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Example of letter of authorization
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Authorization Letter. To:Shanghai Foreign Economics Relations & Trade Commission. To:Shanghai Administrative Bureau for Industry & Commerce. I hereby.

Since time travel is nothing but a fictional dream, and it’s physically impossible for a human being to be in two places at once, we’re usually left with no other choice than to have a substitute take our place during particular circumstances. You may also see agent authorization letter examples.

Rank, authority, actions allowed, spending limit, and delegation rules and limitations are all typical items documented in a letter of authorization. This is a written confirmation that may be used during the absence of a subject due to a specified reason.

But because an authorization letter acts as a legal document as well, it must be written clearly and correctly for recipients to accept. In this article, we will tackle one of the most common types of authorization letters there is: the letter of authorization to represent.

Authorization Letter to Represent Example

Authorization Letter to Represent Template

Blanket Authorization Letter to Represent Example

What Is an Letter of Authorization to Represent?

Authorization letters are formal documents that empower another individual to act on your behalf. The actions associated with this power can be related to making a decision, signing a document, participating in an event, giving a commitment, accessing certain files and folders, and other similar activities. These letters can come in handy whenever you need to delegate a responsibility or task to someone if you are unable to do so yourself.

A letter of authorization to represent is similar to an authorization letter to act on behalf. Here, the recipient of the letter is informed that the writer cannot make it to the event or meeting due to a person, medical, or work-related reason. Instead, the writer has sent a proxy to represent him or her during the encounter. This means that the proxy is permitted to perform the actions indicated in the letter, and that the writer would still be held accountable for whatever happens.

Let’s take this scenario as an example. After feeling a bit ill for the past few days, your test results reveal a contagious disease which prevents you from coming in contact with any individual from the outside.

The doctor advises you to stay home for the next couple of days but because you’re the head manager of your office, you need to make sure that operations can run smoothly even in your absence. To do so, you ask the company’s supervisor to take your place while you’re gone. You may also see personal authorization letter examples.

However, there are certain things that supervisors are not permitted to do on their own. For this reason, you need to entrust temporary managerial power to the supervisor to grant such actions.

The professional letter can be used to ask permission to carry out certain responsibilities, or to inform another individual that you will be replaced by somebody else for the time being. The content of the letter may vary depending on the responsibilities entrusted to the proxy. Once this has been signed and accepted by the intended parties, then the indicated actions may be performed until your return.

Other possible scenarios where a letter of authorization to represent may be used is when you need someone to pick up your child from school, claim a credit card, receive a package, attend a meeting, or get important documents from your lawyer. In these situations, you need to make sure that the letter states the exact responsibilities granted to another. You may also like travel authorization letter examples.

Business Authorization Letter to Represent Example

Company Authorization Letter to Represent Example

Court Authorization Letter to Represent Example

Formal Authorization Letter to Represent Example

Its Purpose

There are different scenarios where an authorization letter to represent is most applicable. These are as follows:

1. In business, people are always busy. Not everyone will be available all the time, as they may have other business-related duties to prioritize first. Successful business men, CEOs, and managers travel frequently for meetings with investors, clients, and other stakeholders. In their absence, an authorization letter is required for carrying out different business activities for the company to continue its operations. You may also see signature authorization letter examples.

2. Some academic institutions and learning centers impose strict rules when it comes to school pickups and off-campus field trips. In most cases, a child care authorization letter is used to permit nannies and babysitters to pick up the child from school, or to allow teachers or other faculty members to make minor decisions for the child during school field trips.

3. An authorization letter can play a significant role when claiming documents from the bank or government agency. However, take note that the agency does have the authority to deny your request especially when certain papers need to be signed in person. You may also like financial authorization letter examples.

4. Hospitals and clinics can be very stern when it comes to releasing medical or health records. Because these documents carry sensitive information about a person, you can’t expect them to hand these records over to you so easily. In such situation, you may need to have a signed medical authorization letter with you just in case.

Other Types of Authorization Letters

It is not uncommon to find yourself in need of an authorization letter. Each letter is tailored specifically to an intended purpose. Other types of authorization letters with a specific function include:

It is possible for an authorization letter to carry more than one function, especially when it’s vital to the role or responsibility being granted to another individual. When this happens, make sure to state these actions or duties accurately to prevent any misunderstandings. You may also see verification letter examples.

