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Graduation invitation text
August 27, 2019 Wedding Anniversary Wishes 2 comments

Find college graduation invitations and get suggestions on college graduation invitation wording.

What is Hobnob?

Hobnob is an iOS and Android app that helps you create a stunning invitation design and send it to your guests by text message or email. Your guests can RSVP simply by replying to your text message or email, or can visit the web invite to get more details, chat, upload photos, and more - no app required! With the app, you can chat with your guests, see their RSVPs, collect photos, and send updates.

How do I use Hobnob to send graduation invitations?

First, search for Hobnob on the iOS or Android app store or click here. Once you've installed Hobnob, get started by adding details about your event and selecting a design (or uploading your own). Once you're happy with your design, select your guests and send the invite by text message or email. Your guests will start RSVPing soon after receiving their invite, and you'll be well on your way to hosting a great party!

Can I send my graduation invitations by text message?

Yes! With Hobnob, you can choose to send your invitations by either text message or email. People who you invite via text message will receive a text message with your invitation design, your event name, and a link to your web invite. They can simply reply "Yes" to their text message, or click through to visit the web invite to get more details and RSVP. It's that simple!

What kinds of invitation design templates does Hobnob have?

Hobnob includes diverse designs that suit many different event types, and that look stunning when sent through text message, email, or even shared on social media. Hobnob has a variety of invite designs that are great for inviting your friends to graduations, birthdays, BBQs, bachelorette parties, book clubs, and everything in between!

Can I use my own graduation invitation designs with Hobnob?

Yes, absolutely! While Hobnob includes many designs you'll love, sometimes you have a design of your own in mind. With the Hobnob app, you can upload your own design to use as an invitation. Whether you choose one of the built-in designs or upload your own design, you can be sure your guests will say ‘wow!’ when they're invited!

Can my graduation event have more than one host?

Yes! With Hobnob, any number of people can host a single event together. Whoever creates the event can add co-hosts in the same step as inviting guests. Co-Hosts can invite people to the party from their own address books, just like you can! Now every party is better with friends!

Can I use Hobnob to chat about my graduation event?

Of course! Hobnob allows everyone invited to the party to chat as a group (using the app or the web), or to message each other privately (using the app). Best of all, you can continue to chat after the party so you can keep in touch between events and plan your next party together!

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47+ Best High school Graduation Invitation Wording ideas

