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What to write in a graduation card for a friend

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What to write in a graduation card for a friend
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years where you might have lots of people to send a graduation card to. Or you just need fresh ideas for what to write in a graduation card for a loved one, friend .

Writing a self help book. Graduation wishes: what to write in a graduation card, hallmark ideas & inspiration16 graduation cards that say way more than “congratulations”. you tell your grad they can achieve all of their wildest dreams or write a forecast of your own. What to write in a graduation card beyond congratulationsAs a teacher, you may want to write a congratulatory card for a few stand out students (or the entire class) on graduation day. see sample. What to write on graduation cardHere is an amazing list of messages to write in graduation cards. whatever way you chose to send your wishes by text, or email, i am sure you. Theme of gatsby. Graduation messages and wishes for, shutterflyGraduation card messages are meaningful ways for you to convey your thoughts to the graduate. parents, relatives and friends can write cards that positively. Graduation cards: 55 inspiring ways to say congratulations - lovepopYears where you have a lot of graduation cards to send. or maybe you just want some fresh ideas for what to write in a card for one special graduate. either way. Writing graduation cards for your students, graduationsourceFind cards to wish them luck and say well done when the stressing is done at paperchase.

Top 20 graduation thank you card messages, holidappy What to write on graduation card

Graduation card messages: what to write, funky pigeon blogWhat to write in a graduation card, cardstoreGraduation card wording, confetti & bliss The best graduation memes and ecards. see our huge collection of graduation memes and quotes, and share them with your friends and family. card type.Learn about what to write in a graduation card and more tips and inspirational articles at.Lots of free graduation card messages you can write in your card. save time and effort by using our ready made messages in your next graduation card. we also.A2a ive always believed in writing something creative and being unique, but sometimes theres so much more beauty in simplicity, that you shouldnt just avoid. Graduation thank you messages - american greetingsGraduation card messages, sayings, what to write on cards, wordingGraduation card messagesGraduation card messages and sentiments, lovetoknow Graduation card thank you wording for teacher you were definitely hard on me, but i realize that you just wanted me to be the best writer i could possibly be.Lots of free graduation card messages you can write in your card. save time and effort by using our ready made messages in your next graduation card. we also have lots of other categories to always help you know what to write in your next greeting card.A great collection of graduation card messages and quotes for your special if youre wondering what to write or what to say on a graduation card, youve come.

Difference between essay and article writing. Christian graduation card wording,graduation poems & messagesWhat to write in a graduation card. your grad will appreciate the $$$ inside, but theyll also love a heartfelt message. by jamie ballard. mar 22, getty images. 35 best college graduation card messagesBe prepared to write thank you notes for graduation gifts using these tips and examples. 9 thank you for the graduation card and encouraging note. sharing. Graduation: what to write in a graduation and graduation thank you cardWriting this sort of composition isnt a straightforward job. youve got to just take a stand when composing a icse. Writing essay for college admission e zemach.

Graduation wishes: what to write in a graduation card, coopers seafood house What to write on graduation card

Graduation messages, greetings, and sayings: what to write in a card, holidappy

What to write in a graduation card, wishesgreetingThese are more than 50 examples of things to write in a graduation card to say congratulations. use these to be as clever as you want with your newly graduated. What to write in a graduation card: 50+ messages and wishes - blogGraduation is a big deal! our experts share their suggestions on what to write in a graduation card and how to show the graduate youre proud of them! Graduation card inside writing what to write on cardsStuck on what to write in a graduation card? try these graduation wishes and message ideas from hallmark writers! includes over.

What to write on graduation card Etiquette for wording on a graduation card, the classroom

  • Graduation is a special time of year and a huge milestone in a young persons life ; but what should you write in a card and what will make them.
  • What to write in a graduation card
  • What to write in a graduation greeting card – congratulations on your graduation
  • What to write in a graduation card
Scientific method homework. College graduation wishes and quotes to write in a card, holidappyBuy on your graduation granddaughter graduation card: greeting cards - ✓ free delivery possible on eligible write a customer review. What to write in a graduation card, the paper storeIf you have to send a graduation card to your friend or relative, youve landed at the right penlighten page. weve got everything on how to and. What to write in a graduation card – someone sent you a greetingApr 15,  · graduation is a momentous event that deserves a congratulatory message that fits the occasion, but these messages can be difficult to write—especially what comes after the reviews:. Dissertation culture gnrale.

