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Letters of appreciation for service
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How do you express appreciation without coming across as phony? Read our customer service appreciation letter sample to help you craft your own.

To Whom It May Concern,

Hello. My name is Rose and I am a frequent shopper at Ann’s Fashionable Clothes Store. I just wanted to take a minute to let you know what a fantastic job your sales ladies do every time I shop at your store.

Every time I go into your store to see types of new clothes you have for sale your sales ladies are always so warm and friendly. They always immediately stop what they are doing and say hello to me as I walk through the door. As I shop they do not hover or pester. Yet they are always nearby if I ever need a hand grabbing something off of a high shelf or if I ever need clothes in another size. They never act annoyed irritated or too busy to help me like the sales ladies sometimes do at other stores. Instead they are always so friendly and eager to help me with anything that I need.

Whatever you are paying these ladies you should double it. They are doing a fantastic job and they are the reason I will keep coming back to your fine store again and again.

Sincerely Yours,

Rose McCullough

A letter of gratitude for your generous donation. Dear Hilda, I completed my army service after five years as an officer in an elite intelligence unit. These days I .

8+ Thank You Letters for Your Service – PDF, DOC

letters of appreciation for service

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Letters of Appreciation

1. It is my sincere pleasure to express my appreciation for the truly commendable contribution you have made to the successful accomplishment of our detachment mission. Your individual dedication, knowledge and exemplary efforts assisted immeasurably in the development and overall final success of a revolutionary project of the highest national interest. Additionally, you have shared in the praise frequently received from the highest levels of government and the recently presented Superior Unit Award.

2. Having worked with you through periods of frustration and success, my time with you and this unit has been the highlight of my Army career. Without your individual loyalty and devotion to duty the superior results and status now enjoyed would not have been possible. All your efforts have reflected the highest credit upon you, the detachment and the United States of America.

3. Again, my gratitude and the best of luck in the future.


Col Chardonay

Dear Sergeant Ruiz,

Rarely in a military career is a Soldier called upon to respond to a vital contingency for which he is so confident and fully qualified. In every respect, the members of your platoon were ready for the challenge presented by the rapidly evolving events of Operation XXXXX. You and the other members of your extremely capable group of warriors did an absolutely outstanding job of securing the forward position, setting up and establishing communications, and coordinating the movement of follow-on forces. Without your dedication to duty and tenacity under extremely adverse conditions, this operation would not have been the success that it was.

General Taylor, the JTF Commander, was extremely pleased with the results of your actions and spoke very highly of you and your unit. I know that successes like this don't just happen but are the result of planning, practice, hard work, and sacrifice on the part of you and every member of your team. I want to personally thank you for your earnest support of our mission and the United States Army.


Subj: Letter of Appreciation

Dear SSG Powers,

It is my pleasure and privilege to express my appreciation for your contribution to the success of the Ft Stewart Family Services Center's Military Spouse School.

During 2012, over 100 spouses attended the school, bringing the total number of attendees to date to 900. This program would not have received the positive accolades it has, as expressed by the attendees and evident by their productivity, without the invaluable support of people like yourself. Your enthusiasm and knowledge have contributed directly to the success of the school and ultimately to the success of our mission.

Your earnest participation benefits not only the attendees, but also our service members and their families. The better prepared and more informed our spouses are, the better they are able to cope with the challenges of military life and contribute to their spouse's success. Your efforts are sincerely appreciated.

Congratulations on a job well done.

Colonel William Unitas



SUBJECT: Letter of Appreciation

1.   I would like to express my sincere thanks for the excellent work of SSgt Yolanda Ruiz. As a member of the Munitions Storage team, SSgt Ruiz displayed great professionalism and technical expertise in transitioning from the storage, transfer, and implementation of conventional aircraft munitions to the state-of-the-art, classified aircraft munitions complement. Working under stressful conditions, her diligent efforts overcame numerous unforeseen obstacles and ensured a minimum amount of downtime.

2.   SSgt Ruiz assisted in developing procedures and policies for storage and use that corrected problems with compatibility issues and guaranteed the efficient integration into the base's arsenal. The local instructions written by SSgt Ruiz and her crew have been evaluated by several flying squadrons and adopted as standard procedure throughout PACAF.

3.   I want to express my sincere appreciation for SSgt Ruiz's hard work and dedication in engineering this transition and ensuring the successful upgrade of our F-15 capability. I also want to encourage her to continue to provide guidance and support to other squadrons in PACAF making the transition to advanced munitions. Our mission depends on the F-15s' abilities and that of capable young Airmen like SSgt Ruiz. Again, thanks for a job well done.

