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Welcome aboard message new employee
July 15, 2019 Wedding Anniversary Wishes 3 comments

Welcome messages and quotes for new employee. By Here is a list of examples of welcome messages on board, so go ahead, choose the.

How to send a welcome letter or email to new employee

What is a welcome letter or email to new employee?

A welcome letter or email to new hires is a document an employer sends to a new employee in order to welcome them in their new workplace, team and company.

Except giving a warm welcome to the new employee, a welcome letter to new employee also provides important information about their first day on the new job.

The importance of a welcome letter or email to new employee

Sending a welcome letter to new employees is a very important step in creating a successful and effective onboarding process.

By sending a welcome letter to new employees, you are letting new hires know that you are happy about them being part of the team. By saying welcome to our team, you will make them feel better and more secure about the new decision.

Also, sending a welcome letter to new employee is important for providing important orientation information will help your new employee feel more relaxed and at ease about their first day on a new job.

Make sending a welcome letter to new employees a routine! 🙂

How to use this template for a welcome letter or email to new employees?

To help you save time, we have created a standard Welcome letter or email to new hires template. Use this welcome email or letter template to say welcome to our team to your new employees!

Feel free to customize this welcome letter to new employee to suit your needs, and send it via email or traditional mail a few days before your new employee start date.

Template for a welcome letter or email to new hires

Here is the welcome letter to new employee template you can use to say welcome to our team:

Dear [insert candidate’s name],

Welcome to [insert your company’s name]!

We are pleased to have you joining our team. Are you ready to fall in love with your new job and meet your great new [insert appropriate term: colleagues/teammates]?

I hope you are, because [insert appropriate expression: it’s going down/your first day on the new job will take place] on [insert appropriate date]. We’ll be expecting you at [insert appropriate hour] at [insert appropriate address].

We planned your first day in order to help you settle in easily. Here is an outline of what you can expect:

  • First things first - a short stop for a morning coffee in our [insert appropriate place: office kitchen/coffee room/cafeteria]! :)
  • Next, you will visit Human resources department to sign an employment contract, benefit forms and the rest of the necessary paperwork.
  • Following, we’ll get you settled in your new office and set up your accounts, phone and computer.
  • Then you will have a short onboarding presentation with our Human resources team who will introduce you to our company’s policies, culture, mission and vision, employee perks etc.
  • After that, you will meet your [insert appropriate role: supervisor/team lead/ manager/etc.] who will brief you about your new position.
  • During lunchtime, you will meet your new [insert appropriate term: colleagues/teammates] in a casual atmosphere.

Our dress code is [insert appropriate style: casual/formal].

If you have any questions or need additional information, we will be happy to answer. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by email [insert your email address] or phone [insert your phone number].

Once again, congratulations, we are lucky to have you join us! We look forward to meeting you on your first day. 

Best regards,

[insert your company’s name]

Need more HR and recruiting templates like this welcome letter to new employee? Check templates for Human Resources and templates for Recruiters.

Fun ideas to welcome new employees

Some employers like to use fun when welcoming their new employees. Instead of a classical welcome letter to the new employee, they send creative and funny emails. Here is an example of a fun email used to say welcome to the team:

using this GIF...

The purpose of your welcome email is to greet your new subscribers. . Great welcome messages invite the recipients into your world. .. like a captain, Virgin America greeted the recipients with saying “Welcome Aboard”.

Welcome Aboard Messages

welcome aboard message new employee

When somebody subscribes to your newsletter they expect to receive a welcome email. This email confirms that the subscription was successful and includes the important information necessary.

But there is more. Welcome emails are also beneficial for you.

Welcome emails have the highest conversion potential. A study by Wordstream pointed out that welcome emails generated 320% more revenue on a per email basis than any other types of email. Due to the high open rate and click-through rate, it isn’t a surprising fact.

Building a great email sequence ensures the success of your campaigns and helps the customers make their purchase decisions. This email sequence always starts with a welcome email.

What is a welcome email?

