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Vote of thanks for guest speaker
February 19, 2019 Anniversary Wishes 1 comment

On my own behalf I extend a very hearty vote of thanks to the chief guest who Once again I want to state that we are all most grateful to all speakers on this.

Vote of thanks is a special occasion where you specially take a moment out to extend a note of thanks to people who contribute in some or the other way for a constructive activity. Here, the vote of thanks is for the association meeting in college – the occasion can be anything, such as it could be the association of freshers, any association meeting in the form of a formal gathering in your college, etc.

Long and Short Vote of Thanks Speech for Association Meeting in College in English

It is indeed a special moment and thus calls for a good preparation, so if you have to grace any such occasion with your vote of thanks, then you are at the right place as here you would find both short vote of thanks for association meeting in college as well as long vote of thanks for association meeting in college which are comprehensively written and in an easy to understand language. So what are you waiting for? Simply browse through your favorite topic and read on!

Vote of Thanks Speech for Association Meeting in College 1

Good Evening Dear All! Today I feel extremely honored and privileged for having given the opportunity to extend a vote of thanks on this auspicious occasion.

Needless to say but this is the momentous day in the history of our college as we have for the first time hosted this grand education conference in our country. On behalf of our college, I would like to propose a vote of thank to our 500 participating colleges as well as 200 delegates across all the streams of education from research to science and technology.

Therefore, I want to extend my warm regards and heartiest congratulations to our chief guest Mr. ABC – the Union Education Minister. I also would want to thank all the respected delegates for taking their valuable time out and ensuring their presence here. We as a college, along with other colleges as well also the universities those participated, feel really enlightened and believe that we got to learn a lot of things from this conference. Words would fall short to describe how much knowledge we could derive from this conference and of course the important networks we could create.

Even though everyone’s performance won us over, but with special mention to Mr. Rodgers’ speech as he laid down emphasis on the importance of digital education. Moreover, the way he explained the topic was simply brilliant.

Last but not the least I want to extend a vote of thanks to our organizing team, admin staff and our respected teachers for making this event happen so beautifully. I also cannot overlook the efforts of our volunteers as well as students, who gave their last week and worked dedicatedly for this conference. Then comes our accommodation as well as transportation department without whom we couldn’t have dreamt of this event – thank you so much guys!

In the end, I would again like to grab the opportunity and thank our Union Education Minister, Hon’ble delegates, University authorities as well as colleges who participated in the event.

Hope we continue to work like this and organize such events in the future for the betterment and upliftment of our students.

Best regards!


Vote of Thanks Speech for Association Meeting in College 2

A very warm greetings to our esteemed guests, management committee, respected professors and our dearest students as well as others who have joined us in our college seminar. I, Shashank Tharur, from the college’s English Department wish to extend a vote of thanks on behalf of our college to all the respected dignitaries present.

I on behalf of the whole fraternity of our college propose my most sincere thanks to the guest of honor and speakers for taking out time from your busy schedule and gracing the occasion with your warm presence. It’s indeed a great honor for our college to have welcomed such prominent speakers who are known for their great contribution in their respective fields of research.

I am sure we are going to get greatly benefitted from your opinions and findings today. It is not an effort of one day, but to make this seminar a success all the research scholars were working on their respective areas and topics from a very long time so as to come up with novel ideas and findings. The wheels began rolling a month ago when the declaration of this seminar was made. Right since then everyone became a part of the process in many ways – right from the organization team to the committee members to the participants to the faculty.

Of course, a big thank you also goes to our post bearers who continued to post important pieces of information on the portal so as to keep everyone informed and which also helped in reaching out to many people and getting the words out there. Enormous cooperation was received from the administration in terms of making an arrangement for the venue, ensuring the availability of various resources, etc. We have also been quite fortunate to have worked with this lot of dedicated and sincere students of our college who made themselves available whenever required and helped in making this event possible.

