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September 06, 2018 Wedding Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

Can anybody help me to draft a reply (Business) to a farewell letter sent Your farewell letter moved me the most of all the farewell letters I've.

How to Write a Response to a Farewell Letter

Farewell letters herald the close of a friendship, working partnership and sometimes, a romantic relationship. Remaining cordial, level-headed and communicating clearly are all pivotal aspects in writing a response to a farewell letter. Although it may be a transformative and painful experience to receive news of a farewell, the response to such a letter is an ideal chance to contribute your thoughts and communicate a farewell of your own.

Be Cordial

Use a positive and cordial form of address that reflects your relationship to the person to whom you are writing. A common address, which works for most situations, is “Dear (name of person)."

Express Gratitude

Write a first paragraph that sums up your gratitude for the positive elements of your relationship. For example, “You helped me to finish projects that mattered in my life and motivated me to strive for more every day.” Add a specific example of what you are grateful for or recount a particular experience that stands out within the relationship.

Include a Sincere Reaction

Confront the present moment and your reaction to the farewell. For particularly emotional farewells, take some time to process your feelings before you start writing so that you can remain as polite and professional as possible. In a professional setting, use a formal tone to wish your coworker success in his future endeavors. If the letter is intended as a personal good-bye, sum up where you stand now and your reaction to the farewell letter using a friendly, less formal tone. Remain positive but address any sad emotions the farewell letter triggered. If you are feeling angry or disappointed and feel compelled to express it in your letter, explain the reasons for your anger or disappointment, but do so without compromising politeness or professionalism. If you are worried that you might be coming across too strongly, have someone else review the letter and give you feedback before you send it.

Address the Future

Discuss the future in the final paragraph. Express how you plan to move forward from the farewell you received. For example, “Now that our partnership has ended, I look forward to discovering projects I can pursue independently, although I will miss the dynamics we had as a team.” For a personal response, you might say something like, "I will miss our shared experiences at the office, but am happy that we will stay in touch regardless."

Conclude the Letter

Close the response letter with your final thoughts on any further contact. Leave a final sentence which allows for future contact if you feel the person who wrote the farewell would be interested in reaching you in the future, and you are open to this option. If you are not interested in maintaining future contact, use a final sentence that implies finality like "Take care of yourself."

Include a Cordial Closer

Close the letter with a cordial closer such as “Best Wishes” or “To the Future."

How to write a farewell letter to coworkers. A goodbye email to coworkers gets a lot easier when you know exactly We'd be happy to reply!.

Sample of How to Reply to a Goodbye Letter

reply to goodbye email

When you leave a job – whether it's because you're retiring, returning to school, have accepted a new job, or are just moving on in general – it's a good idea to send a farewell letter to your co-workers. 

Your farewell note is the perfect place for you to thank co-workers for the opportunity you’ve had to work together. It's also a place to share contact information.

Who Should Receive a Farewell Letter?

While you may tell many colleagues that you're departing the company in a face-to-face conversation, sending a letter (either by email or traditional snail mail) ensures that everyone knows the news.

You should use your judgment to decide who should receive a farewell letter. If you have a small office, you might send it to everyone in the company. However, for larger companies, consider just sending the letter to your immediate group or team, or particular people whom you have worked closely with during your stint at that company.

When and How to Send a Farewell Letter or Email

It's a good idea to send your farewell letter as close as possible to your last day of work. Preferably, your coworkers will receive the letter on your last day (or second-to-last day), when you are finished with your duties. That way, you have time to say goodbye to people in person.

You can send a goodbye letter or email. An email is an easy way to efficiently tell everyone about your leaving. However, if you send an actual letter, make sure people will receive it before you leave, so they have time to say goodbye in person if they want to.

If you choose to write your farewell letter on paper, you might consider placing each letter in your coworkers' work mailboxes (rather than mailing each letter), to save time (and money on stamps).

What to Include in a Farewell Letter

Whatever the reason for your departure, here is the most important information to include in your note: 

  • Gratitude and a thank you – Even if you weren't happy at your job or with every single person you worked with, it's polite to express your thanks and appreciation to co-workers. Work associates who feel that you have valued them are far more likely to keep in touch with you – thus becoming long-term connections that can be valuable both for personal and professional reasons. 
  • Where you're going next – You don't have to share information about where you're going next, but if you feel comfortable sharing some details, you certainly can. People are naturally curious about why co-workers have left their organization and providing a brief description of your future plans can both help to defuse workplace gossip and also offer closure to your team members. If you choose to provide details, though, be sure to keep the tone positive and upbeat, without drawing negative comparisons between your future and current workplaces. 
  • Contact information – This will make it easy for co-workers to keep in touch. You can CC your personal email address in your note to make it easy for people to respond. You can also include links to your social media presence (think: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.). 

