you for your kind words.”

How to say thank you to a friend

Great / Brilliant / Wonderful. Thanks!
A: “I’ve got us tickets for the concert.”
B: “Brilliant, thanks!”

Thanks – you’re a star!
A: “I’ll look after your kids for you if you want to go shopping.”
B: “Thanks – you’re a star!”

A: “I’ll get this round in.” (i.e. at a pub)
B: “Cheers!”

Nice one! (typically British English)
A: “I booked the restaurant for this evening.”
B: “Nice one!”

How to say thank you to a colleague at work

I owe you one! (Informal, meaning “I owe you a favour now”.)
A: “Dave asked me where you were, but I said you were with a client.”
B: “Thanks! I owe you one!”

I appreciate it
“Thanks for covering for me yesterday. I appreciate it!”

I’m very thankful to you for…
“I’m very thankful to you for helping me with the presentation. It made a huge difference.”

How to say thank you in a card

Thank you so much for …
“Thank you so much for helping us when Sue was ill.”

You can continue with:

“I was really touched by …”
… your kindness
… your thoughtfulness
… your help
… your support

I really appreciate it
“Thank you so much for looking after my grandmother in hospital. I really appreciate it.”

How to say thank you for money

It’s really kind / generous of you
A: “I can lend you the money you need, if you like.”
B: “Thank you! That’s really generous of you.”

How to say thank you for a present

When you write a thank you letter or card for a gift you’ve received, you should aim to write a few sentences. For example:

Thank you very much for the present / gift you sent me

Then give some more details, such as:
It’s absolutely beautiful.
It’s something I’ve wanted for a long time.
It’s just the right colour / size, etc.

You can continue with:
It was very generous of you.
I’ll think of you every time I use it.

When you’re face to face you can say:

Oh you shouldn’t have!
A: “I got you this for your birthday.”
B: “Oh you shouldn’t have!”

How to say thank you for help / support / hospitality

Thank you so much for all your help
“Thank you so much for all your help when we were restructuring the department. It made things a lot easier.”

I don’t know what I would have done without you
“You’ve really helped me out over the last few weeks. I don’t know what I would have done without you.”

You don’t know how much it meant to me
“Thank you so much for organising the flowers for the funeral. You don’t know how much it meant to me.”

Thank you for all / everything you have done
“Thank you for everything you’ve done in the last month. You’ve made my life so much easier!”

Thanks for everything
“We had such a lovely holiday with you. Thanks for everything!”

Thanks for being there (for me)
I just wanted to say thank you for all your help recently. Thanks for being there for me!”

I’m really / very grateful
“I’m really grateful to you for all your help this last week.”

How to say thank you to a group

Thank you everybody
“Thank you everybody for making the launch such a success!”

Thanks everyone
“Thanks everyone for coming.”

I’d like to thank you all
“I’d like to thank you all for your help in getting the office ready for the party.”

How to say thank you to a client

Thank you for taking the time…
“Thank you for taking the time to see me today.”

Thank you for your (continued) support
“Thank you for your support during our recent merger.”

I greatly appreciate
“I greatly appreciate all your feedback.”

We are very grateful to you
“We are very grateful to you for your continued support.”

In emails

Here are some ways to say thank you:

Many thanks for
“Many thanks for getting back to me.”

Just wanted to say thanks
“Just wanted to say thanks for the lovely meal last night.”

I can’t thank you enough for…
“I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to…”

Saying Thank You Quiz

Level: Elementary and above

1. You have a very heavy suitcase and someone helps you to carry it. You say to the person
2. You help someone with a heavy bag. They say ''thank you'' and you reply
3. A friend gives you his umbrella when he sees that you're going out when it's raining. You say:
4. You're in a department store and the store assistant asks you if you'd like to try a new perfume sample. You say:
5. Someone writes you an email with the answer to a question you asked. You reply to their email and say:
6. You are really busy at work, but your colleague tells your boss in a meeting that you should start a new project. You are angry and say to your colleague after the meeting:
7. Someone gives you a big or unexpected gift and you feel a bit embarrassed. You say:
8. You're in a street and notice that the person in front has dropped a wallet. You pick it up and give it to the person who says to you ''Ta very much!'' You reply:
9. You suddenly realise that you forgot to post a letter. Your friend says that he'll post it for you because he's going to the post office. You say to your friend:
10. When you want to say more than just ''thank you'' you can say:
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Every thank you note should include this sentence

thank you for the update i appreciate it

In June of 2018, I found myself charged with an OWI, high BAC, and possession of marijuana. Having only had one previous charge/conviction, and one that was fairly minor (an MIP), I was in a complete panic. I called the office of Mary Chartier and Takura Nyamfukudza on a Sunday, and received a call back promptly the following Monday. I was able to speak to Mary, who put me in contact with Takura. I was very impressed with the speediness of the initial contact, as well as the speediness of the following communications as my case went on. Besides receiving suggestions on what I should be doing while awaiting my sentencing, I also received a great deal of encouragement and positivity from Takura, reducing my stress greatly.

