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Sample resignations letters
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What is a resignation letter, how to write a resignation letter, what to include, sample letters and emails to quit a job, and tips to resign gracefully.

Sales Resignation Letter

Adapt this sample sales resignation letter for your own use.

This letter of resignation includes all the necessary details, is both positive and polite and allows you to leave your sales job in a dignified and professional manner.

It is important to maintain good relations with previous employers:

  • you may need to get a reference from your ex-employer
  • companies network and negative information will be passed around quickly
  • your letter of resignation will stay on your employee file

Keep your resignation professional and cordial. 

Sales resignation letter

Your Name
Your Address
Your Phone Number
Your Email


Mrs Katherine Lowe
Sales Director
ABC Company

Dear Mrs Lowe

Please accept my resignation of my position as Sales Representative effective June 7, 2019. My last day of employment will be Friday August 16, 2019 which includes the required two weeks notice period.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working at ABC Company under your direction, but I now find that I have an opportunity to further develop my career in keeping with the long term goals I have set myself.

I have appreciated the chance to develop my sales skills while working with such a positive team. It is largely due to the valuable experience I have gained working for ABC that I am now able to pursue this growth opportunity.

I am committed to effectively servicing my accounts during the next two weeks and to minimize any inconvenience to our clients. I am willing to assist in any way to make my departure as easy as possible for the sales department. Please let me know if there is anything specific you would like me to do.

I would like to thank you for all your support and encouragement over the last X years/months. I wish you and the company the best of luck for the future.


Your Name

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Sales Resignation Letter Template

Please Note: This sample resignation letter is provided for guidance purposes only. Resignation letters should be edited to fit your own personal situation.

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Resignation letters

sample resignations letters

(From CEO )


I recently received a message from Robbie Abed, a practitioner in the Technology practice who is leaving to pursue an opportunity in industry. I was struck by how he captured in his own words our core belief about taking care of our people – especially our focus on mentorship and colleagues for life.

With his permission, I am forwarding this wonderful illustration of how we actively mentor. Robbie has our best and my thanks go to the colleagues below (and the multitude of others) who brought mentorship and apprenticeship to life. So in Robbie’s own words the reason why this company is special.


P.S. I made a few small deletions for wider distribution.

From: Abed, Robbie (US – Chicago)
Sent: Thursday, October 14, 2010 5:06 PM
Cc: <redacted>
Subject: I won the lottery, bought a million dollar condo in Miami, and I am retiring at the very early age of 28. This is why I decided to leave the firm.

Well, not exactly. It is true that I am leaving. Tomorrow (Friday) being my last day.

I hate good bye messages. Well, let me rephrase. I hate the majority of other people’s good bye messages. How could you summarize a great experience with a great company with amazing people in 2-3 sentences? I couldn’t do that. I think we all deserve more than a “hey, it’s been fun – see you never!”

Through my time here, I have come across some amazing people, many who have directly affected the work I do, who I work for, where I work & when I work. Here are a few people that I can’t thank enough (in no particular order):

<name redacted> – Thank You. You helped staff someone you barely knew, on an amazing project even when I threw a staffing curveball at you last second. You listened and I appreciate that.

<name redacted> – You were my first career counselor, and along with <name redacted> you directly affected where I was staffed, and it was always for my benefit. Even when you knew you were going to lose me as a counselee you still went out of your way to help me. Thank you.

<name redacted> – Career Counselor #2. You tell it how it is, and that’s an amazing thing. You guided me through many difficult situations, spoke the truth and let me make the best decision for myself and <company name> (I’m starting to think I was a difficult counselee!). Thank You.

<multiple names redacted> – I had a great time there, and you guys were the reason I dealt with the delayed flights every week. <name redacted>, sorry I had to beat you so many times in billiards. Some things I just don’t lose in, no matter who I’m playing.

<name redacted> – Thank you for everything. I never knew how bad my writing skills were, until you pointed them out to me! Sorry for recommending the worst restaurants possible in Chicago. I am slowly improving in my recommendation skills. Thank You!

<name redacted> – OK, forget what I said. I’m a horrible restaurant recommender and <name redacted> is always the first to point that out. Thanks for the laughs & putting up with me. I also apologize for you walking across Chicago to find the restaurant I made reservations at. Next time, I’ll provide clearer directions. Thank You!

<name redacted>– Thank You for everything. I will miss seeing you front & center in the telesuite calls. Regardless of what everyone else says, you’re the best looking one in the telesuite. Thank You!