Farewell Letter Template

You can use a template as a starting point for your own letter. However, you should always personalize and customize your letter, so it reflects your work experience and your relationship with your coworkers. For example, if you don’t want to include a phone number in your own farewell letter, you don’t need to do so.

Subject: Your Name - Moving On

Use the first paragraph of your farewell letter to let your coworkers know that you are leaving the company. It's fine to tell them where you are going and what you will be doing. However, don't mention anything negative about your present employer or why you are moving on. You should also mention the specific day you will be leaving, so your coworkers have time to say goodbye if they wish to.

In the second paragraph, thank your coworkers for all the support they have provided you. Mention that you have enjoyed working with them and you'll miss them, even though it’s time for you to move on. Depending on the number of coworkers you have, you might want to individualize this paragraph for each person, specifying something in particular that you appreciate about each coworker.

The third paragraph should let your contacts know where they can reach you. Include your personal email address, phone number, and LinkedIn URL.

In the last paragraph, reiterate your thanks.

Farewell Letter Example

This sample employee farewell letter can be used to let your co-workers and colleagues know that you are resigning. The letter also includes information on how you can be contacted in the future.

Farewell Email to Colleagues Example (Text Version)

Subject: Jerry Rodriguez - Moving On

Dear John,

I'd like to let you know that I am leaving my position at BDE Corporation on July 1st.

I have enjoyed my tenure at BDE, and I appreciate having had the opportunity to work with you. Thank you for the support and encouragement you have provided me during my time at BDE.

Even though I will miss my colleagues, clients, and the company, I am looking forward to starting a new phase of my career.

Please keep in touch. I can be reached at my personal email address (jerry123@gmail.com) or my cell phone, 555-123-1234. You can also reach me on LinkedIn (linkedin.com/in/jerryrodriguez).

Thanks again. It's been a pleasure working with you.

Best regards, Jerry Rodriguez

More Farewell Letter Samples

Leave a Good Impression

Your farewell letter is the last big impression you'll leave with the company and your co-workers so make sure it’s a good one. This is not the place to mention how unhappy you were, how wronged you feel by management, or how much better you anticipate that your new job will be. Make jokes cautiously – what's funny to one person may not be funny to everyone. 

The people you work with throughout your career form the bedrock of your professional network, so it's important to make it easy for them to keep in touch. 

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Goodbye mail in office

Sample Farewell Email Messages

reply to goodbye email

I admit this is all about appearances.
You know the goodbye email people send on their last day? Not the resignation letter to a manager. This is the email to colleagues and some bosses on your final day.
Something like: "it was a pleasure to work such consummate professionals. I wish you all the best. Yada, yada, yada..."

So, say, a person is leaving where they are, to work for a sister company under the same corporate umbrella.

The person really hated every minute there -- and wants to say "see ya suckers." But clearly can't say that.

I know that technically you don't have to say anything. But I do think it's classy to thank colleagues, managers, say something positive on the way out.

"It was a pleasure to work with such professionals?" -- uh not really.
"I've made some great friends?" -- uh not really.
"The work you do is important and I wish you all continued success?" -- I couldn't care less.

So what would you say....when you really can't think that much positive you want to say. You have to come up with something......just to look good.

And don't write something that sounds just like every other goodbye email before Answered Jan 14, · Author has answers and k answer views.

Auto reply email when leaving company farewell

reply to goodbye email

Leaving your job is not as simple as packing your things in a box and instantly move out of the company’s doors. As a professional employee, there are certain decorums that you must observe even in your resignation. Considering the bond you and your coworkers made within the four walls in your company, it would be rude to abandon with no sign at all. To avoid any negative impression, read through this article to learn more about goodbye letter emails for your colleagues.

It is not really easy to say goodbye to your coworker’s face to face, that is why the best way to do it is through writing a goodbye email for them. It becomes easier when you put your whole emotions through writing. Check out our examples here and find an email cover letter that suitable in your situation.

Goodbye Email to Manager

Goodbye Email for Leaving Job

Why Do You Need to Write a Goodbye Email to Coworkers?

Whether you like it or not, separation is an inevitable part of people’s lives. It simply means that each human relationship in this world always has a beginning and an ending. Similarly, this applies to your workplace as well. Whether you feel bad or good about your resignation, here are some of the reasons why a sending a goodbye email is a great idea.

1. It lightens your baggage.

Your resignation could be tailed with various emotions and most likely, you have these words in your head that you want to be expressed before you completely move out of the company. Bearing these the whole time could be fussy baggage for you. By writing a resignation letter, you can completely and precisely state the things you wanted to say. No matter if you simply want to thank them or you want to convey a dramatic yet realistic letter, a farewell email is a convenient and easy option.

Likewise, an email of farewell for your coworkers frees your negative social past, too. Assuming that you are that someone who had an untasteful history with one or more of your workmates, and you simply want to inform them that you already have forgiven them, a goodbye email is a good method to mention those kinds of stuff as well.