The welcome email is the very first email (after the double opt-in email) your new subscriber or customer receives. The purpose of your welcome email is to greet your new subscribers.

It gives you the chance to make a good first impression. Remember, you can do it only once. You must nail it.

Reflect on the brand’s personality and be consistent when it comes to the tone and voice. You are representing the company here.

What format to use for welcome emails?

You can use either HTML welcome email template or plain text template. Generally, marketers prefer to use HTML to create e-commerce welcome emails. Although the plain text emails are more personal, it’s difficult to track them.

HTML email templates allow you create clickable CTAs and track the performance of your welcome email campaign. They also let you design emails in a more creative way and help the recipients process the information easily.

What should a welcome email include?

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you must communicate your identity. It means that the email design ought to align with your brand image. Use your brand logo and colors to make it clear who you are.

Your intention also should be obvious. Don’t overstuff your email with a bunch of offers. Less is more. Don’t confuse the readers.

  • Connect with your audience

Make a great first impression. People crave attention. They want to feel that you actually care about them. Make them feel special.

Show appreciation and say thank you for subscribing. Use the word “You” instead of being too formal and starting your email with “Dear”. Avoid using passive verbs as well.

Personalize the message as much as you can. Use the recipient’s first name. If it’s relevant, segment your list by gender, location, job title etc. and tailor the message to them.

  • What new subscribers can expect

    Saying “Hi there” isn’t enough. Besides greeting, you should also inform the recipient about how often they will receive emails and what these email will be about. Your future emails can include news, discounts, promotions for instance.

  • Leverage social media

    Ask people to follow you on social media. You can’t send your customers emails too often. It would annoy them and they would unsubscribe eventually. Instead, encourage them to connect on social where you can keep them updated on a daily basis.

  • Drive people to your online store

Make the shopping experience seamless. It’s more likely that if you provide a link to your website the recipients will check it out.

You can also do a little promotion here. List a few items at the end of your welcome email and link them to the relevant landing pages.

Send your welcome email as soon as possible

Try to send the welcome email when someone confirms their email address. New subscribers are ready to purchase thus they are eager to receive your email and take actions. Grab the moment and take advantage of that. People don’t like waiting too much.

Automate your email flow to maximize your email marketing efforts. Setting an automated email workflow is simple. As soon the subscriptions happen, your email marketing platform sends the scheduled emails to the new subscribers.

How long should a welcome email be?

Short and sweet. 50-150 word will make it.
Aim to create a clear email design and place the most important information at the beginning of the email.

Make sure you don’t try to sell hard. Keep in mind that the ultimate goal of welcome emails isn’t selling.

How to write welcome email subject lines?

Writing a welcome email template for the new customers starts with crafting a subject line.

Engaging subject lines are important factors when it comes to successful email campaigns and A/B testing. But you don’t need to overcomplicate welcome email subject lines. The reader will most likely open it anyway.

Most brands play it safe and create a simple subject line, such as “Welcome to [brand]”. You can stick to this line too.

How to create a good welcome email

Creating a good email design is not easy, especially if you don’t have a flexible drag’n’drop editor. Also, you need to make sure it’s mobile friendly since more than 60% of emails are opened on mobile devices.

We advise you to use a professional email template builder which will help you to design a beautiful email in just a few minutes because of it’s highly flexible drag’n’drop editor.

There are many great email template builders which you can use for free.

For example, in Chamaileon, you can create welcome email templates with the flexible editor that render perfectly on all devices. You can create your templates for free by accessing it here.

Follow the welcome email best practice

Before you kick off your welcome email campaign, think about your goals first. Do you want the recipients to complete their profile? Do you want them to start using your product? Why did the recipient subscribe? What do they expect?

Depending on these goals create an actionable welcome email strategy.

Choose the best CTA

First thing first. Decide what actions the recipients should take and then create a call to action supporting this goal.

  • Discover More
  • Shop New Arrival
  • Book Now
  • Explore
  • Read Our Latest Blog Post
  • Use Coupon code
  • Complete Profile

Don’t forget to choose a good CTA color and the right size of the button. Most importantly, insert the proper link to the CTA button.