Takura drove to Petoskey (where my charges were incurred) for each court date and was extremely comforting and supportive during the process. He was able to have the high BAC charge dropped, the possession of marijuana charge was dropped due to my possession of a medical marijuana license, and during sentencing, I received NO probation, and only had to pay a fine! I was absolutely thrilled, and he shared in my excitement with a big bear hug outside of the courtroom. By the end of the ordeal, I felt I had made a friend, and had not simply hired an attorney. Throughout the process, I received a condolences card from the office when a family member passed, as well as a birthday card. All of this meant very much to me; when one is already beating themselves up for a foolish decision that landed them in jail and at the wrong end of the law, feeling so much kindness and support truly helps, and this office delivered that kindness and support and then some.

Three months after the fact, I am still dealing with issues regarding the suspension of my driver license as a result of refusing the roadside breathalyzer. Takura has been in contact with me on a regular basis, and though my license was supposed to be suspended for one full year, with his help I now have a restricted license and am able to get where I need to go. I cannot recommend Takura and his office strongly enough. 

on: Show HN: Fast and simple way to get EV SSL certifi Thanks for the update; much appreciated. Will keep this in mind for the next time I.

25 Ways to Appreciate Your Customers with a Thank You Email (2019)

thank you for the update i appreciate it

It’s always a good idea to say thank you when someone lends you a hand at work or helps you with your job search. Not only will you be expressing your gratitude, but it'll also help you maintain a strong professional relationship with that person.

Tips for Saying Thank You

When in doubt, say thank you. There are many situations in which it is a good idea to follow up with a thank-you note. You should say thank you whenever a colleague helps you out, after an informational interview or job interview, when someone writes you a letter of recommendation, and in many other professional situations. Not sure if you should send a note? Err on the side of sending one – it never hurts to say thank you.

Consider the format. When saying thank you, you can choose between a handwritten note, a letter, or an email. An email is more informal and is best when you want the person to receive your note as soon as possible. 

For example, if a hiring manager is going to make a decision right after your interview, you might want to email him or her for the sake of time. Consider a handwritten note when you have more time and want to give the note a personal touch.

Keep it short and sweet. In the letter, you want to state what specifically you are thanking the person for.

Is it for writing you a letter of recommendation or for a time a coworker covered your shifts when you had to take time off? State the specific reason but keep the note short. One to three paragraphs are usually all you need.

Use quotes. If you are struggling with what to say in your note, use the quotes below as a starting point. You’ll have to tailor them to fit your personal circumstances. This might include changing some of the language in the quote or adding more information. You will also want to begin your note with a salutation and end with a closing and your signature.

Thank You Quote Examples

Employee Thank You
Thank you for all your help. I'm happy to have you as a part of this team. In the short time you have been here, you have really helped to make things run smoothly. I really appreciate your willingness to help out wherever needed. It's that kind of flexibility and dedication that will help this company grow to its full potential.

Thank You to Boss
Thank you for your confidence in me, and for your support for this project. I'm confident that you're going to be pleased with the results.

Thank You for Help With Project
Thank you very much for offering to help out with this project. I really appreciate your willingness to assist. It is helpful to have someone who has had experience with similar issues on previous projects to offer guidance. I am looking forward to implementing many of your suggestions.

Thank You for Teamwork
Thank you so much for your assistance. You really came through, proving what it means to be a "team player." The extra effort you put in was really appreciated.

Thank You for Help
Thank you so much for the help you gave me this week. I greatly appreciate the assistance you have provided me.

Thank You for Information
Thank you for your response to my inquiry. I appreciate the information you have provided me with and I appreciate the prompt reply.

Thank You for Answering Question
I want to thank you for taking time out to answer my question the other day. I am sure that you are busy, and I appreciate you taking the time to respond personally to me. Thank you again.

Thank You to a Volunteer
Thanks for offering to co-coordinate the committee. I just got a copy of the responsibilities that we will share, which I'll forward to you along with the list of members. I really appreciate your help.

Thank You for Donation
I wish to thank you so much for your generous donation. This will be of great help; our participants will benefit significantly. I will keep you informed as to our progress. Again, my sincere appreciation for your generosity.

Thank You for Gift
Thank you so much for your gift. I really appreciate you thinking of me, and you couldn't have chosen a more perfect present for me. Again, thanks very much.

Thank You for Generosity
Thank you so much for helping me out during these very difficult times. Your help has been invaluable to me, and I don't know how I would have managed without your help and support. Again, thank you so much. I sincerely appreciate your generosity.

