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Credit rejection letters
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The rejection letter will list three or four reasons why you didn't get approved. Those “reason codes” can offer valuable insight into your credit.

How to send a rejection letter or rejection email

What is a rejection letter or email to applicants?

An applicant rejection letter or email is a document an employer sends to job applicants who do not qualify for the company's open positions.

A job applicant is a person who applied for your open job position by sending the required documents (a resume and or portfolio), but did not qualify for the next phase of the selection process.

In other words, you can use this rejection letter sample for all the job applicants that you will not be interviewing or moving to the next stage of your hiring process.

The importance of a rejection letter or email to applicants

Writing and sending a clear and positive rejection letter is not only a kind but also a proper and professional way to address received applications.

Sending a professional rejection letter is also crucial for ensuring a great employer branding and improving your candidate experience.

Applicants appreciate receiving official notification in a form of a rejection letter from companies in which they invested the time to apply.

Another reason why it is important to send a professional rejection letter is that they help you build, instead of end relationships. Despite popular belief, a candidate’s experience doesn’t end when you decide not to hire them. Candidates that don’t make the cut for this position may be a perfect fit for some other current or future job opening.

By sending professional rejection letters, you can build a talent pool! Being ready to find and hire quality candidates is essential for more productive and faster hiring process.

How to use this ejection letter sample or rejection email template?

To help you save time, we have created a standard applicants rejection letter sample or rejection email template. Use and customize this rejection letter sample or rejection email template to suit your needs, and send it via email or traditional mail.

If you want to send a rejection letter to candidates who made it to later stages of your hiring process, use the Rejection letter or email to candidates or Post-interview rejection letter or email.

Template for a rejection letter or email to applicants

Use this rejection letter sample or rejection email template to save time. This rejection letter sample or rejection email template contains all the most important elements that a good rejection letter should have. Use this rejection letter sample or rejection email template and feel free to customize it to fit your own needs. 

Dear Mr./Ms. [insert applicant’s last name],

Thank you for your application for the [insert your job position title] at [insert your company’s name]. We really appreciate your interest in joining our company and we want to thank you for the time and energy you invested in applying for our job opening.

We received a large number of applications, and after carefully reviewing all of them, unfortunately, we have to inform you that this time we won’t be able to invite you to the next phase of our selection process.

Though your qualifications are impressive, we have decided to move forward with a candidate whose experiences better meet our needs for this particular role.

However, we really do appreciate your interest in our company. We hope you’ll keep us in mind and apply again in the future should you see a job opening for which you qualify.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email [insert your email address] or phone [insert your phone number].

We wish you every personal and professional success in your future endeavors.

Once again, thank you for your interest in working with us.

Kind regards,

[insert your first name and last name]

[insert your job position title]

[insert your company’s name]

Need more HR and recruiting templates like this rejection letter for applicants?

Check templates for Human Resources and templates for Recruiters. 

Upset business owner recovering from a rejected loan application/ So, instead of balling up your rejection letter and tossing it into the trash.

Form Letter to Reject Chase Arbitration Clause

credit rejection letters

Rejecting people is just as heartbreaking as getting rejected. As much as possible, we don’t want to hurt or discourage the people we are rejecting, but it is a must if we need to follow the rules strictly. Fortunately, to save you the hassle, we are offering you with a wide range of Job Rejection Letter on our website.

From follow-up rejection letters to credit rejection letters, we have it in store for your convenience. Now, you won’t have to worry too much on how you would reject those applicants who applied for a credit without making the news too much for them. To learn more about credit rejections, continue reading on.

Business Credit

Rejection Letter in PDF

How to Write a Letter to Decline a Credit Request

  • The first paragraph should acknowledge that the application for credit was received by you but inform the applicant that the application for credit has been declined.
  • Provide the applicant with supporting reasons behind the rejection of their application. This is to soften the blow while, at the same time, the client may plan ahead on what their next moves should be next.
  • Make sure to use professional and polite language throughout this letter.
  • On the next paragraph, however, provide the applicant with a suggestion on what to do so that their application may be approved the next time they apply for credit.
  • Finalize the letter by signing off on the last part of the rejection letter.

For another type of rejection letter, you may want to check out our collection of Grant Rejection Letters.

Why Are Some Credit Applications Rejected?

