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Thank you for your feedback and suggestions
March 23, 2019 Anniversary Wishes No comments

Thank you for your astute advice on handling my investment portfolio. advice you offered; for being so straightforward and honest about; for your feedback on.


Since a steady flow of good suggestions is vital to the health of an organization, this letter can express appreciation and encourage more open, constructive communication. If you use the advice or suggestion, give appropriate recognition. If you do not use it, you may wish to hold out the possibility of future consideration.


1. Express thanks while mentioning the specific advice or suggestion you received.

  • Thank you for your astute advice on handling my investment portfolio.
  • I understand your concern about the way the company has handled recent layoffs and think your suggestions were timely and well thought out.
  • Your suggestion to have all the editors coordinate their work by E-mail was a stroke of genius! Thank you.
  • Thank you for being so straightforward and honest about the effect our sick leave policy is having on employees.
  • It was a pleasure to receive your suggestions for helping our task force deal with graffiti problems.
  • Thank you for your suggestion regarding the location of our next retreat.
  • Your idea for a new company slogan is nothing less than ingenious.
  • always appreciate your
  • am certainly grateful for your recommendations
  • appreciate your loyalty to the firm
  • appreciate your suggestion that we
  • appreciate your willingness to
  • asked me to thank you for
  • by the time you read this
  • for your suggestion to
  • for your valuable suggestions
  • for the advice you offered
  • for being so straightforward and honest about
  • for your feedback on
  • have given the situation some careful thought
  • how much we appreciate
  • is obviously very important to
  • is precisely what we need
  • is a stroke of genius
  • sounds like exactly what we need
  • thank you for
  • want you to know
  • was glad to receive your
  • was pleased to receive your
  • was particularly impressed by your
  • will incorporate many of your suggestions
  • will certainly raise the issue at our next
  • will certainly consider
  • your astute advice regarding

2. Comment on why you value the advice or suggestion.

  • At the time I was unaware of how many options I had. Now, I feel more in control and less vulnerable to unethical investment schemes.
  • By using e-mail we will virtually eliminate travel and postage costs and be able to use our time more efficiently.
  • Your suggestion to change the policy to be more in line with our parent company is a good one.
  • While so many suggestions tend to be simplistic, yours were well thought out and hold real promise for success.
  • I like the idea for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that we will be away from telephones and other interruptions.
  • Your idea would certainly help us maintain better relationships.
  • a move in the right direction
  • agree with you that
  • by using your ideas
  • by following your guidelines
  • by incorporating your suggestions into
  • captures the essence of
  • gave us a different viewpoint
  • have passed your suggestion on to
  • helped me to see things differently
  • highest priority is to
  • infinite number of possibilities
  • is such an important decision
  • is certainly on the right track
  • give rise to a more efficient use of
  • see the situation in a different light
  • should help us to
  • were well thought out
  • will give it every consideration
  • will help us to focus on
  • would help to solve the problem with

3. Explain how you will implement the suggestion or why you will not implement it at this time, or that you will give it further consideration.

  • I plan to meet with my benefits office in the near future to get that side of my retirement plans in order.
  • I will explain the entire procedure next Thursday when we have our monthly staff meeting. It will involve the purchase of some new software, but it will be worth it.
  • We plan to take the issue up with the board of directors in our fall meeting. We are unable to do anything until they meet.
  • I will definitely present your suggestions to the city council when we meet next Thursday. I think several agencies will be interested in your ideas.
  • My secretary will contact John next week to see whether we can reserve his cabin for those days. If the scheduling works out, I may ask you to provide us with a map of how to get there.
  • We will begin to use it on our next TV spot and on our letterhead stationery after we deplete our present supplies.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot implement it until the new management takes over. We will return to the issue then.
  • as soon as possible
  • as soon as funding becomes available
  • at our next meeting with
  • don't have the resources to
  • have looked into the matter
  • have already implemented a similar
  • have decided to go ahead with
  • have passed it along to
  • if we can budget the resources
  • is looking into the cost
  • is not the right time to
  • might be interested in
  • needs further investigation
  • nothing we can do until
  • plan to meet with
  • plan to take the issue up with
  • sounds like a good idea
  • to see whether we can
  • will be pleased to know
  • will be incorporated immediately
  • will be able to start implementation
  • will present your suggestions to
  • will explain the entire procedure to
  • will not be able to incorporate

