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I came to love you
October 27, 2018 Wedding Anniversary Wishes 2 comments

No Boundaries. Trolle Og Den Magiske Fela - Sangene fra eventyret. . Resan till Dig - Single. I'll Show You - Single.

Silly me,
Sometimes I lose my mind
Like a child
Has lost his way
Then so soon I’ll see
What keeps guiding me
And the reasons and traces are clear

I came to love you
Might as well make up your mind
Darling you know I can’t wait for your love
Playing no games with my time

You have helped me see so much more than myself
And my life is getting richer all the time
Now we’ll see the best
Of all of the rest
Thru the eyes of lovers looking
At all  time

I came to love you
All I can give is myself
I will not try to be no body else
Can I give more than my heart ?

I came to love you
All I can give is myself
I will not try to be no body else
Can I give more than my heart ?


*Quite possibly one of my favorite song, one which I heard it playing, I can’t keep myself from singing. I tried to search the net but I can’t find any lyrics (so far). I decided to write down myself by hearing but since the sound quality was not that great, I do think there’s error here and there.. but please enjoy !*

Like this:


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New single – “I Came To Love You”

i came to love you

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has given us a ton of memorable lines, from the Hulk's infamous warning "That's my secret; I'm always angry," to Black Panther's rallying cry "Wakanda forever." Avengers: Endgame celebrated the franchise's history of iconic lines with some particularly emotional twists on Captain America's "I can do this all day" and Tony Stark's "I am Iron Man," but it also introduced a new instantly classic phrase that Marvel fans are sure to be repeating for years. And it turns out, the origin of the Avengers: Endgame "I love you 3,000" line will make you cry just as much as the line itself.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from Avengers: Endgame. There is no question that Morgan Stark's adorable and numerically specific statement of adoration for her father has become the breakout quote from Avengers: Endgame. The line is first said when Tony Stark is putting his daughter Morgan to bed after he cracks the time travel problem, and then it takes on a much more emotional meaning at the end of the movie after Tony's death, when his hologram says "I love you 3,000" back to Morgan. The line is also perfectly suited for repeated use by Marvel fans who want to pay homage to Robert Downey Jr. himself on his last outing as Iron Man, so it has been all over social media since the movie premiered.

But the story behind the phrase is actually just as emotional as the phrase itself. According to a report from the Chinese outlet Watching Hollywood, director Anthony Russo recalled a story that Robert Downey Jr. had told him and his brother/co-director Joe Russo about how one of his children said "I love you 3,000" to him. The directors found the phrase super endearing, and decided to put it into Avengers: Endgame as the way that Morgan Stark tells her dad that she loves him.

Knowing that the "I love you 3,000" line actually came from Robert Downey Jr.'s actual child just makes it all the more heartwarming, and it adds to the meta context of the line being important both within the movie and transcending that to be hugely important to the fans and actors in real life.

And "I love you 3,000" is not the only iconic line that came to perfectly fit into Avengers: Endgame so magically. Joe and Anthony Russo also recently revealed in a Q&A that Tony Stark's final line was added in at the very last minute. Initially, Tony was going to say nothing before snapping his fingers in the Stark Gauntlet and dooming himself to die, but the directors knew that since Tony loved quips so much, they had to think of the exact perfect thing for him to say. As they were shooting the final scene, one of the movie's editors apparently pitched that Tony say "I am Iron Man" to make it a full-circle moment from the first Iron Man movie, and everyone immediately loved it.

So, basically, you can think about these stories and cry even more the next time you rewatch Avengers: Endgame.