The last thing you would want is to let a colleague access some of the companies most private files without your knowledge. But in case a proxy does abuse the power granted to them or does more than what was specified in the letter, you can file a complaint to a governing body or take legal action when necessary. You may also like official meeting letter examples.

Passport Authorization Letter to Represent Example

Professional Authorization Letter to Represent Example

Simple Authorization Letter to Represent Example

Tips for Writing an Authorization Letter

Before you can carry out activities that you are not authorized to do in the first place, you must present an authorization as proof that you were granted the permission to do so by the right party.

There are three parties involved in an authorization letter: (1) you, as the author, (2) an organization or agency, as the recipient, (3) and the proxy, the individual responsible for acting on your behalf. Your proxy can be anyone you know or are associated with including your parent, guardian, spouse, child (of legal age), assistant, or even a middle man or contractor. You may also see job application letter examples.

The general purpose of an authorization letter is to prove that a person does have the right to perform certain actions and that the original subject is fully aware of this permission.

Since authorization letters are meant to be treated and handled seriously, knowing how to construct these letters properly is essential for the request to be accepted. That being said, here are some key writing tips to remember:

1. Use the appropriate tone.

Since an authorization letter is often used for a legal arrangement, you need to keep it as professional as possible. An official letter follows a formal or business format containing simple language and easy-to-comprehend terms. This will prevent confusion and misinterpretation caused by complex wording and an illogical arrangement of sentences and/or paragraphs.

2. Keep it brief and to the point.

Ensure that the simple letter is kept short and concise. Avoid unnecessary statements that will only confuse readers. You need to make sure that your message is well-comprehended and that ambiguity would not be a problem. Aim for a one-page letter that isn’t as lengthy as a college essay. Focus on being straightforward with your point to make your reason for writing clear at first glance.

3. Provide complete details.

Always provide the complete names of the parties involved in the case. Avoid using nicknames or endearments regardless of your relationship with the proxy. You can also provide personal information such as an individual’s employee code, social security number, or details that would help in identifying the person being authorized. The organization or agency might also request for a valid ID for further verification. You may also like promotion recommendation letter examples.

4. Elaborate when necessary.

Some duties may be a bit too broad for your own liking. So if you want to be a bit more accurate about the responsibilities given to your proxy, you do have the option to provide detailed descriptions of each task along with special instructions that the proxy must follow. You may also check out employee verification letter examples.

It’s a good idea to jot this down in a bullet list to keep the letter organized and understandable. This will help establish the scope and limitations of the responsibilities being granted.

5. Include contact information.

Aside from your proxy’s contact details, you might want to let your recipients know how they could reach you in case they have any questions or concerns that need to be addressed. Some organizations may need to contact you to confirm whether the general letter is legitimate as well. You can include your telephone number, mobile number, fax number, and email address as reference. Make sure these details are updated and active to avoid any problems.

6. State the duration of authority.

Unless you plan to grant the proxy the ability to act on your behalf for the rest of eternity, do not forget to include the duration for when the authorization is beginning and when it will be terminated.

Most organizations require a start and an end date for accuracy (or an exact date for a one-day grant), but you can provide an estimation if you aren’t sure yet. You can specify the number of days or weeks of absence, along with the starting date, especially for emergency cases. You might be interested in income verification letter examples.

A letter of authorization to represent is an important document that will allow another person to act on your behalf when claiming documents, receiving packages, making decisions, accessing sensitive information, attending events, or other related activities. You may also see proof of income letter examples.

Depending on the tasks or responsibilities you and your proxy or third-party entity have agreed on, the proxy should only function according to what has been stated in the authorization letter and nothing more.

Be sure you’ve considered the risks and repercussions that come with granting another individual the authority to represent you. Once this has been settled, you can proceed to writing, signing, and submitting the letter for its intended function.

Letter of Authorization to Negotiate Template – Download Now. Simply fill-in the blanks and print Examples of Related Documents. Return Authorization Letter .

9+ Letter of Authorization to Represent Examples – PDF

example of letter of authorization

You may be busy doing something else. You may be away for some errands. You may have upcoming many-days seminar. You may be on a vacation. These are some of the reasons why you cannot do some tasks just like claiming your personal documents, school records, medical records, passport, and many other. This is when you need someone to act on your behalf, and this is when you must write an authorization letter to claim, the examples of which are presented in the next section.

