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Letter of invitation
September 22, 2019 Wedding Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

If you have foreign family or friends wishing to visit the United States, a visa letter of invitation might help. Here are some tips on what to write, and a sample.

Invitation Letter for China Visa 2019/2020

What is an invitation letter for visa application?

When you search for instruction about Chinese Visa Application Requirements online, you will find out a letter of invitation is often mentioned. As required, the letter is one of the principal supporting documents you should submit to the Chinese Embassy or Consulate for visa request. The letter will help to explain the reason why you will visit China and give details about the planned visit.

Does China Visa need invitation letter?

An invitation letter is mandatory required when applying most types of Chinese Visa, such as China Crew (C) Visa, F Visa, Business (M) Visa, Work (Z) Visa, Family Reunion (Q1/Q1)Visa, Private (S1/S2 Visa), etc.

China Tourist Visa and Transit Visa are two exceptions. With confirmed connecting flight ticket, an invitation letter is not required for Transit Visa. If you are invited to travel to China by your friends or travel agency, an visa invitation letter is needed. However, independent travelers can choose to submit travel itinerary (proof of air ticket booking and hotel reservation) only. There is NO need to prepare an invitation letter if you don’t have any friends, family members, relatives or inviting party in China. Making a letter of invitation from strangers will let your visit being suspicious, and even lead to visa denial.

Special Notes: If you travel China with China Discovery, we will not only send you official Invitation Letter, but also provide you proposed itinerary, any needed support and guidance to help your China visa application. Contact us ASAP!

What kind of format the invitation letter should be?

The Chinese Embassies and Consulates don’t regulate any standard format and size of the invitation letter. Since the letter is submitted for visa application to embassy and consulate, being official/formal with proper etiquette is always the No.1 rule. Except the main body, a complete visa invitation letter should cover more elements, including the heading, greeting (opening salutation, the title of embassy name, embassy contact information), complimentary close, signature & official seal, writer’s contact information, date when the date was written and enclosures.

Invitation Letter Writing Format

The letter must be paper form, and it could be computer print-out, handwritten letter, or in scanned copy or fax. The accurate format may vary slightly by different inviting individual or entity.

What to Include in the China Visa Invitation Letter?

There are many types of invitation letters for different visa category. Generally, three major sections of information should be contained in the visa invitation letter, including details about the inviter, invitee and the invitation. The rule applies to most types of Chinese Visas. Below are detailed visa letter instructions for China Tourist and Business Visas - two most common visas for China visitors.

☞ China Tourist Visa (L Visa) Invitation Letter

The invitation letter for China Tourist Visa should be related to the invited tour in China. It would be written by person or organization, covering information as follows:

1.) Information on the Applicant (Invitee)

Full Name, Nationality, Gender, Date of Birth, Passport Number, Contact Phone Number, Email Address, Relationship with the inviting person/unit (pictures together or materials in other formats), etc.

2.) Information on the Inviting Person/Unit (Inviter)

Full Name, Residence Status in China (property ownership certificate, lease agreement, etc), Contact Number, Address, Email, Official Stamp, Signature of the inviting individual or organization, etc.

3.) Information on the Intended Tour

Purpose of Visit

Itinerary of Travel

(When - Planned Departure Date & Arrival Date, Duration; Where - Places to Stay, including hotel reservation record, or statement if you will live in your friends’ house, How - Booked Round-trip Air Tickets)

To present the invitation is real and reasonable, you need to attach or enclose additional documents about the inviting person and the invitation. For example, proof of his/her identification, like an ID Card, permanent residence permit, passport or Chinese Visa; and proof of residence. (Business license is needed if tour is organized by a travel agency.)

Warm Tips: To help our customers successfully getting a China Tourist Visa, China Discovery will provide an Invitation Letter stating travel schedules, duration and places planned to visit. The travel details are necessary informations for filling in a China Tourist Visa Application Form. Meanwhile, we will give other instructions and assistance for the China L Visa application. Contact us to get more practical tips!

>> A Sample Invitation Letter for Tourist Visa to China in Chinese & English (PDF file)

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☞ China Invitation Letter for Business Visa (M Visa)

An official invitation letter is required when you apply China Business Visa for commercial and trade activities. The letter should give authentic information of the commercial visit and issued by a trade partner or host organization in China. Essential content of the visa invitation letter should includes:

1.) Information on the Applicant (Invitee)

Complete Personal Name, Nationality, Gender, Date of Birth, Passport Number, Contact Phone Number, Email Address, Relationship with the inviting person/unit (pictures together or other materials), etc.