Here is how to insert a link to a button in the email editor.

Create a welcome email series

Email series help you build a logical onboarding flow. All you need to do is to decide what the most important message is.

For example, the first email can include a discount coupon whereas the second email encourages the recipients to read the blog.

Another welcome email sequence example can be used for SaaS products. Welcome your users in the first email and educate them about your product in the second one.

Segment your audience

You can use several tactics to get someone’s email address. You might obtain your email because they subscribed to your newsletter, purchased something in your online store or participated a competition.

The point is, you need to handle these people differently. Create a different list for each segment to be able to send more personalized and targeted messages to them.

  • New subscriber: newbie who hasn’t bought anything yet and hasn’t received any emails either.
  • First-time purchase: they don’t receive emails from you but they are existing customers.

Create automated welcome email campaigns

Automated emails are sent when certain actions trigger them. This trigger can be an opened or unopened email or a click. For example, you can send a coupon when someone engages with a certain link. You can also follow up with a reminder email.

The automated workflow helps you send out the right email to the right person at the right time. In the meantime, you can work on something else. So these workflows save time and money as well.

25 amazing welcome email design examples to inspire you

Great welcome messages invite the recipients into your world. Be a nice host and treat your customers like your friends. Add a personal touch to your welcoming emails.

In Chamaileon, we already have predesigned welcome email templates that you can use in your campaigns. Access them by registering here for free. You can easily modify them to match your brand and goals with the flexible drag-n-drop editor. Since it’s a collaborative platform, you can also work with your team on your designs by inviting members to your team.

We have listed the examples below that you can use as an inspiration.

1. Tattly – YAY!

Source: Pinterest

This casual welcome email template design by Tattly clearly shows excitement. The design is playful, saying “YAY” everywhere implies a laid-back attitude.

Tattly gave a 20% discount to the newbies which is a clever and efficient way to turn the recipients into customers. By using the code “Welcome20”, conversion can be easily tracked.

The email also included three different products that the recipients could view. This method helps you discover the customer’s preferences.

Encouraging customers to use the hashtag #tattly is also a great idea to build a community and increase brand awareness.

2. Karen Millen – Five reasons we know you’ll love us

Source: Pinterest

Karen Millen’s welcome email design is elegant and clear. The model is in the center. The reader can easily identify herself with this women.

Let’s have a look at the welcome message itself. It says Karen Millen gives advice for today’s confident woman. The brand wants to inspire and strengthen its customers’ self-esteem. This type of attitude always works and makes customers more loyal to the brand.

The email points out why the customer will love them. They highlighted the benefits of the subscription by using this clear email layout. The customer might feel they just joined an exclusive club.

3. Cult Beauty – Welcome to the cult

Source: Pinterest

Miranda Kerr says hello to you in this welcome email. Photos build trust with the customers so it’s a good idea to use a headshot in your emails.

This email doesn’t contain a text-heavy message, therefore, the words Free Worldwide Shipping are more visible.

If you offer free shipping, make sure you also include it in your welcome email. When customers rationalize their shopping habits, they prefer to avoid additional costs. One of the main reasons for abandoned carts is the shipping fee itself.

4. Funfit – Good old envelope

Source: Pinterest

This e-commerce welcome email design template is so charming and effective thanks to the envelope. Nowadays we send more electronic letters than traditional ones, probably that’s why I like it.

The most important pieces of information are on the envelope itself. And because it attracts the eye, the main message gets delivered effectively.

5. Spotify – Welcome to Premium

Source: Pinterest

Bubbly colors, great design. If you aim to create a similar email design, consider using matching colors as well.

This welcome email from Spotify is a great example for SaaS companies. Many of them were built on a Freemium model so converting free users into paying ones is a big deal.

Spotify listed the extra features that premium users can use. They also provided the links to listen to music on the user’s device.

