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How to ask for one more chance

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How to ask for one more chance
July 06, 2019 Wedding Anniversary Wishes 1 comment

Make a point of asking questions and listening. Give yourself a One of the best routes to any second chance is to invest wisely in yourself. Give yourself a Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will. When you bump into.

I'm going to court a little controversy and say that you should not ask for another interview.

As an interviewer, I have to assume that you are performing at your best. I can't think "Well, that was a pretty poor interview, but I bet Parth is better when not under pressure."

In your day to day work, I need to know that you will be able to cope with the pressure of deadlines, urgent client meetings, things breaking. If you can't cope with a friendly chat over Skype - am I going to be happy putting you in from of my boss?

That said, yes, we know everyone gets nervous in interviews. We're not expecting 100% perfection. You probably didn't perform as badly as you thought.

The interviewer is the one who decides which candidate gets a second interview - not you. Do not write saying "Gosh! I was pretty crappy, eh? Can you give me a second chance? PLEASE!"

Instead, say something like...

Thanks for taking the time to interview me last week. I found the whole process really interesting. Based on the questions I asked, I would love to work for XYZ Corp. I really think my experience with ABC could be a great asset to your project - and I'm keen to learn more about your 123 processes.

Please do let me know if you need any more information from me.

That way, you are showing that you actually want the job and get to reiterate your strengths.

Good luck!

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Terence EdenTerence Eden

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Hey!thanks for the A2A. to begin with I am really sorry about ur broken relationship and I really dont think that u made a mistake by breaking up. Because in the.

FREE Sample Second-Chance Letters

how to ask for one more chance


There’s no such thing as “One Last Chance” in a Relationship.

Relationships can be amazing.  They can make you feel loved, safe and secure.  But that’s not always the case. Relationships can also be full of conflict, emotional turmoil and stress. The golden rule of thumb in a relationship is the good times need to outweigh the bad times.
When there are more bad times than good times it means that something has shifted in how you feel about your partner or how they feel about you. Conflict becomes the normal way of communication and everything that once was good is now – not so good.

When it’s out of balance you’ll know because it feels like:

  • You are walking on eggshells
  • Everything you say or do is wrong
  • Everything feels hard
  • You would prefer to stay at work than go home
  • When you are home you try to avoid everyone and say as little as possible
  • You want to drink more, eat more or smoke more
  • You talk more to your friends than you do with your partner
  • You feel really miserable

If a relationship is out of balance, then a decision needs to be made of what to do next. Instead of getting help or learning and understanding where you are both coming from, most people will give up or give in.  People believe that giving the relationship one last chance might be the answer.  
One last chance is not going to help you grow your relationship into something special because it means there is a time limit on the improvement of your relationship.  A time limit equals pressure and remember “one last chance” means only ONE chance.
In my book The Secret Sauce of Loving Relationships, I talk about the 4 stages of a relationship and what happens in each stage. Stage 3 is the conflict stage and if you can get through the conflict you will reach stage 4 which is the stage of resolution.  Now that’s all well and good but somehow you need to be able to get through the conflict so that you can reach resolution and continue on to happier days.
When couples can’t do this between themselves they call me for an appointment and I help them work through their issues and give them the tools to be able to do this in the future when then they need it. Communication is the glue that will keep you together through good times and bad times. Communication needs to happen everyday and that’s why the “one last chance” won’t work.  You can’t communicate once and think it’s going to solve everything.

The reasons why some couples can’t work it out themselves include:


  • They are too close to the problem and can’t see any answers
  • They are too sensitive and emotional
  • They are focusing on the problem and not the solution
  • They are too busy being defensive or blaming each other instead of actually listening to each other
  • They are so sick of trying to talk about it and trying to fix it that they feel it’s easier to fantasise about leaving the relationship and being on their own

Now when someone reaches breaking point they talk about wanting to leave – they feel they are done and they are over it. With those statements comes a sense of power and a sense of control for a short time. It feels like a solution has presented itself. It doesn’t actually mean that they want to leave – they just desperately want the conflict to stop.
For the other person, they feel the effects of the other persons power and they start to panic.  They don’t want it to be over and so they start the bargaining process where they will do anything to keep the relationship. It’s no longer about whose fault it is, it now becomes about saving the relationship because a real threat has presented itself.