4. Express appreciation and communicate an openness to receiving other good ideas.

  • The few minutes I spent with you were extremely valuable. Thank you very much. I am always open to good advice.
  • Thank you for your creative thinking. Keep the good ideas coming!
  • We do appreciate your concern and want to do everything we can to make our policy fair and equitable. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
  • I always appreciate meaningful input from concerned citizens.
  • We have apparently been in one mode of thinking for so long that we haven't considered this alternative. Your innovative ideas are always welcome.
  • Thanks for your dedication. Your ideas are always welcome.
  • always open to good advice
  • always look forward to
  • appreciate your taking the time to
  • appreciate your good ideas
  • appreciate your concern
  • don't hesitate to
  • encourage you to continue
  • for your dedication to
  • for bringing this to my attention
  • for your creative approach to
  • have helped immensely in improving our
  • ideas are always welcome
  • keep the good ideas coming
  • look forward to
  • thank you for
  • to make suggestions in the future
  • to submit such excellent ideas
  • to hearing more of your innovative ideas
  • value your opinion
  • were extremely valuable
  • will keep your letter on file
  • will be a part of your record

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Read our tips on writing the perfect thank you letter for customer feedback, and use our email templates to respond to either positive or negative.

“Thank you.” What to do with customer complaints.

thank you for your feedback and suggestions

How to Respond to Negative Reviews

Responding to negative reviews is difficult. Bad reviews hurt. Sometimes they can be downright cruel.

It’s natural to get upset, but when you’ve lost your cool, or if you feel like retaliating, it’s wise to step away from the keyboard. You can’t let your emotions dictate what you’re going to write in your response to a negative review.

Here’s a template you can use for your negative review response:

Dear [NAME OF REVIEWER], thanks for sharing your feedback. We’re sorry your experience didn’t match your expectations. It was an uncommon instance and we’ll do better.

Please feel free reach out to [INSERT CONTACT INFORMATION] with any further comments, concerns, or suggestions you wish to share. We would love to make things right if you give us another chance.

Think of the above review response example as an all-purpose one. Obviously, how you respond to negative reviews will vary from situation to situation.

But if you examine the way highly rated businesses win over their reviewers, you’ll notice that the response above applies some of the best practices in responding to bad reviews.


After looking at 200,000 review responses, and analyzing the differences between positive, neutral, and negative reviews responses, we found the best ways to respond to each type of review.

When the feedback is negative, businesses focus more on engaging directly with the customer, showing the willingness to understand and sympathize with their experience, and offering them an easy way to access the business — usually including direct contact information.

Notice that while businesses do apologize, that’s a relatively small part of the response (13 percent)—and that makes sense: it can come across as unprofessional to be overly apologetic. Instead, brands focus on their commitment to service and “next steps” (e.g., how a consumer can contact them directly).

7 Steps to Crafting the Right Review Response: Negative Reviews

1. Address the reviewer

Your customers want to be heard individually and addressed personally. So don’t forget your salutations and, if possible, avoid the generic “Dear guest,” or “Dear customer.”

Because 76 percent of reviews are now on Google or Facebook, you can usually get a first name for the reviewer.

2. Say thank you

Show customers that your business appreciates and values candid feedback, and always remember to say thank you in responses to reviews (even the bad ones).

Some things you can say:

  • “Thank you for your review. I’m sorry to hear you had such a frustrating experience, but I really appreciate you bringing this issue to my attention.”
  • “Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’re sorry you had a bad experience. We’ll strive to do better. ”
  • “Thank you for letting us know know about this. Your feedback helps us get better. We are looking into this issue and hope to resolve it promptly and accurately.”