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Authorization Letter Writing Tips

Writing an authorization may be overwhelming at first especially when you want to say a lot of things yet you do not know where to start. But as you constantly practice writing, you can immediately get a grasp on how to do it with ease. You just need to organize your thoughts, and you have to comply with the basic rules in formal writing.

Afraid to start writing your authorization letter? Here are several useful tips for a well-written authorization letter.

1. Dates.

In writing the date, make sure to specify the correct date so that the receiver will be aware of the range of dates you have delegated your authorities while you are away.

2. Short and exact content

For the content of your authorization letter, make sure to keep it short and use plain words. Keep it brief and straight to the point to avoid confusion by the reader. It is better that you will refrain from using ambiguous or very technical words or jargon as these may create misunderstanding among the parties involved.You may also see third party authorization letters.

3. Informative and specific

Just as any other letters, be specific and informative in your authorization letter. Provide the information with regard to the purpose of your letter, and be sure to give the full details of the person or people whom you have given the authority to act on your behalf.

4. Tone

Keep your tone as formal as possible when you are writing for a business entity or people that you are not so close with. However, you can write casually to people whom you know so well and when the purpose of the authorization letter requires less formal tone of writing. Either way, just maintain a systematized and organized writing and always proofread your write-up.You may also see agent authorization letters.

How to Write an Authorization Letter

Preparation Stage

1. Understand the purpose of an authorization letter, that is, it gives another person the right to act on your behalf with matters specified in your authorization letter. It is used primarily in circumstances in which the letter writer cannot attend to the tasks for some valid reasons. Here are few examples of situations that may require an authorization letter:

1. Fast-moving financial transactions. Not every business deal can wait for you; hence, if you are temporarily indisposed, you can write a letter of authorization to someone whom you know and trust so well and temporarily grant him or her the decision-making powers or any other tasks.You may also see travel authorization letter

2. Bank transactions. In transacting with the bank such as making deposits or withdrawals, you can delegate the task to any trusted person by giving him or her an authorization letter specifying the tasks he or she could do on your behalf.

3. Claiming stuff. You can also allow someone to claim important document or things for you. All you need is an authorization letter to claim. Examples of things to be claimed by others on your behalf are money, ATM cards, passport, baggage, luggage, school records, medical records, and documents with personal information.You may also see bank authorization letters.

4. Medical decision. When the parents are away, they may grant the guardian or child care workers the authorization to make basic emergency medical decisions regarding the children in their care. They must clearly specify the scope and limitations of their power to decide to avoid misunderstanding and confusion.

5. Traveling minors. When minors would go on a trip or travel without their parents or guardians, it is advisable to give an authorization letter for minors traveling with adults who are not their parents or guardians to protect them from child trafficking or child custody issues.You may also see child care authorization letters.

2. Identify the parties involved in an authorization letter. These three parties are as follows: the first party is the original rights holder, such as the parent of a child or the owner of a bank account; the second party is an individual or group with whom the first party is conducting a transaction; and the third party is the person selected to act as a proxy on behalf of the first party’s absence.

3. It is highly recommended that you type your authorization letter rather than writing it by hand for a handwritten letter may be difficult to read and is less professional than the printed one. Remember that this document is a very important one that you can even use as evidence in a court of law.You may also see official meeting letters.

Authorization Letter to Claim Package Example

Authorization Letter to Claim Reimbursement Example

Authorization Letter to Receive Documents Example

Detailed Authorization Letter to Claim Example

Writing the Heading

1. In writing the heading of your authorization letter, you must follow the standard format of a business letter, that is, placing your name and address on the top left side of the page. Place your name on the first line, your street information on the second, and your city, state, and zip code on the third, with a single spacing between each line.

2. After your name and address, skip one line and write the current date, the date that you are writing the official letter, on the next line. Write out the date in full, not the abbreviated format.

3. Next, write the recipient’s name and address. Leave one line between the date and first part of the recipient’s name and address, and the recipient’s information should be in the same format as that of your information.

Remember that the recipient is not the same as the one authorized to make decisions for you or the one to act on your behalf. You may be granting authority to a proxy to act on your behalf, but the letter must be addressed to the second party, the party with whom you and your proxy are dealing with.You may also see writing templates.

If you do not know the party with which you will be dealing or you are unsure of the name of the party, you may leave the portion blank.