High school graduation wishes and quotes to write in a card, holidappyResources related to graduation messages and wishes use the examples above as a starting point for what you can write in a graduation card, whether it’s high school, college, graduate school or nursing school, we have you covered. What to write in a graduation card, leanin treeIf someone is graduating, it is the norm to send congratulatory greetings. if you cannot think of the right words to say to someone who has just. What to write in a graduation cardGraduation card messages and quotes. what to write in a graduation card. writing in a graduation card doesnt take a p.h.d., but it can feel challenging. adding something thoughtful doesnt have to be as difficult as writing a thesis. graduation is a time of celebration. messages are.

Graduation is a big deal! Our experts share their suggestions on what to write in a graduation card and how to show the graduate you're proud of them!.

High School Graduation Wishes and Quotes to Write in a Card

what to write in a graduation card for a friend

They’ve made it! Through all the hard work and long hours of studying, your favorite student is graduating! This certainly calls for a celebration, and there’s nothing better than letting the graduate know how proud you are of their accomplishments and wishing them well for the future. One of the best and simplest ways to congratulate them is with a graduation card, but finding the perfect words to fill it with can sometimes be difficult (and a bit stressful, if we’re being totally honest!). So to help you out, we’ve gone ahead and gathered what we feel are some of the best messages for any recent graduates! Use them as-is, or as a jumping-off point to kickstart your own creative juices! Whether you’d like something inspirational & heartfelt in your message or would rather be funny & lighthearted, we’ll help you find just the right words for your graduate!

The Basics

No matter what kind of message you write in a graduation card, let these three basic ideas guide your pen:

  • Congratulate them on all their hard work
  • Give them advice or inspiration for the future
  • Wish them well

These simple basics will help steer you in writing your message to the graduate and are the ideal stepping stones from which to compose your own thoughtful message!

Next up suggestions on what to actually say when you’re trying to touch upon the above three basics.

General Graduation Messages

  • Congratulations! You’ve made it through, and we are so excited to see all of the wonderful things that you will accomplish in the future!
  • You’ve made us so proud, and we cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you!
  • We’re so happy that we were able to share in your special day! Congratulations and best of luck in the future!

High School Graduates

  • Congratulations on graduating from high school! [Future college] is so lucky to have you!
  • [Future college / trade school / job] is going to be filled with exciting, new experiences! Enjoy every minute of this new journey! We’re excited
    to see all that you’ll accomplish!
  • Congratulations on graduating! We know that you’ll accomplish so many great things in this next chapter of your life and are so excited to watch you continue to grow!

College Graduates

  • Congratulations on graduating! You’re going to be an excellent [teacher, nurse, etc.]!
  • We’re so very proud of all that you’ve accomplished at [college / trade school]! Congratulations and best of luck to you as you begin this new chapter of your life!
  • Wishing you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors! Your hard work has paid off, and we’re so very proud of all that you’ve accomplished!

Inspirational Messages

  • Congratulations to you on your graduation day! This is only the beginning of your journey, and we’re so excited to see where life takes you!
  • “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” – Henry David Thoreau
  • Now the adventure truly begins! Cannot wait to see where life leads you on your journey!
  • Though your time in college is ending, this is only the beginning! Take in all that life has to teach you and always strive to achieve your best!

Funny Messages

  • Wow, that is one impressive piece of paper you have there! Congratulations!
  • May the memories you made during your college years last longer than your student loans!
  • Hate to break it to you, but that was the easy part! Welcome to the adult world!

Graduation Messages for Daughter

  • Congratulations to our amazing daughter on your graduation day! We’re so proud of the woman you’ve become, and we look forward to seeing all that you’ll accomplish in the future!
  • It’s been a privilege to watch you grow into the woman you are today! We know that you’ll continue to make us proud in all that you set out to accomplish!
  • Though you may be “all grown-up”, you’ll always be our little girl. Congratulations on graduating! Know that we’re so proud of all that you’ve accomplished so far and look forward to seeing what the future has in store for you!
  • Your dedication and hard work has finally paid off, and we’re so proud of you! We’re so honored to be your parents and can’t wait to see what’s next for you!