3. Apologize and sympathize

Saying sorry shows that you care about your customers and that you’re not too proud to own up to your mistakes.

Even if it’s not your fault, and there will be times when this is true, say sorry anyway. Besides, people don’t like businesses that are too perfect or too proud to apologize.

Keep you apology short and sweet like this: 

  • “We apologize that our service did not satisfy your expectations.”
  • “We’re so sorry that your experience did not match your expectations. This is on us.”
  • “We set a high standard for ourselves, and we’re so sorry to hear this was not met in your interaction with our business.”

4. Take responsibility

Don’t make excuses. Even if what happened was an uncommon instance, an isolated case, an unfortunate incident, an off day — acknowledge the customer’s experience. At the same time, provide reassurance that you hold yourself to high standards.

Some things you can say:

  • “I’m so sorry. We’re normally known for our exceptional attention to detail, and we regret that we missed the mark.”
  • “We always aim to deliver a great experience. We are gutted when we miss the mark! Thanks for taking the time to bring this to our attention. We will use the feedback to make us better and to ensure this doesn’t happen again.”
  • “Thank you for posting a review and we’re sorry to hear that your experience was not of the quality you expected. We would like the opportunity to investigate your feedback further.”

5. Make things right

Avoid cookie-cutter responses that do not resolve or address any specific issues raised in the review. Be as specific as you can about the customer’s experience, and communicate any changes or improvements you have made or will make as a result of their feedback.

If there’s nothing you can do to fix what happened, here’s a really compelling way to respond to the reviewer, take ownership, and promise to make things right in the future:

  • “I apologize on behalf of everyone at [Company Name]. Please know that your situation was an exception. As you can see on other reviews, we are known for taking ownership and caring deeply about our customers. We can’t fix the past but you have my personal commitment to improve the way our staff serves every customer. Until then, please accept my sincerest apologies on behalf of everyone on the team.”

6. Take the issue offline

It’s best for you and your customer to talk directly about the problem they had and take the issue offline. For this reason, brands will provide direct contact information for their customers in their review response.

Some things you can say:

  • “We would like the opportunity to investigate your feedback further. Please could you contact me at [Email Address] or call our team at [Phone Number]? We’ll work with you to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.”
  • “We are sorry that your experience at [Company Name] didn’t quite match your expectations. We would love to know why, so that we can deliver a better experience next time. You may reach us anytime at [Email Address] or [Phone Number]. Again, thank you for your feedback!”

7. Ask for a second chance

Don’t slam the door on negative reviewers; extend a hand. Invite them to come back; when they do, welcome them with open arms.

Not only does this create an opportunity for you to change the conversation; it also establishes confidence in your ability to deliver an experience worth raving (instead of ranting) about.

Some things you can say:

  • “Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention. I’m very sorry we failed to meet your expectations. I would appreciate another chance to earn your business. Please call me or ask for me next time you’re at [Company Name].”

Tips on Responding to Rating-Only Reviews (No Text)

Before we dig into some more examples, a word about an increasing trend we’re seeing with reviews: rating-only reviews.

These reviews have no text, just a star rating. And it can be puzzling to know what to say to someone who leaves a blank 1-star review of your business.

When someone leaves a review without any text, it makes sense to keep your response brief and to the point. Ask the reviewer to elaborate privately about their experience and provide contact information for them to do so like in these examples: 

  • “We invite you to contact us at [Email Address], so we may discuss your specific personal experience at [Company name].  Thank you.”
  • “Your review is very concerning to us. We would appreciate if you would contact our customer care team by calling [Phone Number] to speak with a customer care representative about your recent experience. “
  • “We are sad to hear that you didn’t have the best experience at [Company Name]. You deserve better. Please reach out to me at your leisure so we can make it right.  [MANAGER NAME, PHONE NUMBER]”

Examples: How to Respond to Negative Reviews

Restaurant Negative Review Response Example

Restaurateurs know that delicious food doesn’t always guarantee a 5-star review. Take notes from this heartfelt response to a review that commented on other aspects of the dining experience.