2.) Information on the Inviting Institution/Person (Inviter)

Full Name, Contact Number, Address, Email, Official Stamp, Signature of the inviting person or the legal representative, photocopies of Business License & Organization Code of domestic company affixed with official seal, etc.

3.) Information on the Business Visit

Reason for Visit to China

Schedule (departure & arrival dates, places going to visit and stay, reserved round-trip plane tickets)

Certification of Business Relationship between the two parties (contract, receipt or other business documents)

Evidence of Financial Support

>> A China Business Visa Invitation Letter Sample (Doc File)

☞ Invitation Letter for Hong Kong Visa

If you will apply for a visa/entry permit to Hong Kong for business activities (e.g. trade fair and exhibition), you need an invitation letter for visa request. The letter must be issued by a local company or other trade organization to confirm applicant’s proposed attendance.

What kind of information should be contained in the invitation letter? The main content is same to the above mentioned China Business (M) Visa requirement. There is no fixed format set, as long as the letter states all details clearly, completely and truly.

Note: Normally, the official authority requires the photocopy of the invitation letter only, so scanned copy is accepted. But for some special situations, the consulate asks for an original letter, therefore, applicants shall submit a original version to play safe.

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Special Notes for China Visa Invitation Letter

1. When applying for a Chinese Visa, the invitation letter is only submitted as one of the supporting materials. It serves as an strong proof of your purpose of visit, which persuades the visa officer to issue your a visa. However, the submission doesn’t guarantee you will get a China Visa successfully. The embassies reserve the right to reject your visa application.

2. You’re recommended to book cancellable air tickets and hotels for visa application. Once you obtain a Chinese Visa, you can adjust the reserved tickets and hotels.

3. Who should write you a letter of invitation?

* If you’re invited by an local entity in China, the company may have experience in providing you required visa invitation letter. Better use a company letterhead paper printed with the full name and contact information.

* If you are invited to visit China by individual, like your friend, you should remind him/her of the essential requirements and guidelines.

China Visa Invitation Letter Samples

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Top China Visa-Free Cities

Introduction to China Visa

China Visa Application

China Visa Exemptions

Have a question? Get answers from our travel experts or guests

China Business Visa Invitation Letter Sample (Swipe to View Next One)

Chinese Tourist Group Visa Invitation Letter Sample (Swipe to View Next One)

China Tourist & Work Visa Invitation Letter Templates

If you have foreign family or friends wishing to visit the United States, a visa letter of invitation might help. Here are some tips on what to write, and a sample.

Examples of a Good Invitation Letter for an Important Business Meeting

letter of invitation

If you want to travel to Russia, you need a Russian visa. In order to get a Russian visa, the first thing you need is an invitation (also known as visa support letter). After that, you can apply for the visa at a Russian consulate either by yourself or through a local travel agent (usually for an extra fee). Be careful, however, because many agents and hotels "lock" people into a fixed itinerary or limit their visa validity to the period they are staying at a particular hotel.


Click Here to Get the Tourist Visa Support

If you want to avoid bureaucratic traps, follow our step-by-step Russian visa application guide below. It is designed for independent travelers who want to have a flexible itinerary and be free of any hotel commitments, and has been recommended by Lonely Planet, Rough Guides, BBC and other reputable publications. Also, while nationals of most countries, including the USA, UK, EU, and Australia need a visa to travel to Russia, you might not need a visa for a short visit if you're from a country in South America (check the full list of countries that have visa free travel with Russia).


Step 1: Get the Invitation / Visa Support
First, you need an invitation (aka visa support letter) to apply for a Russian visa. You can get it online through Way to Russia using our carefully selected providers – they all cater to independent travelers, provide 24-hour support, and guarantee that your visa will be issued by the consulate (in about 17 years we provide this service, we've never heard of anyone being refused so far).
It's the same price and process as when you use them directly, but doing it through our site you support our free guide to Russia and get our backup in dealing with the providers.
Period of stay:1 to 30 days (up to 36 months for US Citizens)
Entries: Single- or Double entry
Flexibility:You can stay where you want and as long as you want
Processing time:1 to 24 hours
You will get:A scanned copy (per e-mail) both of the original Reservation confirmation and the Tourist voucher.
These are all the documents needed to get a Russian visa. Originals can be sent by post when required by the consulate (normally the copies are sufficient).
Price: $30 US (instant processing)
Period of stay:1 day to 12 months
Entries: Single-, Double or Multiple entry
Purpose:Research trip, exploring business opportunities, business meetings, visiting conferences, etc.
Flexibility:You can stay and travel where you want
Processing time:3 to 18 working days, 
You will get:Telex (digitally transmitted directly to the consulate), scanned copy over the e-mail, or original of the official paper invitation from the Russian Authorities. Itinerary and cover letter can be provided upon request.
Price: $80 to $300 US

