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Congratulations letter award recipient
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However, whatever be the reason or whoever be the recipient, there are some Sample Congratulations Letter to a Friend Who Won an Award.




Date: _____ (Date on Which Letter is Written)



Subject: congratulation on winning an award

Dear _____(Sir or Madam),

I …………..(name of the sender) on behalf of our……………(name of section) team wish you a hearty congratulation on receiving the award for the best employee of the year…………..(mention year). You truly deserve the award because you have always been sincere with your work. Also you have always given importance to deadline sand worked accordingly. All this makes you different from other staffs.

Our company indeed requires staffs like you who will work with dedication. We look forward to work with you and expect the same behavior of yours in terms of work. We once again congratulate you and wish you all the very best for your future life.

Yours Truly,


Name of Employer
Sign of the Employer Sign of the receiver

Sample Congratulatory Letter from the Multicultural Program Award Chair English Language Arts has been named one of two winners of the NCTE YEAR.

12+ Congratulations Letter Templates

congratulations letter award recipient


[Senders Name]
[Address line]
[State, ZIP Code]

[Letter Date]

[Recipients Name]
[Address line]
[State, ZIP Code]

[Subject: Normally bold, summarizes the intention of the letter] -Optional-

Dear [Recipients Name],

I was delighted to hear that you had secured the Employee of the Year Award. I do not know anyone who was more deserving of the recognition, and I find it gratifying that you did it while a member of my team. It shows that long hours and hard work do get recognized. You have done a lot to secure a lot of business for this firm, including the great Carlson account.

I would like to offer my personal thanks for your hard work, and I am sure that you will have a great deal of success in the years to come.


[Senders Name]
[Senders Title] -Optional-

[Enclosures: number] - Optional -
cc: [Name of copy recipient] - Optional -

Congratulate someone on receiving an award. Sample letter.

Further things to consider when writing congratulation letters to acquaintances

Congratulation Letters

Congratulation letters are letters written to praise others for their achievements or to express good wishes on a special occasion. These letters are a great gesture to maintaining professional and personal relationships. There are many situations you may find necessary for you to congratulate someone. Whether it is a colleague who has made a new business connection, a friend who is getting engaged, or a subordinate who has been promoted, a congratulations letter will be a great and classy way to show that you are sincerely happy for them. Congratulation letters show others that you see their efforts and that you are proud of their achievements.

Congratulation letters are direct and simple and should be written as soon as possible after the achievement. State the specific event that has moved you into writing this letter. Express praise of the achievement. Keep your letter short and clear and avoid adding unnecessary details. Be honest and avoid exaggerating your congratulatory words. Express your confidence in the recipient's future success. If you are congratulating couples for their marriage, include the best qualities that make them a good couple and wish them a happy married life. End the letter with a congratulatory note.

Letters to Acquaintances

Letters to acquaintances are letters you write to people that you know slightly, but who are not close friends. An acquaintance could be a colleague at work but whom you do not interact with on a regular basis, a person you went to school with but know little about him/her, or your Facebook contacts whom you interact with on a minor level. You could write a letter to this person to ask for a favor, invite him/her to a social event, or just pass some information. Although most people would opt for a social media message or text, a well-drafted letter will make the recipient see the seriousness of the matter and feel obliged to return the favor.

The best letters to acquaintances are warm, sweet, and friendly. Begin the letter with a proper salutation, based on your relationship with the recipient. State the purpose of the letter and be clear about what you want from the recipient. If you are asking him/her to do something for you, for instance, mention why you think he/she is the best person to get it done. Make the letter short and only provide the necessary details. Conclude on a positive note.

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Sample Letter of Congratulations

congratulations letter award recipient

Best Formal Sample Congratulations Letter for Winning an Award

Wining an award is indeed a remarkable achievement. When someone wins an award in some competition or when he/she is felicitated for some noteworthy work, you as a sensitive person must take a note of it.

I think a congratulations letter written to the winner is a nice way to extend your wishes to him/her. Such a letter proves to be an encouragement to the winner for future achievements.

Many times social organizations or the NGOs write a congratulations letter to recognize the achievement of a person. The companies and the institutions too have to write congratulations letters to the staff members or the celebrated person achieving something special.

Such letters are formal or professional congratulations letters. I cannot say there is a fixed format for such a letters. However, such letters are a bit more difficult to write than the informal family letters.

The selection of words is very important here as you have to use formal and professional language throughout the letter.

Such letters should short. The tone should be pleasant. The intent of the letter will be to congratulate the winner on his achievement and extend wishes for his/her future. You are supposed to come to the point at the outset.