Why it works: In the response, the restaurateur seems genuinely sorry that the guest’s experience “could’ve been better.” The response also offers ways to deliver a better or more satisfactory experience next time — while keeping the tone polite and professional. By highlighting the upstairs seating, the response not only offers a solution to this diner, but also offers a tip to prospective diners who may be reading this review in the future. 

Hotel Negative Review Response Example

When a loyal customer expressed her disappointment with her anniversary stay at the Stamford Plaza in Brisbane, executive assistant manager Dale John wrote a pitch-perfect response.

Why it works: The response addressed the reviewer and started with a “thank you.” It was also very specific about the customer’s experience, and it provided information on how the hotel planned to resolve certain issues and maintain its usual standards.

Healthcare Negative Review Response Example

For healthcare providers, it’s a little bit trickier to craft responses to negative patient reviews.

With the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which is designed to safeguard patients’ health information, healthcare marketers must be able to respond without referring to any specifics about medical care or the patient’s identity, which could be construed as “patient data.”

You can read the guide on how to write HIPAA-compliant review responses. Here’s a great example:

Why it works: The review response addresses specific issues without breaking confidentiality. It also communicates the provider’s concrete plan to make things right (“We recently hired a consultant…”). And the response wisely offers to take the conversation offline — demonstrating the provider’s genuine desire to engage with the patient and solve the problem.

Financial Services Negative Review Response Example

Negative reviews can also hit banks and financial services providers. By replying ASAP, you can minimize the possibility of other potential clients being swayed by the original reviewer’s experience.

Why it works: This review response feels sincere instead of defensive. Sometimes, simply thanking the customer for their feedback and apologizing can go a long way. Take note, too, of the offer to take things offline and discuss the issue privately.

Veterinary Clinic Negative Review Response Example

Here’s another example of a response to a negative review; it’s from a veterinary clinic, a business in an industry in which emotions can run high, especially in times of a pet’s health crisis.

Why it works: Pet parents can be extremely vocal and opinionated. There will always be people who are going to be convinced that their vets are just “in it for the money” and don’t really care about the welfare of their animals. In response to the negative Facebook review, Forest Grove Veterinary Clinic posted a classy reply that highlighted the company’s values while also directly addressing the customer’s experience.

Travel and Hospitality Negative Review Response Example

JetBlue Airways’ Twitter account serves as one of the company’s main customer service channels. When a customer named Esaí Vélez complained (politely) about his backseat TV not working, JetBlue responded within minutes.  

Why it works: The swiftness with which JetBlue responded is impressive. While it’s a response to a tweet instead of to a review, the short reply effectively displays sympathy while also offering a solution (or at least a genuine attempt to make amends).

Says best-selling author and customer service expert Chip Bell: “In the customer’s mind the clock starts when he or she posts a negative review, and your reputation drops with every hour you delay providing a response. Bad reviews that remain unanswered signal to other customers you are disinterested. It also fuels the perception that the negative report by an angry customer was probably accurate.”

Best Practices When Responding to Negative Reviews

Respond in a timely manner

As mentioned earlier, more than 50 percent of customers who have written reviews expect a response in seven days or less.

1 in 4 have an even shorter time frame: they expect to hear back from the business within three days.

Set up review alerts so you are notified of new reviews. Also, you definitely don’t want to be logging in and out of every review site manually — so a review response tool may be useful.

Remember: the clock begins ticking once reviews are posted, and customers are waiting to hear back from you.

Assign ownership of the process

Identify people in your organization who will be directly involved with responding to bad reviews. This is actually complicated, because reviews live at the intersection of marketing, operations, social media, and customer service. There are a lot of stakeholders.

Typically speaking, we see that branch or location managers, social media teams, marketing teams, and customer service staff are typically the people who are put in charge of review response.