• If you're not sure which type of visa you need post your question on Way to Russia Travel Forum or Tweet us @waytorussia

• There are also private and studentinvitations available. In order to get them, you have to contact your friends / education institution (e.g. language schools) in Russia. Be aware that these invitations usually take about a month to process, require lots of paperwork, and the originals should be presented to the consulate. But with the student visas you get visas with unlimited stay, so it may be an advantage.
Step 2: Get the Passport, Photos, and Visa Application Form
Once you have your invitation (Russian visa support), you need to prepare the following documents to apply for your Russian visa:
• Travel Passport
Should be valid at least 6 months after your Russian visa will expire and contain at least two clear pages - for the visa and the migration card.

• Two Passport-size Photographs
Should be recent and good quality.

• Russian Visa Application Form
Fill it out online and print it out from Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) website visa.kdmid.ru – only after you have obtained your visa support documents (tourist or business), which contain the information you'll need to provide in the visa application form. Learn more about Russian visa application form here.

• Consulate-Specific Documents: Health Insurance, Letters of Employer, etc.
You will most likely need to buy a travel insurance for Russia valid for the period of your visa.
Almost all consulates will require an HIV certificate if you are traveling to Russia on a business visa for 3 months or longer or require a multiple-entry visa. 
In case you apply for a business visa, some consulates may require a letter from your employer confirming you work for the company and travel to Russia for business purposes.
If you're applying for a tourist visa in France, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, or Taiwan you will need to present an itinerary that details every day of your stay in Russia. Simply detail your journey using the format here (download doc or pdf document) and send it to your visa support agency, so they get it back to you signed and stamped.
Step 3: Apply for a Russian Visa
Finally, you need to submit all your documents, including your visa support, to the Russian consulate. You can either do it by yourself, or through a local travel agency.
Option 1: Apply in Person at a Russian Consulate / Russian Visa Processing Center       
Step 1:Fill out the Russian visa application form on the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MID) website - visa.kdmid.ru 
Step 2: Prepare all the documents above and check with the consulate's website if that is enough.
Step 3:Apply to the consulate in person or by post. You will need to pay the consular fee and present (send) the documents and the invitation (visa support). If you apply through an authorized visa center (some consulates don't accept applications directly), find the right department on their website: USA, Europe, Asia, UK. If you apply through a consulate, find the right one on our Russian Consulates Worldwide page.
Step 4:Get your visa and have a nice trip to Russia!
Timing:The whole process will take you approximately:
1 day (research)
1 day (queue at the consulate - if you apply in person)
1 hour to 15 working days (depending on your visa type and how much you pay)
Consular Fees: You will need to pay the consular fee, which depends on the type of visa, the country where you apply, and your citizenship.
Single-Entry, processing time 6 - 8 business days:
USA: $160
UK: £30
France: 54 EUR
Single-Entry, same-day processing:
USA: $300
UK: £90
Multiple-Entry, processing time 6 business days:
USA: $160
UK: £100
Multiple-Entry, same-day processing:
USA: $450
UK: £150
Option 2: Apply through a travel agency  
There is really no point applying for a Russian visa through a travel agency, unless you want to do all the processing by post. In this case, you still need to get your visa support (will be delivered by e-mail), and you can then use some of the agencies we recommend worldwide in order to submit your documents to the Russian consulate. They will charge a $50 to $100 US on top of the consular fee, but you will save the time queuing and the agencies normally know all the consulate's requirements.
Important: Visa Registration
So you obtained the Russian visa, finalized your travel arrangements, and now arrived to Russia. You have 7 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) to register your visa (this is a new regulation valid as of 25 March 2011 – before that you had to register in 3 working days, which is not the case anymore).
• If you are staying in a hotel:
The hotel will usually register your visa. The charges are from $0.5 to $20.

• If you are staying in an apartment or with friends:
The landlord of the apartment you're staying in should fill out a special registration form and submit it to any post office or immigration authorities office. It will cost them about $5 and take about an hour of their time, they will need to bring their original passport with registration (propiska) and a copy of your passport. 
Alternatively, the agency that issued your visa support documents can provide the registration for you for about $30 US (30 days maximum).  If you need this service, just ask them to provide it to you when you order your visa support.


Need More Information?