Suppose you as a president of some social organization are writing a congratulations letter to a veteran social worker who has recent won an award for his exemplary work for society. Here the recipient is not your friend or relative.

Since you are writing to an elderly person, your respect for the recipient should be evident in the letter.

Here follows a sample of a formal congratulations letter written to a renowned social worker on his winning the 'Beacon Light Award' for the year 2011 for his selfless service to society. This is just a format and not the only way to write such a letter.

Congratulations Letter for Winning an Award Sample

James Anderson
Pheonix Social Organization
23/45 Wordsworth Road
London-BBDD 1ZZ

Mr. Michael Hopes

Founder President
"Helping Hand"
London- CCMM 3LL

Respected Sir,

This is to congratulate you on your winning the 'Beacon Light Award' for the year 2011 for your relentless and selfless service to society. Let me congratulate you personally as well as on behalf of all the committee members and volunteers at the very outset!

Sir, the entire country knows you as a selfless social worker and a great reformer. The country has witnessed how you elbowed your way through all hardships and worked for the destitute, the needy and the poor. You really have been the beacon light for all those who want to follow your footsteps. The NGOs founded by you in various parts of the country are famous for their exemplary social service. These organizations have set new standards in the field of social work and this has been possible only because of your able guidance.

Sir, you have been working for the last three decades and proved that if people want to bring about the social change they can do so. We the workers of the later generations have been listening to your speeches, observing your methods and learning a lot. You have always been our ideal.

The 'Beacon Light Award' is a note taken by the society of your earnest efforts for the betterment of the society. I think you getting this award this year is the honor of this honor in a true sense. We hope we too do something worthwhile taking some inspiration from your work. We look forward to avail of your invaluable guidance in the coming future.

Once again hearty congratulations!

Sincerely yours,
James Anderson

Pheonix Social Organization

This is one of the ways to write a formal congratulations letter for winning an award. The letter above will definitely prove a great help to you while you draft your formal congratulations letter. You are even free to pick up some of the sentences from the above letter.

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Congratulation Letter for Winning a Competition

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Sending a congratulatory letter is not restricted to appreciating people who workplace and tell the recipient that their achievements are being noticed. Many congratulations for being awarded the position of.

Congratulations Letter For New Project

congratulations letter award recipient

“A strong woman believes that she’s strong enough to face her journey, but a woman of strength has faith that it is in this journey that she will become strong.” It has been ten (10) years that you have been a part of the Accounting family. Continue striving on. Your strength and perseverance is paying off. Congratulation!

From the staff of the Accounting Office: Peggy, Moriah, Sharleen, Arlene, Louise, Melvin, Colvin, Derby, Rhonda, Leoneal, Pieryisha, & Nalinie

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the tradewinds in your sails. Explore. Discover. Dream.”

by Mark Twain

The Accounting Office staff wishes you a well-deserved retirement. Now is the time to spread your wings; Good luck in your future endeavor. From the staff of the Accounting Office: Peggy, Moriah, Sharleen, Arlene, Louise, Melvin, Colvin, Derby, Rhonda, Leoneal, Pieryisha, & Nalinie

Dr. Simon Jones-Hendrickson,

For over 35 years, you displayed the exemplary trait of dedication to the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. You served in various capacities from faculty to Dean.  You have truly been an asset to CLASS. You now have retired, undoubtedly, with all the respect you deserve. I will miss your commitment and valuable contributions.  On behalf of CLASS, I sincerely congratulate you on this momentous period of your life. I wish you all the best in your next endeavor.

Kimarie Engerman

Maxine Nunez,

Congratulations in recognition of your 45th service anniversary. Thank you for your dedication and commitment to the University of the Virgin Islands, School of Nursing.

Your contributions to the development of nursing education and nursing research in the territory have impacted significantly on nursing and the health system in the territory.

We appreciate your leadership and continued support of the School of Nursing as we begin the next 50 years of nursing education at UVI.

Beverley Anne Lansiquot, DNP, RN

S. Kathy Sheats,

Congratulations in recognition of your 35th service anniversary for your dedication and commitment to the University of the Virgin Islands, and more specifically, the development of nursing education on the Albert A Sheen Campus. 

Your contributions to building the nursing workforce on the island of St. Croix have been significant.

We salute you for your loyalty and numerous achievements during your tenure at UVI!

Beverley Anne Lansiquot, DNP, RN

Gloria Callwood,

Congratulations in recognition of your 20th service anniversary for your dedication and commitment to the School of Nursing particularly, the development of nursing research in the territory.

