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Support a good cause
January 30, 2019 Wedding Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

Welcome to the Support Good Causes Community at Good In Deed®! These organizations have been recommended by our community members and are great.

  • Fundraising–this could be fundraising events, charitable sales promotions, or point of sale collections, at your place of work or incorporated into other business activities.

Organising fundraising events has become one of my favourite marketing strategies because fundraising events can be a great way to showcase your expertise, give people a good experience, and raise funds for charity, all at the same time.

When you come up with fundraising events your ideal clients and highly attractive, these can fit in really well with other business activities and help you connect better your followers or community. They can also help you expand the reach and effectiveness of other marketing strategies such as social media or joint venture partnerships.

Please note in many countries there is legislation and regulations that govern raising funds for charity through a business (commonly known as ‘cause marketing’). See Chapter 5 of my Give-to-Profit book for further information about this.

  • Secure funding to provide products or services to social causes – and yes, supporting social causes includes earning money from them where appropriate too. Charities and social enterprises pay for products and services in the same way other consumers do. If they are part of your target market, you’re hopefully already charging them.

It’s worth exploring whether there is any local or national funding to cover the cost of what you provide. Funding that either you or the social cause could apply for. For example, I sit on the board of a social enterprise that helps young people lead happier healthy lives through teaching basic life skills. Some of our projects are delivered through schools who themselves seek the funding from other sources. I’ve also been paid to deliver training to charities and social enterprises that obtained funding to pay for this.

While there are many foundations that provide funding for social causes, there are also many causes ‘competing’ for these pots of money. A helpful perspective to have is that trustees of charitable foundations are tasked with finding good causes to allocate their funds to – your project could be the perfect fit. Someone gets the money, why not your project?

I have a friend who runs a pro table business and is a great supporter of social causes both personally and through her business. She raises funds for charity, volunteers her time and is also exploring how she can provide services within prisons – on a paid (funded) basis. It’s your business and so you can work out your own perfect mix of paid work versus volunteering.

To explore funding sources I suggest you do an Internet search and ask the causes you’d like to support whether they know of any relevant funding providers. It’s also worth speaking to those who are already serving this audience.

Welcome to the Support Good Causes Community at Good In Deed®! These organizations have been recommended by our community members and are great.

Give back and support a good cause using social media

support a good cause

Today's conscious customers want to see that the brands they patronize are giving back and supporting important social causes -- and in return, they're willing to remain loyal and spend more money with those companies. In fact, IO Sustainability research found that businesses committed to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainable practices increased their sales by as much as 20 percent.

Of course, a huge part of a successful CSR strategy is choosing an initiative or cause that truly aligns with your brand. Doing so will resonate with your target audience and help them perceive you as a genuine, authentic company committed to their same ideals and values. Below, six entrepreneurs share how they selected the right organization or cause to support.

Ask the organization how far your donation really goes.

While all nonprofits need to allocate some of their donation funds to overhead expenses, some will keep more of your money than others. Colbey Pfund of LNFT Distribution recommends always asking an organization how your donation will be used before giving any money.

"I once spoke to a charity in town and learned that only 50% of my donation would go directly to the cause, so I moved on. If I am donating time and/or money, I want it to have as big an impact as possible," says Pfund. "Ask questions before you donate -- you might be surprised at what you learn."

Look for ways to support your fellow entrepreneurs.

Many entrepreneurs have had help getting to where they are today. What better way to give back than to pay it forward and offer help to those who want to be in your shoes?

Karlo Tanjuakio, CEO of GoLeanSixSigma.com, knew he wanted to provide mentorship and insights to aspiring entrepreneurs because he didn't have access to those opportunities when he was starting out. "I decided to be the change and be the mentor to others that I wish I had," Tanjuakio explains. "So, I began volunteering at a local high school in their mentorship program."

Make a difference in your own backyard.

Climate change is already having an impact on regions around the world, so sustainability initiatives in your local community are always a worthy cause to support, says Thursday Bram of The Responsible Communication Style Guide.

"It's rare to find a community that isn't already seeing some impact of climate damage," she says. "Choosing causes that guarantee your community will be around for decades to come should be a high priority. Without a community around it, what's the point of growing a business?"

Consider an organization that once helped you.

Were you enrolled in any programs or organizations as a student that shaped or influenced you? Kim Kaupe, co-founder of The Superfan Company, recommends looking to your past to dictate your future of giving back.

"I thought back to organizations I had engaged with when I was young, which lead me to Junior Achievement," Kaupe says. "From hosting business plan competitions to speaking at events with JA, I've found that volunteering with an organization that you've been through yourself has extra meaning."

Choose a cause that holds personal significance to you.

One great way to find the right cause is by finding an organization that does something meaningful to you personally. For example, Adam Wright, co-founder of Associated Graphics, knew he wanted to make a difference in the lives of children because his own children mean so much to him. He eventually landed on Wake the World, which provides water sports for underprivileged children.