Writing the Body

1. In writing the salutation, you must use the appropriate titles such as Dr., Ms., Mrs., Mr., and Atty. rather than using their first names. Write the full name after the title of the person to whom the letter is addressed. If you do not know the name of the party with whom your proxy will be dealing, you can write “To whom it may concern.”

2. Keep the authorization letter short and precise. As stated in the tips above, be precise in your authorization letter and keep it short, simple, and direct to the point to avoid misunderstanding and confusion among the parties involved. This would also save the precious time of the reader as well as your time in preparing such letter.You may also see formal letters.

3. Be specific in the things or tasks that you want the proxy to do in your behalf. Specify the powers, duties, and responsibilities that your representative is authorized to do on your behalf. Give specific details about the authorization you are granting as well as the limitations. For example, if you are authorizing someone to sign documents for medical information, you can start your authorization letter with the following:

“I, (your full name), hereby authorize (proxy’s full name) to release to (the organization that will receive your medical records), the following medical information from my personal medical records: (list of the medical information).”

You must also provide the very specific details for your authorization such as your medical insurance number and claim information.You may also see business reference letters.

4. Specify the dates for the authorization, the date when your authorization will take effect. Make sure to give the beginning and ending dates. In cases that you cannot determine the exact dates, you can write the length of time that your authorization will be in effect.

5. Provide a reason for your authorization letter by explaining why you need a representative to act on your behalf and indicate that you are ill, out of town, or may not be able to be reached for a certain period of time.

6. Clearly write any restrictions or limitations on the authorization and identify the areas that you are not authorizing so that your proxy will be aware as to what extent he or she can act on your behalf.You may also see application letters.

7. Conclude the letter with closing words such as “sincerely yours,” “yours truly,” “kind regards,” and other similar formal words for closing. Leave four blank lines where you are going to write your handwritten signature. Below your signature will be your full name in print.

Formal Authorization Letter to Claim Example

General Authorization Letter to Claim Example

Simple Authorization Letter to Claim Example

Finalizing the Letter

1. Properly format your letter of authorization and ensure that it is complying with the rules in writing a business letter. The tone must also be consistently formal. Standard business letters use a block format in which all the contents of the letter are flushed left. The body should be single-spaced, and there must be no indentation of the paragraphs; instead, a blank line must separate between the salutation and the first paragraph as well as between paragraphs.You may also see employee verification letters.

2. Commonly, an authorization letter can be made formal, legal, and binding through a notary public or a witness who will observe you signing the authorization letter to ensure that you are not signing the letter under duress and that you are personally giving the authorization.You may also see appointment letters.

3. Print a hard copy of the letter and sign it with blue or black ink for formality. Have your witness sign as well or ask the notary public to notarize the letter. Give the original letter to the proxy for proper documentation that he or she is actually granted an authority. Retain a copy for your own.You may also see job application letters.

Start creating your own authorization now applying the tips presented above or you may refer to the examples in the previous section.

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Sample Letter Of Authorization

example of letter of authorization

Amidst the 9–5 shift, household chores, family duties, and social gatherings, keeping up with our hectic lives can often be too hard to bear. While we could always multitask to a certain extent, we also know it’s physically impossible to be in two places at once. Simple errands like submitting requirements and claiming documents may be difficult to squeeze into our already busy schedules. This is why many people opt to use an authorization letter to allow a competent individual to act on their behalf.

Notarized Personal Authorization Letter Example

Personal Authorization Letter for Bank Example

Personal Authorization Letter for Child Example

What Is an Authorization Letter?

An authorization letter is a legal declaration used to grant a person the authority to perform specific actions on the writer’s behalf. It may be as simple as giving your best friend the permission to accompany your child during a school field trip through a childcare authorization letter. This formal letter is often used for legal purposes such as insurance benefits, loans, medical treatment, as well as business and personal reasons.

Many banks, schools, government agencies, and professional institutions require clients to write an authorization letter to allow a particular person to perform specific tasks during their absence. If you’re going out of town for an important business trip and can’t make it in time to get your passport from the Foreign Affairs department, then you can always ask your spouse or sibling to do it for you by writing an authorization letter to claim and addressing it to the said agency. If your letter meets the legal standards of the recipient, then your request may likely be approved.