<name redacted> – Thank you for everything. You were always able to guide our team in the right direction, and laugh when the project got stressful. It helps a lot. <name redacted> prepared me for all the writing I was going to do, so hopefully I wasn’t too bad!

<name redacted> –Thank You for everything, and I’m sure you will guide the <project name redacted> in the right direction. As with many, you were flexible in my role and let me shine with what I’m good at. I tried to get the new system named <system redacted>, but I guess that doesn’t fit in <company name> naming standards. Thank You!

<name redacted>– Career Counselor #3. You’re the man. Thanks for being honest with me, and thanks for all of the career advice. Thank You!

I have a local opportunity to do business development, sales for a much smaller company – and I have a feeling that this is what I will be really good at.

I might be back, you never know. I will take full advantage of the alumni program.

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This is the best resignation letter I ever received—based on my 20 years of working in HR

sample resignations letters

How you resign and leave your job is more important than you might think. The methods you use can have a lasting impact on your career for years to come, especially when it comes to references. An essential part of resigning from any job is writing a well thought out and proper resignation letter. Use our free sample letter of resignation template below to help you get started. Keep reading below for a free sample resignation letter, additional tips and links to other resources.



Use this free letter of resignation template to help you get started with your career change. If you need additional help with how to word things, or are resigning under specific circumstances (like retirement), check out some of the sample letters below.

Tips: How to Write a Letter of Resignation

  • Include the effective date of your resignation and the date of your departure. Check your employment agreement and company policy regarding how much notice you should give. Be aware that some companies may require your immediate departure as soon as they receive your resignation.
  • Be concise and stay on topic.
  • Use a proper business letter format See our free Business Letter Template
  • Even if you want to resign in person, have a letter ready to hand over. Many companies require written communication for employment records.
  • Keep a positive tone before and after delivering the news. Avoid negative or personal attacks. Avoid using the word "quit".
  • Try to give sufficient notice when resigning or leaving your job. Sudden departures with no notice can have lasting negative effects.
  • Be aware of the need for future references. Plan before leaving who you will invite to be a reference and get their contact information.
  • You may want to provide an explanation for your departure, to help ease tensions and help you leave on a positive note.
  • Express willingness to help with the transition.
  • If leaving immediately, make sure to include personal contact information.

Letter of Resignation Samples

Sample Letter of Resignation

The letter below is a good sample of how to properly resign under normal conditions. Use it as a reference or simply download it and modify for your needs. Just don't forget to change the name. :-)

Tracy Pope
123 Anywhere Street
Somewhereville, Best State 88889

January 1, 2010

Mr. Ryan Francom
ABC Company
456 Somewhere Road
Best Town, Best State 88888

Dear Mr. Francom:

ABC Company has provided me with many wonderful opportunities to learn and grow professionally and personally. It is with difficulty that I submit my resignation from my position as Director of Marketing effective January 15, 2010.

Due to personal circumstances, we have chosen to relocate our family to the New York area which necessitates my leaving a position that I have enjoyed and loved the past 3 years.

I am thankful to ABC Company for the many wonderful opportunities and the great memories I will take with me. I would also like to thank you personally for the support over the years.

If I can be of any assistance during this transition, please do not hesitate to ask.



Tracy Pope

More Sample Letters of Resignation

More Resignation Letter Templates

You can find some sample letters of resignation via Microsoft Office by opening Word and going to File > New and searching for "resignation." Below are examples of templates you may find:

  • Resignation Due to Retirement - This is the probably the best way to resign, at least one of the most positive reasons.
  • Resignation Due to Lack of Promotion or Lack of Growth Opportunities- If the grass is really greener on the other side and you want your boss to understand your reasons, you might want to use this explanation.
  • Letter of Resignation Due to Conflict with Boss - Something to consider if you want to explain your reasons or if you think this type of explanation will help (though you may want to avoid burning bridges).
  • Letter of Resignation Due to Merger - A well written letter for when you are leaving because things no longer feel the same.
  • Resignation with Suggested Reassignment of Duties - This letter shows how you would help someone who is staying behind be considered for your old duties.
  • Resignation Offering Flexible End Date - If you are having a hard time letting go (or just want to be helpful), consider using a letter that offers a flexible end date.

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Additional Resources

Sharing Our Resignation Letter Template

If you are running a related website or blog, and would like to recommend the use of our letter of resignation template, feel free to link to this page using the following URL:


Disclaimer: The content on this page is intended for educational use and not to be construed as legal or professional advice.