Here’s some of the reasons people will use when they are trying to save the relationship when the other person wants to leave:

  • We’ve been together for too long to end it now
  • We have a house together (other financial things)
  • But, when our relationship is good it good – we can get over this
  • What about the kids they need a mum and dad
  • What about our families and friends
  • We have had happy times
  • It’s all my fault – I will change (even though they know it’s not the truth)
  • I won’t drink, smoke, go out etc (basically they won’t do anything except be with you)


And then comes the biggest negotiation of all:


“Please, can we give it just One Last Chance? And then if it doesn’t work we will break up”

Now when someone asks for One Last Chance in a Relationship they are actually asking you “Can you just stay longer.”  One last chance doesn’t have any solutions attached to it. 
So what actually happens is that both people will be on their best behavior for as long as they can, which is usually just a few days. Then, as soon as something happens to bring back the conflict, everyone loses their shit and they want to break up – for good this time. But they don’t actually break up then either.  This process can go on and on for months and even years, depending on how long a couple has been together.
My point is that One Last Chance does not solve any issues, it’s just 2 people committing to perfection which is not realistic.

Instead of asking for One Last Chance, ask instead:

“What is it that you need from our relationship that you are not getting?”

“What am I doing right in this relationship?”

“What can I change that would make you feel good/loved/safe in this relationship?”

Start getting some real answers by asking the tough questions because that’s where your happily ever after lives.

If your relationship is at the ‘one last chance” stage and you need some help click the button below to book a marriage counselling appointment.



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A Gentleman’s Guide to Asking for a Second Chance

how to ask for one more chance

Step 1

Take some time away from communication with your ex. Not only will this give you an opportunity to look at the situation from the outside, it will show your ex that you're capable of being on your own, at least temporarily. Judge for yourself how much time is enough, but it should be longer than what your ex is likely to expect from you in “desperate” mode.

Step 2

Address your anxious feelings. If you're worried about looking desperate, there's a good chance that you feel somewhat desperate about the possibility of this relationship ending. Bear with those anxious feelings and do your best to simply tolerate them and study them. Spend time with close friends and family to remind yourself that you have a support structure other than your relationship. Think hard about the complaints your ex has made about you and the relationship. Think about damaged trust and what you might have to do to repair trust or show that you are taking new action to break a cycle of bad behavior.

Step 3

Ask your ex to speak to you about what's happened between you. Do not demand to have a conversation or act as if you are entitled to be heard.

Step 4

Clear the air before bringing up the topic of trying again. Apologize for your mistakes and express understanding of the emotional effect they've had on your ex. Make it clear that you care about your ex's feelings and that this apology is unconditional.

Step 5

Communicate your desire to revive the relationship as a statement, not a question. Do not press your ex for an answer immediately. Let him answer now or answer later.

Step 6

Leave things open ended. If your ex is still adamant that the relationship is over, ask that she think about what you've said and let you know if she ever changes her mind.

The interviewer is the one who decides which candidate gets a second interview More common is that their process calls for a second-round.

Too many people make the same mistake after bombing a job interview

how to ask for one more chance

So the short answer to how you go about getting that second chance is you need a plan.  Your ex girlfriend is not going to buy-in if she thinks you have not learned your lesson or that you are not worthy of her trust.  

Think of asking for that second chance as something you build up to. 

And if at any time your ex girlfriend thinks that you were not up front or suspects that you are just going to repeat the same mistakes, then forget it because giving you another shot is a risky proposition for her.

Even the most sensible ex recovery plan won’t bail you out if your ex girlfriend feels manipulated.

Trust me, you have probably broken her heart and she is not going to be in any mood to go rushing back into the same relationship unless something major has changed.

Nevertheless, the truth is that almost all couples deserve as second chance.  You just need to clear the right hurdles. 

So what you need to learn are the steps you need take to position yourself where she can look you up and down and say to herself, “yes, I want him back and I will give him another shot”.

9 Steps To Getting Your Ex Girlfriend To Take A Chance With You Again

As you agonize on what to do, you may think to yourself, “I just want her to let me back in“. 

If only it could be so easy.  If we could think things and wish for things and if they all came true, you would never have to worry about your ex girlfriend giving up on you.

But truth is that you have a lot of work ahead of you. You probably broke her heart and she is not soon forgetting.  So you need to have an Ex Recovery Strategy that convinces your ex that you are worthy of a Second Chance.

Let’s get started with first step of chipping away at your ex girlfriend’s frosty heart.

1. Don’t Ask Too Soon For A Second Chance

The smart move right out of the box is to not try so hard.  I see a lot of guys try to rush back into the relationship, begging and pleading with their ex girlfriend to just give them one more chance. 

They figure if they get to her fast and really turn on the emotion and make their case, she certainly would open up her heart and let you back in.  But you would be wrong if you followed this line of thinking.

In a lot of these cases, your ex girlfriend needs time to process what has happened.  She may very well be split over what she wants. Part of her may want you back. Another part of her may still be upset and wants you to suffer. 

So don’t go asking for a second chance until you have done some priming to get your ex ready to hear what you have to say and see what you have done.

