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Letter for encouragement
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When I took you in my arms for the first time, it was the most beautiful day of my life. And I feel so happy when I look at you because you are not.

A letter from President Franklin Roosevelt to the members of the United State Army Expeditionary Forces.


To Members of the United States Army Expeditionary Forces:

You are a soldier of the United States Army.

You have embarked for distant places where the war is being fought.

Upon the outcome depends the freedom of your lives: the freedom of the lives of those you love – your fellow citizens – your people.

Never were the enemies of freedom more tyrannical, more arrogant, more brutal.

Yours is a God-fearing, proud, courageous people, which, throughout its history, has put its freedom under God before all other purposes.

We who stay at home have our duties to perform – duties owed in many parts to you. You will be supported by the whole force and power of this Nation. The victory you will will be a victory of all the people – common to them all.

You bear with you the hope, the confidence, the gratitude and the prayers of your family, your fellow citizens, and your President —

Franklin D. Roosevelt

A letter from President Franklin Roosevelt to the members of the United State Army Expeditionary Forces. Text: To Members of the United States Army.

How to Write an Encouragement Letter to a Christian

letter for encouragement

Encouragements are always glorious, and the receiver feels better and gets a new zeal to work and thrive. The one who encourages also can touch the spirit of positivity with the encouraging words which somewhere gets back to own mind and soul and creates positivity. However to make your encouraging words look the best and dazzle the latter, try writing in a nice format. There can be so many formats both official and informal to write an encouragement letter. Informal ones can be always crafted at own will, but if you require flowery language and better official approach, the templates help the best. You may also see Announcement Letter Templates

Encouragement Letter to Employees

If you are planning to encourage your employees with the nice selection of words to work better, or want to appreciate their past experiences, then this format is for you. Get the best writing pattern for the purpose, and customize it with your particulars to use.

Sample Encouragement Letter

The sample encouragement letter is just to show you how an ideal encouragement letter should look like. This will give you a nice precise idea of the writing style. You may copy the style, or just download this format, and customize straight on this. This format is universally farmed to fit most purposes.

Encouragement Letter to Student

If you are the teacher, either in school or college, then you may use this format to encourage your students before any important event like exams, or a test or internships etc. If you are not sure how to go about it, the formats will guide you.

Formal Encouragement Letter

Encouragement Love Letter

Business Encouragement Letter

Birthday Encouragement Letter

College Encouragement Letter

Why the Encouragement Letter Template is Required?

The letter template is highly required so that you may construct something nice and perfect. While you are writing an encouragement letter, you would like to put in the best words and weave the words to create the best feelings and sentiments. However eager you may be to express your best wishes and feelings or the passion inside you, you may not be successful in collecting the best words to frame those thoughts. The format is highly helpful here to express your feelings the way it should be.

Importance of an Encouragement Letter Template

The encouragement letter formats are a way out for the ones who struggle hard to express their feelings the way it should be. To help out, and make it look perfect you can always use a nice format. The format not just helps you create a nice encouraging letter, but lets you do it in minutes and without any brain-racking effort. To start with this, get ideas from the formats you get online, you may mix and match, and fuse formats to make your words of encouragement look the best and as you want.

How to Use the Letter Template

The letter sample in PDF and word format is the best way to work on an encouragement letter. Fix your mind on which type of letter format you need. Download the one you need, and then just start to read and personalize. Mix in your encouraging messages to the universally crafted format to personalize, add in names and particulars of the addressee and your letter is ready to be mailed or emailed. One of the best ways to make it work for you is by going through the many templates and read as many as possible for best ideas. You may also see Dismissal Letter Templates

Nothing is impossible when you have handy helpful templates to work on. The ready formats of the encouraging messages you get in the letters are the best option to choose from, when you are in a hurry to frame the words into nice sentences. Just use a nice format to get started, and you will soon end up writing one of the best encouragement letters.