graduation invitation text

Ideas to Write the Most Pleasing Graduation Invitation Wording

Finding the perfect wording for a graduation party invitation can be a daunting task. This PartyJoys article provides some suggestions on wordings for graduation invitations.
Graduation is a special occasion in every student's life. Schools and universities arrange special functions to congratulate the students for their success, and wish them good luck for their future. It is a ceremony of mixed feelings, and it is necessary to create beautiful, unforgettable memories on such occasions.
You require graduation invitation wording, when you are inviting your friends and relatives for the graduation ceremony, or when you are throwing a graduation party for your graduate son or daughter. It is necessary that you choose the right wordings for inviting the guests, since graduation comes once in lifetime, and you cannot afford to go wrong with the wordings. So, do you want to invite your friends for your commencement exercises, or are you planning to throw a graduate party? Be it anything, here are some sample invites that go with both.
Wordings for Graduation Invitations
Apart from the main wordings, it is necessary that the invitation includes all the information regarding the ceremony. Name of the graduate, time, date, venue, R.S.V.P., etc., are some of the important elements that should be included. Try to include short yet meaningful words, and avoid lengthy sentences. If you are going to have a graduation party with a specific theme, then do mention so, on the invitation. Also mention the desired attire. Given below are some examples that can be used for inviting the guests.
Wordings for School Graduation Invitations
Please join us as we celebrate
The High School Graduation
Of our daughter (Name)
(Date) (Time) (Venue)
R.S.V.P. to (Name of the person) (Contact number)
Heavy hors d'oeuvre and "mock-tails"
Will be served all night.
Please be our guest at a
Surprise graduation party
In honor of our son (Name)
(Date) (Time) (Venue)
Proudly hosted by (Names)
Every yesterday is a memory of dreams,
Every tomorrow is a vision of hopes,
Please share in our joy,
As we throw a graduation party for our son!
(Date) (Time) (Venue)
Cover to cover - books he has read,
Many a night he did not go to bed,
Or so he said!
Please join the graduation party of our son
On (Date) at (Time) (Venue)
We've watched (Name) grow
Throughout his/her academic career
The time has passed so quickly
Now graduation day is here!
We joyfully invite to a
Graduation Party
In the honor of our (son/daughter)
(Date) (Time) (Venue)
Please R.S.V.P. by (Date) (Contact number)
Come have a day of fun in the sun
With the brightest stars of all!
A Graduation Beach Party
For the Class of 2001
(Date) (Time)
Regrets only (Contact number)
Wordings for University and College Graduation Invitations
A time to remember
A time to celebrate with family and friends
Please join us in attending the Commencement
Exercises of (Name of the student)
(Day) (Date) (Time)
(Name of the University or College)
With great pride,
I (Name of the student) am proud to announce
My Graduation from (Name of the University or College)
Please help celebrate my achievement
And witness my passage at the Commencement Exercises
We wish to share this time with you,
To laugh, to smile, and to cry.
Because, before we realize
Precious years may go by,
We, the Senior Class of (Name of the University or College)
Announce our Commencement Ceremony
The President, Faculty, and Graduating Class
Of (Name of the University or College)
Announce their Commencement Exercises
On (Date) (Time) at (Venue)
Time to move on!
You and your parents
Are invited to celebrate
R.S.V.P. by (Date) on (contact number)
These were some ideas that can be used for inviting friends and relatives at the graduation ceremony. We hope these ideas helped you finalize your graduation invitation wording. Good Luck!
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Graduation Announcement and Invitation Wording Ideas

graduation invitation text

  • Pick a size and shape

    Click the “Resize” link at the top of the design page. You’ll be presented with a wide selection of sizes for your graduation invitations. Scroll down to the “Standard” section and choose your preferred dimensions.

  • Choose a theme

    The “Theme” page gives you the opportunity to choose a combination of message, text font, colors and background image that works best for graduations. Choose a theme appropriate to the occasion, but don’t forget that you can change the various design elements later on in the design process.

  • Personalize with images

    Click the “Background” image at the top of the page, and you’ll be taken to a selection of photo filters that can be used as your invitation’s background. Alternatively, you can upload an image of your own or choose from an online selection.

  • Select a font

    This is your chance to send a personal, meaningful message to friends and family. Select the “Text” link at the top of the page, and you’ll be able to enter new text and make changes to font, color, spacing, shape, alignment and opacity.

  • Download, share, or print your invite

    You can share graduation party invitations via the “Share” link at the top of the design page. Either download your invitation for printing or distribute it to friends and family via a Facebook or Twitter link. Thanks to a comprehensive, easy-to-use design process and a range of graduation invitation templates, crafting a stunning graduation invitation couldn’t be easier

  • Create your own Graduation Party invitations to download, print or send online with RSVP for free. Easy to customize with our invitation maker and add.

    Design Your Own Graduation Invitations for Free with Adobe Spark

    graduation invitation text

    Graduation from high school is a very memorable moment in life as we know the school life only comes once in our life and hence leaving the school is always a inevitable sad moment of our life and hence for making this day special and worth remembering the students  do celebrate this day with utmost pleasure and hence this day is very special for the people who have surpassed the school life are school graduations are celebrated with lots of joy and we are wished for a well future and prosperity and hence we all celebrate on this behalf of great moment as one of our friend leaves us all only to unite us all and make us proud. 

