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Unconditional love letters
October 19, 2018 Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

This letter is addressed to anyone who loves a person on the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or wants a better understanding. Eight doctors, blood work, and a .

To the person who taught me unconditional love,

What I wished for on that shooting star was for you to find a love that made you feel free. A love that you said you missed, but really has never gone away. These ideals that we have shared with each other is your true self. I am only a reflection of the words that you could not muster to say. The words you pushed deep inside of yourself because you felt life has forced you to stay silent. But life didn’t force you to do it, you did.

Life does not happen to you, it happens for you. You asked the right questions and I only answered with what you needed to hear. That emotional, two year old childlike innocence and playfulness is part of who you are. Don’t push that away because of what life has put you through. These hardships that you have faced and will eventually face will become specks of sand in your journey. You will look back on them and think “Why did I struggle so much with this?” At the moment these struggles may seem difficult to face.

“A love that accepts you fully and wholeheartedly.”

If you take a step back to see it from a third person point of view, then you will see the bigger picture to it all. These are all life lessons that we all need to go through in order to become better versions of ourselves. Each person that you encounter on your journey, whether small or large, will shape you into the person that you want to subconsciously become.

I want you to wake up each day and be proud of how far you’ve come already, and look forward to what awaits you. I don’t know what role I play in your life, or what role I will eventually play. Maybe we are just passing strangers, biding our time together in our lonely states of solitude and deep thought. Or maybe we play a more significant role in each other’s lives, a lesson well worth taught.

Either or, I am thankful to have met you. To have shared these long nights of thought provoking ideals, and to have gotten to know a little bit more of your inner self. The self that you’ve tried so hard to fight. I don’t want you to fight it anymore. I adore that side of you. I admire both. You will find a love that is as easy as breathing. A love that accepts you fully and wholeheartedly. A love you can feel comfortable with, with just a little chaos.

Written by Summer Littlejohn

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Leader Resource 4: Unconditional Love Letters

unconditional love letters

Lord, thank you for loving me even when I least expect or deserve it. Thank you for sacrificing the most important thing in your life to give me my life. Your unconditional love for me amazes me each day. You lift me up when I am losing control and pull me back in when I have lost sight. You remind me that though I am not where I want to be in life that Your plans and purposes for my life are more than I could ever imagine for myself. You help me to forgive those who I have been burned by in the past and learn to accept the things I cannot change.

Your never ending love gives me hope for my future. Without you, I am unsure of where I would be. Our relationship has not always been easy as most of the best loves are not. Thank you for continuing to love me when I let you down, make mistakes and stray away from you. I realize that I must walk in this relationship with you before you will reveal your plans for me, and reveal the earthly love you have handpicked for me. I am aware that I am not ready for that earthly love at this point in my life, but I am reassured that when I am you will not disappoint. I know that I must build that relationship based on you before anything else, or it will not live up to its full potential.

I want to be able to say at the end of my life that I was able to use all of the talents and gifts you blessed me with to my full potential. Your love never fails me, in a world of uncertainty I can be certain of your love for me. Trusting in others is hard to do now-a-days. I feel that another person should earn my trust by showing me that I can trust them but Lord, you have already proven yourself.

"For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord, "plans to prosper and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." – Jeremiah 29:11

I want to be so lost in you that my future husband must seek you to find me.

I also wanted to thank you for all of the amazing relationships you have blessed me with, without the people you have put in my life I would not have the faith in you that I do. Each of the relationships I have with my brothers and sisters in Christ has shown me your love through them. I am so grateful for my life and trying to be pleasing to you, all I can ask for is to please you in everything I do and live with a genuine heart.

I live so fearful of my future at times. I tell myself I cannot accomplish things that I know You have planned for me, but I must let my faith be bigger than my fears. I must find comfort in You in all things and through all things.

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Unconditional Love – A Letter to a Teenager

unconditional love letters

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Printing This Handout. Download a high-resolution copy of this Handout (PDF) for printing. Leader Resource 4 Unconditional Love Letters. PREVIOUS: Leader.

Unconditional Love: The Letters of John & Abigail Adams

unconditional love letters

I want to be in love with someone who is completely utterly pathetically in love with me as well. So in love it inspires everyone. So in love that they don’t know how they lived this long without me. A love that makes romantic movies relatable but still doesn’t demonstrate how much a person can love another. I have so much love to give and I just want someone to match it with me. I watch all these shows and movies and I always see how love is depicted. It makes me think if that’s how it’s supposed to be. I know it’s not supposed to be perfect but it’s supposed to be worth the little obstacles and tough times may come up. But love never fails. Love doesn’t hurt, it isn’t supposed to hurt. Love is a great ass feeling and I can’t wait to feel that because all I’ve been feeling is disappointed. I’ve realized love is unconditional because there is no bad that comes with it. It’s supposed to be patient, kind, and humble among many other things. Unconditional means regardless of circumstances you love them for who they are. There are no limits to loving them even though they are flawed and have made mistakes in the past. Unconditional love means regardless of everything that has led to the person you know to be, you love them for who they are. I’ve never believed in unconditional love because I thought it required conditions such as boundaries and limits. But that isn’t true love. Real love wouldn’t put you in any situations where you worry about those conditions because it isn’t even a thought. Those conditions are never set in place. I want to share unconditional love with someone deserving. “Unconditional love is caring about the happiness of another person without any thought for what we might get for ourselves.” I want to love someone because they are worth loving even if I don’t receive anything from it I will know that it is because I love them and want what is best for them. That’s real love. I know I should love someone and not want anything in return but I honestly do want someone to TRULY love me because I will love them just the same and it will be one for the books. At one point during this I realized I don’t love him unconditionally because I haven’t accepted him for who he is now. If I knew about his past mistakes I would’ve loved him unconditionally but the fact I found out more than I thought I knew, it showed me that lying isn’t love. He wasn’t his true self because he hid things from me and you can’t love someone unconditionally if it wasn’t real to begin with. There’s a chance it can work but like I said I want to be in love with someone that honestly loves me not hurts me. A love that is unconditional, as in for better or worse not because they make it worse and you’re supposed to love them even then.

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Long love letters are an outpouring of passion from a lover's soul. complete and I shall cherish your incredible gift of unconditional love and devotion until the .

unconditional love letters
Written by Faer
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