Once again I would like to propose a vote of thank to all the speakers, scholars and guests on behalf of the students and staff of the college. Thank all of you for becoming a part of this program in ways which even we cannot recognize.

Best Regards!



Vote of Thanks Speech for Association Meeting in College 3

In the end, I – Abhishek Kumar, would like to extend a vote of thank on behalf of the college to everyone for being a part of this thanks giving ceremony. It is indeed a big day for all the students, particularly from the ……. group of our college. I am extremely glad that this ceremony has come to a glorious closure and we have been able to recognize and applaud the efforts of our team members who have been working tirelessly to avail the students of our college the best of facilities so that even our college can be counted amongst the top colleges of our city.

Right from making available to the students, a better classroom experience along with the well-equipped libraries and labs, our group members diligently followed up with the management committee of our college so that sufficient funds could be arranged for all the quintessential expenditures. Fortunately, everything fell into the place and we were able to introduce favorable additions in our college.

Thus, at the end of it all it is giving me immense pleasure to see the proud faces of my team members and seeing their efforts bearing fruit. I would also like to extend a warm thank you to our Hon’ble chief guest who took his precious time out in order to appreciate the efforts of our students. This way we will be encouraged to work even harder for the betterment of our college and its students.

Of course, behind the success of every student lies the effort of the sincere and talented faculty which shape and inspire them to become responsible citizens. And we cannot take this credit away from our teachers who have constantly inspired us to excel in whatever we do – whether it’s studies, work or anything. In the end, please also allow me to propose vote of thank to our admin members who ensured the availability of sufficient funds and acted as an important connecting thread between us and the higher authorities.

With this I now close my speech and wish everyone success and good health, cheers!

Vote of Thanks Speech for Association Meeting in College 4

Now in the end of this program for children with special needs, I – Saksham Singh – would like to extend a vote of thanks on behalf of entire college, to our Hon’ble principal for encouraging such programs in our college and coming forward for helping these children. Ma’am you’re truly an inspirational personality for all of us as you work with a lot of dedication and zeal for the betterment of our college and its students. Being a mother of two, we all can see that you treat us with so much of warmth and affection. I, on behalf of the entire students, acknowledge her dedicated and sincere efforts. Without you ma’am our college would not have been what it is now.

I salute your vision and your ability to sensitize with the issues of the students who come to you for help or many reasons unknown. It is not possible to sum up in words how much this college owe to you as we all have seen you working relentlessly for the betterment of our college. Ma’am you really want our college to become a reputed name everywhere and its students to excel in all the areas whether its academics, sports, theatre or cultural activities. Thank you for making us available finest infrastructure, well-furnished libraries and labs.

Besides, you also ensure regular workshops and seminars from time to time so that we do not lag behind in any way. I can proudly say that our college is one of the best colleges in our city as it lays emphasis on the overall development of its students. It ensures sound mental as well as physical development. And most importantly, we are always encouraged and given a platform to hone and showcase our skills. I can clearly envisage that in the next couple of years we will become unstoppable and we would be looked upon as an inspiration by all the colleges.

I sincerely hope that our Hon’ble principal remains hale and hearty and continues to give her precious contribution in the development of our college. Thank you once again!


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Vote of Thanks Speech

Vote of thanks. It was indeed a privilege to have Mr. Nishant Ghosh, eminent and renowned psychologist who is also a great writer, as guest.

Ripple of Hope

vote of thanks for guest speaker

Vote of Thanks to Senator Kennedy
By John Daniel
N.U.S.A.S. Vice President
University of Cape Town
South Africa, June 6th, 1966