Clarifying who is in charge of responding to reviews is important not just because it simplifies the process—it will also increase your review response time, a key customer success metric.

Whoever steps up as the head of your review response program should understand the guidelines of each review site, be able to transform the collected feedback into valuable insights for your company, and — perhaps most important of all — display the right tact needed to address complaints and represent the brand well.

Create a review response policy

If you operate in multiple locations, chances are more than one person will be assigned to respond directly to online reviews.

This makes it crucial to have an organization-wide policy that guides how your company should proceed whenever new customer reviews are posted online.

Your policy should cover things like what language and tone you should use, what the timeline is for getting back to customers, with whom the reviews will be shared in your organization, when do escalations become necessary, what the ideal response rate is, and other items that may affect how your company handles reviews.

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Thank you for your feedback!

thank you for your feedback and suggestions

Thanking someone for their advice is thoughtful and kind. Below, you will find 25 example thank you notes that you can copy and modify for your needs.

Is it advice or advise? 

The difference between advice and advise is that advice is a noun and advise is a verb. So, for this article, we will be using the word advice, as "advice" is a noun in this case as it represents the opinion or suggestion given to you. You can read more about the advice vs. advise differences here.

Thank you for the advice template and tips

Tip #1: The best thank you note are those that are specific. Your note will feel less generic if you say what the advice was and how it impacted you.

Tip #2: If you are stumped for words, a short one line, Thank you for your advice, is better than not saying thank you.

Tip #3: If someone gives you the advice in an email and you are not sure yet if you will be taking their advice or not an appropriate response is "Thank you for your advice. I will consider it and let you know.”

Tip #4: You may also want to check out the examples in the thank you for the information post here, as it may be possible for your situation to substitute the word information with advice.

Tip #5: In sensitive or very personal situations, you may not want to include revealing details, if you think there is a chance someone other than the intended audience will see your note.

Tip #6: If you feel like you want to with more than a thank-you note, you could consider giving them a gift card to a restaurant or a store that they like to shop at.

Basic Template 

Note: Fill in words in [brackets] as appropriate.

Dear [Person's Name],

Thank you for giving me advice about [advice topic]. Then a sentence explaining how you benefited from the advice or how it helped solve the problem. Add any other details you would like to include.

Sincerely (or another closing),

[Your Name]

Examples #1, #2, and #3 below can also be used as templates.

Advice thank you note examples

Note: The samples will not include the greeting or closing, but be sure to include them in your note! You can see the layout of a thank-you note in the 5 easy steps here.

More Template Examples

#1 You are a great listener! Thank you for giving me advice about [topic]. I have considered the options you laid out. After careful consideration, I have decided to [say what action step you are taking]. Thanks again for discussing all the options with me.

#2 As always, I appreciated your valuable input about [topic]. You have a way of clarifying things that makes sense to me and helps me to sort through the choices. After our conversation, I decided to [whatever your decision is].

#3 Thank you for your advice and support. As always, I am grateful to hear your viewpoint. Your latest advice about [topic] helped me consider new possible choices. I had been so fixated on [whatever you thought was the best choice] that I couldn't think of other options. I will be doing [what you decided to do]. Thanks again for being so willing to help me figure things out.

Click Image to check price on Amazon (affiliate link)

General Advice Note Examples

#4 Thank you for the good advice about [topic]. It wasn't what I wanted to hear, but in considering your advice later, I now believe it's the best advice. I am glad that you talked to me about it.

#5 I want to thank you for your guidance as I navigate [topic/situation]. You've always been a great mentor to me, and I value your advice and support. It's hard to measure the impact you've had on my life, but I know it's been significant.

#6 Thank you for meeting me at Starbucks this week. I have been thinking about your advice all week and have decided to take it. I will be talking to [Person's Name] soon to see if they agree that [option you what to take] is the next best step.

#7 Thank you for your kind advice about how to handle my current situation. I felt stuck and was feeling defeated. I appreciate that you were able to give me some suggestions on how to move forward.

