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See Windows Phone devices disk icon button (Save icon button), event announcement (sample), illustrating internationalization, – event handling.

Building tension before you launch your new product is the best way to trigger the customers’ desire to purchase it. Although you need a long email list to leverage this tactic, it works if it’s done right.

Your launch campaign needs to leverage more channels such as paid and organic social media or PR, but email marketing is also a very effective way of reaching out to the prospects. The people on your email list expect you to share news related to your product. Therefore, there is a big chance they will convert.

Apart from promoting your new product you can also win back inactive recipients. It’s a substantial “side effect” because it’s much cheaper to keep existing customers than acquiring new ones.

What is a product launch email?

A product launch email is an email you send with the purpose of announcing the launch of a new product, new feature, new release, or an upcoming event.

Types of product launch emails

  1. Product Release
  2. Upcoming features
  3. Pre-Order
  4. Event – webinar
  5. Future Sales

How to announce a product launch

The success of introducing your new product via email depends on the timing. Schedule at least 3 emails and start sending them at least 1-2 weeks before the official launch.

You might use the following product launch email sequence.

1. The mysterious message — Send it 2 weeks before the launch.

The first email of your launch email sequence can be a teaser, and you can unfold the whole deal later on.

If you go for this option, all you need to do is to include the date of the big day when something extraordinary will happen.

Don’t reveal more information yet, but rather grab the attention of the recipients who’d be eager to know what’s coming up.

2. Announce your new product — Send it 1 week before the launch.

Include the name and the images of the product, the launch date, and the main benefits. Explaining the value of your product is an essential part of the communication.

Offer an incentive, such as free shipping, a discount, or exclusivity for the Early Birds.

You have to segment your email list based on the recipient’s actions. If they clicked the “Pre-Order” button, they are to be on your product launch email list, for example.

3. Launch the product — Send it on the day of the product launch.

In case someone is interested in what you promote but forgot about it, you can remind them. Thanks to your reminder they can still take advantage of the offer.

Don’t forget to include the social media buttons in the launch email design so the recipients can spread the word about your product.

What information should be included in your new product announcement email?

  • Name of the product
  • Launch date
  • Benefits
  • Offer
  • CTA to Pre-order or Sign up

How to create a product launch email

Below we will show you the best practices on how to design a successful product launch email and what to include in the email copy. In order to create a good email design, we recommend you to use a professional email template designer because of it’s flexible drag’n’drop editor. You can craft a beautiful product launch email within minutes. There are email template builders & designers that you can use for free.

For example, in Chamaileon, you can create product launch email templates that render perfectly on all devices- they are fully responsive. You can create your templates for free in Chamaileon by accessing it here.

While designing a product launch template, you need to follow these best practices:

1. Choose a vivid background color.

Inserting a nice HTML color code into your launch newsletter makes a big difference. Grab the attention with this simple method and stand out from the crowd.

Here is how you can change the background color of your email.

2. Design eye-catching email subject lines for the product launch campaigns.

Use emotions for your product announcement email subject line. Express your excitement — you can also use emojis to make it more original.

ProdPad used a nice, attention-grabbing subject line in their product announcement email that included an emoji: “Say Hello to New ProdPad: You Asked, We Listened.”

3. Aim to write a straight-to-the-point email. Include the basic information in your email to answer every question.

  • What is the upcoming product?
  • Why do people need it?
  • How can they buy it?

4. Apply the brand design.

Make it easy to recognize your brand by using your logo and brand colors. Consistency builds trust.

5. Divide the launch newsletter into 3 sections.

It’ll result in an excellent structure and helps digest the information quickly.

6. Use images to grab attention.

Photos help the recipient imagine and understand the new product.

7. Include CTA buttons multiple times

Insert CTAs in the beginning and at the end of the email. Make it easier to click the button without scrolling up or down.

8. A/B test different CTAs

Try to figure out which message converts better to maximize your efforts.

9. Include social shares buttons

Allow the customers to share your fantastic deal. You can also use incentives to do so.

25 best product launch email template examples

Generally, the best product launch email templates use a single column layout only. Its simplicity doesn’t distract the recipient but helps screen the content efficiently.