2. It works best for shy and reserved people.

Emails allow you to express what you feel even without seeing the recipient face-to-face. Thus, this method of saying goodbye is a great choice for people with a shy personality or those that are secretive with their feelings. If you can’t simply tell your colleagues about your resignation then at least notify them using emails.

3. It is strategically tactful.

Let’s say that you are more driven by your rationality, saying a simple goodbye to your coworkers will never be a loss. As you go out of the company, treat your ex-coworkers as significant contacts of yours. Don’t forget that some of these people become your friends as well and could potentially help you in the future. For example, if you still don’t have a secured next job to land on, these people may know someone who is hiring and refer you.

4. It helps you leave critical instructions.

This is highly relatable for those who are in management-related occupations. Goodbye emails are also an effective tool for you to notify your coworkers about the important directives regarding your job or workplace. You can also place some guidelines that would support your previous workmates, especially if they are not that independent enough yet.

5. It unchains you from the separation stress.

Especially when you have already been in your job for a very long time, you probably made a strong bond with your colleagues. Because of this, it could be very hard for you to move on to your next chapter. By sending a farewell letter email, you can properly explain and inform them about your resignation. Furthermore, if your coworkers really care, most probably you’ll get a response as well. Thus, you can free yourself from being anxious about your separation.

How to Write a Goodbye Email to Your Coworkers?

If saying goodbye to your colleagues face-to-face challenges you, utilize the opportunity that the internet has given to you. You may consider sending them goodbye emails for your convenience and ease. If the idea of email composition still confuses you, here are some steps you can follow to smoothly write your own.

1. Begin with an intriguing but soothing line.

If you want an interesting goodbye email, it would be a great idea to start with something that would intrigue the minds of your coworkers in your email’s introduction. However, don’t put it in the point where your readers would panic or feel anxious about your resignation. By doing this, you’re making your letter appear interesting and worth reading.

Some of the lines you may utilize include:

  • Here’s to all social abuse I escaped
  • I bid you adieu
  • A Tender Goodbye

2. State how sad you are in leaving your coworkers.

Mention that it is also a difficult decision for you to leave your team. Remember, you also had a good time within your working days and bonds are made. Consequently, by stating that resigning was not easy will give them the natural idea that you treat your companionship sincerely.

3. Make a punch line for someone. 

Your goodbye email should not be all about sadness; thus, lighten the mood of your readers. You can pinpoint someone with a joke or a punch line that your readers would buy. In this way, you can show that you value the workmates you mentioned. So if you feel humorous, it is truly alright to make fun of someone but don’t take it to the point where it already sounds offensive. As a friend, you might already be aware of what’s a good or bad joke, right?

4. Mention how long you have worked there.

In order for your reader visualize your words, it is a great factor to include something quantifiable like time. By stating how long you have been in the company, it would seem like you really count each of those days as valuable moments of your existence

5. Tell your joy in your journey.

Since it would sound cheesy for most of the people to hear it from you in person, frankly tell them that you have enjoyed working in the company. It’s pretty certain that not all of your days in the office are filled with doomed labor. Hence, mention at least a significant project that really moved you or a specific event of your working journey where you felt happy.

6. Leave your contact information.

Leaving your job does not always refer to cutting the bond between you and your colleagues. If you still want to let your coworkers have access to you, it would be very advisable to state any contact information about you. In this way, it would be a lot easier for your colleagues to reach you. You can also put a call-to-action in this portion.

Goodbye Email Format

Professional Goodbye to Coworkers

Email to Leaving Co-worker Example

Emotional Goodbye Email to Colleagues

Important Things When Writing a Goodbye Email

Here are the important things to consider in writing a professional email to your coworkers.

1. Before writing a goodbye email, think of the following.

  • When to send the goodbye email. The best would probably your last day in the company. The day that you do not have to come back for some papers to sign. You may also see client email examples & samples
  • Making it personal. Do you have a list of people that helped you or touch you in some ways? Write them out to give it a personal touch.
  • Provide some contact details. Leave your phone number or putting your email address in the content will allow people to respond to yourself in email and reach you through your phone number.
  • Use social media sites. If you happen to forget writing a goodbye email, then your choice is by using social media sites.

2. Follow the tips and steps stated above so you will know to yourself on how to create a very simple yet effective goodbye email to your coworkers. You may also like payment email examples & samples

3. Or you can use our goodbye emails examples in this article so you can create your own formal email and use it as your reference. All of these examples are available for download.

Simple Goodbye Email Letters

Employee Farewell Message in Email

Goodbye Email Letter from Library Director

Plain Goodbye Letter in Email Format

Goodbye Email Message from Manager


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It can be difficult to find the right words to say goodbye to an employee leaving your company. You want to write something meaningful, but remain composed.

reply to goodbye email
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