#8 I want to let you know that your advice is very much appreciated. Since you have been married for [number of years] longer than me, I like hearing your tips for a successful marriage. [Spouse's Name] and I have benefited from your words of wisdom.

Job or Career Advice Note Examples

#9 Thank you for the career advice! After talking with you about math and science programs at [School Name], I have decided to submit my application for next year. I hope to follow in your footsteps!

#10 I am thankful for your opinion about the position in your department. I am grateful for the extra details you were able to provide beyond the job description. Because of your input, I have decided not to apply for the position as it’s not what I am looking for as a next career step. I hope your department finds the right person soon.

#11 You are a wonderful friend. Thank you for giving me advice on the job I was considering applying for when I contacted you. Because of what you said about taking a risk to try something different, I am going to apply for the job! I also updated my resume based on your feedback. I will let you know if I get an interview.

#12 Figuring out my career path has been difficult. Thank you for sharing your view that I don't have to my entire career path planned out before I even graduate high school! I'm getting so much mail from colleges that it's hard to navigate. My parents were glad to that you talked to me.

#13 Thanks for your advice on how dealing with my challenging coworker. I will check with our boss to see if we can do some personality quizzes which could help us learn how to work better with each other. I will let you know how it goes! Perhaps, she and I will be friends soon.

Money Advice Note Examples

Note: Links to books are Amazon affiliate links. Modify your note, to include what money book you might be reading. Note reading a book? Then leave out that sentence. 

#14 I appreciate your thoughts on how to make a balanced budget. Your advice was quite valuable. Using your example, I have made a spreadsheet for tracking my spending in categories. I will also be ordering The Total Money Makeover. Thanks to your help, I have managed to save $200 so far and will have an emergency fund soon.

#15 I love your ideas on how I can save money! Thank you for your creative ideas. I look forward to feeling more in control of my money and not being broke all the time and will read I Will Teach You to Be Rich.

Other Advice Examples

#16 Thank you for the advice about my relationship with [Person’s Name]. As you know, we’ve had a rough week. Talking things out with you helped me gain a new perspective. I approached [Person’s Name], last night and discussed some of your suggestions with him. We have come to a resolution on how to move forward and are both feeling better about the situation.

#17 Thank you for your cat behavior advice. I am trying out the Feliway with introducing my new cat since it helped your two become friends. I hope it works as well as for my cats as it did yours.

#18 Thank you for the cat food recommendations. As you know, the choices can be overwhelming with so many healthy brands now. I am grateful to take advantage of the research that you already did. I have decided to go with [brand/variety].

#19 I am glad we connected regarding gluten-free eating. You have done so well with it. Thank you for giving me advice on how to transition my family now that [family member's name] has been diagnosed with Celiac disease.

#20 Thank you for providing me with the list of your favorite cookbooks. I am grateful for your advice and kitchen tips as I learn how to cook meals at home. Please let me know when you can come over for dinner.

#21 You are a great advice giver when it comes to cooking. I value your experience. And thank you for helping me learn how to soft boil eggs. They are perfect over breakfast hash.

#22 Your advice on which keyboard to buy was spot on. I like how quiet the keys are when I type and you were right that I would love it being wireless. I can also use it with my phone, and it's easy to put into my large bag for when I travel.

#23 As you suggested, I started to listen to The Happier Podcast to get advice on how to live a happier life. I am enjoying it immensely and trying out some of the ideas mentioned by Gretchen and her sister. Thank you for the recommendation.

#24 Thank you for your excellent advice over the years. This note is a little overdue as it's become so easy to rely on your wisdom. My life is better because of you!

#25 The advice you gave me about how to get the stain out of my shirt worked! My favorite shirt is now stain free and looking awesome again. I am glad I asked for your help! Your laundry knowledge saved me from buying a new shirt.

I hope these 25 examples helped you write your thank you note to whoever gave you advice! 