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Alexander Rybak - Люблю тебя как раньше - I love you as before (Official Music Video)
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I Came to Love You Late

i came to love you

When you're away
I try to focus on things
I need to do
But my hands are shakin'
Cause I'm just mad about you

When by myself
I think of all that may
Or may not be true
And I'm scared of falling
Falling hard without you

But then I see your smile
And suddenly I feel stronger
I feel proud
That's when I man up
And girl, there's a thing I gotta say out loud

You got my heart
Baby, I know this time it's true
So I came to love you
And that's what I'm gonna do

And I just hope
Deep in your heart
You feel it too
Cause I came to love you
And that's what I'm gonna do

When we're apart
I walk around all day with your name in my heart
And I can't stop dreamin'
The sweetest dreams about you

I lay awake when you're not in my bed
Because I can't get you out of my head
And I feel so foolish
The biggest fool without you

But then I see your smile
And all the sudden I'm happy, strong and proud
That's when I man up
And Girl, do you mind if I say this out loud

You got my heart
Baby, I know this time it's true
So I came to love you
And that's what I'm gonna do

And I just hope
Deep in your heart
You feel it too
Cause I came to love you
And that's what I'm gonna do

You have my heart
Oh! Baby I know this time is true
So I came to love you
And that's what I'm gonna do

And I just hope
The deep in your heart feeling too
Cause I came to love you
And that's what I'm gonna
I need you know
I was born to love you
And that's what I'm gonna do

Yeah, I know, you know
That I learned to love you
And that's what I'm gonna do

"I Love You Came Too Late" is the second single from Joey McIntyre's debut album, Stay the Same. It was the follow-up to his most successful single, Stay the .

