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Construction bid request
August 06, 2019 Wedding Anniversary Wishes 4 comments

Create and manage construction bids and packages with simple and flexible construction bid request software by CM Fusion.

Interested in bidding on construction, service or maintenance projects?  Please contact the Contract Administrator to be added to a bidders list for the services you provide.  We welcome the opportunity to do business with you.

Bid Opportunities

Bid Title Bid Opening Date & TimePlan Holders List Addendum(s) Bid Results Awarded Bidder
District Administration Building Upstairs Remodel Project - Bid Documents October 4, 2019 2:00 PMPlan Holders List  Addendum   # 1  

District Administration Building Upstairs Remodel Project - Pre-bid Sign in Sheet

Bidder's Responsibility - Please read before submitting a bid response.

If you download bid documents for a construction project from a plan room, you must notify the District that you plan to respond in order to receive any addenda or changes to the bid documents.  Failure to acknowledge addendums may subsequently disqualify you from the bid process.

We will present some of the most common resources used in the construction industry to get bids, request for proposals and request for qualification for several .

How to Write a Request for Bid

construction bid request

Ohio Paving & Construction’s Bid Request Form

Choosing the right paving contractor for your parking lot paving project can be a long, difficult process. Sometimes differences arise concerning budget, time frame, or scope of work. We offer a physical copy of our bid request form to fill on your own time and submit whenever your organization is ready.

Once a bid request form is submitted at processed in our office, one of our estimators will reach out to arrange a site visit. Our estimator will evaluate your project and provide a quote for your consideration.

The bid request form can be returned by fax to (440) 975-9019, or by email to [email protected]

We also offer a digital bid request form for your convenience.

Click on the preview below to open our bid request form.


Ohio Paving & Construction’s bid request form. You can specify the kind of professional paving services you need, as well as other details to get the first meeting started on the right foot.


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The Bidding Process for Private Construction Projects

construction bid request

A request for bid or request for proposal, or RFP, is a document made by a business or organization for vendors. For example, a construction company may need carpenters or a hospital may need a web designer to create a site. RFPs are generally formal documents with guidelines for the vendor. They include details on the business that is making the request, the specifications of the business project, the solicitation process for vendors, the selection process for choosing a vendor or vendors, the contract process and the communication process during the solicitation.

Gather Your Data

Collect all your information beforehand. Have your financial statements, budgets, contracts, agreements and any other pertinent documents that pertain to the project. This will make writing your RFP easier.

Write the Executive Summary

Write an overview or introduction, sometimes called an “executive summary.” This section introduces the business or organization making the request and its place within its industry. The summary also presents in a highlight fashion the project or business need for which requests are being sought.

Present the Specifications

Present the specifications clearly, in terms to which the vendors will respond. Define the nature and scope of your project, your needs, your expected outcome and any other essential information. Be specific; there is a significant difference between needing a website designed and needing a website designed, updated and regularly managed.

Give Instructions to Bidders

Clearly state the instructions for how the communication process will be handled during the solicitation process. If you want vendors to contact a single person at your organization, make that clear. If there will be a presentation for vendors to attend, include all details on that. If you do not want vendors to contact you at all during the process, state that definitively. Make a determination on how the bids will be received by you, whether they must be sealed and what the deadline is.

Include the Boilerplate

Explain that the RFP is not a contract and that responding to it does not guarantee selection. Make sure to include information that will make a vendor’s response worth the vendor’s time. Lay out details on the budget, the contract, the form of payments and the evaluation of work while the project is active.

Include any legal, copyright, insurance and ethical considerations for the vendors to consider. This includes, but is not limited to, confidentiality agreements, minority vendor requirements, local regulations, safety considerations and business practices.

Give Additional Instructions

Specify any distinct instructions on how the responses should be formatted. Instruct the vendors on how you want to see their proposal numbers, what information they should include with their proposals, such as copies of insurance information or business licenses.

Describe the Selection Process

Include your invitation to bid with a few paragraphs regarding the selection process. Let the vendors know whether or not they will be notified if they do not get the job as well as what to expect if they are selected for the job.