Graduation Messages for Son

  • We’re so very proud of the man that you’ve become! Congratulations on your graduation day! We cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you!
  • It’s hard to believe that this day is finally here! Congratulations on all that you’ve accomplished! We know that you have a bright future ahead of you!
  • Cheers to new adventures! We’re so happy for you and are so excited for this next chapter in your life! Don’t forget to call home once in awhile!

Graduation Messages for a Friend

  • Congratulations on graduating! I’m so happy to have a friend like you and cannot wait to see where this next chapter takes us!
  • I guess all of those hours studying really did pay off! Congratulations on graduating! I’m so grateful that you were there with me through it all!
  • Though school may have been hectic, I’m so happy that I had you by my side! Congratulations! I’m so proud of all that you accomplished!

To browse our collection of graduation cards (y’know, the best places to write all those messages we just mentioned), click here >

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Graduation Card Messages

what to write in a graduation card for a friend

A graduation is always a time for celebrations! Having gone through the process and hard work of getting a degree or diploma it’s only right to celebrate their achievements. They will be feeling pleased and proud of accomplishments, rightly so, and a message of congratulations from a friend, family member or coworker is always appreciated.

So if you’re sending a gift or just want to wish a new graduate congratulations but you aren’t confident in your own writing, or not sure what to write in a graduation card, then you’ve come to the right place. The wording is far less difficult that you might first think and with a little advice, as well as examples (all of which you’ll find here) you will have written the perfect graduation wishes or message.

Table of Contents

What to Write in a Graduation Card

If you are keen to write your own graduation message rather than using a prewritten one of the examples below then there are some tips you might want to consider first:

  1. Begin your card by greeting the graduate. Something simple such as “Dear _____” is fine.
  2. Congratulate whoever is graduating on their achievements. Let them know you’re proud of the accomplishment and how well they’ve done.
  3. You may want to offer them advice if you feel it’s appropriate. Whilst graduation is a happy, exciting time the prospect of growing up and facing world can be daunting. Some advice from someone more experienced can be invaluable.
  4. Mention the future and what they can go on to achieve. Graduating means new and exciting opportunities ahead and you can touch on that here.
  5. Finish by signing your card with a warm closing and your name. Something simple such as “Love _____” or “Warm regards _____”.

However if you prefer to use a prewritten message then use one of the examples below.

Graduation Wishes

If you want a general message or to wish them congratulations then these examples are ideal for writing in a card.

  • Happy Graduation Day! Congratulations!
  • Congratulations! Very well deserved
  • Wishing you congratulations on graduating
  • All that hard work has paid off! Well done and many congratulations
  • We’re so pleased for you and proud of all you’ve achieved
  • You’re dedication and hard work are inspirations to us all. Many congratulations on graduating
  • Warmest congratulations and wishes for your graduation day
  • Very proud of all you’ve achieved. Congratulations and best of luck in whatever you do next
  • All the years of studying and you’ve finally got something to show for it! Congrats!
  • Wishing you success after your graduation. Congratulations
  • You’ve graduated – it’s party time!
  • Chasing a dream requires effort, passion and hard work. You’re half way there! Keep up your good work and continue to strive. Congratulations!

For Family

If it’s a member of your own family that is graduating then you may feel even more proud or happy. You might want to use that to make your message even more heartfelt.

  • The whole family is proud if you. Congratulations on graduating!
  • I can’t believe my big brother is graduating. Congrats and remember how proud I am of you!
  • As parents we’ve watched you grow up to be the independent, strong young woman you are today. We can express how proud of you we are. Congratulations
  • We’re so pleased we got to see our grandson graduate. Watching you grow has been one of life’s greatest pleasures and seeing you now graduating and going out into the world make us swell with pride. Congratulations and we’re so happy for you
  • You aced it sis! Congratulations on graduating!
  • To see our daughter achieving her dreams brings tears to our eyes. We couldn’t be any prouder of you
  • Don’t forget your family now you’re a big shot graduate! Only kidding, we’re beyond proud of you
  • I wanted to let you know how much pride I feel having watched you throughout the last 4 years. The effort and hard work you’ve dedicated to your degree has been inspiring. Congratulations on graduating
  • Congratulations on being the first of the family to not only attend but graduate!