I Came To Love You – Booker T Jones

i came to love you

you came into my life as my friend.. and i came to realize that i love you so now you are in my heart and i know that you will never leave.. I love you
wants you to know that I love you more today than I did yesterday, and I will love you more tomorrow then I do today. You have all of me…
when i go to sleep i think of you,when i am a sleep i dream of you and when i wake up i am smiling because you are the one that makes me happy :)
A real relationship has fights, tears, love, real feelings,but after each tear/fight the love & true feelings get stronger and will always last. I love you baby
Love doesn’t need to be perfect, it just needs to be true. Well if your love is true then its perfect
you are the meaning in my life, the pain in my heart when your not with me, you are my best-friend, partner, and soul-mate. I love you, till the day i die.
Why does everyone say,”If you love someone, let them go”? If you really love someone, hold on tight and never let go <3
Funny how Destiny play its part in your life…bringing two hearts together despite the distance ♥♥♥
I give you my heart to hold, please take care of it and do not break it, because it holds all my love for you <3
Patience gives us strength. It gives us a reason to keep waiting. Yes, certain things are worth waiting for!!
When you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and ask yourself if you’re happy. If the answer is no too many days in a row…It’s time to make a change.
a reason I know I love you, having you as a part of my life makes me think all the years until I met you were to prepare for what love really feels like.
When you hold me, I feel safe. When you hug me, I feel loved. When you kiss me, my heart leaps. When you tell me you love me, I melt. Baby, I Love You <3
love is wen the other person is willing to try,to go all distances to see you,to be with you,to love you.someone that would go 5hrs just to see you for 5minutes
You are my world my life and my soul, my reason for everything that I do. I love you, and I will always and forever.
Best friends are more than just friends. They’re sisters/brothers, not by blood, but by heart.
I love the way i feel around you and i hate the way i feel when your not around! I am ready for the day when i can call you mine 4ever!! <3
Can’t get you out of my mind, but who said I’m trying to (:
I have been hurt many times before, but I am offering you my heart to hold, hoping you are the one that will cherish it the most. I love you Babe!
I love your gorgeous eyes and the way I can look into them and find a rare treasure that no one can even dream of.
You know he loves you when he would do anything & everything to keep you in his life. <3
is in love with the only person who TRULY gets me
Just thinking about you, I get butterflies♥
If I had to chose to save the world or save you, I’d save you because I wouldn’t be able to live in a world without you in it
When i sleep i dream of you, when i wake i think of you, when i sing i sing to you, and when i die I’ll die loving you!
you are the first thought of every morning, the best thought of each day and the last thought of every night :)
Just a kiss on ur lips in the moonlight! Just a touch with the fire burning so bright!! It’s never felt so real with just a kiss good night! I love you!♥
there is someone special, someone true, someone i love, and that is you
you are the theme of my dream you are the cheery i am the cream
days may pass where i don’t talk to you or see you, but never will a day pass where i don’t think about you
thinking of you keeps me awake,dreaming of you keeps me asleep,be wit you keeps me alive.
Its true love is when a person loves you for who you are, crazy or calm, loud or quiet . If they truly love you they will stick with you forever I Love You <3
If you cry i cry, if you laugh i laugh, if you get ready to jump off a bridge, i will be the one holding your hand saying ” I Love You, Lets do This”
Still finds it amazing that out of all of the beautiful girls who are always all over you… you love me and only me :)<3
I was looking into ur eyes wondering if u was thinkin the same thing as me then u kissed me… great minds think alike :)
Love is like deer hunting, you will sit for what feels like a lifetime but one day, at the right moment it will come walking right to you.
You remind me of who I am, who I can be and how much love I have. For that alone makes me love you more and more.
We first met i didn’t mean to be your friend when we became friends i didn’t mean to like you when i liked you i didn’t mean to fall completely in love with u.
Baby, Being so far away from you is killing me. But knowing that one day I’ll be your arms is keeping me alive. I love you so much <3
You are the FIRST thing i think about before i go to sleep, and you are the FIRST thing i think about when i get up. <3
As I open my eyes to the warmth of the morning sun, my day starts thinking of you,
As I close my eyes to the darkness of the night, my day ends thinking of you
I wish I was a camera sometimes… So I could take your picture with my mind. Put it in a frame for you to see… How beautiful you really are to me.
Why is it that when that special someone is far away times goes so slowly, but when they are here it goes so fast? That is so not fair, I want you here always!