Mr. Chairman, Mr. Chancellor, Mr. Vice Chancellor, Senator Kennedy, Professor Robertson, ladies and gentleman-
     I have the honour tonight of proposing the vote of thanks to our guest speaker, Senator Robert Kennedy. Your visit to this country sir, is I believe one of great significance to all South Africans. The tremendous interest which your visit has aroused in the country as a whole, and the large audience which is here tonight, and which welcomed you so enthusiastically, is as a leading South African newspaper said yesterday- a sign of the times, a vivid testimony to the fact that South Africans have grown impatient at their position of isolation from the wider world in which their country finds itself today. They yearn for the stimulation which a visit such as yours provides, and for this you have their whole hearted appreciation.
     On Friday night last, the South African Broadcasting Corporation referred to our invitation to you sir, as "defiant and provocative." This to me, is one of the saddest statements which I have heard from the pro-government sources for a long time. And yet it is a revealing one. It seems to epitomize the absence of tolerance in South Africa today. One can hardly conceive of a mentality that can regard an invitation to a leading spokesman, of one of the world's foremost democracies, as defiant and provocative. However, judging from the government's action of three weeks ago, it is clear that this is how they regard our invitation. Nevertheless, not even the banning of our leader, nor anything which the SABC has said, or will say, can convince us that we did wrong to invite you. And though the government may be embarrassed by your visit, we are not.
     We are proud to have had you to speak to us, and deeply ashamed of the fact that our government has not seen fit to welcome you to this country. Furthermore, if it is defiant to invite leading democrats to South Africa whose opinions differ from official state policies, and provocative to present a differing point of view to the South African public, then we are proud to be called defiant and provocative.
     In a few minutes we shall reaffirm our belief in the principle of human freedom. During the past few weeks South African students have raised their voices against the restrictions placed upon the human freedom of their leader, Ian Robertson.
     My message to the students of South Africa is this: let us take courage from what Senator Kennedy has said tonight and turn our recent spirit of protest and dedication into a massive crusade for human rights and justice in South Africa. Let us determine to keep alive the faith that one day our lost freedoms will be restored. But let us not merely reaffirm our belief in values that are lost. But rededicate ourselves to the task of bringing about a society in which they can once again hold an honoured place.
     The National Union has been under constant attack for many years. During the last few weeks, not only has our president been banned, but NUSAS has been banned from one of its centers, the Transvaal College of Education for Asiatics. However, we are determined to fight on.
And to you Senator Kennedy, I say that your talk has served as a reminder to us that the free world associates with us and our stand for liberty and non-discrimination. Your message shows clearly that the world has forever turned its back on racial discrimination, and that the South African Government's blind worship of race theories is a pathetic and tragic defiance of the realities of the Twentieth Century.
     You sir, have given us a hope for the future, you have renewed our determination not to relax until liberty is restored not only to our universities, but to our land. Remembering your words tonight, we shall continue to strive for the day when our country can once again hold its head high among the nations of the world.
     I thank you sir.

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Vote of Thanks by the Chairman of Organizing Committee

vote of thanks for guest speaker

The most common mistake made by people assigned to thank a speaker is to repeat portions of the talk. That’s totally unnecessary, is boring at best, and empties the hall at worst.


If you’re going to be thanking the speaker you should make a point of introducing yourself to the speaker before the event begins and ensure you have the proper pronunciation of their name. Tell the speaker you’ll be thanking him or her and chat for a moment or two, all the while listening for any points that you might be able to use in your thank-you speech. Perhaps the speaker had to cut short a trip to keep the engagement. Maybe the speaker came a very great distance to give the talk. Usually there isn’t, but if there happens to be anything worthy of note, be sure to mention it. But stay away from clichés such as “taking time out from your busy schedule” or “honouring us with your presence”.


You’ll need to listen intently to the speech and make notes that will help you choose an appropriate adjective or two with which to describe it. You should also note any surprises the speech held, such as an unexpected revelation or a particularly valuable piece of advice.


You can never go wrong by opening your-thank you speech with the simple words “Thank you very much Ms. Speaker for a (insert an appropriate adjective) presentation.” Then mention one or two (but no more) worthy points from the speech, such as the surprising revelation or the valuable advice referred to earlier. If you did pick up any tidbit worthy of mention about any particular sacrifice or special effort the speaker had to make to be there, be sure to mention it.