Thank you so much for your kind words, valuable feedback and gracious support — all of which are very much appreciated! Lisa Gallagher Franci Hoffman.

Dear Guest, Thank you for having taken your time...

thank you for your feedback and suggestions

Writing a thank-you note or email message is a lovely gesture to express your appreciation for any occasion. In the business world, a thank-you note could make the difference between getting the job, the client, or the contract, and being passed over.

Thank-you notes can solidify the impression you left with the interviewer and make you stand out from the competition. A well-written thank-you note can show your team or colleagues how much their hard work is appreciated, or let your boss know that you value his or her support.

If you take the time to write a personal thank-you note, it will always be appreciated, regardless of the circumstances. People like to be thanked and they remember those who take the time to send a note or email.

Words and Phrases to Use to Say Thank You

What's the best way to show your appreciation? When you're writing a thank-you note, choose a phrase that fits the reason why you are saying thank you.

If someone has helped you at work, on a project, or with a problem, let them know you appreciate the assistance. If you are sending a job interview thank-you note, thank the interviewer for his or her consideration. If someone gave you career advice or a tip on a job opening, tell them you appreciate the guidance or the suggestion.

When you're sending a personal thank-you letter or message, simply stating your thanks and appreciation is often all you need to do. Here’s a list of phrases to get you started.

General Thank-You Phrases

These general thank-you phrases can be used for all personal and professional communications. 

  • Thank you so much.
  • Thank you very much.
  • I appreciate your consideration / guidance / help / time.
  • I sincerely appreciate …
  • My sincere appreciation / gratitude / thanks.
  • My thanks and appreciation.
  • Please accept my deepest thanks.
  • Thank you for your assistance / consideration / encouragement / guidance / support / thoughtfulness / time. 

Business Thank-You Phrases

Sending a business thank-you note is not only professional; it’s a way to build a relationship with your professional business contacts.

  • I am appreciative of your assistance and look forward to your continuing to work on our account.
  • Many thanks for giving me this opportunity.
  • Thank you for referring [individual name] to me for [services provided].
  • Thank you for referring us to [company name].
  • Thanks very much for the assistance you provide my business. It is sincerely appreciated.

Personal Thank-You Phrases

Use these phrases to let someone know how much you appreciate what they have done for you.

  • I am grateful for your support.
  • I appreciate you.
  • I appreciate your taking the time.
  • I value the insights and guidance you provide.
  • I wanted to thank you as soon as possible.
  • I truly appreciate the confidence you showed in me.
  • I very much appreciate your help.
  • It was very thoughtful of you.
  • Thank you for your assistance.
  • Thank you for everything you do.
  • You are always so helpful.
  • You are the best.
  • You have been most helpful.
  • You have my gratitude.

Professional and Career-Related Thank-Yous

It’s always a good idea to thank everyone who has helped with your job search and your career, or provided other professional advice or assistance.

  • I am so very thankful for your time.
  • I appreciate the information and advice you have shared.
  • I sincerely appreciate the assistance.
  • Many thanks for your assistance.
  • Many thanks for your time.
  • Thank you for accepting my connection request.
  • Thank you for connecting with me. It’s an honor!
  • Thank you for the assistance you have provided me during my job search.
  • Thank you for all the help you have given me with my job search. 
  • Thank you for taking the time to talk to me. I very much appreciate the time you spent discussing career options with me.
  • Thank you for providing me with advice.
  • Thank you for sharing your expertise.
  • Thank you for speaking with me. Your insights were truly helpful.
  • Thank you for spending time with me.
  • Thank you for taking time from your schedule to talk to me.

Thank You for Your Consideration

When you’re requesting something from an individual or an organization, be sure to add “thank you for the consideration” to your email or letter.

  • Thank you very much for your consideration.
  • Thank you for your consideration and forthcoming response.
  • Thank you for your consideration and attention to this matter.
  • Thank you for considering my request.
  • I am very grateful for your consideration.
  • I appreciate your consideration, and look forward to hearing from you.
  • Your consideration is sincerely appreciated.