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Encouragement Letter

letter for encouragement

It’s been a rough week. Depression snuck up again and has been holding me down for several days. I’ve come to realize that I am really good at giving encouragement to others…but not so good at encouraging myself. So I decided to do a little roleplaying. I’ve written this letter to myself as if I was writing to a friend. It’s scary to post this because it requires vulnerability, but I wanted to put it out there in case anyone else can find encouragement from something in this letter, too.

Dear Friend,

I am so sorry that you’re going through this. I’ve been there before and it sucks.

Whenever I’m feeling down that’s when the negative voices in my head grow louder. In case those false voices are starting to tell you lies, I want to drive them out by reminding you of the TRUTH.

You ARE good enough. You are NOT inadequate.

My dear, you are so beautiful inside and out. You have such gifts to offer this world. You are talented. You are skillful. I know that even now you still sometimes get frustrated with your personality type and wonder if you would have been better off if you were born someone else…but STOP that thinking right now! Your personality is rare and unique. It is beautifully complex.

Remember that every personality type has it’s own different strengths and weaknesses. You’re only feeling down because the strengths of some other personality types (where you are weak) are what seem to be most valued in your culture. But remember that YOU also have strengths that THEY do NOT have. Where you are weak, they are strong. Where they are weak, you are strong. That’s one of the most beautiful things about humanity. We all fit together like one giant puzzle or different parts of one body. Each piece has its place and purpose and each body part is a necessary part of the whole. YOU uniquely have something to offer the world. Remember your strengths and stop beating yourself up over your weaknesses. Everyone has weaknesses. Your weaknesses aren’t “worse”; they’re just different. Don’t forget about the amazing strengths you have.

Your dreams are not a waste of time!

I know some days you view your multipotentiality as a curse, but it is a true blessing! I’ve heard people say that they wished they could have just a fraction of the talent you have. Not everyone has those abilities and even fewer have multiple abilities like you do. I know you fear you will become a “jack of all trades and a master of none” and that you won’t amount to anything; that you are wasting your time fueling multiple passions and will never be “good enough” at any of them. But I see it as a precious gift. Yes, those artists may be farther ahead than you, but they also can’t make music like you and write like you. Yes, those guitarists may be more skillful than you, but they also can’t draw or write or even sing like you. They chose their singular path. It’s ok…no, it’s GREAT that you chose to not give up on what you love to do. You have a passion for multiple areas and that is beautiful. That is a gorgeous part of who you are. And with time you will master all of the skills you are passionate about with hard work and determination. It will all be worth it.

You have friends you can trust And you are NOT a burden.

I know you have a hard time sharing your struggles with others. You’re used to carrying everyone else’s burdens and doing everything you can to help them, but rarely receive the same in return. You care SO much about others and you wouldn’t ever want to be a burden to anyone so you keep your hurts to yourself and suffer in silence. You pretend to be fine so you can continue helping and uplifting others. You are scarily good at being fake happy; no one sees anything but what you want them to see. But this isolates you. This makes you feel so lonely. And you don’t have to go through this alone.

You know that there are people who care about you. So why do you worry so much about being a burden to them? I’m sure you have friends who are SO ready to help you. Friends who have been blessed by what you’ve done for them and would be HAPPY to repay your kindness by being there for you. So why do you fear being a burden? Perhaps you know that some would do anything for you, but you know they have their own stuff they’re going through and you can’t help but silently sacrifice yourself for them. But you don’t have to. You’ve done enough. You’ve done SO much to help others. So why won’t you let anyone help you? As I said, I’m sure there are so many who would not only help you but be SO happy to show you the kindness that you’ve shown them. LET THEM love you. They WANT to love you. Because they DO LOVE you!