“Look into my heart and see what I am saying, for my heart speaks the truth and the truth is I love you
ya know, that awkward moment when your talking to the guy you like, then your friend just pops in and says, “you guys would make a really cute couple”
When you can’t see the light, I’ll sit next to you in the dark. :) Love you
it took me a day 2 get 2 no u.it took me an hour 2 stop looking at u.it took me a day 2 stop laughing with u.it took me a moment 2 fall in love with u.
If kisses were raindrops,Id send u a shower. If hugs were minutes,Id send u an hour. If smiles were waves, Id send u a sea. if love was a person, Id send u me♥
every few seconds i click on “chat” to look for you. even though i might not talk to you, it’s nice to know you there. <3
a real guy doesn’t say i love you to a million different girls a real guy says i love you to ONE girl in a million different ways!! <3
you’re the best thing that ever happened to me…never thought I’m gonna carry so much love in my heart like i do now…love u till the last breath i take ♥♥
You don’t find love with your eyes, your heart will know which one is right.
The day I married you was the GREATEST day of my life.. You have made me the happiest person on the face of the earth and I will Love you forever and a day!! <3
to some I’m a dream.. to some I’m a night mare.. Well hello lovey.. and welcome haters… pick your poison.. and enjoy the ride. Love /hate me forever
we like each other. we wont admit it to anyone. we laugh, we talk& tell each other secrets. why are we still just friends if we both want to be more than that ?
When I am around you I dont know what to say. When I see you I cant look away. When you talk to me my heart races. You are the only one I see of all these faces
We talk everyday, we tell each other everything, we are there for each other for when the other isn’t well, so tell me why we aren’t together
love is about taking chances and sometimes losing things but if it’s right you’ll end up with more than you started with.
I love you more than my life. Wait…what am I saying…you ARE my life.
Carolyn Redinbo Robinson is my soul mate. I accept your daughters and granddaughters and even though they aren’t my blood i feel like they are. You complete me.
I just wanted to remind you how much you mean to me…no matter how much time we spend away from each other…You are in my heart and I truly love you!(:
When you smile it makes me feel so alive =] And it just reminds me how special I may be because there are billions of other fish in the sea, and you chose me =]
I am not addicted to texting. I’m addicted to who I am texting. :)
I love your smile. I love your eyes. I love your laugh. I love your voice. I love that you love me. I love everything about you. But most of all I love you! <3
I love all the stars in the sky, but they are nothing compared to the ones in your eyes!
i loved u once, i love u still, i love u now and i always will
We’ve been through a lot but you’re still the one I love and the one I fell in love with. I’m glad were still standing strong and holding on. I love you Babe!
LOVE the LOVE that LOVES your LOVE but don’t LOVE the LOVE that doesn’t LOVE your LOVE
I can love harder and deeper, and it’s all thanks to you! Before i met you, i didn’t know there was someone perfect for me, now i know there is, and it’s you :)
I love you babe… Your my everything… My world…My love…My life…My better half… Without you in my life i would b lost…Thank you for loving me
Sometimes I just want to see my future to make sure your in it <3
8 3 1 .. 8 letters 3 words and 1 meaning I LOVE YOU <33 forever and always just like i promised!
says you are the one and only special person that has EVER been able to make me smile with tears in my eyes. I love you more with every single breath I take
Loving every moment in life that i spend with you. You are my special somebody. I LOVE YOU AND ALWAYS WILL. You are my world. My everything. :)
<3 LOVE IS FOREVER!!! peace is 4eva!
every time someone says your name i smile,every time i close my eyes i see me and you 2gether.i miss you so much and now i know why…ITS BECAUSE I LOVE
When you truly love someone , you love them , when you think of them you cant stop ,when your with them , you want to be with them forever <3
i don’t care if Ur not perfect,cuz i am definitely not,so no matter who u are i will always love u,for the rest of my life, til my last breath and heart beat♥
When I’m with you I forget all my problems…everything else fades away and all I see and know is how amazing you are!
Hurt you? Nah, never. Love you? “till for ever. Defend you? In a heart beat. Hate you? Impossible.
5 benefits of kissing :*1. Changes Taste..2. Lips Never Get Dry..3. Burns Calories..4. Makes Face Muscles Strong.. 5. Relieves Stress ;) Keep Kissing
You stole my heart before I even had a chance to give it to you. Thank you, my thief, for committing the perfect crime <3
I will love you until Tom catches Jerry and has him for dinner!
i don’t know about you, but every word i spoke to you; i kinda sorta meant it.. <3
sometimes all it takes is a hand to hold and a heart to understand
Says, If you love someone, tell them every day because life is too short for regrets so love and enjoy every minute of it <3
One day you’ll ask me,” which is more important to you me or your life?”,I’ll say “my life”, and you’ll go and leave me… without knowing that you are my life.