1. Who are involved?

There are three primary parties mentioned in the letter. The first party is the original rights holder, or you, as a parent of a child or owner of a bank account. The second party is the entity being addressed in the letter, which may constitute as a group or an individual with whom the first party is conducting a transaction with. This can be anything from a financial institution to a hospital or clinic. Lastly, the third party is the person selected to act as a representative on the first party’s behalf. These three parties must be mentioned clearly in the letter to make it easier for readers to grasp. You may also see simple authorization letter.

2. Handwritten vs. Typewritten

Keep in mind that an authorization letter is a formal document that must be taken seriously. Therefore, under no circumstance should the letter be handwritten. Typewritten letters are not only formal in nature, but they’re also a lot easier to handle. This prevents miscommunication caused by an unreadable handwriting and an informal letter format. This also gives you the chance to properly construct your letter and minimize potential errors before the stages of editing and printing. You may also see medical authorization letter.

3. What is the representative authorized to do?

There are many reasons why an authorization letter may be used, all of which should be clearly specified in the letter.

An authorization letter only grants limited power for a person to make decisions and carry out duties. You could permit a third party to make minor medical decisions for your 92-year-old mother, or allow them to access certain files and folders from your company’s executive document. You can even construct a bank authorization letter to allow a representative to withdraw or deposit money from your account. Whatever your reason may be, make sure your authorization letter remains concise and precise for readers to understand. It’s important to provide specific details about the authorization as well, especially if it covers sensitive information and actions that can cause significant or even life-changing effects. It’s also necessary to state account details, case numbers, and personal data to validate the proposed action. Additionally, the second party may also have the right to request for an ID from you and/or your proxy for further verification.

Personal Authorization Letter Format Example

Personal Authorization Letter Form Example

Personal Authorization Letter for Visa Example

Personal Authorization Letter Sample

How to Write a Personal Authorization Letter

Unless you’re creating an informal authorization letter addressed to a friend or relative (is that even necessary?), you need to understand just how important it is to formulate a professional letter for business purposes.

Here are four easy steps to follow when writing a letter for authorization:

1. Address the recipient.

Any business letter starts with a formal heading. This includes the name and address of the recipient found at the upper left-hand corner of the page. It should contain their full address and their contact information to avoid any confusion. This must be followed by a greeting or salutation that properly addresses the recipient using the appropriate title and last name. If you don’t know the spelling or unsure about the recipient’s gender, then the greeting “To Whom it May Concern,” would be a safe bet. You may also see authorization letter format.

2. Provide a brief introduction.

When writing your introduction, cut to the chase. The first paragraph of your letter must clearly state who you are assigning the responsibility to by including the third party’s full name. You should also clarify the exact permission you are granting as well as you’re reason for doing so. It’s also best to indicate why the designated person has the authority to act on your behalf by stating your relationship with the subject. You may also see authorization letter for a child to travel.

Furthermore, explain why you need a representative in the first place. Your explanation may indicate that you are out of town, fallen ill, or working during the specified time. You need to be reasonable with your excuse for it to be accepted.

3. Create the main body.

This is the part where you’re required to expound what has been stated in the first paragraph of your letter. You need to mention all the responsibilities that are being granted to the representative in complete detail. Keep in mind that ambiguity may cause problems along the way. If you fail to mention what a person can and cannot do with the temporary power, especially when you’re being too broad about it, you may be permitting a person to perform critical actions without your knowledge. Restrictions are one of the most important things to point out in your letter. Spell out every detail in a brief and to the point manner to avoid misinterpretations. You may also see authorization letter to receive documents.

Ultimately, whatever they do will reflect and be treated as your own.

4. Close the letter.

In the last paragraph, cite the exact date or time period for which the proxy is permitted to perform the activities mentioned in the letter. You should also leave your contact information for recipients to stay in touch with you in case they have any questions or concerns that need to be addressed immediately. Do not forget to end the letter with a proper closing followed by your signature above your printed name. The document must be signed to prove that you are fully aware of what you are granting in the letter. You may also see letter of verification examples.

Personal Authorization Letter to Act Example

Personal Authorization Letter to Claim Documents Example

Short Personal Authorization Letter Example

Tips for Writing an Authorization Letter

Now that we know the basic parts of an authorization letter, it’s time that we take a closer look at its content. While there may not be a hard-and-fast rule regarding the correct way to construct an authorization letter, there is a standard that must be met for it to deliver its purpose effectively. You may also see verification letters.