For High School

Finishing high school can mean heading off to college or starting a new chapter of your life.

  • We’re very proud of you and your graduation. Congratulations
  • Graduating high schools starts a new chapter filled with exciting opportunities. Congratulations and go out and seize the day!
  • Today marks a huge achievement and a big step in your life. Congratulations
  • Graduating from high school marks the beginning of an exciting journey. We look forward to seeing where it takes you
  • Congratulations on finishing high school!
  • Schools over! Enjoy your graduation

For College

The end of college means the beginning of a new chapter in someone’s life. It marks a huge occasion and should be celebrated as such.

  • Congratulations on your graduation. We’re sure you’ll be a huge success in whatever you choose to do next
  • Warmest congratulations on your graduation
  • The future looks so bright for you now. Wishing you all the best for all the exciting next chapter in your life
  • We’re just so happy to be able to share in your special day. Congratulations on graduating, and remember how proud we are of you
  • Words can’t express our pride and love for you today. Well done!
  • Graduating College is no mean feat! Congrats on getting out alive!
  • You’re about to begin and a new and exciting life. Grab each opportunity that comes your way. Congratulations!
  • You can officially call yourself a college grad now!
  • I’m so proud of all you’ve achieved. Congratulations on your graduation
  • Best Wishes for the future, and congratulations on your well deserved and hard earned success

Need a little more help? We’ve got even more College Graduation Wishes

Giving Advice

As graduating is a time when young men and women go out into the world it can be good to offer them advice or your wisdom. A few encouraging words can be both valuable and warmly appreciated.

  • Always reach for the stars and follow your dreams, and never let anyone tell you you can’t
  • Always believe in yourself and you’ll go far
  • You’re incredibly talented and there’s nothing stopping you from achieving whatever you want
  • Don’t feel pressure to get straight out there. Enjoy the moment and saviour your accomplishments
  • I hope this shows you what you can do when you put your mind to it. We all believe in you and can’t wait to see what you do next
  • Never stop trying to be the best version of yourself you can. Learn, grow and improve as a person and enjoy the ride
  • Take those unique gifts and talents you have and put them to good use
  • May you always dare to do great things with your life
  • Never let anyone stand in your way
  • Enjoy the moment. Things like this don’t happen everyday

If You Can’t Make It

If you can’t make it to the graduation then you can still send a card wishing them well. Just let them know you’re sorry for not being able to be there and congratulate them.

  • Sorry I couldn’t make it but congratulations on graduating
  • So proud of you, just disappointed I couldn’t be there. But know I’m there in spirit and wishing you a fantastic graduation
  • We’re really upset we can’t be with you but will be thinking of you and sending our congratulations
  • Really wish I could be telling you in person how proud if you I am. Instead I’ll have to do it with this card. Congratulations!
  • Congratulations! Wish I could be there. Enjoy your day though
  • Please don’t hold it against me that I couldn’t be there! Warmest wishes for a great day

If you're wondering what to write or what to say on a graduation card, you've come to the right place Your family and friends wish you nothing but the very best.

Graduation Messages and Wishes For 2019

what to write in a graduation card for a friend

Let the caps fly and the celebrations begin! It’s almost time for the scholars you know to move their tassels from one side to another and look to the future. As you begin to receive graduation announcements in the mail and mark your calendars to attend ceremonies, you may also be thinking about what to write in a graduation card and which gifts to send. Graduation wishes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and personalization is key. Whether you are hoping to congratulate the graduate with a funny graduation caption or a few sincere graduation quotes, we have pulled together some graduation message examples for you to use and personalize to your liking. Say ‘congrats graduate,’ ‘we’re so proud,’ and ‘keep up the good work’ to any graduate with these message ideas.

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What To Write In A Graduation Card

Show your grad how special they are by writing an unforgettable message to congratulate them on this new milestone. Whether you use a bit of humor or give them advice they can’t get anywhere else, your graduation card is an opportunity to express your joy. Before you write your graduation message, consider these writing tips:

  • Say Congratulations! Let the graduate know how proud you are of their accomplishments and congratulate them on graduating. You should start your message off with this cheerful sentiment.
  • Mention specific accomplishments. Did they receive any honors or were they a sports team captain? Mention this in your letter!
  • Give advice. Provide the graduate with valuable advice for their career and life to give some helpful direction. Graduating can be as scary as it is exciting. They’ll appreciate you sharing advice and any lessons you’ve learned.
  • Look to the future. Express your happiness for the grad’s future and let them know you’re excited for their next chapter. Reassure them that their future is bright.
  • Send well wishes: Send the graduate off with well wishes for new beginnings and continued success.