Hey u! Yeah u, the cute boy. How did u find the key to my heart?
“My love for you is like time, if you give it just one moment, it will last forever.”
My love, our anniversary is close and it seems like yesterday that we met. I still get that feeling in my heart and butterflies when I see you. I love you Baby
I’ll love you every tomorrow of everyday!♥
◔_◔ I am looking up because, if I look at you, ఠ_ఠ you’ll know I really care about you. ♥‿♥
I want our story to start with “Once upon a time” and end with a “Happily ever after” :)♥
You think i love you..You think i am crazy about you..you think i want to kiss you..well..i like the way you think ;)
Love goes at it’s own pace,Sometimes unexpected and it lands on someone who you didn’t know could make you fall in love with them.
the 1st day you spoke to me, your voice sounded familiar. when our eyes met, you looked familiar. i finally realized who you are, the one i always dreamed of <3
You’re not just my friend, but my love. You’re not just my love, but my heart. You’re not just my heart, but my life. You’re not just my life but my EVERYTHING!
I’ve never felt this way towards someone else before, guess you’re special <3
You’re too good. Seriously, what did I do to deserve someone so amazing like you? <3
This ones on my Heart the memory never changed and this love is all we got, believe me when i tell you baby there no one else quite like you <3
One look from you and my heart finds a new beat.
When I am older and my daughter asks me who my first love was, I won’t have to pull out a photo album to show her. I will just say, “He is sitting over there.”
You should see my smile and reaction i make when you call or txt me!(: I love you!
When I’m alone I think of EVERYTHING I want to say to you. When I’m with you, I go speechless.. <3
if it came down to it, I would sacrifice my life just to make sure that you could keep on living, I would give my life to protect you cause I love you that much
For whatever reasons,,you’re the best thing that ever happened to me…
I’m with you and care about you. you make me smile..but my heart belongs to another
Every time I say “I love you” for no apparent reason, it’s because I just fell deeper in love with you right at that moment.
❤ Baby I love you, I never want to let you go, the more I think about you the more I think: we’re going to be together forever❣
When I see you everything changes, when I hear your voice I’m breathless, when I look into your eyes, my heart melts away, I love you
I know that I love u becuz u r the man I want 2 spend the rest of my life with, you are the man I want to wake up to, and the man I want to make all my memories
I love to watch you sleep & listen to your heartbeat. I love to hear my name on your lips. I love to hear your laugh. I love looking into your eyes. I love YOU!
When I’m with you, the world stops. When you wrap your arms around me, my tummy gets butterflies. When you kiss me, my legs loose balance. I love you <3
You may forget me… you may move away… you may never see me again in your life. But I’ll always remember how it felt when you smiled at me.
me without you is like shoes without laces, nerds with no braces, ASentanceWithoutSpaces, just incomplete!
When u know you love someone 1. You smile when u see/talk to them 2. You get the butterflies around them 3. You are thinking about them as you read this
I couldn’t imagine anyone in my world being any better than you.
And it started off with a friend request <3
wish i could stay with you in every situation
Fall in love with somebody that deserves your love, not with somebody that plays with it!!
every time i see you i fall even harder for you every time you talk to me i cant speak and every time you look at me i cant help but smile and think i love you!
If, out of time, I could pick one moment and keep it shining, always new, of all the days that I have lived, I’d pick the moment I met you.
Now you have stolen my heart, can you promise me one thing.. keep it safe and never break it <3
Can’t fall asleep, everytime i close my eyes i think of how much i miss you. The first thing i will do when i wake up is think of u♥, And wait for your text :)
Believes that when someone touched your heart, they take a piece of it, and then it’s their choice to take care of it or not. If they don’t… It’s their loss
No matter the distance, you are always right here with me -in my heart- I love you baby Always and Forever Baby <3
When your gone I feel so alone and sad, but when we are together I want time to stop and to be in your arms forever♥
there is no one else that has my heart! Only you have it because u are my world and i will always love you
When I’m with u, i love it with all my heart. When I’m away from u, it tears me apart.I cant b w/out u any time of day so tell me u love me forever and always
3 words, 8 letters, 1 meaning…I love you…You mean the world to me :)
Me and you are a forever thing, nothing will ever make me change my mind. I hope that you can understand that I need you in my life
I am gonna stop falling for you, since you obviously don’t have the strength to catch me…
If a kiss were a raindrop, Id send u storms. If hugs were a second, Id send u hours. If smiles were water, Id send u the sea. If love was a person Id send u me.