In Chamaileon, we have professionally designed email templates which you can use as inspiration or just modify them to match your brand or goals by adding your own images and text. You can acess them by registering here for free.

Now, let’s take a look at the examples below.

1. Apple – A Monumental Day

Without any doubts, Apple is the master of product launch campaigns. Their launch email template is well-designed and straightforward. The high-quality images of the products are beautiful and reflect on quality work.

This product announcement email template was divided into 4 parts where different products were included. Each section included the date of the order and availability.

At the very end of the email, we see some additional information to avoid future disappointment.

2. Benchmark – It’s Time to be an Automation Pro

The Automation Pro was in Beta, but the founders decided that it was time to release the software officially. The email design included the values and benefits the tool provided.

The users who tested the tool already can learn about the improvements before deciding to upgrade their account.

Benchmark also aims to educate the users about email automation, that’s why they invited them to join their talk.

3. Super Team Deluxe – Wait… What’s That Smell?

The reader can actually imagine the smell of the freshly made banana bread or the light summer rain as they read this email. It’s a creative introduction and builds up the tension to know what that smell is.

The tone of Super Team Deluxe is interesting and entices the recipient to read the story. Use this method carefully though. If you aren’t a good writer, you might want to go for a simpler solution.

4. Carbonmade – Redesigned

This fun email template example for announcing the new features of Carbonmade has a cheerful design and simple layout.

Although the email has two sections only, space was used smartly. The visuals help the user to understand the new features that are explained by using a laid-back tone of voice.

5. Swiss Engineering – Introducing the New Edition

This launch email example is a minimalist piece which includes the fundamental information about the product, such as the name and the image of the shoes. At the end of the email, the benefits are listed. It’s a great example of a simple but efficient product launch email.

6. Verse – Lifting Off Soon

This newsletter from the founder has a very personal tone and makes the recipient feel like they were old friends.

The founder also wanted to make sure that the early subscribers would get a discount and provided the opportunity to the students to learn for free as well.

7. Brother Moto – Launch Party

This product launch invitation email template shows how you can introduce your product at a special event.

Brother Moto decided to give away the CX1 during the evening. This is a perfect reason to attend the party.

In the case of events, it’s critical to send reminder emails because people get distracted, and they forget about them.

8. Starbucks – New App

Starbucks updated their app with new features and wanted to encourage their customers to try it out. They introduced the new features by using screenshots and invited them to leave a tip using the application. The tool also makes it easier to track customer loyalty rewards.

9. Sakara – New Nutrition Powder

Sakara introduced the “Life Source” by describing its values. The drinks are mouthwatering in the picture. (Hopefully, they also taste good.)

Each product has different benefits; the customer can decide which product they want, based on their personal health goals.

The woman doing yoga reflects on balance and peace of mind. The recipient can easily associate herself with this woman.

10. Dr. Martens – Introducing Hogarth

Combining art and fashion isn’t a new thing under the Sun. Hogarth’s work inspired the new product line.

The visual makes us feel like we are in a museum and that the shoes are works of art.

The recipient can easily navigate to the website by clicking the menu. It’s a beautiful, seamless experience the recipient can appreciate.

11. Massdrop – You Voted for it. Now it’s Here.

This email is an excellent example of leveraging a product launch email sequence. After the recipients voted, Massdrop created their customized keycap set. They thanked the members for voting and showed them the new goodies.

Discovering the customers’ needs is the best way of creating something valuable. If you aren’t sure what your next product should be, use this method.

12. Peloton – The Peloton Tread is here

Peloton was going to launch its new tread, so they sent out this email promoting it. I assume this email was sent to women so they could identify the running woman with themselves.

The design layout is clear, and the copy focused on emphasizing the technology aspect of the product. The customer can also join Peloton’s live classes and feel like a part of an exclusive group.

13. Nintendo – The New Video Game is Out Now

The announcement of the new video game is very rich concerning visuals. We can have a sneak peek into the game and get to know the hero.

An embedded video helps the player learn about the game and missions. The testimonial given at the end of email can provide the final push to decide to check it out.

Nintendo also came up with a hashtag which would boost their social media account and help build a community as well.