Thank You for Help

Has someone helped you out? Be sure to take the time to relay your gratitude.

  • I appreciate your help.
  • I am grateful for your help.
  • I am so very grateful for your time.
  • Thank you for such a wonderful contribution.
  • Thank you for taking the time.
  • Thank you for taking the trouble to help me.
  • Thank you for all the help!
  • Thank you for your assistance with this matter.
  • Thank you so much for the help. Please let me know if I can return the favor.
  • Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank You for a Job Interview

Thanking the interviewer after a one-on-one interview not only shows your appreciation. It’s also a reminder that you’re a strong candidate for the job.

  • I appreciate having the opportunity to speak with you today about the [job title] at [company name]. 
  • I appreciate the time you and the [company name] team spent interviewing me.
  • I appreciate your time and consideration in interviewing me for this position.
  • I enjoyed speaking with you about the opportunity to work with your company.
  • I greatly [or, “sincerely”] appreciate the time you took to interview me.
  • I sincerely enjoyed meeting with you to discuss the [job title] opening.
  • I would like to thank you and your staff for the opportunity to meet with you.
  • Many thanks for the opportunity to meet with you.
  • Thank you for speaking with me about the [job title] position at [company name].
  • Thank you for the courtesy you extended to me during my interview.

Thank You for Providing a Reference or Referral

Reference writing can be labor-intensive, and it can also take time to refer someone for a job. Your connections will appreciate receiving a thank-you email or message.

  • I appreciate your taking the time to write a reference for me.
  • I really appreciate the reference you gave to [company name] on my behalf.
  • Thank you for taking the time to provide me with a reference.
  • Thank you very much for recommending me for the position.
  • Thank you for referring me for the job at [company name].
  • Thank you so very much for referring me for the [job title] position at [company name]. 
  • Thank you so much for putting me in touch with [individual name] at [company name].
  • Thank you so much; I really appreciate it!

Workplace Thank-You Phrases

Bosses and employees love to be thanked, especially when they do something extra.

  • I really appreciate the effort you have contributed to your team's project. 
  • I sincerely appreciate your flexibility and willingness to help.
  • I wanted to express my personal gratitude for the effort and extra time you have contributed.
  • Thank you for your confidence and support.
  • Thank you for your help. I'm thrilled to have you on our team.
  • Thank you for always going above and beyond.
  • Thank you for proving what it means to be part of a team.
  • Thank you so much for meeting with me yesterday regarding the project I’m working on.

How you end your message or note is important, too. A professional closing like “Sincerely,” “Best regards,” or “With appreciation” will add a nice finishing touch to your communication.

The Benefits of Sending a Thank-You Note

When you're job searching, you'll have many different opportunities to say thank you to those who help you, and to prospective employers.

For example, when you write a thank-you note after an interview, the gesture shows appreciation for the employer’s interest, time, and attention, reiterates your enthusiasm and interest in the job opening, and reminds the employer about your qualifications and experience.

Thank-you notes are a good opportunity to bring up something you may have forgotten to mention during the interview, or to follow up with additional information that the employer has requested.

Usually, an interviewer will explain next steps in the process and when to expect to hear back from the company. If they did not discuss this, or you have yet to hear
from them, use your thank-you letter as an occasion to follow up. Doing so in a
thank-you note can express your gratitude and show your unwavering interest in
the position while simultaneously checking in on the process.

Review Thank-You Message Examples

Timing is almost as important as what you say. An email will make an immediate impression. That's key if you're in contention for a job, especially at a medium-sized to large company.

That gives the reader a tangible reminder of your appreciation. A small business or a colleague may look kindly on a handwritten note, while a corporate contact will probably expect, and prefer, an emailed note.

Review these thank-you note samples for a variety of situations, and then choose an appropriate phrase to include in your personalized thank-you note.

Take the time to carefully tailor your thank-you notes to fit the circumstances.

If time isn't of the essence, consider sending a handwritten card or note.

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