Let us take a look at a few guidelines to remember when writing an authorization letter:

1. Use an appropriate language

First and foremost, know your audience. Be careful about the language you are going to use; otherwise, you could be using an inappropriate tone. You should use a simple language that may be understood by the average person. Also, steer clear of any group-specific language that readers might not be familiar with. The idea is to make it easier for readers to understand the instructions being stated in the letter.

2. Write the full names of the parties involved

Write the complete name of the person you are granting the authority to. And because formality must be observed, avoid any endearments and other nicknames or shortcuts that people outside your inner circle may not understand. Apart from one’s full name, you should also mention an identity proof of the person, such as his or her Social Security number or employee code to avoid any sort of complications down the road. You may also see official letter examples.

3. Mention the date and time of the authorization

Specify the exact date and/or time for when the authorization is in effect. The beginning and ending dates must be stated and spelled out clearly to avoid confusion. But if you’re unsure about the exact dates at the moment, for instance, if you’re dealing with an emergency situation, you can provide an approximation instead. Rather than citing the specific time and date, you can indicate the number of days for when the proxy can act on your behalf. You may also see employee verification letter.

4. Clearly state how each task should be performed

In case you have certain preferences regarding how a task must be carried out, remember to mention it in your authorization letter. If you fail to do so, you can’t blame anyone for the aftermath other than yourself. For instance, if you’re writing an authorization letter for your secretary to act as a proxy in your absence, you need to specify what he or she can do. Is your secretary permitted to let people enter your office, sign vital documents, receive packages, or make critical business decisions during urgent situations? Ensure that you mention important details in your letter. You may also see salary verification letter.

5. Write in a professional manner

An authorization letter is similar to an ordinary business letter in more ways than one. This means that it’s always a good idea to follow the accepted standards for writing a business letter, where everything from the formal letter format to the content of the letter should meet a prescribed criteria.

6. Look for a witness or notary public if necessary

There are some authorization letters that play a critical function to the parties involved. If necessary, you’ll need to find someone who can observe while signing the letter. This person should be someone authorized by your local government or state to perform such action. Take note that this person may be a lawyer or someone who isn’t named in the letter. You may also see job application letter.

7. Proofread. Never forget to proofread your letter

If there are any spelling or grammar errors, especially in the names of the parties involved, the letter may be questioned and your request is likely to be denied by the agency or institution you submitted it to. Double-check for any mistakes and make sure that your letter is fully comprehensible even at first read. You may also see income verification letter.

Authorization letters are a written confirmation that permits a person to fulfill a set of actions on behalf of the letter’s writer. It is an important document used in a variety of domains, like medical, insurance, banking, personal, and business. You can use the letter to allow someone to obtain a copy of your personal documents and to disclose medical records in your absence. It could also be used to withdraw money from the bank, to make a business transaction, or to permit an underage child to travel without your supervision. For this reason, ensure that your letter contains all the essential information that the recipient must know about, and that it complies with the expected standards of a formal letter. You may also see promotion recommendation letter.

So if you find yourself in need of a personal authorization letter, be sure to keep these guidelines in mind.

Letter of Authorization to Negotiate Template – Download Now. Simply fill-in the blanks and print Examples of Related Documents. Return Authorization Letter .

Letter of Authorization to Negotiate Template

example of letter of authorization

Date: _____ (Date on Which Letter is Written)


Subject: Sample Authorization Letter.

Dear _____(Sir or Madam),

I, ___________ (Introduce yourself), hereby authorize my _________________ (Name of the person you want to authorize and your relation with him/her), to collect my passport on behalf of me since I am admitted to the _____________ (Disclose the name of the hospital, if necessary) hospital, for a period of ____________ (Mention the number of days/months). I am suffering from ________________ (Mention the Ailment/Injury) and have to undergo an operation. 

I am ready to submit all my necessary reports and documents to the passport authority and hence request the authority, to submit my passport to ____________ (Name of the person you want to authorize) at my residential address which is already there with authority.

Along with the letter, I am sending a photocopy of my ___________________ (Required documents that you have to submit). Please verify those and consider my case with special interest. If you find any query with regards to this issue, you can contact me on my number – ___________ (Contact Number).

Thanking You,

Yours truly,

____________ (Name and Signature).

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*This is not an official document of The Government of New Brunswick and is intended as an aid for our customers / L'exemple de lettre d'autorisation n'est pas .

example of letter of authorization
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