14. Prezi – Free Prezi Next

Prezi summed up their story about becoming a great success. They wanted to say thank you for providing the Prezi Next platform for free.

They described how Prezi Next was different and what the features were. At the bottom of the announcement, there is info on a Premium version which includes additional features.

The drawing of the founders gave a personal and friendly touch to the email.

15. Los Angeles – Pre Order the Book

Use these new job announcement examples and writing tips to let colleagues, clients, and connections know about a new job, a promotion, or moving on.

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phone announcement sample

Source: Unsplash

In the fast-moving world of mobile app development, updating your product is not a matter of if, but when. App updates are essential for improving the user experience and keeping up with new OS features. And with every update, you’ll need a new app announcement.

How should a publisher announce a new version of their app? The most straightforward (and mundane) way is include all relevant data in the changelog and call it a day. For a major app announcement, some teams might even send an email summarizing the changes, but that’s all.

Yet many publishers have decided that app update announcements should fall under the umbrella of marketing. Rather than dryly listing new features, these teams found that announcements are the perfect opportunity to get users excited about what’s next.

If you have an app update on the horizon, try implementing these pointers in your announcement strategy. You might be surprised at how effectively updates can increase engagement.

Write the Perfect Changelog


Airbnb’s changelog, which opens with a timely value proposition rather than a list of features.

The changelog, or the “What’s New” section in an app’s description, is traditionally used to list each change in the new version of an app. In addition to increasing transparency, this helps both developers and users keep track of what changes were introduced at what point in time.

However, the average user has no need for a detailed breakdown of the technical tweaks. This sort of information can be shared elsewhere if necessary, but in the App Store, it could easily turn consumers off. Because the changelog is so prominently displayed in the App Store, it’s important to write updates that are fun and engaging. Here’s what you can do.

Put the Important Information on Top

Changelogs can be lengthy, so by default they’re collapsed to just a few lines. This means the key information should always be first. You can think of the first bullet point in a changelog as the first sentence in an app description — it’ll attract attention no matter what, so make it engaging.

Show Your Sense of Humor

Humor might not be suitable for every brand, but a bit of levity in an otherwise dry list usually doesn’t hurt. However you choose to do it, remember that the changelog is a great place to showcase your brand’s voice. Some users are likely used to skipping over the What’s New section, so if they spot an amusing bullet point that they didn’t expect, they might be inclined to read the whole section.

Be Upfront About Bugfixes

Don’t let the process of writing an engaging changelog take away from its substance. If someone goes out of their way to read a changelog, they’re probably looking for specific update details. And if the latest version of your app had any known bugs, you can bet that someone out there is eagerly waiting for a fix.

You don’t have to write in a dry or stiff style, but make sure bugfix details are easy to find at a glance.

Share the App Announcement on Other Channels

This technique might not apply to incremental updates, but if your team is ready to launch a major new version or feature, it’s worth posting the announcement to all of your channels.

Email is particularly useful here, because if someone joined (and stayed on) your mailing list, they presumably still use your app. That said, it couldn’t hurt to reach your following on social media and other out-of-app channels, too.

For users who’ve opted in, push notifications could be an effective channel for app announcements. Those with a passive interest in your app might be spurred into action by an exciting new feature.

The catch? You need an exciting new feature. A push notification announcing non-news, like a minor technical update, is more likely to bother users than engage them.

If you do have a new feature to announce, push notification best practices suggest sending the message to every user who’ll receive the update. If you’re rolling out the update in phases (see next section), you can target just the relevant users in your campaign.

To make your messages even more engaging, try tweaking the content based on the person’s level of engagement. When reaching out to dormant users, you can say something like “it’s been a while! Did you know that we just launched [feature name]? Come check it out!”. This way, the message feels more personal and less like a blast.

Likewise, you can change the wording when targeting your more engaged users, and say something like “if you’ve enjoyed [app name] so far, you’ll love our new [feature name]. Come check it out!”.

Lastly, don’t forget about in-app update announcements. In-app messages are probably the most unobtrusive way to announce the latest news because users are already inside the app.

Furthermore, if you wait until the update is installed, you can greet the person with a “what’s new in this update” message at launch. This would be a pleasant surprise for any frequent user, and it would help draw attention to any new features.