I know you also have trouble trusting people. I’m so proud of you because I know you’ve come such a long way and grown in this area…but you still sometimes won’t let people in because you’re afraid they’ll hurt you. That you’ll finally open up to someone and then they’ll drop you as a friend the next day and you’ll regret having shared so much of yourself with them. You’re scared they won’t be able to help and that will put them or you in an awkward position. I know you have good reason for why you’re slow to trust and I really admire your intuition in knowing other people. But I suggest you take another look at your friends. Why are you so scared to open up to them? And really, what’s the worst that could happen? They laugh at you? You know they wouldn’t do that. They don’t understand? Well that could happen, but so what? They can still offer comfort. They look at you differently? Well that’s their problem, not yours. They walk out of your life? Then don’t regret having opened up because it was good practice in letting yourself be vulnerable. What’s the worst that could happen?…But what’s the BEST that could happen if you trust them? They listen. They may even relate to what you said. They encourage you and may even have just the right thing to say to help you or give you a new insight. Your friendship could even deepen. You’ll get to really feel their love more than before. So let your friends be your friend!

You CAN help people.

I also know one reason why you often keep things to yourself is because you’re afraid that if you let people see your weakness then they’ll reject you and your wisdom forever. That you’ll ruin your chances of ever being able to help anyone. THAT IS A LIE.

And as I said before—you have SO much to offer others. So why do you doubt that you can help people? You’ve already helped so many people! You can be certain of this because they’ve freakin’ TOLD YOU with their own lips! If you’ve helped people before (even before you knew what you know now because I know you’ve been growing and learning over the years), then of course you’ll be able to continue helping people! Your smile has brightened so many people’s days. Your kind words have lifted spirits! Your encouragement has helped others see the good in themselves. You’ve empowered. You’ve inspired. You’ve helped so many people. You CAN help people. So don’t give up.

I hope these words encourage you, my friend. Don’t ever forget that I believe in you. You are an amazing human being. You are a good friend. People love you. I love you. You are not alone. Everyone has their own struggles, their own battles to fight, and their own doubts about themselves. So don’t you dare beat yourself up for that. And don’t listen to the lies. Don’t forget who you REALLY are. Because YOU are wonderful and the world is a better place with YOU IN IT. 


Your Friend

Need more encouragement?

A Letter of Encouragement to the Helper Who Needs Help

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This is the last post in a series about a leadership camp activity where I asked parents to write their kids letters of encouragement, confidence.

10+ Sample Encouragement Letters

letter for encouragement

How to Write a Letter of Encouragement

Letters of encouragement are unusual in that they can be either business or personal correspondence. It depends on to whom you are writing the letter and the purpose for which the encouragement is intended.

For example, often we will have to write a letter of encouragement to a business colleague who is going through a temporary situation of some difficulty. Maybe the person was laid off due to company staff cutbacks or faces a personal challenge such as alcohol abuse or drugs. In such a case, we may wish to send a card, along with a letter of encouragement, to buoy the person’s spirits. To let them know others are thinking of them and keeping them in their prayers.

Letters of encouragement are often most effective if handwritten. This shows a more personal nature between friends, even if those friends were at one time nothing more business colleagues.

A letter of encouragement should be kept informal and it should not shy away from using such terms as, “you are in my prayers,” or, “you have many people here at the company who think highly of you and who are pulling for you in this time of particular challenge in your life.”

Often a card, whether to a business colleague or a friend, will accompany a letter of encouragement. The message of encouragement will be contained within the card. The card itself will often use muted colors and high quality paper stock. The message may be printed in a script designed to look like handwriting or, better still, will actually be handwritten into the card by the sender.

Various resources exist that can help you write such letters of encouragement. Whether they are handwritten or done on a computer, they should always be proofread carefully. If you have difficulty composing such messages of encouragement, there are many sources available that can be used for ideas both in electronic form and through printed reference materials - of course, WhiteSmoke can help you check grammar and improve your writing style.

Writing a sincere message of encouragement to either a business colleague or a friend should not be anything you need to dread. Anyone can do it. For those who are faced with special challenges in this regard such as difficulty with the English language, there are many resources available to help make the task easier.

There is something special about sending a personal letter. Here are 3 elements on how to write an encouraging letter to a friend.

letter for encouragement
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