You’re the last thing i think about before i go to bed and your in my dreams throughout the night and last your the first thing on my mind when i wake up!! <3
When I’m in your arms… I feel safe…I feel at home…I feel loved…I feel at peace. I love being cuddled by you, kissed by you, loved by you.
If Loving you is my Job, I would be a Millionaire by now.
The most amazing feeling is when I hug you and you hug me back like I belong to you and no one else can have me <3 I love you
“Didn’t you ever get it? You were never mine, but I was always yours.”
From the day I looked into your gorgeous eyes I loved you, now I have to be patient & wait ’til the time is right, whatever goes on I will always love you xx
I don’t ever want to loose you, you are the one person in my life that makes my world a better place, I LOVE YOU with all my heart :)
i love you more than the cookie monster loves cookies :)
I fell in love with you at first site, the warmth of your heart, and the smile on your face is what I live for. You are my one and only. I love you <3
You smile at me, my heart skips a beat. You talk to me, and I melt inside. But when we talk, I fall in love with u over and over and over again <3
it does not matter how you look, it matters that they love you <3
Don’t let him treat you anything less than what you’re not. You’re a princess & deserve to be treated like that by him <3
I will never forget the day i fell in love with you <3<3 I can’t believe we’ve gone so far!! I love you <3<3<3
I am nervous yet confident I want to be held but need my space I am beautiful but see all my flaws I am strong but need you to hold me I’m falling in love
When I was single I was selling my heart. When u came and stole it I let u keep it because I knew u were the right one to have it. <3<3
When ur happy, I’m so excited. When ur sad, I’m depressed. When the world hates you, I love you. When you cry, I’m gonna die. When ur here, I’m alive! (:
I always wondered what love felt like. Then i met you. Now i know :)
I lost a tear in the ocean. And my promise to you is. . I won’t stop loving you until I find it. <333 :)
I lost a tear in the ocean. And my promise to you is. . I won’t stop loving you until I find it. <333 :)
The purpose of being in a relationship is to have someone to talk to, be there for you when you need them, and to love no matter what. That person, is you.
a day without you is like a world without sunshine:)
I will love you until the East touches the west and the stars fall from the sky. Baby you’re mine til you say goodbye. <3
I know I cant stop thinking about you and I know I don’t want to.. your everything to me and things can only get better. I love you.
Out of all the stars in space, you are my moon ;)
all relationships have their fights and their up and downs and if you can get through them then you know that you two truly love each other.
Baby, I love how we never fight/argue. I love the way I feel when you look into my eyes, and I love how my heart skips a beat when you tell me you love me.
practicing the art of happiness sets you free-not from experiencing negative emotions but from being evolved by them.
All I want is to fall asleep in your arms, feel your lips on mine every morning & every night, & hold your hand whenever I want to. No exceptions. I love you <3
Yes I have a hard head..,but I have a soft n fragile heart…please handle me with care
knows that you’re definitely in love when you’re searching love quotes on the Internet <3
wrote your name in the sand but the sea washed it away wrote your name in the clouds the wind blew it away wrote your name in my heart and forever it will stay
In the shadow of the night , I’ll be your light ♥♥
when I close my eyes it’s you I see, when I dream at night UR there with me. To have and to hold you for all long as we breathe, that’s all I want for eternity
if i had a choice between you and everything. i would choose everything, because you are my everything
I miss you, i wish you were here, i wish i could be with you, i wish i could have just one more hug, but I know i cant, but i know i will never forget you♥
The shortest word I know is ‘I’.The sweetest word I know is ‘LOVE’And the one I care most about is’YOU’ I LOVE YOU:)
The moment I met u,I knew I’d love u forever.The moment I saw u,I knew I’d never look away.The moment u talked to me,I knew I’d never hear another voice again.
I love when your smile makes me smile, when your kiss sends sparks all through me…but most of all, I love you for being you <3 i love you baby
Before I met you, I had no idea what it felt like to look at someone and smile for absolutely no reason(:
I love you now like I’ve loved you when we first met, you are the other half that makes me whole <3
If you love someone you gotta let them go, If its true love they’ll come back♥
When you look at me ; I smile (:When you talk to me ; I get butterfliess(;When you kiss me ; I can feel fireworks go off (:When you hold me ; I’m safe . (;I
when i first heard your voice, looked into your eyes, and the first time you made me smile…i knew it was meant to be…you and me
What I promised with the very first ‘I love you’ is that I will be by your side, doing my very best to make things right, no matter what happens.
From time to time I still look at you like we just got together, but that’s only because I’m still so amazed at how I managed to find such a great man.
