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Letter to terminate contract services

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Letter to terminate contract services
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This letter is used to provide written notice to a person or organization that a contract Termination can also serve as a courtesy to thank others for their services.

Service Cancellation Letter

Service Cancellation Letter

My name is [xxxx] and my account number is [yyyy]. I would like to cancel the [service name] which you are providing to me since [some date]. I believe that no notice period is required and that you may proceed with my request without hindrance. I'm happy to clear any outstanding balance pending on my account. If there's anything needed from my side, please contact me. I appreciate a reply confirming the cancellation of the service.

Service Cancellation Letter

I regret to inform you that I'm cancelling my service contract with you under the name of [xxxx]. I'm satisfied with your service and don't have any major complaints, but I simply won't be needing it anymore.
Please consider this letter as a formal cancellation notice. Kindly inform me if there's a need to fill a cancellation form or some other formality. Please revert back confirming the service cancellation. Provided below are my account number and other relevant information that you may need. Please contact me if you need any further assistance in this regards. Thank you very much for everything and good luck.

Service Cancellation Letter

Please be informed that I'm planning to discontinue the [water delivery] service provided by [Company X] by the end of the month due to following reasons:
1) Reason 1
2) Reason 2
3) Etc...
Enclosed with this letter are the account number, initial invoice, contract copy, and other relevant information to help process my request. Should you require additional information, please don't hesitate to contact me. I'm expecting a formal confirmation from your side that the service has been cancelled as requested above.

Service Cancellation Letter

I hereby request from you to cancel the [service name] and close my account effective [some date]. I'm really disappointment from your service and find it inadequate. I would expect much better service from a company of your calibre.
[Describe what happened and how their service wasn't good]
I'm sorry that matters had to reach this far, but the responsibility falls on your part. I really hope someone in charge reads this and acts accordingly for the sake of other customers.
If there is anything that I need to do to complete the cancellation process, please inform me. If not, then I'm expecting a formal notice stating that service was successfully cancelled.

Service Cancellation Letter

Due to your terrible service and totally unprofessional conduct, I have no other choice but to request from you to immediately cancel the [service name] service and close my account. I'm truly frustrated and extremely disappointed. This is certainly not what your company promised when we agreed to pay for your services. Despite the repetitive complains, no improvement has been made. Please confirm the cancellation of the service in writing and refund our deposit as soon as possible.

Learn how to write a cancellation letter. Create your own with must-know tips, easy steps, sample phrases and sentences. Write your cancellation letter today.

Business contract termination letter sample

letter to terminate contract services

A termination letter is a type of letter written to mark a termination of business. Most of the people write such letters to notify employees or a registered business. The letter provides a certain date that marks an end of a contract. The implications of the termination letter come with the employees losing jobs or even stopping a business. On this post, we will discuss various types of termination letter templates along with their samples, formats and examples.

Business Contract Termination Letter Templates

The Business contract termination letter template provides an outline of activities and reasons why a contract can be stopped. This type of termination letter template terminates most of the business contracts with other companies. One company can decide to draft a termination letter or a simple business letter to another business detailing the reason for business termination. Some companies interact in the business by providing services or goods. When a company decides to close the office, a business contract termination letter template can be used to describe the end of the contract.

Business Contract or Agreement Termination Letter Sample

Download Business Contract or Agreement Termination Letter Sample

Business Contract Termination Letter Example

Download Business Contract Termination Letter Example

Business Partnership Termination Letter Sample

Download Business Partnership Termination Letter Sample

Employee Termination Letter Samples

An employer can decide to write such a letter when he thinks of hiring new employees. The activity can involve a thought of hiring a new workforce. However, some activities can contribute to termination of the employment contract of work. An employee termination letter will describe the reasons why the employer thought of terminating an employee. The letter contains a list of details about the reasons for termination of the job or business with the employee. An employer can think of keeping records of the existing employee and help in validating jobs.