  • Their balance level is significantly greater than what their credit allows. This can only be fixed if they settle in paying their balances first.
  • Their credit score has decreased because of their failure to settle their credits consistently. This can be resolved by focusing to make their subsequent payments on time.
  • Their credit scores were affected because they haven’t used their credit card for a long time. As long as they use their credit card occasionally, their credit scores will be good.

For rejection letters to job applicants who didn’t make the cut, you may also want to check out our collection of Employment Rejection Letters.

Credit Terms

Credit Application

Credit Report Rejection Letter

What Advise Should You Give to an Applicant Following a Rejection Letter?

  • Tell them that they can apply for credit again in the future, but urge them to comply with all the requirements to avoid getting denied again.
  • You may offer the applicant a copy of their credit report for them to review for any inaccurate information.
  • Suggest to them that they should have their credit fixed as soon as possible.
  • You may also suggest to the applicant to get a secured credit card instead to avoid making expenses that go beyond the credit’s limitations.

For more employment-related rejection letters, these Job Application Rejection Letters are here to save your day.

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Credit-card users have whispered about the 'Barclays blacklist' for years. Here's how I got on it.

credit rejection letters

Refusing credit to someone, whether it is an individual or an organization, is not an easy task. It needs to handled sensitively so that the party re-approaches the sender of the letter in the future when the circumstances are more favorable...
A credit refusal letter may be sent from one party to another during the course of a business, so as to inform the recipient that his request for credit has been denied. There are several reasons why this request may have been denied, and these reasons need to be clearly stated in the letter itself. This situation commonly arises between business vendors, so refusing credit can be a costly mistake for some parties, hence they should at least take the trouble of wording the letter in a manner that does not offend the recipient.

The aim should be to politely refuse the offer for credit, but also ensure that future transactions are not affected by this decision. In some cases, the refusal letter may be sent to an individual who has been denied credit due to his unfavorable credit rating, and this is something that also needs to be clearly stated in the letter. The individual should firstly be informed of the decision, then explained the reasoning behind it and then implored to improve his credit rating and then re-approach the sender of the letter in the future.

How to Write a Credit Refusal Letter?

The primary rule for writing any negative letter is to inform the recipient about the sole reason behind the denial, and also to thank him for his interest. All this should be done regretfully and with tact so that the person, or vendor, is not discouraged to carry out a transaction in the future. Here are some general tips for writing such a letter.
  1. The name and the designation of the recipient should be clearly stated.
  2. The reason why they applied for credit, or for an extension to credit period, should also be mentioned.
  3. They should then regrettably be informed that their request has been denied.
  4. The honest reason for this denial should also be clearly stated.
  5. Necessary thanks should be given to the recipient, and it should be made clear that they are welcome to continue transactions, or to carry out another transaction in the future.
  6. If possible, a suitable solution should also be provided.
Samples of Credit Refusal Letter

In this first sample, a business organization (ABC Ltd.) is writing a letter to one of its clients (XYZ Ltd.) informing them that their refusal for a credit transaction has been turned down by the organization. These examples of sample letters to creditors will also give you a better idea about such transactions.

20 May 2009,

Name and Address of the Recipient

Dear Mr. XYZ,

This letter is in response to your request made to us about extending you credit for the amount of $5,000, for the period of 1 month, for the items we supplied to you.

We regret to inform you that we cannot provide you with the said credit at the moment. As you are well aware, the state of the economy has led to severe repercussions for our industry, so we have decided to put our credit policies on hold for a few months.

You have been our valued customer for a long time now, so we can assure you that as soon as our credit policies change, you will be immediately informed. We hope that this does not affect our business relationship in any manner, and that we can continue our mutually beneficial partnership.

Looking forward to a better future,
ABC Ltd.

The next scenario is of a credit agency (ABC Ltd.) turning down the credit request of an individual (Mr. Draper), due to the large amounts of dues that he has, which has led to a very low credit score for him.

20 May 2009,

Name and Address of the Recipient

Dear Mr. Draper,

On behalf of ABC Ltd, I would like to inform you that your request for credit from our agency has been turned down.

While we welcome applications for credit, we do have a stringent policy for approving these applications, and unfortunately, your credit score tells us that we cannot take a chance offering you credit right now.