6. Starbucks – We’re glad you are here

Source: Pinterest

This welcome email template is really creative despite the simple image. Starbucks is famous for personalizing their drinks by writing the customer’s name on the cup.

In this case, they chose to write the word “Welcome” on the cup and say “We’re glad you’re here”. The recipients feel like they arrived home, where familiar friends were waiting for them.

Notice that the email was divided into 3 parts. The first includes the welcome message, the second part is about the customer’s profile and the third one is encouraging social activity.

Use dividers to create a modern, easily digestible content. As for the colors, if you use two colors you will also be on the safe side.

7. Ace&Tate – Nice to meet you

Source: Pinterest

This black and white greeting email sample from Ace&Tate is so cool, you start to feel like buying some.

They offered a home try-on option which reduces the purchasing risk. Great idea. Not to mention the free shipping both ways.

The Ace&Tate guide also helps the customer to find the one. Gamification at its best.

8. Munchery – Welcome to Munchery

Source: Pinterest

This piece by Munchery is a great welcome email for catering services. Yummy food, that’s what a restaurant must include in the emails.

This example shows colors have an impact on our perception of food. Get a professional photographer to take photos of your mouthwatering food and show off your expertise.

If you have an app, encourage customers to place their next order by downloading it.

9. Handy – Download the Handy App

Source: Pinterest

Handy’s first CTA in their welcome email was: “Download the app”. They encourage the user to get the app to activate the user.

Handy used different colors for different services which makes it easy to distinguish. They also divided its content into three pieces. Each piece has different Call to Actions.

A link to their help center was also included which can be quite handy.

10. Steven Alan – Welcome

Source: Pinterest

This e-commerce welcome email template design has a refreshing style. If you are a creative one, dare to be different.

Steven Alan also offered free shipping over $250. You might be better off if you highlight this piece of information a bit more than this example shows.

11. ASOS – Oh, hey there

Source: Pinterest

When I saw this e-commerce welcome email design the first time, I felt like the girl talked to me. It feels so personal.

Asos tells what the recipient can expect now that they are on board. They also say they’ll throw surprises just because the customer is awesome. Great communication.

The yellow color draws the eye to 10% discount coupon offered to the students. Yellow is a special one. Our eyes see it faster than the other colors that’s why it’s so great to draw attention.

Asos included a whopping seven social media channels in this welcome email. Don´t worry, you don’t need to register every single social media channel. Use the ones that are relevant to your business only.

12. Aritzia – We’d love to tell you a little more about us

Source: Pinterest

Aritzia took their time to introduce the brand first.

I like the funny comment: Customer Service is our middle name (What can we say? Our parents were progressive.) Follow this great example and sprinkle your email with personality. xo Alitzia

13. Lyft – Nice to have you on board

Source: Pinterest

Carsharing is about people. Lyft used a photo of two women to place ourselves in the situation. As soon they greet the reader they use the “Take a Ride” CTA to encourage using the service.

The image of a smartphone shows what the users can expect when choosing a vehicle. Lyft also summarizes the process and helps rationalize the purchase decision. “Rides cost 30% less than a cab on average”.

The “Take a ride” appears at the bottom of the email once again.

Follow this practice and insert CTAs at the beginning and at the bottom of the email to increase the conversion rate.

14. Welcome to the world’s travel search engine

Source: Really Good Emails

Skyscanner positioned itself as a search engine in this welcome email. When people use aggregators, they just want to find what they are looking for and move on. That’s why Skyscanner listed the benefits of logging in.

Skyscanner used the golden three parts rule as well. They continued to break down these parts into further three pieces.

15. Gogobot – Your next adventure awaits. We’re thrilled to have you!

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Welcome Aboard Messages: Sample Welcome Messages for a New Employee

welcome aboard message new employee

Welcome aboard messages are those messages which are sent to the new employees when they join an organisation. These types of messages can also be used to greet the new members on a particular site or a forum.

These types of messages must be framed in such a manner so that the new employee or the member feels happy about joining the new company or a forum.