Employee Termination Letter Example

Download Employee Termination Letter Example

Employee Termination Guide

Download Employee Termination Guide

Lease Termination for Job Dislocation Letter Sample

Download Lease Termination Letter Format for Job Dislocation

Termination of Employment Letter Sample

Download Termination of Employment Letter

Job Termination Letter Example with Due Process

Download Job Termination Letter Example

Probationary Job Dismissal Letter Sample

Download Probationary Job Dismissal Letter Sample

Employment Agreement Termination Sample

Download Employment Agreement Termination Sample

Sample Letter of Employment Termination Due to Staff Reduction

Download Staff Reduction Letter Sample

Sample Employee Termination Letter Due to Poor Attendance

Download Job Termination Letter Due to Poor Attendance

Sample Job Termination Letter Due to Frequent Absence


Household Employee Termination Letter Template


The household employee termination letter template can be developed in the process of terminating the activities of business interaction with a household helper. The house may have diverse reasons for drafting this type of letters such as misunderstanding or decision to migrate to a different place. An owner of a house may decide to go to a different region, and as a result, there may be a need to draft a household employee termination letter template. The letter indicates the migration day and the reasons there will be no need to continue staying with the employee in the same house.

Termination of Services Letter to Customer


A termination of service letter to a client can be written to any person with agreed business interaction with a company. This type of letter involves an agreement between two companies or parties that have interacted for a long time. A termination of service letter to a customer can result from the provision of poor services or new developments. Other activities such as the shift of services can cause drafting process of termination of services letter to a customer.

Sample Termination of Services Letter to Vendor


Some business organizations participate in business with some vendors providing products like food stuff. The termination of services letter to a vendor can result when the customer experience high prices of the goods provided. An institution may decide to shift the offices to a different location. Instead, to move with the old vendors, the management can decide to hire new vendors to offer similar services.

Sample Rental Termination Letter from Landlord


Writing a rental termination letter from landlord is important. A landlord can decide to move to a different place due to certain reasons. Tenant clashes and poor sanitation levels can contribute to dismissal of tenants from the landlord. The letter describes guidelines of the policies of the house and gives a specified duration for preparation to exit.

Sample Job Termination Letter to Employer


Download Sample Employment Termination Letter Format

An employee can decide to exit a certain job. In that regard, he can decide to write a job termination letter to the employer. This activity mostly happens when an employee has found a good working place or another company paying much salary than the existing enterprise. Additionally, working conditions can cause an employee to write a job termination letter to the employer.

Sample Vendor Termination Letter Format


A vendor termination letter is drafted by the company to a vendor offering services or goods to the business. The vendor termination letter format comprises of the address of the sender and the receiver details at the lower part. The company manager can draft such a letter to inform the vendor of either the expiry of the contract of supplying goods.

Business Agreement Termination Letter Sample

Dear Joseph

We would like to notify you of the closure of the contract of supplying of drinking water is closing the end of this month. Your company has offered us good services for the past years. However, we decided to change terminate the contract due to regulation by the ministry of health that companies should access drinking water from a government registered company.

We thank you for good services

Yours John

Sample Probationary Termination Letter


The probationary termination letter is a letter written to employees working under probation program. An employee is required to provide a termination letter notice. The notice may comprise reasons such as the inability of the company to pay the employees. Other situations may cause the company to closure and make the management to decide a termination approach to the employees.

Sample Job Termination Letter Format



A job termination letter is a writing document written to an employee describing the termination of working session with the company. Some companies reduce operations or even become faced out in the industry by others. Such events can cause the management to decide to write a job termination letter to the employees.

Sample Termination Letter for Non-Performance


A termination letter for non-performance is a document drafted to an employee, a contractor or a vendor due to poor service delivery. The addressed part lacks the capability to deliver according to the company policy and agreement. In such situations, the company management decides to issue a termination letter for non-performance.

Sample Termination Letter for Absenteeism


The termination letter for absenteeism can be drafted to an employee working with a company. The company describes policies of the working environment about the behavior of an employee. If an employee does not report for and there is no reason, the management can decide to write a termination letter for absenteeism.

Sample Sales Services Termination Letter


The Sales services termini nation letter is an official document written by client and salesmen to notify of the end of services delivery to a company. These letters are written to notify the salesman of the changes of the company and the termination of the contract with the company. The decision leading to the termination of the contract can be poor interaction relation with the customers.