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Letter of Resignation

sample resignations letters

You found another great opportunity. Or you’re making a career change. Or perhaps you’re retiring.

Regardless of the situation, at some point in your career you’ll end up making a change, and you’ll have to submit a resignation letter.

What Is a Resignation Letter?

This is a short letter where you formally tell your company that you’re leaving your job. They’re often short and sweet, and the idea is to part ways on good terms.

But why not simply quit in a quick, informal manner? Because honestly, it’s not the best approach. 

There are many reasons why you should write a formal resignation letter instead of quitting in a less formal way:

    • It maintains a good relationship with your previous employer.
    • It acts as an official notice, leaving a paper trail in case of legal hiccups.
    • It confirms your final date of employment.

What Your Formal Resignation Letter Should Include 

Resignation letters should be simple and straightforward, and it often helps to be systematic in your approach to writing them. 

You should follow the simple format with a few key elements:

Start with the Reason Why You’re Leaving.


There’s no need to go into detail. Your boss doesn’t need your life story laid out for them.

Simply state why you’re leaving, such as personal reasons, you’ve accepted another position better suited to your skills, you're retiring, or you want to change directions in your career. 

Define Your Last Day on the Job. 

This one is pretty straight forward – your boss needs to know exactly when your last day will be. The general rule of thumb is giving two weeks notice before your last day. 

Express Gratitude for the Experience. 

This part is important for maintaining a good relationship with the company and the boss. By expressing gratitude for the experience you’ve had working for them, you recognize the investment they made in you and display your desire to part on good terms. 


If you really want to go the extra mile and ensure leaving on excellent terms with the company, you can add a few more points to your letter, such as:

Offer to Help with the Transition Phase. 

When an employee leaves, it can leave a company scrambling to fill an important position. Offering to assist in the search for your replacement and even train them before you leave is a great help to the company you’re leaving, and it’s often appreciated. 

Note Your Favorite New Skills You Learned. 

Making a note of the skills you learned while working for their company is another great way to express gratitude for the training and investment that they put into you as an employee.

It shows your appreciation for the professional development you experienced and tells them that these kinds of investments are valued by their team. 

A Resignation Letter Format to Follow

Need some help getting started? Follow this format:

Your Contact Information

Employer Contact Information

First Paragraph: 

Respectfully inform them of your resignation and your last day at work. 

Second Paragraph: 

Express gratitude for the opportunities you’ve had from working at their company and what you’ve taken away from the experience. 

Third Paragraph: 

Conclude your letter on a positive note, and if willing, offer to help with the transition period. 

Sign Off:


[Your Signature]

[Your Typed Name]

Free Resignation Letter Templates

Even with a simple format, writing a letter of resignation can still be difficult. So instead of writing it all out from scratch, take one of these downloadable templates with you!

Resignation Letter Template for Executives

Those in an executive position often play a big role in their company, so these positions can be hard to fill. With this in mind, you may play a more active role in the transition period for your company. 

[Your Name]


Letter of Resignation

Terms of Resignation

Over the past [length of employment] years, I have had a very positive experience serving as [your position] at [company name]. It is with a heavy heart that I announce my resignation. I have a great amount of respect for this company and the individuals who define it and make it a great place to work. 

As of [date of new employment], I will be taking on the role of [new position] at [new employer] to assist them with [specific goals or responsibilities of your new position]. I’m excited to continue my professional growth and take on this new challenge. 

Terms of Transition

I’d like to personally endorse [colleague’s name] to take over the role of [your position]. I believe that he/she has been instrumental in the success of this company, and that his unique skills as [relevant skills of colleague] would make him/her a good fit for this position. 

Thank you for your understanding and the incredible opportunity, 

[Your Signature]

[Your Typed Name]

Resignation Letter Template for Contractors

Resignation letters can be a lot more simple for contractors because you don’t hold a strong stake in the company, and you’re less inclined to play a part in the transition period. 


Notice of Departure

[Your Contact Information]

[Company Contact Information]

Hello, I wanted to inform you that I have accepted a full-time position at [company name] effective [start date]. With this in mind, I will no longer be doing freelance/contract work, and you can remove me from your list of contractors. My last project with your company will be [project/assignment name] to be delivered on [due date]. 

I have greatly enjoyed working and building a strong professional relationship with [company name], and I wish you the very best moving forward. Please let me know if I can be of any help during this transition period, I am happy to suggest fellow professional [contractor area of expertise] who I believe would be a good fit. 