Release in Phases & A/B Test Along the Way

It sounds dramatic to set a launch date for your release and push it to every user at once, but app updates rarely work like movie openings.

There’s little benefit to giving every user access to the update at the same time — and there’s tremendous risk. If the update turns out to be riddled with bugs, or if a change to a classic feature is unpopular, sending it to your whole user base could have disastrous consequences.

One way to mitigate risk is to release the update in phases. If an app announcement says that an update is “coming soon” or even “coming this week”, users will know to keep an eye out for it without waiting for a specific day. This gives you time to launch a phased release and test the update’s reception on different audiences.

On top of phased releases, many app publishers choose to rigorously A/B test new features in order to confirm that they don’t hurt more than they help. For popular apps with millions of downloads, mitigating risk during updates arguably takes priority over increasing engagement.

The best way to mitigate risk through A/B testing is to roll out the app update to different user segments and test their reaction. Even if your initial response is positive, it’s recommended that you narrow your audience as much as you realistically can, just to make sure that there isn’t some obvious flaw that you overlooked. For instance, this is a good way to catch compatibility issues on less popular devices.

During these A/B tests, you can give users the option to send anonymous feedback if they encounter an issue. This straightforward approach usually yields clearer (albeit fewer) results than trying to interpret a person’s impression of the update through usage patterns.

Risk reduction is central to rolling out updates, so consider this when planning your app announcement. Don’t commit to a single release date unless your whole team is on board with it.

What Comes After the App Announcement?

It’s been a few days since your app announcement, and most users have installed your update. Great work! But the update process doesn’t stop there.

Even after you’ve rolled out the update to your whole user base, it’s important to keep A/B testing so that you can optimize the app even more for the next update.

Leanplum is building the marketing cloud for the mobile era. Our integrated solution delivers meaningful engagement across messaging and the in-app experience. We work with top brands such as Expedia, Tesco, and Lyft. Schedule your personalized demo here.

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Announcing: Visual Basic Windows Phone 7 Support RTW

phone announcement sample

Article first published in November 2019, updated April 2019

Are you looking towards changing your company name? Or has a client’s recent acquisition meant a revision of their branding?

Communicating a change of name, brand, email address, and the like has to be one of the most important items on the “to-do” list during a company transition.

How Do You Write an Announcement Letter (That’s Actually Effective)?

Read on to learn about some key points for writing good announcement letters and to see a company announcement email template.

What is an announcement letter? Threadbird provides an excellent company announcement email template.

Threadbird Printing (formerly Storenvy Printing) ticked most of the necessary boxes when it announced its rebrand to their subscribers:

From: Storenvy <printing[at]storenvy.com>
Subject: Storenvy Printing is now Threadbird Printing

There are a couple of things we love about this newsletter. First of all, you don’t even have to open it to see that Storenvy Printing is now called Threadbird Printing. The subject line says it all. This is excellent for busy, inbox-overloaded subscribers who might not have time to actually open (or keep) what they might assume is another marketing message.

And the sender name and domain is still the established and recognized company brand. Despite the temptation to quickly switch over to the new “From:” line, Threadbird Printing recognizes that their new name may not be familiar to their customers. Using the old sender name gives customers a chance to associate both Storenvy Printing and Threadbird Printing as one and the same company prior to sending under the new Threadbird banner.

If you’re planning this kind of change, send a second company email address change announcement after subscribers have had a chance to process your first announcement email.

Threadbird Printing’s whole campaign is about this change of details and clearly features both the old and new branding. The newsletter reassures readers that they’re “the same great people with the same great service,” informs them that they have a new website, and even incentivizes subscribers to drop by and check out their sale. So, next time they send a campaign, Threadbird Printing’s look and feel shouldn’t come as a shock to most subscribers.

What about the folks who don’t get this message?

Despite utilizing these great strategies, it is very possible that future newsletters featuring the new branding could trigger spam complaints from subscribers who didn’t receive or remember this company name change announcement email. One way that Threadbird Printing can avoid such complaints is to prompt subscribers to opt-in/sign up for the new, rebranded newsletter. Another approach is to feature a prominent permission reminder along the lines of:

“You are receiving this email newsletter because you are a customer of Threadbird Printing (formerly Storenvy Printing), and/or you signed up for our email newsletters on our site.”