Sample Termination of contract with Supplier


A letter of termination to the supplier can be drafted by a company management to notify the supplier of the end of the business. The administration can decide to change the supplier due to un-satisfaction of the provided services. The company may decide to get the best quality supplier of poor quality products.

Services Termination Letter Samples


A company can write a service termination letter samples to a service provider. Some services like telephone and cleaning can be terminated when the providing company starts offering poor and expensive services. Also, lack of cooperation or theft of the equipment can cause termination of the contract. Some company employees may complain of loss of item, and upon investigation, the items are found with the service providing staff. Such occasions can trigger the termination of the contract.

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17+ Service Termination Letter Templates – PDF, DOC

letter to terminate contract services

How to Write a Cancellation Letter

  1. Begin the cancellation letter with the date, the company's name and address, and your account number.
  2. State politely but firmly that you want the company to cancel your account, and give them the customary 30-day notice before you expect it to become effective.
  3. Use your cancellation letter to inform the company they are no longer authorized to withdraw payments from your credit card/debit card/bank account.
  4. Include a check with your cancellation letter for any balance you may still owe on your account.
  5. Explain what steps you will take and what agency you will notify if your account is not canceled within 30 days or you are charged any additional fees.
  6. Type the cancellation letter on your computer, but sign it by hand.
  7. Send your cancellation letter by certified mail, return receipt requested.

Letters related to cancellation letters

Guides and letters for these topics related to cancellation letters:

Still can't find the right words for your cancellation letter?

You will with our letter-writing guides!

  • Learn step by step
  • Choose choice phrases and sentences
  • Create your own, unique cancellation letters
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Termination letters are also called a pink slip, letter of termination, contract termination letter, letter of separation, and notice of termination of employment.

3 Examples of Termination Letters Done Right

letter to terminate contract services

A service termination letter is a letter written between two parties involved in a service provision agreement. Its objective is to nullify the service provision agreement in a formal and respectable manner. It carries legal weight and therefore due attention should be applied. Emphasis should be on the legality and any issues of legal relevance regarding contract termination letter.

Free Service Termination Letter Template


File Format

  • Google Docs
  • Word
  • Apple Pages


Service Termination Letter To Customer

Service Termination Letter to Vendor

Termination of Services Letter to Vendor

Termination of Services Letter to Supplier

Agreement of Food Service Termination Letter Template Sample

The agreement of food service termination letter template sample is a simple and comprehensive sample service termination letter template that explains in details the reason for the decision of termination.

How to Write Draft Service Termination Letter

If you are looking for guiding sample service termination letter template that will help you to draft a good termination letter, then you have to use the how to write draft service termination letter. You may also see Termination Letter Format Templates

Sample Contract Service Termination Letter Template Download

The sample contract service termination letter template is a simple and concise sample service termination letter template which minutely explains all the reason for which the service is being terminated.

Editable Security Service Termination Letter Template Word Doc

If you are not happy with the inefficient service that is provided to you, then you have to use the editable security service termination letter template word doc to terminate the service. You may also see Official Termination Letter Templates.

Printable School Bus Service Termination Letter Template Sample

If you do not need the service of the school bus anymore, then it will be the best option to use the printable school bus service termination letter template sample to terminate the service. You may also see Letter of Termination Templates.

Internet Service Termination Letter Template Example

The download internet service termination letter template example is a simple and pre created sample service termination letter template which can be used extensively to terminate the poor internet service. You may also see Termination Letter Templates in Doc.

Sample Vendor Service Termination Letter Template

The sample vendor service termination letter template free download is a simple and normal sample service termination letter template which can be used to terminate the service due to poor economic status. You may also see Termination Letter.

Free Day Care Service Termination Letter Template Sample

If you do not require the service of the day care for your children, it will be best to terminate the service using the free day care service termination letter template. You may also see Employee Termination Letters

Sample Employment Service Termination Letter

Web Hosting Service Termination Letter Template

Formality and professionalism should be observed and clear language should be used. Protocol should be adhered to and all-important details involving any aspect of the service termination should be addressed. The letter should not be abrasive and courtesy and etiquette should be observed. You may also see Termination Notices.

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To terminate a contract you signed for goods or services, you need to put it in writing. Most companies with whom you have a contractual relationship require this.

letter to terminate contract services
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