We would recommend that you undertake some assistance for refinancing and debt management and work on improving your credit score first, and then re-approach us after a few months. We will be more than happy to assist you with this, and we also look forward to doing business with you in the future.

Thank you for your interest in our agency.

ABC Ltd.

These are just some general samples. The content in them is not important, as different situations will throw up different content in various letters. At the end of the day, the recipient should not feel discouraged and should not hold a grudge against the sender of the letter. Instead, he should strive to improve his situation so that he can gain credit successfully, in the future.

The adverse action letter will give you the specific reason or reasons your credit card application was denied. The letter will also include.

Chapter 6: Rental Application Denial Letter

credit rejection letters

Applying for credit takes at least a bit of work—you may need to gather income documents or fill out a paper or online application. And you probably have some hopes resting on this process, such as getting a new vehicle or a new credit card. So, disappointment is understandable if the answer from the bank turns out to be no.

It’s important for consumers to know they don’t need to fear the no, however, when it comes to their credit report. Here’s what you need to know about whether a credit rejection impacts your score.

Does your credit score go down when you get declined?

The short answer is no, your credit score is not impacted directly by whether a lender agrees to extend you credit or not. And that’s a good thing because whether or not a lender approves you doesn’t even necessarily mean you’re more or less worthy of credit in general. You might get declined for another reason, such as you didn’t submit the right documents in a timely manner.

So, if you’re asking the question “Does getting rejected for a loan hurt credit?” remember that the credit agencies don’t know what the outcome of the application was. They only know you have a line of credit once you establish it and the lender reports the account. If you get declined, that information is completely irrelevant to your credit report and history.

How much does loan rejection affect credit rating?

Given the information above, you can see that getting rejected for a loan doesn’t, in and of itself, impact your credit rating at all. However, the actions you take following that rejection can impact your credit score. Specifically, if you continue to seek loans you don’t have the credit history to get, you can rack up numerous hard inquiries, and those can lower your credit score.

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Here’s how it works. You apply for a loan, and the bank in question conducts a hard inquiry. That causes a slight drop in your credit score. If you’re rejected for that loan and immediately try to get another one, the process is repeated. According to Experian EXPGY, -2.18%  , you lose between five and 10 points from your credit score with each new hard inquiry.

If you apply for five to 10 different loans in a short period, you could lose between 25 and 100 points. That means you could drop from fair credit to poor credit quickly, reducing your chances of receiving a loan in the near future even more. So while a rejection doesn’t cost you any points, your actions after a rejection can ruin your good credit score.

Note that there is one exception to this rule. When you’re shopping for a specific type of loan, such as an auto loan or home mortgage, the credit bureaus treat multiple inquiries within a short amount of time as a single query. That means you don’t get hit with numerous drops to your score, letting you work with brokers or bankers to find the right loan or deal.

What should you do after getting rejected for credit?

Instead of going directly to another loan product, take time to understand why you were declined for this loan or credit card. Follow some steps after getting rejected for credit, such as reading the rejection letter from the lender or credit card issuer, getting information about your credit score and fixing any issues that could be dragging your credit score down.

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The goal should be to apply for credit confidently because you know you have the rating for approval. You can only do that when you do your homework and keep track of your credit rating.

Why is my credit score going down?

In some cases, you may be surprised when you apply for credit that you aren’t approved. You might suddenly wonder what’s happened to your credit score. Remember that your score did not go down because you were declined. However, it could be lower than you think because of fraud or errors.

Mistakes on your credit report or fraud can be stressful to deal with, but you have options for disputing these issues. It’s a good idea to do that before you start another loan application.

Getting approved for credit after a rejection

The bottom line is that blindly applying for credit is definitely a bad idea. If you’re rejected, work with services such as Credit.com to find out more about your credit scores and where you stand.

Once you do the research, you can decide. You might work to fix your credit so you can apply for a different type of loan. You might realize your credit score was not what caused you to be declined and fix another type of issue, such as your documentation.

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Or, you might realize you don’t qualify for this particular loan or credit card and apply for one you do qualify for so you can work on developing a more positive credit history. Ultimately, the decision is up to you, but it’s a good idea to stay informed so you can take actions that drive your credit rating up rather than down.

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The adverse action letter will give you the specific reason or reasons your credit card application was denied. The letter will also include.

credit rejection letters
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