[Your Signature]

[Your Typed Name]

Resignation Letter Examples

In case you need to see some resignations in action to really help you write your own, here are a few hypothetical examples we put together: 

Example #1

Dear James Black, 

Please accept this letter as my notice of formal resignation from my position as Sales Manager at Cross Media. My final day of work will be July 31, 2019. 

I want to thank you for the opportunities I have had during my five years here at Cross Media. During my time here, I have grown as a sales professional, made some lasting friendships with colleagues, and learned valuable skills along the way.

I am extremely grateful for my experience here, and I have enjoyed helping the company grow to be the incredibly successful enterprise it is today. 

I would like to officially appoint Gordon Lances to fill the role of sales manager. I believe his strong sales experience, leadership skills, and rapport with the sales team would make him an excellent fit for the position. I am more than happy to assist with the training transition period before I depart. 


Adam Mendas

Example #2

Dear Larry Caves,

I’m writing to inform you of my resignation from my position as a client account manager at Baker & Son Financials, effective July 31, 2019. 

I have decided to make a change of direction in my career, and am excited to announce that I will be taking on the position of a junior content creator for Haven House to assist them in their content marketing strategy endeavors. I am looking forward to this new challenge. 

Please allow me to express my utmost gratitude for the opportunities and experience that I have had access to here at Baker & Son over the last three years. Working for your company has helped me develop important professional skills, such as communication and project management. 

Please let me know if you need any assistance during this transition period, I would be happy to help. 


Jess Fields

What to Do After Writing Your Resignation Letter

Your work isn’t quite done once you write your formal resignation letter. Leaving a job is a big life change, so there’s a lot more that goes into preparation for this than simply delivering a letter. 

There’s a certain etiquette to stick to when you resign. So after you write your resignation letter, make sure you take care of each of these tasks:

Tell Your Supervisor Before You Tell Anyone Else.

Having your supervisor find out through the grapevine that you’re leaving the company is not a great way to leave on good terms. No matter how close you are with your colleagues, your supervisor should be the first person to know that you’re resigning. 

Provide the Formal Resignation Letter After Telling Them in Person. 

Delivering a resignation letter is not how you break the news to your supervisor that you’re leaving. It can often be received as an impersonal, disrespectful slap in the face.

It’s best to sit down and inform your supervisor of your resignation in person, and then give them a heads up that you’ll be providing a formal letter afterward. 

Start Saying Goodbyes Once You Formally Resign with Your Boss. 


Don’t start bidding adieu until the resignation is absolutely final. Your boss should be the one to make the formal announcement that you’re leaving, and that’s when you can start wishing well to your colleagues. 

If you start making waves before everything is finalized and announced, it can cause a lot of confusion and you may just piss off your boss before leaving. Also, in the event that plans change and you don’t end up resigning – well, you’ve got some awkward explaining to do. 

Keep Your Eyes Open for the Last Paycheck.

Make sure you know when you’ll be receiving your last paycheck so there’s no miscommunication and nothing goes missed.

Depending on the company and the state, you might be paid immediately upon resignation, or you may receive it on a date other than your usual payday. 

Research Your Eligibility for Certain Benefits like COBRA.

In some instances, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits if you don’t have another immediate job lined up.

For example, depending on the size of your company, you’ll still be eligible for health insurance through COBRA, which provides coverage for you and your dependents in the case of you losing your job or reducing hours. 

Review Any Unused Sick Pay and Vacation. 

In some cases, you’ll be entitled to pay for unused sick or vacation days. Review your company’s policy on these matters, otherwise you could be missing out on some extra dough! 

Transfer Pension Plans, 401k, etc. 

Depending on your specific plan, you may be able to transfer your pension over to your next job, or you may get paid a lump sum once your retire. Make sure you review how it’s going to work before you leave. 

Request References.

Make sure you ask for references from your supervisors before you leave.

However, you’ll want to make sure you carefully select who you request references from, especially if you’re leaving the company on tense terms. Ask people who you’ve worked closely with and with whom you're parting ways on friendly terms. 

Take the Leap...Gracefully

You’re ready to make the big leap! Just make sure that you do it gracefully – be sincere and professional throughout the resignation process so you can maintain positive relationships. 

All of this will begin with the initial conversation with your boss and your resignation letter. These first steps in your resignation process will set the trend for how the rest of it will play out – whether to your professional advantage or disadvantage. 


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At some point throughout your career, you'll find the need for a resignation letter sooner or later. Here's a guide to help you write one gracefully.

sample resignations letters
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