    Best High school Graduation Invitation Wording ideas

    _come and be apart of this celebration together as we celebrate this day with immense joy and pleasure for our (name)’s graduation from school

    _come and be a part of something special such as this as we invite you to celebrate the graduation of (name) from his/her high school

    _lets enjoy with all our hearts as we invite you to join us at the party celebrated ion behalf of the high school graduation of (name)

    _come and be a part of this moment of togetherness as we celebrate this night as our (name) graduates from school at our home and you are requested to visit as well

    _fill your  hearts with joy as we invite you and your family to have a nice  graduation party for our son/daughter’s high school graduation at (date time and place)

    _don’t miss this wonderful moment as we celebrate this night on behalf of ( family name) by having the graduation of (name) from his high school and you are greatly invited 

    _never shall you find such achievement as our (name) has got, as he/she is getting a wonderful farewell from all of us and hence we invite you to the celebration on this behalf

    _we hereby request your presence on the grand celebration on behalf of the farewell party of (name) on behalf of her graduation from ( school name) and hence make the party bit more special for all of us

    _join us at the grand celebration of our boy/girl (name)’s High school graduation and make this a day special for both him/her and us all

    _we would be happiest if you lend us your presence on High school graduation of (name) , and join the party we organized

    _come and be a part of something  special as this as we invite you to the party of our beloved (name) as he (graduates) from (school name))

    _come be a part of this auspicious occasion of our beloved (name)’s grand graduation from (school) and hence enjoy the party we have organized at (date time place)

    _lets enjoy this day as we hold a farewell party on behalf of (name)’s ( graduation) from (school) and we invite you to be a part of it as well

    _lets wish our beloved (name) a warm farewell as we hope for her prosperous future , and hence you bare invited to celebrate  the High school graduation of (name)

    _lets celebrate this day with all our hearts as its the High school graduation of (name)  on (date time and place)

    _don’t let this lovely day go away from your hand and join our celebration for (name)’s graduation and you are invited as well to enjoy the feast

    _on the great occasion of our (name)’s graduation from school,we invite you and your friends and family to be the part of a graduation party on this behalf

    _come and give us the greatest gift of your presence on this occasion of graduation of (name) from his/her school , you are invited at (date time and place) for celebrating this

    _lets begin this day with immense joy as we invite for you shall  save this date and come with us to enjoy on this auspicious occasion of High school graduation of (name)

    _we cordially invite you to lend us your presence on (date timer and place) for making the celebration of High school graduation of (name)

    _come and be a part of this wonderful moment of High school graduation of (name) as we invite you to be a part of it

    _lets come together and hence enjoy this beautiful day as we invite you to the High school graduation of (name) and hence make this moment memorable

    _come and join us at this auspicious occasion of High school graduation of (name) and hence make this day special for both you and her

    _sharing is caring, hence we need to share our love in from of celebration, of this year for the High school graduation of (name) organized by (family name) and we invite you

    _come and make this  High school graduation of (name) special with your presence and eat and enjoy all you can

    _Lets wish love for all and prosperity as well as we invite you to the High school graduation of (name) on (date time and place) and your presence is mandatory

    _ there’s a lot of time left to be worried but less time to enjoy so lets enjoy this day by having this wonderful High school graduation of (name) where your presence is required 

    Lets share joy and love and celebrate this day with all our hearts as we invite you to the High school graduation of (name) and wish him/her a nice future ahead

    _lets make this day unforgettable as we invite you to be the part of this special evening as we invite you to this great event of High school graduation of (name) with us 

    _don’t miss this chance of being a part of something so special as this is as we celebrate this night by inviting you and your family to a  High school graduation of (name) organized on behalf of us

    _never shall you get this chance feel the company and feel the positive vibes as we invite you to the High school graduation of (name) from (family name) and your family and you are invited

    _come be a part of the grand celebration of our (name)’s High school graduation of (name) and make this day special for him/her and all of us

    _we require your presence on the graduation party held on behalf of (name)’s farewell as the last batch from (school name) and hence leave a memorable day worth remembering

    _we cordially invite you to the celebration on behalf of the High school graduation of (name)  and your presence will make it more special, so join us on ( place date and time)

    _a moment like this only comes once in life as we give the warmest farewell to our beloved (name)  as a celebration of High school graduation of (name)

    _lets come together to celebrate this grand event of celebration, that is for the High school graduation of (name)

    – a moment like this comes only once in life so lets make this day worth it by celebrating the High school graduation of (name)

    _lets wish our boy/girls as he/she gets her farewell today so you are invited to the High school graduation of (name)

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    Remember, you can word your graduation announcements and invitations however you like. High School Graduation Announcement Wording.

    graduation invitation text
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