Scribble Scribble Scribble
Commander, 13th Air Force

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27+ Sample Thank You Letters for Appreciation in PDF | Google Docs | Word | Apple Pages

letters of appreciation for service

Dear Ernie Kelley,

Thank you for the fantastic job you have been doing for our company lately. Your hard work and dedication has really helped us out during a difficult time in our company. We just wanted to make sure you know how much you are valued and appreciated.

We know that the recent round of lay-offs has been very bad for company morale. Not only are people worried about losing their jobs but many people are having to cover additional duties that are not part of their job descriptions. We also know that both before and during this time you have worked tirelessly to keep your department going. Not only do you complete excellent quality work yourself but we have seen you help your coworkers as well. You come in early stay late and even use your lunch break to help pitch in and get things done. Furthermore you do this all with a fantastic attitude and willing disposition.

Thank you Ernie for your hard work and dedication to this company both throughout the past few months and even before that. We really appreciate all that you do.


Bob Steele

A letter of gratitude for your generous donation. Dear Hilda, I completed my army service after five years as an officer in an elite intelligence unit. These days I .

Small Business Thank You Letters Don’t Have to be Hard, See These 5 Samples

letters of appreciation for service

Need to write a letter of appreciation? Use one of the sample letters provided here to get started writing a letter that conveys just how much you appreciate someone's actions. Simply click the image of the letter that most closely aligns with your situation to access a PDF template that can be edited, saved and printed. See this guide to printables if you need assistance.

Appreciation for Great Customer Service

Don't take outstanding customer service for granted! This letter provides example text that you may want to send to a store manager to ensure the employees who were particularly helpful to you are recognized for their efforts.

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Employee Appreciation

It's important for managers to take the time to let employees know how much they are appreciated. While it is beneficial to say thank you in person often, it's advisable for supervisors to express appreciation periodically in writing to team members for key contributions.

Appreciation for a Co-Worker

When a co-worker goes out of his or her way to be helpful, writing a letter of appreciation is a great way to let the person know that his or her efforts did not go unnoticed.

Thanks for a Customer Referral

If you are fortunate enough to secure a new customer as a result of a referral from one of your contacts, be sure to send a letter of thanks. You just might find that you receive additional referrals from the same person in the future if you take the time to express your appreciation.

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If you are involved with a professional association that invites business leaders or other individuals to speak at chapter meetings or other professional development events, it is important to let those who serve in this capacity know that you appreciate their time and effort.

Tips for Creating Your Own Appreciation Letters

The sample documents above are intended to provide you with inspiration for creating your own letters of appreciation. You can, of course, use them the way they are written if they work for your specific situation. However, many circumstances can lead to the need to write this type of letter. Keep the following tips in mind.


Start off by describing exactly what the person did that you want to acknowledge. You can use language similar to this:

  • "I want to take the time to acknowledge your contribution to our recent [campaign, sales promotion, corporate event]...."
  • "On behalf of [name of corporation, organization, work group, school, etc.], I want to take this opportunity to express my sincere appreciation to you...."
  • "Thank you for taking time to meet with me to discuss the position of [name of position you were being interviewed for]...."

Fill in the Details

The next step in writing a thank you letter is expanding on your first sentence. This is the portion of the letter where you explain how the person's actions affected you or your company in a positive way. Use specific language to acknowledge their contribution.

  • "Due to your [efforts, enthusiasm, etc.], our [division, group, organization] was able to [set out the results achieved due to the recipient's efforts]...."
  • "I appreciate your [taking the time to make a presentation, generosity in providing funding, donating items] to [name of group, charity, cause, event]...."
  • "I was excited to learn more about the position at [XYZ Company] and I feel that my experience as/skills in [give examples] would be beneficial to the company...."

Closing the Letter

The way that you end the letter is just as important as the information that comes before.

  • To finish the letter, you want to write a sentence or two to wish the person continued success and thank him or her again for their efforts.
  • In the case of a thank you letter to a customer, you want to invite the recipient to contact you or your company for future needs.
  • A letter sent in appreciation for a job interview should end by reiterating your interest in the opportunity and your intention to follow up.

Professionalism Matters

Don't forget that a letter of appreciation is a form of professional communication. Whatever reason led to your desire to send a letter, be sure that the document you send is formatted appropriately either using a business letter format or as a hand-written thank you note. If you opt for a hand-written note, you may want to use one of these printable thank you card templates.

The finished document should be well-written and free from typos and grammatical mistakes. Proofread carefully before sending to be sure it is error-free. Be sure the document reflects positively on your level of professionalism just as much as it expresses gratitude to the person receiving it.

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Sample letter of appreciation for customer service. Appreciation letters to companies. Guide, letter example, grammar checker, + letter samples.

letters of appreciation for service
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