Thank You for Help With Business
I really appreciate all your help in getting my business ready to open. You've been right there, helping out wherever and whenever you could for these past few months. We couldn't have done it without your expert services. I am very appreciative of your assistance and looking forward to continuing to work together.

Thank You for Inspiration
Thank you so much for talking to me the other day; you have inspired me to work on my new project and follow my dreams. I could not have made these decisions without you.

Thank You for Career Assistance
Thank you for taking the time to talk with me. I sincerely appreciate the time you spent reviewing my career goals and recommending strategies for achieving them. Your advice was very helpful and gave me a new perspective on available opportunities.

Thank You for Job Search Help
Thank you for all the help you have given me with my job search. I especially appreciate the information and advice you have provided, and the contacts you have shared with me. Your assistance has been invaluable to me during this process.

Thank You for a Job Referral
Thank you very much for referring me for the position at ABCD. I am grateful for the time you spent reviewing my application and recommending me for the job. Again, thank you so much for your help.

Thank You for a Recommendation
Thank you so much for recommending me for the position. I received an interview, and I know this is in large part due to your kind recommendation. I will keep you updated on the interview and hiring process.

Thank You for Internship
Your advice and experience have been tremendously helpful throughout these past six months. I truly appreciate the confidence you showed in me by giving me this internship. I hope that after graduation, I might be able to speak with you about pursuing a career in social work.

Thank You for Job Interview With Contact Information
I am very interested in working for you and look forward to hearing from you once the final decisions are made regarding this position. Please feel free to contact me at any time if further information is needed. My cell phone number is (555) 555-5555.

Job Interview Thank You
I appreciate the time you took to interview me. I am very interested in working for you and look forward to hearing from you about this position.

Thank You for a Group Interview
Today's interview served to reinforce my interest in becoming part of your team. If there is any other information I can provide to help expedite the decision-making process, please let me know. Again, I appreciate the time you, and the rest of the team, took to talk with me, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank You for a Second Interview
I am pleased to have had a chance to talk with you again and thank you again for your consideration. This second interview has confirmed my interest in working for your company, and my confidence that I am a good fit for the job. I look forward to hearing from you.

Appreciation Quote Examples

Here are some simple appreciation messages you can use for a variety of circumstances. Next time you want to communicate your gratitude but don’t know what to say, grab one of these messages and adapt it to your circumstance.

  • Your willingness to help out wherever there is a need is greatly appreciated. It's that kind of flexibility and dedication that will help this company grow to its full potential.
  • I appreciate the extra time you've been spending at work while we are so busy. In a small business, we all need to take on a little extra sometimes, and it's employees like you who make it work for us all.
  • Your positive attitude has had a terrific influence on the way the entire staff is viewing our restructure. Your effort continues to help things run smoothly, and I really appreciate your support.
  • All the hours of hard work have really paid off on your current project. You have done a great job as team leader, and I really appreciate the extra effort you've put into it.
  • Your offer to help out on this project is really appreciated. We're lucky to have someone with your experience to guide us through some of the difficulties we are facing. Please let me know if I can make someone available to keep your other projects on schedule while you spend time on this.
  • I very much appreciate the time you have spent with me in planning our relocation. It will make all the difference when it comes time to begin the actual move.
  • I really appreciate your offer to help in planning the company picnic. I have a project that is taking a lot of my time right now, and having you take on some of the tasks will be a big help.
  • Your willingness to help out with anything we've needed during our renovations is very much appreciated. It takes dedication and insight into the whole process to contribute in so many ways to a project like this.
  • My team and I truly appreciate your understanding and support regarding the changes we have made to the project plan. We believe that these changes are going to positively affect the customer experience with this as well as future projects.
  • I really appreciate your taking the time out of your busy schedule to speak with me, and your insights into my current project. I plan to implement many of your suggestions, and will be sure to send you a follow-up when the project is completed.

Appreciation Letter Example

Download the Word Template

Appreciation Letter Example (Text Version)

Mary Jones
123 Main Street
Anytown, CA 12345

September 1, 2018

Angela Lee
Interior Designer
Master Decorators
123 Business Rd.
Business City, NY 54321

Dear Ms. Lee:

I really appreciate all your help in getting my new flower shop ready to open. You've been right there, helping out wherever and whenever you could for these past few months. I especially appreciate your help with the color and decorating choices, as well as the advice on which software programs to buy.

We couldn't have done it without your expert services. I am very appreciative of your assistance and looking forward to continuing to work together. If there’s ever anything we can do to return the favor, please let us know.

Again, thank you so much.


Mary Jones

Regardless of format, the most important thing to do in your note is to clearly explain why you are writing to say thank you.

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I want to thank you for the opportunity to earn your business, and I look forward to I appreciate your prompt response to our request for extra security during the.

thank you for the update i appreciate it
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