2. Forgive Yourself First

Now certainly, you are looking for your ex girlfriend to forgive you.  But first you need to invest some time into some self discovery. You need to take a hard look at the things you did in the relationship that caused your ex not to want to trust you again.

Once you face up to your shortcomings, then accept you have lessons still to learn.  Now you are half way there.  You will have an opportunity in most cases to show her you have accepted responsibility. But don’t dwell on the past and beat yourself up.  Forgive yourself.

You will need to get your act together if you want her to give you a second shot.  So aim to move past your mistakes.  Take responsibility and then embrace the actions you will need to implement in the future. This is instrumental in the ex recovery process,  otherwise you will get in your own way.

3. Show Your Ex Girlfriend You Have Changed

So one thing your ex girlfriend will be looking for before she agrees to giving you a second chance is if you have changed in some meaningful ways.

She doesn’t want to just get back with the same guy that who was making all those same mistakes. You are going to have to demonstrate you have learned some valuable life lessons.

You will need to show some class and humility and demonstrate to your ex girlfriend you have made some core changes to correct the problems that eroded her trust.

4. Show Patience – Your Ex Will Give You a Second Chance When She is Ready

So if you think this is going to be easy – that you are going to be able to sweet talk or pour out your heart and she will come running – think again.

If you left her for some idiotic reason and now want back in, it’s possible your path will be somewhat easier.  But if she left you because she just couldn’t cope with it all, you have your work cut out for you to get back on her good side.

So be patient.  You don’t want to blow this by trying to rush this process.  You won’t get many opportunists for a 2nd chance with your ex girlfriend.  Indeed, you might just only get this one shot.

So don’t push too hard or show signs that your are desperate.  Such behavior  has the signs of “loser” written all over it. 

Trust me, your ex girlfriend is not going to be attracted to someone who she perceives is weak or emotionally fragile.

5. Be Consistent In Your Behavior

One of things that may have been missing in your previous relationship with your ex was your lack of being consistent. I am talking about consistently showing kindness and appreciation.  I am talking about listening to her consistently.  I am referring to being the guy she can count on to be there for her.

So part of your quest is to be able to demonstrate you are capable of being consistently trustworthy and reliable. I know that can be hard in some situations if you are in no contact.  But even then, there are ways to showcase the new you.  

If alcohol or drugs was a big issue, then showing her that you have turned the corner and it’s not lip service you paying to it, but actual day in and day out commitment to the all new “you”.  

Your ex girlfriend will notice when you are behaving in a way that complies with her expectation of someone who is worth of second or even third chance.

6. Don’t Give Up If She Insists She Won’t Give You Another Shot

So sometimes you are going to run up against a brick wall. 

Your ex girlfriend may tell you that “no, I don’t want to give you a second chance”.  She may argue that you will just blow it or that you don’t deserve it. 

She may insist that she has lost all trust for you and it’s over, so forget any opportunity for a do over.

That happens, but it does not necessarily mean that you are doomed.  If you get rejected, handle it with class and return to your ex recovery plan, rework it,  and came back at her from a different angle.

Maybe there is some area that needs shoring up.  Maybe someone can intervene in your behalf.  But don’t quit at the first sign of adversity.

7. Sometimes Grand Gestures Can Work

Every once in a while when you are backed up against the fence, with your ex girlfriend seemingly not wanting anything to do with you, you need to pull out all the stops. 

Consider doing something that she would never expect and once it’s presented to her, she will have little choice to accept it as a grand gesture of genuine love.

So what might that be?  Well,  I can’t say for sure because every relationship is different.  Your girlfriend will have her own set of hot buttons that when pushed, will melt her heart to the extent she will feel obliged to at least considering giving you a second chance.

Sit down with pen and paper and start brainstorming with yourself or  a close friend and don’t stop until you come up with at least 10 ideas.  Then trim them down to the top 3.  Wait a few days to reflect on your options, then chose your big bad idea and then do it.

8. Don’t Betray Her Trust In You Once Given

When you are finally able to break through that wall your ex girlfriend has erected for you to climb – when you finally get over that big hurdle, don’t give it all back by doing or saying something foolish.

You have come this far.  Don’t betray her trust. If you get that second chance, accept the opportunity with humility.

9. Write Your Ex Girlfriend a Letter of Appreciation After She Lets You Back In Her Life

So once you have a second chance, it’s time for you to do something classy which should reinforce to her that she made the right decision.

Write her a letter expressing your appreciation for her trusting in you again and believing that the relationship deserves to live on.

This should not look like any ordinary letter.  It should stand out in appearance and in how you deliver it to her. 

Make it a moment she won’t soon forget.

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Another "One More Chance" Question January 4, AM Subscribe. I'm considering ending my relationship. Should I give him another chance to make.

how to ask for one more chance
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