The Bid Letting Unit is responsible for construction project advertisements, assisting with electronic bidding, fulfilling requests for eligibility to bid, providing the.

Find, Bid, Win

construction bid request

Then once you do get a set of good, comparable bids, have your professionals — your managing agent, architect, engineer — analyze them and prepare a spreadsheet. "Just giving the board copies of the bids doesn't help them any," says Providente. "We give them that, but a spreadsheet is a one-page takeaway that hopefully will give them the information they need to make a decision on a timely basis."

In simplest terms, the general overall process involves the architect or engineer drawing specifications, the managing agent sending those specifications out to bid, and the board "selecting a prevailing bidder based on the board's criteria," says attorney Scott Greenspun, a partner at Braverman Greenspun. After this, you contact your attorney and have him or her "draft a construction agreement between the prevailing contractor and the co-op or condo," he says.

Within that overview are several important steps:

  1. Putting together the RFP
  2. Choosing which and how many contractors or other vendors will be invited to bid
  3. Meeting with candidates and doing a walk-through of your building
  4. Receiving the bids, sometimes making changes and asking for updated bids
  5. Choosing a vendor and negotiating the final contract

It can be tedious and time-consuming, but your professionals will do a lot of the heavy lifting — and since tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars' difference between bids could be at stake, it's important you keep watch over each step and pertinent detail.

Starting Up

You'll hear different terms for what are more or less the same thing: "bid request," "bid package and specifications," "request for proposal," and so on. One engineering consultant considers an RFP "a short form, and a bid package and specifications a long form." Conversely, says one attorney, "I consider a bid request and an RFP [to be] the same thing." Don't worry. Just pick one term and stick with it.

Assuming you've already taken all the necessary preparatory steps before proceeding with a capital project — feasibility study or engineering report, looking into whether to repair or replace — you're ready to have your architect or engineer prepare the plans and specifications. These, together with a cover letter, alternately called the "bid sheet" or an "invitation to bid," make up your RFP.

"The building's architect/engineer develops clear specifications and formats a bid sheet," says Rosemary Paparo, director of property management at Buchbinder & Warren. This bid sheet, says Providente, is "the cover letter outlining what type of project it is, who the building owner is, who the engineer and/or architect [is/are], and the bidding criteria — for example, information on how the bid is to be submitted, if there's a mandatory walk-through of the job site, or that all contractors are required to attend an interview meeting at such-and-such [date] and time."

"We like to see a full set of specifications detailing what the building is looking for," says vendor Matthew Kraus, senior vice president of Skyline Windows. In the case of windows, for example, "it's going to lay out all the details and requirements of [the] windows, from energy performance to acoustical performance to waterproofing, and it may even get into the details of the installation."

But an important consideration that's often missing in residential buildings' requests, he says, is a logistics plan. How many apartments do you want done in a day? Who's going to assist in getting into the apartments? Are there several elevators with one dedicated to the workers or a single elevator for which hours of use have yet to be determined?

"Where's our storage and setup area — a room of some sort to have tools, materials, and equipment in place for guys to set up in the morning?" he asks. "What is the procedure [for] protecting the hallways and apartments? If someone has built-ins installed around a window, how is that dealt with? What are the building work hours and building holidays? Some observe certain holidays and some don't. And some don't mention it to us until the day before."

There's nothing that you're legally required to include in your RFP, according to Steven D. Sladkus, a partner at the law firm Schwartz Sladkus Reich Greenberg Atlas. However, cautions Leonard H. Ritz, of counsel at the law firm of Adam Leitman Bailey, "every co-op and condo should look at its own bylaws to make sure they themselves don't have some kind of internal requirements. There might be times where boards can't start a certain project above a certain dollar amount without [shareholders' or unit-owners'] approval, or there may be strictures on borrowing, for example."


Next week: Lining up the bids

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Construction Estimating and Bidding Training

email with a return reply acknowledging receipt of the email requested. To bid on an exhibit, the Contractor must complete all scopes of work listed therein.

construction bid request
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