Way to Russia Travel Guide E-Book has a complete Russian visa guide, which explains how you can get a Russian visa with no hotel ties and without fixed itineraries. Order it online today, it will delivered to you immediately via e-mail, and you can take it with you on your travel - there's tons of other useful information that will save your time and money, as well as city guides.
or learn more about the book


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Invitation Letter

letter of invitation

A letter of invitation can be a note of celebrations. Find 13+ Sample invitation letters here.  If a person sends any such note he or she is supposed to extend his or her festive moments with others. A letter of invitation varies according to the situation, so invitation letters could be of numerous types. Mainly we can divide invitation letter into two main categories, personal letters and official letters. Personal letters are written to people, whom we know personally and share our good or bad times with them, they are invited on personal behalf and sender wants to share his or her personal success, achievement, special moments, weather change, festivals, wedding, engagement, personal parties like birthday party or if someone is celebrating for anyone else.

Official letters of invitation could be about business meeting, dinners, organizational level, celebrating festivals or a holiday within the circle of colleagues and co workers. An official invitation letter could be about official parties, New Year celebration, business anniversaries, in the memory of any achievement. Another type of invitation letter is for a charity walk, music concert, any theater play or anything like this. All these invitations are different and demand to be handled differently. Some of the letters require a festivity, while others demand a sober look, so while writing a letter it must be kept in view.

Casual or personal invitation letter should be written in a lively and friendly manner, the language should be sophisticated but having a element in it, to make it attractive for others, whereas; in official letter though some announce a casual type of celebrations, still drafting of official letters need to be quite balanced and decent, the selection of words should be appropriate and tone should remain respectful. A letter should be designed according to the requirement of the letter. There should be addressed in a respectful manner. You should en your letter mentioning that recipient’s presence will add to the festivity of the celebration. Readers can also get help from the attached samples of letter of invitation and can mold according to their requirement.

Here Are Sample Invitation Letters

Business Visit Invitation Letter

Visa Invitation Letter

Invitation Letter For Tourist Visa

Invitation Letter Format

USA Visit Invitation Letter

Academic Invitation Letter

Invitation Letter For Students

Invitation Letter For Visa

Sample Invitation Letter

Corporate Invitation Letter

Concert Invitation Letter


If you have foreign family or friends wishing to visit the United States, a visa letter of invitation might help. Here are some tips on what to write, and a sample.

Get your Russian visa Letter of Invitation with expert support

letter of invitation

Sometimes, when you apply for a visa to visit Canada, we ask you to give us a letter of invitation from someone in Canada.

A letter of invitation does not guarantee that we will issue a visa. Visa officers assess you to decide whether you meet the terms of Canada's immigration law.

Writing a letter of invitation does not mean you are legally responsible for the visitor once he or she gets to Canada. You should still write the letter in good faith. You must tell the truth and plan to keep the promises you make in the letter.

Send your letter (notarized, if the visa office asks for that) to the person you are inviting to Canada. The person must then send this letter to the Canadian embassy or consulate outside of Canada when he or she applies for a temporary resident visa.

You must include this information about the person you are inviting:

  • complete name,
  • date of birth,
  • address and telephone number,
  • your relationship to the person,
  • the purpose of the trip,
  • how long the person plans to stay in Canada,
  • where the person will stay, and how he or she will pay for things, and
  • when the person plans to leave Canada.

You must include this information about yourself:

  • complete name,
  • date of birth,
  • address and telephone number in Canada,
  • job title,
  • whether you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident,
  • a photocopy of a document proving your status in Canada, such as
    • a Canadian birth certificate, if you were born in Canada,
    • a Canadian citizenship card, if you are a naturalized citizen, or
    • a copy of your PR card or your IMM 1000 proof of landing, if you are a permanent resident,
  • details of your family, such as names and dates of birth of your spouse and dependants (this is mandatory for the parent and grandparent super visa), and
  • the total number of people living in your household, including people you sponsored whose sponsorship is still in effect (this is mandatory for the parent and grandparent super visa).

For the parent and grandparent super visa only, you must also provide:

  • a written and signed promise of your financial support for your parents or grandparents for their entire stay in Canada, and
  • proof that your income meets or is above the low-income cut-off (LICO) for the total number of people, including the visiting parents or grandparents.

This information is only a guide. You must write the letter of invitation yourself. Some visa offices may ask that a notary public notarize your letter.


WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: How to write a letter to invite your friend to birthday party

Individuals requiring an official letter of invitation from the conference organizers can request one on the online registration form or by contacting the IAS

letter of invitation
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