Congratulations Graduate: Happy Graduation Card Messages

When it comes to graduation cards, we know that it can be hard to pick out only one (between the seemingly millions) that suits the guest of honor just right. Whether the card is funny, sincere, or a serious tearjerker, we have the best wishes that will add the most personalized touch. Use these as inspiration when writing your message for the big day.

  • Congratulations on graduating! This is just the beginning; you are a star in the making. Shine on.
  • You are an achiever. You have made us all proud; keep up the good work. Congratulations on graduation.
  • It must be a very proud moment for you. All of the hard work you have put in has paid off. Congratulations Grad. Your reward lies ahead. Have a successful future.
  • As you cherish the fruits of your hard work, I wish that success keeps following you in everything that you do. Today and always… Congratulations and Happy Graduation.
  • I believe you can fly! The sky is your limit. Spread out your wings and soar high. Congratulations and best wishes.
  • Graduation wishes for lots and lots of fun and all it takes to make your day a very happy one! Congratulations, Graduate!
  • Congratulations Graduate on this momentous day. You’ve worked hard to achieve your goals and now you’re on your way to seek new vistas, dream new dreams, embark on who you are, embrace life with passion and keep reaching for your star. Go for it!
  • Chasing a dream requires efforts, passion and hard work. You are now in the half way. Keep up your good work and continue to strive. Congratulations!
  • Nothing can stop you now. You have a ticket to your dreams come true. Congrats.
    You worked your butt off, now shake your booty for some fun. Congrats on your graduation.

College Graduation Messages

College graduation is one grand achievement. Although these past four years have gone by in just a blink of an eye, your grad has their whole life ahead of them. Your university graduation wishes will be the perfect cheers to the past and congrats to the future with these messages ideas and inspiration.

  • Chase your dreams. Never stop trying. Never stop learning. Live life to the fullest and give it nothing but your best.
  • You can achieve whatever you want in life. All you have to do is believe that you can. We believe in you, happy graduation day.
  • Congratulations on graduating… Wishing that brighter opportunities come your way and you achieve success in all of them!
  • Congratulations, my dearest, on being a graduate. As for your future is concerned, we’re sure you are going to make it a successful one.
  • I hope your dreams take you to the corners of your smiles, to the highest of your hopes, to the windows of your opportunities, and to the most special places your heart has ever known.
  • You are brilliant, able and ambitious. You shall always walk the glory road. Happy Graduation. I bless you with all that you need to earn many more achievements and feats in life ahead. Congratulations and well done.
  • A hearty congratulation on your graduation and wishing you good luck for the new beginning in life. May you reach all your goals.
  • Your future is bright. For all the times of late night studies, lack of sleep and sacrifice of enjoyment your reward is here. Congratulations to you.
  • Congratulations on your outstanding achievement! Looking back, it was all worth it. Wishing you the best in the wonderful career you have chosen.
  • The journey of life brings both challenges and chances. May you carry your spirit to snatch the chances and beat the challenges. Congratulations on your graduation. May you live a proud life.

High School Graduation Wishes

There is a lot of adventure that awaits a recent high school graduate. Between saying goodbye to hometown friends and packing up for the college dorms, your grad could surely use a hearty congrats (and maybe even a few wise words.)  Find some inspiration with some of our favorite ways to say just that.

  • Graduation isn’t the end of a tough journey. It is the beginning of a beautiful one…
  • Your brilliant achievement today is remarkable. May all your dreams come true. Good luck and congratulations.
  • Start each day believing in your dreams. Know without a doubt that you were made for great things.
  • Graduation is an exciting time. It marks both an ending and a beginning; it’s warm memories of the past and big dreams for the future.

The last report card has been signed, lockers are packed up, and they're headed off into the summer on their way to college—or beyond. Graduation is an.

what to write in a graduation card for a friend
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