Making mention of the previous brand in subsequent campaigns can minimize any confusion to subscribers who may have missed the original company email address change announcement.

Threadbird Printing can also suggest that subscribers add their new “From:” email address to their email clients’ whitelist, safe sender’s list, or similar. This will ensure that, when the new newsletters start coming through, they won’t get sent to the spam folder on the spot.

Many thanks to Scott Anderson at Threadbird Printing for the excellent email newsletter and Davida for giving us the heads up on Threadbird’s work.

How do you write an announcement letter?

Unfortunately, we don’t have one clear answer to this question, because the same company announcement email template wouldn’t work for every type of informational email. Are you announcing company detail changes, new products, promotions, new locations, or something else?

The following are some of the best practices for writing an announcement email that deals with new company details such as a name change or rebranding.

Don’t be coy in your subject line.

Now isn’t the time to build suspense or make readers guess what’s inside your email. Subject lines like “something HUGE is coming” might seem cute and exciting, but, with something as serious as a name change, it’s important that you make every effort for transparency and vocalizing your changes.

Make your subscribers feel included.

Some people are simply averse to change, especially your loyal customers. You’ve worked hard to establish trust and change makes people feel uneasy.

Write conversational copy that thanks your loyal customers and makes them feel like they’re part of the process. Simple phrases like “we wouldn’t have made it this far without your support” can go a long way.

Play up your new branding.

Brand familiarity is crucial for building customer attachment and trust. Any type of massive branding overhaul can mean starting from scratch in many ways. Immerse your subscribers in your new branding right away in your announcement email so they can familiarize themselves with your makeover.

Send multiple emails from a familiar address.

Inboxes are crowded, so there’s a chance many of your loyal subscribers might not even see your initial company name change announcement email. Create a segment of subscribers who didn’t open your first announcement email and target them with another campaign.

How do you write an effective announcement letter using email marketing?

These company announcement email template examples show us how it’s done.

Subject Line: We’ve got a new lewk

Why we love it:

  • The subject line cuts right to the chase.
  • The tone is conversational and inviting.
  • It clearly explains the changes and provides the subscriber with sample content.

Source: Really Good Emails

Subject Line: Welcome to the New Lucent Health

Why we love it:

  • The tone is warm and personable.
  • It clearly explains the company-wide changes.
  • It contains a personal message from the CEO.

Source: Pinterest

Wrap up

Put yourself in your subscribers’ shoes. What do you think they would want to know and how can you get that across through email? Writing an announcement email isn’t necessarily difficult, but you should pay special attention to all the details.

Need some more ideas for designing and writing an announcement email? Check out these templates and tips to get your emails opened and read.

Mobile numbers will be scrubbed automatically from your dial out list if you Here is a Sample Announcement Call Script announcing an.

Setting up Your Announcement Call

phone announcement sample

Phone Greetings Announcements
Welcome to My Production. Welcome to My Production.
If you already know the extension number, please call. If you do not know,
1i for sales,
For advertising 2,
3 for Technical Support,
4 for accounting,
Please press 0 to connect to the switchboard.

Quality Standarts Announcements
Our quality standards are recorded in order to monitor our service quality.
I'm forwarding your call now to the appropriate customer service representative, please do not leave the line.

Power Plant Announcement Announcement
All our customer service officials serve our other customers, we apologize for waiting.
If your call is in 7th place, your estimated waiting time is 7 minutes, please do not leave the line.

Transferring Call Announcements
Please transfer your phone now, please wait.
Sorry to keep you waiting.

Informatics Announcements
The internal you are looking for is currently not responding. You can key in another internal key or dial 0 to connect to the operator.
The internal you are looking for is currently busy. You can key in another internal key or dial 0 to connect to the operator.

Out Of Office Announcements
Thank you for calling My Production. Our company is currently out of office hours, you can contact us by phone every day between the hours of 9 - 18 hours or by e - mail address [email protected] 24 hours a day. Thank you for your attention.

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Sample announcement letters with must-know tips, easy steps, sample phrases and sentences. Write your announcement letter today.

phone announcement sample
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