Sample Welcome Aboard Messages

[blockquote]With a happy heart, we welcome Mr. Ronald David as the new employee of our company. We all are excited to work with such a great professional like you. We are there for any kind of help and assistance that you may need. Welcome aboard![/blockquote]

[blockquote]We would like to extend a warm welcome note to all the fresher’s. We are there for any kind of assistance that you may need. Welcome aboard and hope you have great time at the campus.[/blockquote]

[blockquote]Dear Robin, we are very happy that you have accepted our offer to be the Vice President of the sales team. Your vision and experience will prove to be very helpful for the company.. Welcome abroad..[/blockquote]

  • Dear Martha, we are delighted to welcome you to our team. We are sure that you will work to the best of your potentials and skills to contribute to the success and growth of this company. All the best for your employment and we welcome you aboard!
  • [notice noticeType=”info” ]Welcome aboard! We are so excited to work with such a graded and a professional sales manager like you. We assure you that we would work under your guidance with full dedication and enthusiasm. Welcome sir and we hope you have a great time here.[/notice]
  • You have successfully logged in to the largest poker website. You are now the member of the poker community. Welcome aboard and we hope you double your money!
  • Dear John, we are really excited to have you in our Marketing team at ABC Limited. We are sure that your skills and experience will take the company to new heights. Welcome abroad!!!
  • [notice noticeType=”attention” ]Dear Sam, on behalf of all the members of Bright Corporation I welcome you the company. Hope you will have an amazing time working with us. Welcome abroad…[/notice]
  • Welcome abroad… you have now become the member of the largest networking sites..
  • Dear member, we welcome you to the Blogging forum where you can share your creative ideas with the whole world.. Welcome abroad…

Sending an email to your colleagues and staff to welcome your new hire is an important introduction We are excited to have [name] aboard here at [company] .

8 ways to help welcome aboard new employees

welcome aboard message new employee

This new hire employee email template is designed to help you welcome a new hire to your team. A member of the HR team or the hiring manager can send this onboarding email to a new employee prior to their arrival to prepare them for the first few days of their new job.

You could send this email to your new hire after they’ve accepted your job offer. Your goal is to make your new employee feel at ease and come prepared on their first day. Make sure you include practical details, like start date and time of arrival. You can attach employment paperwork, benefits plan and/or company policies to give them a heads-up. You should also ask them to send over (or bring with them) anything you need to complete their hiring process (e.g. their bank account details, passport or other official paperwork.) This new hire welcome email sends the message that you’re organized and interested in making your new employee feel welcome.

Is your company growing? Workable is the leading ATS for ambitious companies. Sign up for our 15-day free trial and start hiring better people, faster.

Welcoming a new employee email template

Email subject line: Welcome to [Company name]

Dear [Employee’s name],

We are all really excited to welcome you to our team! As agreed, your start date is [date.] We expect you to be in our offices by [time] and our dress code is [casual/ business casual.]
[If necessary, remind your employee that they need to bring their ID/ paperwork.]

At [Company name], we care about giving our employees everything they need to perform their best. As you will soon see, we have prepared your workstation with all necessary equipment. Our team will help you setup your computer, software and online accounts on your first day. [Plus, if applicable, mention any extra things you’ve prepared for your new hire, like a parking spot, a coffee mug with their name or a company t-shirt.]

We’ve planned your first days to help you settle in properly. You can find more details in the enclosed agenda. As you will see, you’ll have plenty of time to read and complete your employment paperwork (HR will be there to help you during this process!) You will also meet with your hiring manager to discuss your first steps. For your first week, we have also planned a few training sessions to give you a better understanding of our company and operations.

Our team is excited to meet you and look forward to introducing themselves to you during [planned event/ lunchtime].

If you have any questions prior to your arrival, please feel free to email or call me and I’ll be more than happy to help you.

We are looking forward to working with you and seeing you achieve great things!

Best regards,

[Your name]
[Your signature]

More onboarding resources:

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Thirty-seven percent of employees will find new jobs which means that onboarding and welcome your new hires should be a priority.

welcome aboard message new employee
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