From time to time I still look at you like we just got together, but that’s only because I’m still so amazed at how I managed to find such a great man.
sometimes I wonder if you really know how much I care about you, you mean the world to me and no matter what ever happens I’ll still care for you forever<
Becoming your friend was a choice, falling in love with you though… was beyond my control. but I’m so glad i did. :) i love you <3
the guy who puts your heart back together after it was broken is the guy who deserves it <3
I’ll love you till the day I finish counting all the stars.. <3
never thought i would meet you i never thought we would become friends i never thought i would like you and i sure as hell never thought i would fall in love <3
when i am hanging out with my friends and i think of u i get this big smile on my face and my friends ask y r u smiling i say no reason <3
Yes. Your weird, and your annoying, but your amazing and your mine :)
We Both said ” I Love you ” To each other, The only difference is when i said it , I Actually meant it.
I cant find the answer why God gave you to me, but that’s not the question. The question is why God knew that I need someone like you.
You know how I know we are meant for each other? Because after all this time we are together again. True Love never lies!
i love the feeling i get when i’m around you <3
I will love you until the moon crashes into earth, the stars rain from the sky, but mostly I’ll love you until the last second ticks on the clock of life.
“Love can sometimes be magic. but magic can sometimes…just be an illusion”-anonymous
i always thought love was only real in fairy tails until i met you then i was Cinderella and you were my prince i was living my own fairy tale!
;Loving is not how u forget, but how u forgive ;Not how u listen, but how u understand ;Not what u see, but what u feel ;Not how to let go, but how to hold on♥
a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t v w x y z, whats missing(;
u make my heart hole u make me laugh u make me glad I’m alive and Ur the reason i get up in the morning cuss i know I’m 1 day closer to seeing u :)
I would gladly walk to hell and back on broken glass, bare foot, just to spend one more minute with you:) <3
You are the love of my life, the light of my soul, the water that makes me grow and the one that makes my life meaningful! I love you more then I have ever! <3
<3 You are the man of my dreams, my world, my heart & Soul, & with every kiss, hug, and every thought ~ I will hold you & cherish you always ! i love you baby♥
You deserve the world babe. But unfortunately I can’t give you that. What I can do is give you the next best thing. My world.
I always have you on my mind, I get butterflies every time I see you, and I smile every time you talk to me…this can only mean one thing…I<3U! (=
i want you, i need you, there aint no way I’m ever gonna leave you, good times & bad, just me & you, you re all i ever need! love you babe ♥♥
When you LOVE someone, you’ll do anything to make them happy… even if it means letting them go and knowing u cant have them
thinks that you should go on your phone, start a next text on ‘T9′ mode and type in 4156831968, then look at the screen, baby its true :)<3
If you cry, I cry. If you laugh, I laugh. If u smile, I smile.If you jump, I’ll jump. if ur sad, I’m sad, if ur hurt, I’m hurt. If you fall… I’ll catch you <3
Simple… I love you.. End of story.. <3
at first i thought i had no chance with you but now look at us:) I’m still so shocked you picked me(: But maybe.. just maybe.. we were meant to be <3 Ily
you are the one i love. you are the one i need . you’re the only one in my heart <3. i love you . your my everything
don’t just tell me u love me, show me! i wanna see it your eyes, hear it in your voice, feel it in your touch and embrace it in your arms always <3
I’m so happy I met you. I’m so happy to call you mine. <3
If i had to chose between breathing and loving you, then i would chose my last breath and say i love you <3:) x
Every time I look into your eyes I fall a little more in love with you. Every time you hold my hand I think of how lucky I am, and baby, you’re all I need <3
Sure, in the eyes of the world you are just one more person in this world, but in my eyes you are the world. I love you with all my heart <3
No matter how bad life seems, all I gotta do is look around and know that my friends love me! like/comment if you’re one of them!(:
says; Though we get in fights, we are still there for each other, day and night. I love you, now and forever.
u r my love:]. my everything:). the best boyfriend anyone could ever ask for:D. i love ur hugs^_^. but most of all i love u;) <3
Love me for me, and what I can be, not for what you want me to be, or for what you think you see, only God can judge me.
Fact: Penguin’s are the only animal too stay with the same penguin forever. Will you be my penguin??
I remember the first time I saw your face, your smile, your eye’s I thought I was dreaming & then you spoke & I realised it was real… Love you forever :) xxx
You and me: the second most perfect combination of three words in the entire English language. What’s the first? I love you.
how i could describe our love? romantic love, all hearts and flowers way to count the days and hours wishes of thoughts of long awaited kisses of sweet embrace
There is a thin line between need and want. You are that line. I need you, and i want you.