"I started my own arm of the organization and hosted the first event this year, bringing more than 30 kids to a lake in Tennessee for a day of fun on the water," explains Wright. "My family and members of my staff were alongside me during the event, and the whole experience was so fulfilling." 

Ask your team what causes matter to them.

Don't have a personal connection to any particular causes? Give your team a sense of purpose by letting them choose where your company gets involved, says Aaron Schwartz, co-founder and COO of Passport.

"Nothing makes people feel better about the work they do than helping improve organizations that matter deeply to them," Schwartz says. "We can't all build businesses that change the world, but we can directly have an impact on the organizations that do."

The opinions expressed here by Inc.com columnists are their own, not those of Inc.com.

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Good Cause Quotes

support a good cause

Cooperating with Child Support and Good Cause

When receiving services from a public benefit program, you must cooperate with child support unless you have good cause not to.

What is


In order to cooperate, you must:

  • Give the child support agency the information they ask for about your child's other parent.
  • Keep your appointments with your child support worker.
  • Attend any required court hearings about your child support case.
  • Report any child support paid directly to you by the other parent to your benefit case worker.
  • Appear with your child for scheduled genetic tests.

Cooperation and specific benefit programs

Good Cause

If you believe you or your children would be harmed if you cooperate, you should talk with your benefits case worker and file a good cause claim. The benefit agency will decide whether or not good cause exists. You may be asked to give written evidence to support your good cause claim.

Good cause exists when:

  • You believe that cooperating might cause physical or emotional harm to you or your child.
  • Your child was conceived as a result of incest or sexual assault.
  • An adoption petition has been filed with the court.

If a release of your address, phone number, employer, or other information would put you or your children in risk of harm, ask your child support worker for privacy protection. Download the privacy protection request form here.

Appealing a Decision about Child Support Cooperation or Good Cause Claims

If you do not agree with the Child Support program's decision that you are not cooperating, you may ask your child support agency for a review. The child support agency will set up a meeting with a fact finder to review your case. You may bring a representative with you to this meeting. If you cannot travel to this meeting, ask about attending the meeting by phone. The fact finder will mail you a notice of the findings.

If you do not agree with the final decision about good cause, you may ask for a good cause fact-finding review from your BadgerCare Plus, W-2, Caretaker Supplement, or Kinship Care agency. The good cause fact finder will mail you a notice of the findings.

If you do not agree with the decision of the agency fact finder, you may request an appeal.

  • BadgerCare Plus: The appeal is called a Fair Hearing. A Fair Hearing must be requested within 10 days of the action's effective date.
  • Cash Benefits programs: The appeal is called a Departmental Review. A Departmental Review must be requested within 15 days of the fact finding decisions.

To ask for a Fair Hearing or a Departmental Review:

  • Put your request in writing
  • Include a copy of the decision with your request
  • Send the request to:

Department of Administration
Division of Hearings and Appeals
PO Box 7875
Madison, WI 53707-7875

Welcome to the Support Good Causes Community at Good In Deed®! These organizations have been recommended by our community members and are great.

25 Ways to Support Causes Through Your Business

support a good cause

This holiday season, do good in the world while having fun and supporting streamers with Bits! From Dec 18–29, every time you Cheer with the hashtag #charity, Twitch will donate $2 to Direct Relief for every 1000 Bits Cheered. Every Bit Cheered using the hashtag counts toward the total. The streamer still gets the same support from the Bits; Twitch is donating to the charity based on your Cheers. This year our #charity drive supports Direct Relief, which provides critical medicines and supplies to communities in need and in response to disasters.

About Direct Relief

Direct Relief is a humanitarian aid organization, active in all 50 U.S. states and over 80 countries, with a mission to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies. Direct Relief ships essential medicines and medical supplies to healthcare organizations on an ongoing basis, but is also able to dial up the mobilization of these critical resources during times of disaster. Recognized by Charity Navigator as a four-star charity, the organization has been active in responding to Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, as well as the recent earthquakes in Mexico and wildfires in Northern and Southern California

Please join us in showing support for this great organization and the vital work they do by adding #charity every time you Cheer!


Q. Do small amounts of Bits count?

Yes! All Bits with the #charity hashtag will be counted towards the total.

Q. Do Cheermotes count? Can I use Kappa1000, Kreygasm5000, Swiftrage10000, or any Partner Custom Cheermote, and add #charity?

Yes! All Bits, including any Cheermote, with the #charity hashtag will be counted towards the total.

Q. Does this take away from what the streamer receives from the Cheer?

No! The streamer whose channel you’re Cheering in still gets the same share of the Bits as they normally do. Twitch is making the donation based on the number of Bits you use with the hashtag.

WATCH THE VIDEO ON THEME: Remix II (Support A Good Cause)

I've spent my life at public work, and I've spent many a day on a good cause that didn't have any lift, didn't have enough support, didn't have enough resources.

support a good cause
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