Your contributions are appreciated!

Beverley Anne Lansiquot, DNP, RN


Doris Carson; Amy Schweizer; Lorna J. Williams-Sutton,

Congratulation for your commitment and dedication to the nursing students and colleagues at the School of Nursing.  Your contributions are appreciated.

Beverley Anne Lansiquot, DNP, RN

Dear Dr. Jones-Hendrickson:

Congratulations on this your special Service Awards Day at UVI. Of course, you are listed in this booklet as being retired; however, we know differently – Yes, you have retired from UVI, but because of your experience, expertise and foresight in the field of Economics, you have been selected for a very astute position, i.e. to re-tire (reform) the VI economy!

For thirty-eight (38) years, you have proudly, freely, and happily served the University of the Virgin Islands in various capacities, with your last position being at the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (CLASS), where you served as the Dean; and did so, with class!  Your door and your ear, were always open to anyone who needed to speak with you; and you always gave them your undivided attention. All facets of your faculty and staff’s well-being were of utmost importance to you, and you always encouraged us to improve and take care of ourselves. Whatever problems were brought to you, were solved or resolved in the best possible manner.

I had the distinct pleasure of working as your Administrative Assistant during my last two years at UVI.  During this time, I saw first-hand, the passion and devotion you have for all that you do; your admirable interaction with students – always willing to help, advise, encourage, and mentor – oftentimes this was just what the students needed to give them that much-needed nudge to focus, stay on the path, and finish what they started.  It did not matter the time of day, nor the venue – if someone needed to speak with you, your attention was given to them. Your easy and approachable demeanor, kind words and sense of humor, are the vital spices which draw people to you for assistance. In the words of Napoléon Bonaparte, “A leader is a dealer in hope,” and therefore, you have honorably earned the Great Leader Badge.

You will be missed at UVI, but I am thankful for the opportunity to continue working with you, until you are really ready for retirement!

Dian Gréaux-Levons


Congratulations to Dr Simon Jones-Hendrickson for his sterling contribution in the fields of academia and economic development at the University of the Virgin Islands (UVI). You have made an impact, not only at the University of the Virgin Islands, but throughout the entire Eastern Caribbean and the world in general by enriching the minds and lives of all those students whom you have mentored over the last 38 years, and sharing your knowledge through the numerous books you have published. We admire you for your sterling qualities of commitment, dedication, exemplary reputation, selfless service and charitable giving of your time and resources. We are happy to see the UVI rise to acknowledge and show appreciation for your tremendous contribution over the last 38 years.  Congratulations on a well-deserved honor. God bless you always.

From: Victor & Sheila Williams, St. Kitts

To my father- Simon B. Jones-Hendrickson:

To begin this tribute for my fathers's thirty-eight years of dedicated service. I must clarify what I mean by the word Father. 

I had a true father. He worked together with my Mother, his wife of thirty-eight years to nurture my brother and me into the adults we have become.  

My father is kind, clever, funny and fun. My Dad is noble and smart. He has a way with words which has been clearly manifested in his over 15 books of fiction, non-fiction and poetry.  

He made sure that I knew that I was loved and worthy of being loved. Just this act alone gave me a foundation for self-worth that many of my friends never had because they didn't have my father. It is one thing to procreate. But when you invest, and that's exactly what it is an investment in your children and your marriage, you produce dividends that ripple outside of the family unit. I remember when I graduated from college, I was proud that I had accomplished that educational step. But it was much more important to see how my father was beaming! Having been the first person to graduated from college in his family, that moment was much more significant. 

For that moment and countless others I say a Thank you.

Thank you for being a man.

A man I could be proud of.

Thank you for teaching me it's ok to be smart. 

Thank you for showing me it's ok to have pride in your appearance.

Thank you for teaching me pride in my country.

Thank you for loving and respecting my Mom.

Thank you for teaching me it's ok to be me!

But enough about me. 

My Dad is my hero because he demonstrates you can get what you desire. With positive thinking, determination and hard work, you can have what you want.

His deep commitment to his family has only made his ability to care for others grow. He is selfless in his contributions to UVI. Whether it was in scholarships or mentoring a student. 

His commitment didn't stop him from doing what he loved inside and outside of the classroom. 

Not a day passes that I don't come in contact with someone that my Dad touched with his teaching, lecturing or mentoring. I can't think of a person that has done more for the University  of the Virgin Islands. 

And with that, I say Thank you.  