Loving you fills my heart with happiness because no matter where I am or what my day brings, I know you are there for me
No matter how many tears i cry, days have past. You’ll never be mine again <//3 I just want to let you know, I love you from the bottom of my heart!
hours may go by not seeing you, but those few minutes of seeing you are timeless
Its not that I’m afraid to tell you i Love You, I’m just afraid of your response.
Says : The Shortest word I know is “I”, The Sweetest Word I know is “Love” and The word i will never forget is ”You”. Because I LOVE YOU
I am a WOMAN of my word. I mean what I say and say what I mean. I am determined, strong minded, and stubborn. It takes a real real man to handle me. Thanks Dad!
Awkward and silently my eyes laid upon yours while everything beyond that point disappeared at the bond of two hearts appeared out of the mist.
I smile cause I see you I cry cause I miss you I worry cause I don’t hear from you but most of all I sigh cause I can’t be with you :’(
When a couple hugs, the girl puts her head down cuz nothing else matters,The boy leaves his head up so no one makes googly eyes at his girlfriend.
today I am wearing the smile you left me with
When I ‘m with you, it’s like nothing else in the world matters :) I get butterflies just thinking about you babe:)♥
I love you with all my heart you are my life, I love you for you, your amazing and the only words I can think of is I love you so much and I’ll never stop!
i will let you go.you can go on with your life as if i had never arrived.but please don’t ask me to stop loving you.because that’s just too much to ask.
Sometimes a girl just needs a random text that says ” I love you”♥!!
I sent an angel to look over you at night. The angel came back a minute later and I asked it why. It told me “Angels don’t watch other angels.”
We are the perfect two. I belong with you and you belong with me. There is no other way to put it. We were just meant to be. I love you♥ forever and always <3
I sent an angel to look over you at night. The angel came back a minute later and I asked it why. It told me “Angels don’t watch other angels.”
We are the perfect two. I belong with you and you belong with me. There is no other way to put it. We were just meant to be. I love you♥ forever and always <3
If love was water, I’d send you a sea, if love was time I’d send u eternity, but if love was a person, I’d send u me. :)
Ppl tell me to stop luvin u bc it’ll never happen…Sometimes I believe them and then,wen i look at u, I chnge my mind nd I’m completely in luv with you again
I can’t believe that I actually met someone so amazing as you to be in my life. Thank you for putting my heart together the way its suppose to be wit your love.
he’s a rock, he is grace, he’s an angel, he’s my heart & soul.. I love you Mommy! ♥’
LOVE; It’s giving someone your heart and trusting them not to break it into a million tiny pieces
Even though we live miles apart, you can trust me and give me your heart. There’s no one else better than you, trust me when I say, I love you. <3
Just wanted to let you know that, I love you!, you make my day better just by seeing you smile! Love you babe! <3
♥♥ never forget to say I love you if you love someone because you’ll never know when it might be the last time ♥♥
“Sometimes me think what is love, and me think love is what last cookie is for. Me give up last cookie for you.”
We may be miles apart but just look up above us… We’re just under one sky..One sun, one moon and our hearts beating as one..I love you so much.
We may fight, argue, have different views on everything and break up a lot, but in the end you know we’re perfect for each other, We love us for who we are.
i love it when i catch you looking at me,it makes me feel warm inside.;D
(I) know that my (l)ife with(o)ut you would be killing me (v)ery slowly, so pl(e)ase never leave m(y) side (o)r I j(u)st might die
I don’t love you MORE each day. I fall in love with you AGAIN everyday. <3
Hmm… Am I happy? I do believe the answer to this question is… Yes :) very much so. :) This status was made possible by… Well, you know who you are. :)
When I first met you, I was scared to like you, when I started to like you, I was scared to love you, now I love you, I’m scared to lose you’♥
Rose are red, violets are blue, Love never crossed my mind until the day that I met you Roses are red, violets are blue, thinking of love, Is thinking of you
It’s not the people you see when your eyes are open that you love, it is the ones you see when you close your eyes that holds your heart!♥
The distance may separate us, BUT the distance doesn’t change how much I love you & care for you. I love you so much & NO ONE & NOTHING can change that. <3
I wish u were here with me so I could cuddle up with you. I love u so much <3
im tired of crying cuz u dont know. but i will give out the hints stating my true feelings. put the pieces together, im waiting for u.
I know what ♥ is… Its because I have you!
Though we may fight and have arguments, I always know that we will make it through. I will stand by your side no matter how big the problem might be. I <3 you!

I did not come to teach you. I came to love you. Love will teach you. -unknown - Sanvello Community.

i came to love you
Written by Gokus
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