If you’re presenting a gift, call the speaker back to the lectern and present the gift with an appropriate short statement. If the speaker wishes to say a few words of thanks, that’s fine. But never pressure a speaker to do so. If you’re also the master of ceremonies you should then get on with the program; or if it’s finished, state that fact, make any closing announcements, thank the people for coming and move away from the lectern. If you’re not the master of ceremonies, just go and sit down.


Here’s an example of an appropriate and effective thank-you speech:  


Thank you Ms. McPherson for an enlightening and entertaining presentation on the right way to apply for a bank loan; we appreciate having this mysterious area clarified. Your advice to always present an annual budget document to the loan officer showing how we intend to use the loan proceeds and how we’ll be able to service the loan is especially useful. The audience may not know this, Ms. McPherson, but we owe you a special vote of thanks for being here because I happened to find out that you delayed your annual golf trip a couple of days so that you could make it. We really appreciate that. I have a small token of our appreciation here for you, Ms. McPherson. Please accept it with our sincere thanks.”


Remember, when introducing or thanking a speaker, you are not the star.





Source: Lyman MacInnis, https://lymanmacinnis.squarespace.com/journal/2010/1/17/introducing-and-thanking-speakers.html

Rev. Jun’2017

Vote of Thanks by the Chairman of Organizing Committee keynote speakers of the Conference and guest speaker of the Professional Development Seminar.


vote of thanks for guest speaker

Vote of Thanks Speech in English (Sample)

Words of Gratitude Speech (sample)

The following sample thanksgiving speechcan be spoken on many functions in schools and colleges  like annual day, un vote, quiz competition, arrival of a guest speaker, workshop, seminar, conference , kindergarten graduation day, teachers day, farewell function , cultural programme, parent teacher meeting.So if you worried about how to say vote of thanks, you are on a right platform.  Kindly have a look-

A warm and graceful morning to our most valued guest, management committee , worthy teachers and my most beloved children as well as one and all gathered over here.  It’s my privilege to have been asked to propose a vote of thanks on this occasion.  I, on behalf of …….school name……, and the entire fraternity of the institution first of all extend my most sincere thanks to Almighty. On my own behalf I extend a very hearty vote of thanks to the chief guest who spared time from his busiest schedule to grace the occasion. All the speakers for gracing your important work and sharing with us your findings and opinions today.

A big ‘Thank You’ to Master …………, for their efforts towards anchoring of today. Their own ideas and style of explanation of everything.    I must mention my deepest sense of appreciation for  I would like to take this opportunity to place on record our hearty thanks to all the new post bearers because of whom  we are gathered here as well they have held a great promise and are going to lead a life of commitment.  I also extend thanks to  all my staff members  for their enormous cooperation in the organization of this gala event. Event like this cannot happen overnight. The wheels start rolling weeks ago. It requires planning and a birds eye for details. We have been fortunate enough to be backed by a team of very motivated and dedicated colleagues of our school who know their job and are result oriented.  I cannot thank everyone enough for their involvement and their willingness to take on the completion of tasks beyond their comfort zones! Vary on these vote of thank examples till your express motion fits the atmosphere right. I specially thank the people who have been the backbone of the function Our transport In charge Mr. ………………who has not let us feel any to and fro problem, out technical arrangement team stage setting and lighting arrangement team  all the musicians who have  been the spreader of melodious tones our press and Media persons and  ultimately catering staff. Once again I want to state that we are all most grateful to all speakers on this stage. We thank you for being with us this morning -it’s been really a great pleasure.
Thank you very much
least but not the last  We are really very much owe to Almighty and I continuously pray to the Omnipresent the Omniscient to provide us such opportunities in plenty. Thanks a lot to one and all directly or indirectly involved in the programme.  Jai Hind


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    Here, the vote of thanks is for the association meeting in college – the of our college propose my most sincere thanks to the guest of honor and speakers for.

    vote of thanks for guest speaker
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