Nesha Christian-Hendrickson

Ms. Friday,

It is such a pleasure working with you. Your fun spirit, passion for your work and interest in your students, in and out of the Residence Halls, speak volumes of the care and love you have for our students. May Blessings continue to flow on you as you.

Trudi Golphin

Sincere congratulations and best wishes are extended to all UVI employees and retirees on their recognition today at the 41st Annual Service Awards Ceremony for the many years of distinguished and meritorious service to the University of the Virgin Islands. Your awards are the result of your evident commitment and dedication to the mission of the University, and a willingness to work towards the fulfillment of our goals. 

Special congratulations are offered toKostas Alexandridis, Marilyn R. Brandt, Ian F. Byrne, Dara M. Cooper, Tracelyn C. Otto, Jarelle A. Berkeley, Sr., Corene Jn-Charles, Paul D. Jobsis, Kaisa L. Prentice, Grisha I. Fleming, Kevin A. Brown, Albion George, Angel L. Gonzalez, and Donna M. Gonzalez,the distinguished award recipients from the Research and Public Service area. We are proud of your tireless efforts and enormous commitment to the success of RPS, the University, and the community as a whole.

A specialthank youto RPS RetireesYvonne M. Phillips and Jillean J. Clarke-Websterfor helping to make UVI a better institution, as well asChristina Chanes and William A. Gonzalezfor their Perfect Attendance Awards.

Sincere gratitude is extended toDr. Henry H. Smithon his retirement from the University. He is commended for his unselfish desire to give back to the institution that nurtured him, and praised for more than a decade of exacting service in high office. Generations of students will associate his name with the tall oaks that will grow from the seeds he has planted.

Frank Mills, Ph.D.,

Vice Provost

Research and Public Service

Doris Battiste, Gary Metz, Yvonne Phillips, Mercilla Rogers;

Congratulations on your Retirement and years of service to the University of the Virgin Islands.Best wishes and continued success.

C. Mingo

Valderie "General Val" Abramsen,

Congratulations Val!

Thank you for 40 years of service to the University of the Virgin Islands. Job well done!

Best wishes and continued success.

Cheryl Mingo

Congratulations Barbara!

Thank you for 35 years of service to the University of the Virgin Islands.

Keep up the great work. Best wishes and continued success.

Cheryl Mingo

Albion George,

Congratulations Chico! Thank you for your 30 years of service to the University of the Virgin Islands.

Keep up the great work. Best wishes and continued success.

Cheryl Mingo

Patricia Harkins-Pierre, Cherie Wheatley:

Congratulations and thank you for your 25 years of service to the University of the Virgin Islands.

Keep up the great work.

Best wishes and continued success.

Cheryl Mingo

Gloria Callwood, Alexander "The Great" Garnette, Douglas Iannucci:

Congratulations and thank you for your 20 years of service to the University of the Virgin Islands.

Keep up the great work.

Best wishes and continued success.

Cheryl Mingo

Grisha Fleming, Suzy Harney,Clement Abbott;

Congratulations and thank you for your 15 years of service to the University of the Virgin Islands.

Keep up the great work.

Best wishes and continued success.

Cheryl Mingo

Jarelle Berkeley, Tiffany Challenger, Jacqueline Faulkner, Delicia Henley, Dahlia Stridiron, Paul Jobsis, Mitchell Neaves, Kaisa Prentice

Congratulations and thank you for your 10 years of service to the University of the Virgin Islands. Keep up the great work.

Best wishes and continued success.

Cheryl Mingo

Errol A. Rodgers, Jarryd Cook-Tyler,Tracelyn Otto, Dara Cooper, Christa Thomas:

Congratulations and thank you for your 5 years of service to the University of the Virgin Islands.

Keep up the great work! Best Wishes and continued success.

Cheryl Mingo

Errol A. Rodgers,

Congratulations and thank you for your 5 years of service to the University of the Virgin Islands.

Keep up the great work! Best Wishes and continued success.

Cheryl Mingo

Professsor Maxine Nunez, Assistant Professor M. Doris Carson and Assistant Professor Amy Schweizer

On behalf of the faculty, students and staff of the BSN program in the School of Nursing, I wish to extend our heartiest congratulations to Professor Maxine Nunez, and Assistant Professors Amy Schweizer and Michelle Doris Carson on their achievement of having served this University. They have all contributed tremendously to the School of Nursing, and each one with,her own strengths have helped us to manage our Nursing program through these many years.

Congratulations! I am pleased to inform you that [GRANTEE NAME] has been awarded a Please read closely the information included in this letter. There are .

congratulations letter award recipient
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